Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Do Males Get Married or Into Monogamous Relationships and are Secretly Involved with other Females?

This makes absolutely no sense to me. Why do males get into those situations and risk possible PHYSICAL harm to himself by his mate or FINANCAL damage by her attorney and the courts when (not if) she decides to leave him. Now if a male has:

- NO AMBITION in life,

- Enough MONEY to just toss away without thought,

- DOES NOT CARE what happens to himself when she finds out,

- MOMMA AT HOME to let him move back into his room (or on the couch),

then by all means he should go right ahead and take that risk.

If a male wants to date more than one female he should NOT live with any of them or they should VERBALLY agree to an open relationship while they are living together. Let me personalize this one, "I have never allowed another female to become intimate or think she can become intimate with me when I am in a committed, monogamous relationship. I have also dated multiple females when I am NOT in a committed, monogamous relationship".

It's very important that the two VERBALIZE they agree to a MONOGAMOUS COMMITTED relationship to each other because just being committed does not mean monogamous as we all know and have seen. Just as important if the two want and OPEN COMMITTED relationship they should agree to that since those types of relationships do exist as well.

Does that mean the other person will comply? Maybe but in most cases probably not. What is important is that YOU did not ASSume a monogamous relationship if that is what you expect. This means that YOU now can judge THEIR BEHAVIOR by what they have said as opposed to what you HOPE they will do. It's better to let them lie to you instead of you lie to yourself about that relationship.

I see no benefit to the male SNEAKING around with someone else if they are going to be in a committed, monogamous relationship. Do I identify it as right or wrong? No, because in MOST cases, neither of them will bring up the conditions of that relationship being OPEN or MONOGAMOUS.

Technically speaking, if monogamy isn't VERBALLY mutually agreed upon between the two then there is NO VIOLATION when they get involved with multiple partners.

If you can't get what you want living with her then why are you still there SNEAKING? I'm not hating on you, I'm just calling it as I see it. Feel free to post a comment for others to read.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Identify and Flip the Script on a Skeezer

(excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer)

"DeAr Hunting Season" (Oct 31st - Feb 14th). If you don't know what DeAr Hunting Season is all about I suggest you go to my blog that describes it in detail. Females will begin to ALLOW you to invite them out on dates and spend YOUR money on them (trust me on this one, ok?). It's up to you to SCREEN THEM PROPERLY. All I can do is provide you with helpful information. You have to decide YOUR fate. Are you going to be their next FOOL?

Chapter 3 - How to Flip the Script on a Skeezer (They can't say no to what they think is going to be a FREE MEAL with no obligations).

The vast majority of women are taking advantage of decent males that have a genuine interest in them. A considerate and unselfish woman should not accept you spending your money feeding or entertaining her IF she has no genuine interest in you. She should be considerate and pay her own way in that case to keep it platonic.

IDEALLY I would say agree to meet her at a park with a few bottles of water IF you had the BALLS to make such a request. Unfortunately, MOST of you have been MENTALLY EMASCULATED and CONDITIONED to FEED HER DRINKS and FOOD and she is CONDITIONED to EAT when you meet so the park request will be quite difficult to achieve UNLESS she has physically seen you and find you to be very desirable. If you HAVE to go that old-fashioned, out-dated and ineffective (for you not her) traditional route where the man invites and pays during the dating process, I suggest that you following my "2 DATE SCREENING RULE".

Date 1 - Coffee Shop: Meet her, not pick her up, at a coffee shop so that you spend more time getting to know her as opposed to spending more money. If you get bad vibes about her during that time you have only spent a few bucks and you are done with her. If the first date goes well look into her eyes and ask if she would like to meet you for breakfast or lunch. If she moves her eyes away from yours, does not smile and/or seem a bit hesitant she is not feeling you so don’t persist and consider this your first and last date with her.

Date 2 - Breakfast or Lunch: Again meet her and don't pick her up. Never meet a woman for dinner or some form of entertainment on the first or second date because of the cost and secondly her attention will be on the entertainment and not you. These kinds of events you reserve for someone that has displayed a GENUINE interest in you. Again, pay for the date (because she expects you to do so) but make sure you keep it to a minimum. Don't think that just because she is there that she is genuinely interested in you. Remember, you are paying and skeezers typically will NEVER REFUSE A FREE MEAL. During that second date you want to get a feel for how her schedule is so include some of that in the conversation as a discovery process (the importance of it will come later). If she says that she is a very busy person then this will be your last date with her. At the end of the second date, get ready to now expose her intentions by following the script below:

You Say - "Hey, I think these have been a couple of pretty good dates. What do you think?". (Say nothing else and wait for her response. If she does not agree then you are done with her. If she does agree, which most will regardless, that's when you pop the BIG question).

You Say - "So when are you going to invite me out on a date?". (This is where the information about how busy her schedule comes into play. If she did not state that she was very busy then she should have no problem inviting you out UNLESS she really doesn't give a crap about you. If she says she isn't sure then you now know she has no genuine interest in you because she stated earlier that she was not that busy of a person.

