Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Online Dating "Game"

(Excerpt from "Rules of Engagement")

Concern #9: Are online dating sites a good way to connect with females?

I have been considering checking out some of those online dating sites. I have heard mixed opinions about them. Some have been positive but most are negative. Some of my male friends say that there are lots of emotionally damaged, gold-digging and inconsiderate females online. What do you think about females on these sites?


You have access or opportunity to connect with more females than you would on just a day-to-day, meet by chance situation. My rule of thumb regarding females online is the more attractive she is the higher her expectations will be. Unless you are exactly what she wants and doing what she wants, chances are she will continue to have other online males available for her. She loves the attention and cannot do without it even if she isn’t personally interested in the male giving her the attention. They become addicted to the attention that they are receiving from males.

When you do connect with them you should place them in one of four categories: 1) below average, 2) average, 3) attractive and 4) very attractive as it pertains to their physical appearance.

The more attractive they are the more you will have to apply Rule #40 because they are juggling males and the wealthy, most attractive or males with game are the ones that usually get in. The very attractive and attractive will put you in a position of having to compete for them by having you do just as much or more than the other males foolishly competing for them. If you are looking for an online connection I suggest that you stick to the average or below average females. They are usually more cooperative and require less.

The majority of them will state in their profiles they don’t play games, looking for a serious man and/or looking for a man that loves God. What that says is that they have failed in their attempts. They played games and lost, chose the players and lost in their attempt to change them and played the God game and lost. Each time they gave it up so now they will put you on hold.

The following are the majority of female types you will encounter online:

1. Emotionally Damaged – They chose the wrong type of males and tried to do all that they could to please them. Now she’s online with her guards up seeking refuge from her poor decisions. She is usually seeking online attention only, will chat but not make phone or personal contact. She will venture beyond the online chat only if she feels as if she has control of the situation.

2. Selfish & Inconsiderate – These are typically the attractive to very attractive types and it’s all about them. They seek the highest bidders and the ones most likely to cater to them and provide the lifestyle that they desire. You can’t take these types of females serious because they have been corrupted with all of the attention and offers. If she allows you into the ring, she does so with the intent of you doing a lot of work to remain there.

3. Demanding – These are a combination of both of the above because they have done it all (sex, catering to males, giving males money, etc.) and all of that kind of behavior has been put on hold with males they have no genuine interest in. You get none of it and she demands all of it from you in order for you to earn time with her.

A vast majority of these females see these online dating sites as an opportunity to have men in multiple locations thus increasing their benefit potential. If your game is good and you can get in and get out quickly do so. Otherwise, don’t waste your time with the attractive and very attractive ones because that online environment works only to their advantage and not yours.