Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why are so Many Males Remaining in Dysfunctional Relationships?

MY PERSONAL RESPONSE - when it comes to engaging (interacting) with each other or doing what it takes to get and maintain a relationship, the MAJORITY of MALES:


I have always been puzzled by this behavior since I value myself such that I would NEVER accept that kind of behavior in a relationship regardless of how attractive a female is or how well her financial status is. Of course, I realize that I am in the minority and have a HIGH LEVEL of self-esteem which prevents me from functioning like the majority of males.

On the flip side, many females will remain in dysfunctional relationships for LIFESTYLE UPGRADE and FINANCIAL GAIN. Their feeling of self-worth is higher and that is why they expect males to pay the admission fee if they are going to spend time with them. At least they are in it for something tangible even if it sometimes produces disasterous results or it does not last.

STOP BEFORE YOU BEGIN WIH THAT EXCUSE, "I am remaining in it for the child or children sake" (if the two of you have a child or children together). Understand that the child or children ARE NOT stupid and knows there is no love there simply based upon NATURAL behavior of two people who love each other such as touching, kissing, hugging and playing with each other all in a mature manner. Give them the credit for using THEIR common sense even if YOU choose to not use yours.

Remaining in a dysfunctional, non-loving relationship teaches the child or children to REMAIN in a dysfunctional/abusive relationship regardless with or without children. It does not teach them that some of the MOST important components of a relationship and remaining committed are FEELINGS OF SELF-WORTH, PEACE OF MIND and "MUTUAL" GENUINE (not purchased or forced) LOVE.

Abandoning a dysfunctional, non-loving relationship, WHILE STILL LOVING AND SPENDING TIME WITH THE CHILD/CHILDREN, teaches the child or children to place value in themselves and NEVER ACCEPT a dysfunctional/abusive relationship regardless of the circumstances. Those circumstances USUALLY are based upon a desire for the INCONSIDERATE persons looks, financial situation or the abused persons feeling of low self-worth and that they will not be able to have someone else in their lives.

With that said, I would appreciate receiving explanations in my comment box from MALES and FEMALES to my question of "Why are so Many Males Remaining in Dysfunctional Relationships"? If you are going to remain anonymous, PLEASE indicate whether you are a MALE or FEMALE.