NOTE: DO NOT be a winer and say, "well, you said earlier that you were not that busy". Just accept it as a small price to pay to identify a skeezer and don't see, talk to or cater to her again. She does not have to know why you no longer want to see her because she is not being genuine with you. This shows you that she is just a skeezer using you.

There are some women accustomed to fine dining and will expect you to bear the expenses if you want to dine with them. If you are a WEAK MALE, I would say avoid these types and leave them to the players and dogs who know how to run the proper game on them as they would on you if you are STUPID enough to think she won't. I would suggest that this tactic be used on any woman that you have a personal interest in if she has NOT PROVEN herself to NOT BE a skeezer:

IF you are FOOLish enough to attempt to IMPRESS a female by taking her to an expensive restaurant, here's a tip on identifying a woman that has no respect for you and is just killing time and/or looking for an opportunity to get you to spend your money on her. How are you going to know that in advance? In most cases, the majority of average males will not know so I suggest that they proceed with caution. A female that values you and has a genuine interest in you will not try to get a free ride off of you. If she is not interested in you, she will know before the date is over; she should pay her own way because she knows you are doing so due to a personal interest in her and not just to spend money. Then again, she would have to be a thoughtful and considerate person which many of them aren’t.

** WARNING ** IF you have LOW SELF-ESTEEM, LONELY and are a WEAK and SUBMISSIVE MALE, do not try this tactic below. Simply open your wallet to whatever she wants, PAY the bill, get that THANK YOU, BIG SMILE (cause her belly is full and she did not have to pay) and a HAND SHAKE or what I call that BOOTY OUT, 3 PATS ON THE BACK, MINIMAL CONTACT hug (LOL) and WALK AWAY accepting yourself for what you are.

The following tactic, IF YOU HAVE BALLS, should be used to determine if a female has a genuine interest in you or is only using you to kill time and get a free meal. This would have to be done at a sit-in restaurant where you pay after the meal is finished. Remember, you won't know her intentions until you get her to a restaurant and ask her the right question.

1. Agree to meet at a restaurant. Do not pick her up and do not mention paying for the date.

2. When you get the menu and are ready to order, "let her order for herself" (this is very important)

3. Let the conversation flow and at some point just prior to the meal being paid for look her directly in her eyes and ask, "Would you like to get together again and if so will you pick up the next tab?". Do not say another word until she gives you an answer and if she asks you to repeat what you said; say exactly the same thing. Don’t change the conversation. If she resists responding to your question, says she doesn’t want to see you again or says that she doesn't believe a woman should pay, simply pay your portion and not hers. You are being used as a sucker (i.e. fool). The restaurant cannot make you pay for her because you did not order for her.

4. After you pay your portion offer to walk her to her car and if she says no just walk away from her and consider yourself fortunate that you weren't another one of her suckers. See it as a victory because you had an opportunity to get out, you had a nice meal, you only paid for yourself and you've learned how to identify and flip the script on a skeezer.

Many will consider this tactic cruel and scandalous but if she has no personal interest in you she should state that in advance. Trust me, they know if they are physically attracted to you and have a personal interest. If she isn't interested in you and will not tell you or will not pay for her portion of the date then she has no respect for you. Any tactic you use on her, before she uses you, is justified. Do not let those weak males out there tell you otherwise.

FINALLY: If you are going to pay for the date you should NEVER allow the woman to tell you where she wants to go. You make that determination because you are the one paying. Don’t be STUPID and a FOOL.

Monday, October 5, 2009

She Has To EARN The Respect Before Being GIVEN The Respect

(Excerpt from Rules of Engagement)

This is one of the most effective moves that skeezers have. Most of them will use that mother-fuya punch if they want to cut through the crap and get you to conform quickly. They will tell you, “I want a man to RESPECT ME and treat me the same way he treats his mother”. CAUTION: She’s trying to punch you in your heart. This tactic works well on a moron or a momma’s boy so put some distance between those punches if that’s you.


Make sure you (not her) set the requirements so that she can earn that kind of treatment. She is attempting to use your feelings for your mother in order to get you to comply with her inconsiderate request and that is what that request is since she has not earned that kind of treatment.


She doesn’t give a crap about you or your mother. She is simply using that as a means of getting you to drop your defenses and allow her in with little or no effort on her part.

Your mother sacrificed herself unselfishly to raise you and provided unconditional love even when you sometimes didn’t deserve it. She probably put her life on hold, in many instances, to make sure that you would be raised to the best of her abilities. Is she doing for you as your mother did?

For you to give ANY female that kind of immediate respect and treatment when she did not earn it would be an INSULT to your mother and what your mother has done for YOU. If you have NO love and respect for your mother and what she sacrificed for you then go right ahead FOOL and give that skeezer all that respect and treatment she immediately expects.

No DECENT female genuinely interested in you, will expect that kind of IMMEDIATE respect and treatment or compare herself to your mother if she doesn’t spend time getting to know your mother and doing for you what your mother did.

If you fall for that one then you deserve the STRESS, pain and suffering you will receive while with her and AFTER she eventually dumps you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"DeAr" Hunting Season.

DeAr Hunting Season Analysis


PRE-SEASON: September 6th - October 30th

Set a few traps and get in a little practice. This will keep your skills sharp and prepare you for the upcoming season. It’s important to practice your offense as well as your defense.

The quality of DeAr is not as important as the quantity so get as much practice as you can during pre-season. As you get closer to regular season start selecting DeAr that meets with your desired requirements. Many good men tend to stumble or freeze when they come in contact with a desirable DeAr therefore practice is mandatory.

Beware of Poachers - Check traps on a regular basis because poachers will attempt to steal your DeAr that is caught in one of your emotional traps and is vulnerable.

REGULAR SEASON: October 31st - February 14th

The DeAr will allow you to approach them due to their desire for gifts and attention. Don't be tricked into believing just because she allows you in that she GENUINELY cares for you.

1st Quarter - October 31st - November 30th

The first official day is extremely important and you should be out there if at all possible. Why this day? Because it's Halloween and they tend to GET FREAKY, let their guards down, be open to approach and act out those inhibitions they have been suppressing during the post-season. This is the day, at parties especially, that they feel the rush of the season coming on and you have to take full advantage of it. You should have your game face on and you should be out there hunting. Don’t think about it, just go out and do it!!

2nd Quarter - December 1st - December 24th

By now you should be reaping the rewards of your traps because it's getting close to you know what (ho, ho, ho...). Choose that DeAr wisely because they are looking for gifts and someone to be with due to the seasonal pressure. They may not be interested in you initially and just caught up in all of the seasonal hype so take advantage of it.

Halftime – Christmas

"If Santa don't come to her on Christmas morning, YOU definitely won't cum with her on Christmas evening". Well, at least not with her and I am sure you know what I mean. Do you have any money left? Were you stupid and spent lots of your money on her and received an inequitable exchange in return. She knows that she can't just say thank you with a handshake so to continue to give you a FALSE sense of HOPE she may give you “a shoulder-to-shoulder, BOOTY OUT hug to avoid breast and lower body contact”, “a kiss on the cheek" or a "QUICK, tongue-less kiss on the lips" to keep you around? If so there is NO HOPE for you so cut your losses, simply quit before you lose more and wait until next season.

3rd Quarter - December 26th - January 15th

This is the time to trap that DeAr that ignored you during the first half of the season. They probably missed out on that Christmas companionship, those Christmas gifts and now refuse to wait on the sidelines for HIM (usually a married man or a man already in a relationship) any longer. They will want to make sure that they are not left out on Valentine's Day. Get rid of the DeAr that you trapped during the first half of the season and HAVE NOT MOUNTED that is a liability to you and make room for new prospects.

4th Quarter - January 16th - February 14th

This is your last chance to have a successful season if you haven't already been successful. If you have not trapped any DeAr by now you have to make your traps more desirable (i.e., do as most of them do and use DISHONESTY and/or DECEIT) or lower your DeAr requirements so that you can end the season with at least one capture.

The Holy Day, Super Bowl Sunday is an excellent day to hunt and there is always an abundance of DeAr at the right parties. They tend to group together so you have to show no fear of rejection or weakness in your attempt at breaking one away from the herd.

Sudden Death Overtime (Valentine’s Day)

The final official day, the second most stressful day and the FINAL opportunity of the season. The good man has been ALLOWED, during the season, to spend time with her and more importantly spend money on her and he has now become emotionally attached. He wants to pop the commitment question but knows, “I Love Her and She Loves Me Not”.

POST SEASON: February 15th - September 5th

Termination Notification Time (TNT). This is the DAGGER-IN-THE-BACK (that pierces the heart) time when Skeezers issue termination notices to the good men they suckered during the season. They have received enough attention, money, gifts and a huge self-esteem boost to last them throughout the post season. Notices to their victims are similar to the one below:

“Sweetie, thank you for the gifts, dinners and time we spent together these past few months. You’ve been a nice friend, a gentleman and a God sent blessing. Did I tell you that my ex and I are getting back together (or “Did I tell you I met someone”)? He is very jealous and would not like me spending time with another man. I am sure you will find that special someone. Thanks again for everything. WE wish you the best”.

The sad part about the whole ordeal is that most good men will NEVER change their behavior and will get USED AGAIN during the post-season and regular seasons to come. There will even be cases that the same Skeezer that terminated him will RECALL HIM after she has been dumped just before the season starts again and those same good men (i.e., Suckermen) will be more than willing to go back and cater to those Skeezers again.

Post Season Blues (PSB). This is the time when many good men (Suckermen) will enter that state of loneliness and depression after having been served their termination notice. They will have been stripped of their self-esteem and money.

This is the time to repair and heal any damages caused during the hunt, to relax, bond with other hunters, exchange experiences, share locations and ideas.

After a few months of healing, relaxing and reflecting you need to begin preparation in any manner you see fit (financially, emotionally, physically, etc.) for the next season.


1.  DO NOT put forth any extra effort on stray DeAr during the post-season.

2.  DO NOT return to any DeAr you DID NOT MOUNT the previous season.

3.  USE MINIMAL EFFORT during the post-season since they are too busy trying to GET BACK with the MALES THAT DUMPED THEM during the season.

4.  MANY DeAr tend to revert to their nasty and inconsiderate attitudes towards good men because they were USED and DUMPED so save the effort, time and expense for the regular season.


I can only provide information for you to cosider.  In the end, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE.

So She Has Expectations and Don't Want "No Mo Drama" Huh?

There are DECENT, SENSIBLE females out here but that number is RAPIDLY DIMINISHING. I suggest that ALL males that don't have a decent, sensible female in their lives DUMP that UNDESIRABLE SKEEZER and seek one of the decent ones that are left before it's too late and you are left with nothing but the UNDESIRABLES and SKEEZERS to choose from. You will ALWAYS be able to use the undesirables and skeezers as PAID BOOTY CALLS and PAID SERVANTS if you are strong enough to resist trying to develop any kind of HEALTHY relationship which is impossible with them.

I find it to be quite entertaining when I hear females speak about NOT wanting any drama in their personal, intimate relationship with a male. I also have found it to be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get MOST FEMALES to INTELLIGENTLY explain to me what NO MO DRAMA means WITHOUT the emotional rhetoric. Yes, I have had a FEW females give me an intelligent explanation but those are ONLY a few as compared to the majority. Why only a few? It's because the MAJORITY of them DON'T KNOW what a healthy, loving relationships is. Their interpretation of a healthy, loving relationship has ALWAYS revolved around the following and this is ALL that most of them know and want to know. Am I saying this is wrong? No. I am simply saying it is what it is:

- Dependent/Low Self-Esteem: What can he do for me to make me happy and upgrade my lifestyle,

- Solicitor/Wh^re: Give me the money and things that I want and I will provide you the service that you want,

- Suckerman/B^tch: Give me what I want and I give you the opportunity to give me more of what I want later on.

What is just as difficult to get from the majority of females is an INTELLIGENT and DETAILED BEHAVIORAL description of their expectations from that male in a relationship.

The reason why I ask for those expectations is so that RESPONSIBILITY can be assigned as well. Most females have perceived EXPECTATIONS OF HIM (whomever him is) to initiate and maintain those expectations with little or no expectations of HER being responsible for INITIATING or MAINTAINING those expectations.

Example: She wants a relationship yet she will take no action beyond perfume, clothing and a trip to the salon for her hair, face and nails.

What about being pro-active after all of that preparation and INITIATING contact with average looking, DECENT males and not just the PRETTY ones or the ones that have money/status or have the appearance of money/status? After all, the average looking, decent males EXPONENTIALLY out number the "high dollar/high status" males thus increasing her chances of obtaining and maintaining a HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE, ENJOYABLE and a more likely MONOGAMOUS relationship.

I would say that the majority of males (including myself) are average looking and a small percentage of males are the PRETTY BOYS and a small percentage of males are MUD DUCKS.

I have personally found that MOST of the drama females speak of comes from:

- Being questioned about HER behavior that she does not want to (or can't) explain,

- Arguments between she and the INCOMPATIBLE male SHE CHOSE to be with and she will remain in that drama-filled relationships as opposed to simply leaving, becoming more reasonable and finding a compatible male,

- Not having things go HER way most of the time. The majority of these things USUALLY has to do with unreasonable requests or requests requiring money being spent (by him of course).

My point is that MOST of the DRAMA females claim to not want are SELF-INFLICTED and the amount of drama in those relationships can be drastically or completely eliminated if they would make more sensible choices in males.

MANY females will ALWAYS have dysfunctional drama in their lives because that is THEIR MAKEUP therefore drama is what they are attracted to and is consider NORMAL in their eyes.


The next time you hear a female talk of not wanting drama remember that for most of them it is just talk. To prove that is it (or isn't) just talk, get her to explain specifcially what BEHAVIOR, in her present and/or past, is considered to be drama. Then ask her, "If drama is NOT what you want, tell me exactly the type of behavior you do want"? If she can't explain then the best thing a SENSIBLE male can do is to NOT allow himself to get emotionally attached to that female UNLESS she is willing to listen to you, CHANGE her behavior and behave in the manner described by you that will not only ELIMINATE THAT DRAMA but also benefit both of you.

Feel free to provide your helpful or hateful comments.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are You Still Paying Her Way? Maybe You Should Give It A Second Thought.

There are MANY decent and responsible females out there that are traveling, paying their own bills and simply want enjoyment and companionship WITHOUT the expectation of YOU PAYING for them to travel with you or helping them pay their bills. You are not being a gentleman for paying, you are being a FOOL. I would DUMP ANY SKEEZING FEMALE that don't think and behave in the manner of those responsible females UNLESS she provides you the type of service that YOU want and NOT the type of service SHE wants to give you.

Many females are travelling and spending money. Who pays for it indirectly? YOU if you are paying for the entertainment expenses when going out because she is SAVING HER MONEY to buy trendy, sexy clothing and take those trips WITHOUT YOU. DO NOT BELIEVE it when she is telling you she is buying those clothes to look sexy for JUST YOU. The TRUTH in the matter is that she is buying those clothes to look sexy for ANY MALE that SHE FINDS ATTRACTIVE that will give her the attention and compensation that she desires.

Do you wonder why many females ARE BROKE or CLAIM TO BE IN A FINANCIAL BIND? It's because they were out there spending money and enjoying themselves WITHOUT YOU and now YOU are going to contribute to HER entertainment or clothing fund which will be NO FUN given back to you.

***FACT*** The more OPPORTUNITY most females have to NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for themselves, the more they will spend LATER on themselves when they are NOT WITH YOU. Why is that so? It is very, very simple. They can do it because of FOOLS that will PAY THEIR WAY or provide them STIMULUS CHECKS/CASH when they need to be rescued from their spending.

In this present economy, MANY males CAN'T afford to help (as they say) females out or wine & dine females (in the manner females prefer) without putting themselves in a FINANCIAL bind yet they continue to put out HOPING for the best while placing themselves financially short and BORROWING from their friends and family members to pay their bills.

How PATHETIC or INSANE can that be? To make things worse, THEY have been convinced BY HER or other LOW SELF-ESTEEM males that they are enjoying themselves and having a good time by simply spending time and MONEY being with her. What is really sad about this is that this blog reflects many of YOU and YOU will continue to do those STUPID things anyway.

Well, if she takes you for what you have AFTER reading this, then YOU DESERVE TO BE TAKEN and then DUMPED for being so STUPID. I find that the majority of these types of males will CRITICIZE ME and my methods FOR ATTEMPTING TO HELP THEM.

Instead of getting ONLY the opportunity to spend your money , why not try GETTING SOME SERVICE OUT OF HER (i.e., maid, cook, etc.) since we both know that she is baiting you with an ILLUSION (of what you won't get) that you are PAYING FOR and HOPING that it will become a REALITY. That way you are at least getting some return for your money spent. Check out some of these expenses. Now tell me these females CAN'T afford to pay their own way when spending time with YOU.

Like this one female told me, "There is a sucker born every day" and my response to her was, "No, there are MANY suckers born every day". The question to you males is, "Are you one of those SUCKERS they are talking about"?


Package 1: Entire tour without air and airport transfers, $2,397 per person based on double occupancy/for a single add $576 (Roommate Service available).

Package 2: 3 day ground-only Roman Holiday (it will feel like 5 days), $997 per person based on double occupancy/for a single add $165.

Her Quote:

"I started Bella Italia, a travel club that was created to expose Black women to a country filled with rich culture, incredible cuisine, amazing shopping, pulsing nightlife and it seems... a unique appreciations for the beauty of Black women" (smile)!


If you don't know what "unique appreciations for the beauty of Black women" means let me help you out. Men in that country are AGGRESSIVELY catering to them, spending money on them and raising the bar of HER expectations for many of YOU when she returns. Those guys in italy (as well as other countries) are POON HOUNDS as well and want to satisfy their curiosity about the black woman's SEXUAL ABILITIES so remember, "What will go on in Italy, will remain in Italy". They will simply DO THEIR THING and then CLEAN THAT "THANG" OFF before they return and YOU will be STUPID enough to believe her when she says, "Oh, I just had a good time with the girls and nothing else happened".

Am I saying they are wrong for doing it? NO. As far as I am concerned, they can do that and more since I don't care. What I am saying is that they will LIE TO YOU about doing it and have you eventually assist in paying for the LIE they enjoyed WITHOUT YOU. The vast majority will go on these vacations and have a GREAT TIME and swipe that credit card or spend that cash at every opportunity while on that vacation. Again, is it wrong? NO. It's their RIGHT, their CHOICE, their MONEY and whatever they are doing with it should be RESPECTED.

What I am saying to males is DON'T HELP FINANCE their fun and frolic by PAYING THEIR WAY when spending time with YOU or by helping her with her bills. You have to ask yourself, "Did she ever OFFER to take you (that means the person offering PAYS) on one of those vacation GETAWAYS that YOU have INDIRECTLY paid for"?

So think about those vacation getaways women are taking BEFORE you are so quick to be a sucker (oops, I mean gentleman) and reach for the tab to pay the expenses OR break her off some chips to help her with her bills UNLESS she will SERVICE YOU since you WILL NOT be going on those vacations with her UNLESS YOU PAY FOR BOTH OF YOU. Make sure you get whatever the service is BEFORE you pay her because if she is a SKEEZER in disguise YOU will PUT OUT and SHE will then GET OUT before servicing you.



I know that the above reflects the situation of many of you males reading this blog. I am HOPING that sooner or later this information will sink in and you will come out of that SOS (State-Of-Stupidity), DUMP HER, start thinking more of YOUR well being and get yourself one of those women I spoke of at the beginning of this blog.

TRUST ME when I say after it's all said and done, YOU are broke and SHE is gone her words will be, "Well, I didn't tell him to spend his money, HE OFFERED TO PAY". Don't offer and see how long she remains with you.

Friday, August 14, 2009



Will We ALL Just Get Along?


Will MOST Of Us Just Get Along?




One of the primary reasons why we WON'T get along in that male/female relationship dynamic is because the very foundation (what occurs upon the first few contacts and is sustained throughout the remainder of the relationship) is dysfunctional and based upon LIES, FANTASY, DECEIT, MATERIALISM, IMMATURITY , IRRESPONSIBILITY and DENIAL.

LIES - Tell that person what they want to hear as opposed to telling them the truth.

FANTASY - Living in that mental or physical state of heightened excitement and pleasure that realistically cannot be consistently maintained if one is to obtain and sustain a mutually satisfying, peaceful, minimally stressful and productive relationship.

DECEIT - Silence regarding their ultimate objective (i.e., hidden agenda) with the other person and functioning in a TEMPORARY manner in order to obtain that unstated objective.

MATERIALISM - Non-genuine interest in the individual but rather what it is that they have that can benefit them and upgrade their lifestyle.

IMMATURITY - Behaving child-like and refusing to function in a mature manner.

IRRESPONSIBILITY - Refusal to be accountable for one's own actions and showing lack of care for consequences.

DENIAL - Knowingly refusing to accept truth thus preventing ANY opportunity for change.

Most pre-relationship development NEVER includes the following due to fear of rejection or knowing ahead of time the person won't behave in that manner:

1. There is usually NO CLEAR DISCUSSION and MUTUAL AGREEMENT as to what behavior WILL BE expected. Of course stating every behavior may not be possible at the time but the basic ones surely can be discussed. Most Common Reason: Fear of rejection.

2. There is usually NO CLEAR DISCUSSION and MUTUAL AGREEMENT as to what behavior WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT be tolerated AND if it happens the relationship will be immediately terminated. Most Common Reason: There are some things in a relationship that can happen that will cause disruption simply because no two people think EXACTLY alike but there are certain behaviors that we all know that we WILL NOT tolerate in a relationship or we at least BOAST to our friends and family we won't tolerate whether we tolerate them in the privacy of that relationship or not. This is where FANTASY, HOPE and DENIAL come into being. We have FANTASIES (which are typically temporary in nature) about how we want our "permanent" relationship to be. We HOPE that the fantasy comes true and is sustained throughout the relationship. We go into DENIAL once the fantasy relationship cease to exist.

3. If there is a discussion (which 98 percent of the time there isn't), there is usually NO TERMINATION of that relationship even if the agreement is violated. Most Common Reason: Fear of the unknown and desperation to have a relationship regardless of the condition of the relationship. Now you have frustration and stress in the relationship that usually leads to occasional domestic abuse and/or cheating. The frustration usually comes from the female since she is not receiving what she wants based upon that fantasy and stress is usually what the male receives based on her attitude developed due to his initial participation in that fantasy (that no longer exists) to gain her acceptance.



Will this dysfunctional "Can't Get Along" situation change?


Only for a very, very, very small percentage of people. The majority will continue to function in that dysfunctional manner.


Why do you think in such a negative manner?


It's not that I think in such a negative manner. It's simply that most have been socialized to accept what is regardless of the negative impact and simply remain SILENT. All I am doing is simply speaking about the REALITIES that I experience, observe and hear others talk about in private as opposed to publically.


Why don't you focus on and speak more about the positive things and people as opposed to the negative.


There are more that enough people producing and talking about those "pie-in-the-sky", feel good desires, hopes and dreams and as you can see, things (overall) are getting worse not better. It's the NEGATIVE things that produces dysfunction, pain and suffering not the positive things. We don't have to be aware of or change the positive things or people in our lives to be content. That will take care of itself. It's the NEGATIVE things that create problems so that is what I focus on so they can be IDENTIFIED, CHANGED or AVOIDED by others.


What can one do to help others improve THEIR situation?


1. Start with SELF and be that FUNCTIONING EXAMPLE. Can you HONESTLY say that YOU don't represent at least one or more of the dysfunctional behaviors stated above? By the way, the lies that are told does not mean that they are told only to others. Why not begin to change by STOP LYING TO SELF.

2. Stop AVOIDING the dysfunctional, negative behavior and acting as if it will just go away (i.e., denial). You have to speak about it and confront it or it will ALWAYS exist.

3. DYSFUNCTIONAL PEOPLE ARE COMFORTABLE with dysfunctional relationships and they won't change. This can't be expressed enough, YOU CAN'T CHANGE THOSE TYPES OF PEOPLE so accept them for who they are and maintain your distance if you don't approve of it.



I won't judge dysfunctional behavior to be right or wrong. That is a personal decision that each individual has to make depending on their situation. I simply see things for what they are and speak about them.

Please provide your comment in this blog and feel free to read the others and comment as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Am A Gentleman So I Insist..... "Ladies First"

This a COMMON phrase that females LOVE to hear when it comes to something that will BENEFIT THEM FIRST. When a male typically uses that phrase the female will refer to him as a gentleman because he is doing something FOR HER BENEFIT so he is to be considered thoughtful and considerate.

I personally love the phrase but I apply it in a manner that is not socially acceptable in most places. I will use that phrase as a MIRROR to allow the female an opportunity for me to reflect HER behavior right back at HER. In other words, TREAT HER AS SHE TREATS YOU:

- IF she speaks in a MATURE manner to you, do the same to her
- IF she DOES NOT use profanity while communicating, do the same to her
- IF she is POLITE to you, do the same to her
- IF she displays an INTEREST in you, do the same to her
- IF she is FINANCIALLY responsible while being with you, do the same with her
- IF she is RUDE, FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, VIOLENT, IMMATURE or NOT INTERESTED in you, do NOT do the same to her just leave her alone.

When I say LADIES FIRST I am referring to HER behavior with males that have a personal interest in her and in particular the AVERAGE JOE which most males are. I do not want her to TELL ME how she wants to be treated (i.e., like a lady - whatever that means), I want her to SHOW ME how she wants to be treated by displaying that treatment with me FIRST.

I consider myself to be a gentleman ONLY to a female that behaves like a lady so since I am a gentleman and females want men to treat them like a lady then females need to behave like one. If females prove their WORTHINESS and FAIRNESS to males, it's only FAIR that the male reflect the same treatment to her. If for whatever reason the male DOES NOT reciprocate then simply MOVE ON. After all, isn't that what you tell us to do? How about NOW taking some of your own advice?

Females LOVE to hear LADIES FIRST so step up the plate and show males what you are TRULY made of. The males behavior should represent a MIRROR which will simply let you see a REFLECTION of YOUR BEHAVIOR. I want to PERSONALLY state that I have NO PROBLEM with any of the behaviors below. I will simply accept YOU for which ever behavior you display and CHOOSE to remain or walk away WITHOUT any harsh feelings towards you. You are what you are and should be accepted for that and TREATED in that manner which YOU REFLECT. It's just that simple.

A male should NEVER pre-judge a female (negative or positive) he doesn't know based upon his past experiences. He should also not think negatively of her just because she does not have a personal interest in him. Just because he desires her does not mean she is COMPELLED to feel the same about him. She should, again, be judged SOLELY UPON HER BEHAVIOR.

If she is NOT mentally handicapped, CLAIM to be strong, intelligent and independent then she is quite capable of CHOOSING either of the behaviors below. The relationship she has with YOU is based upon a combination of HOW SHE HAS BEEN RAISED and HOW SHE HAS BEEN SOCIALIZED TO BEHAVE. These are the most common relationships you will encounter in that ring of life:

1. "LADY/GENTLEMAN" RELATIONSHIP - She is INTELLIGENT and applies it in an unselfish manner with you, responsible, respectable, reasonable, considerate, PRACTICES (not just boast about) her independence by PAYING her own way having NO expectations of compensation for her time. She has no problem SHARING responsibilities as long as it is fair. If he pays that is fine but if he doesn't then she will NOT develop and attitude or think any less of him and she will genuinely spend time and her own money on herself while getting to know his TRUE character. ONLY THEN will she decide if she wants to get more personally involved with him. If she has no interest in him, she WILL NOT take advantage of his interest in her nor will she accept FREE gifts or services from him.

2. "WHORE (HO)/JOHN" RELATIONSHIP - Her time is for sale. What she does with that time depends on how much he is willing to put out. She EXPECTS compensation or him bearing the expenses for the time spent with her and she WILL give him what he wants. They can take walks, he can wine & dine her, attend events and take trips together, touch, hug, kiss and even more AS LONG AS he is giving her what she wants. That is a PAY FIRST relationship that may lead to a personal relationship but there is no guarantee. SHE IS NOT A BITCH therefore he will be catered to IF there is compensation.

3. "BITCH/FOOL (SUCKER)" RELATIONSHIP - Her time is for sale. The ONLY thing he should expect to receive is the opportunity for her to ALLOW HIM TO GIVE HER more of what she wants. They CAN take walks, he can wine & dine her, attend events and take trips together (seperate beds or same bed with no fondling) and some hand holding as long as he is providing her with what she wants. DON'T EVEN THINK of touching or hugging her in an intimate manner and especially in a public place where she may be recognized UNLESS he gives her what she wants and he should NOT GET HIS HOPES UP for a committed relationship. A kiss on the cheek may be possible (depending on who's around her) but on the mouth with some TONGUE ACTION? Totally out of the question unless (well, tongue to tongue is out but I'm sure she may try to convince you to use that tongue elsewhere, if you know what I mean). After all, she's a BITCH, not a HO so what did you expect?

So ladies, gentlemen, fools, suckers, dogs, ho's and bitches please provide your comments on this blog page. Lying and being deceitful is cool but not on my blogpages so I simply KEEP IT REAL.

I will save my lies, bullshit and deceit for situations that will BENEFIT ME.

Friday, July 24, 2009

10 Ways To Get Her To Breakup With You

I just happened to be browsing the net and came across this page titled, "10 Ways To Commit Relationship Suicide". I thought to myself, "What a Great Concept" and figured I would put a J Duval spin on it.

Bottom line, you are FRUSTRATED, you WANT OUT but you are afraid to or just DON'T KNOW HOW to do it. These 10 ways is no guarantee that she will leave but simply increases HER frustration level to a point of her possibly leaving. Although these ways are numbered, they do not represent any order of importance or effectiveness although I am certain that #1 and #10 will DEFINITELY increase the chance of her leaving you more than the others.

Well, due to the recent relationship related murders and suicides I decided to change the title and modify it's contents in a manner that is geared toward those frustrated, unsatisfied males that are paying to be in UNFULFILLING and many times UNSAFE relationships and are being MURDERED financially, psychologically and physically.

These methods should be applied by any male that is NOT MARRIED. If you are MARRIED, I cannot help you. You FOOLISHLY got yourself into that MESS and you will have to get yourself out of it without my suggestions.

WARNING: Apply these methods below AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held responsible for the results that may occur due to your actions or her response to your actions. My personal opinion is that you should have made a better choice in a female to begin with.


1. IGNORE HER. Most females are attention whores and cannot stand to be ignored. This is by far one of the best, non-violent methods because no attention is one of the worst tortures that most females can be put through. They NEED TO vent their SELF-INFLICTED frustrations, NEED TO GOSSIP about other people and NEED TO be catered to in order to SANELY exist. Want her out of your life, just ignore her. Caution: This method could possibly backfire on you since most of them may NOT have any other place to go since they are lazy and living off of you and will GO CRAZY ON YOU as opposed to GO AWAY FROM YOU.

2. DESCRIBE A NOT-SO-LAVISH FUTURE TO HER. Females love to fantasize about being Cinderella with her Prince Charming catering to her every desire. Now this will be effective in getting her to leave ONLY if she isn't already doing this for you. Tell her you want her to start cooking for you, washing your clothes (not taking them to the dry cleaners) and cleaning your place (if the two of you don't live together) on a weelkly basis. Tell her (if you aren't already doing this) you and your boys will be going to the strip club (or just out with your boys if there is no strip club) at least once a week.

3. STARE AT YOUNGER, ATTRACTIVE FEMALES WHEN YOU ARE WITH HER. Don't just take a quick peek like many females do. If you see a younger, attractive female nearby, trust me when I say she has already seen her, take a good long look at her and use the ELEVATOR EYES METHOD which means run your eyes up and down her frame. She is just waiting for the opportunity to catch you staring at her so give her the opportunity to do so. If she makes a comment to you about your staring just look at her with a smile and say, "DON'T FEEL SO INTIMIDATED BY HER YOUTH AND BEAUTY HONEY. YOU STILL LOOK GOOD FOR YOUR AGE".

4. CAUSE NIGHTLY RUCKUS. No matter how patient or understanding she may be, you’ll be able to wear their patience thin if they’re exhausted. Females tend to want you to agree with them most of the time so simply disagree with her or don't do something that she wants you to do that she feels is important.

5. DESCRIBE YOUR TYPE. Describe the physical features and personality qualities of your ideal mate to your partner. Make it very clear, without actually saying it, that non of the characteristics you list are a part of her persona.

6. DON'T REPLACE THE EMPTINESS. The empty toilet paper roll, the empty shampoo bottle, the empty milk carton, etc. should remain empty after you’ve used them.

7. FORGETFULNESS. If she does not bring it up (which most of them won't just to see if you will remember), DO NOT acknowledge her birthday, your anniversaries or any other special occasions that has occurred between the two of you. If she questions you, simply say you forgot.

8. TALK ABOUT YOUR DISAPPOINTING RELATIONSHIP TO HER FRIENDS. Make sure that when the two of you are in a group setting you talk discretely about how bad you think your relationship is to her female friends. Females constantly gossip and eventually one of them will tell her what you said. All you need to say are the words, "I AM NOT HAPPY ANYMORE". This is what females usually say when they have another prospect and are thinking DUMPING YOU so this should worry her enough to DUMP YOU FIRST. That prospect is usually an ex, a player or an ex that is a player that's trying to get a piece of ass so he's telling her all of the lies he has to in order to get in.

9. GO AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND WITHOUT HER. Most females are very controlling and nosy. This should be done AFTER you have executed number 8. Put some distance between the two of you for a weekend and don't contact her during that time. If she asks where you are going simply tell her you are going to visit a buddy of yours. If she wants to know who that is or exactly where you will be going then simply say to her, "I will not be questioned or watched over like some child. Don't you trust me? Where there is no trust, there is no relationship". IN MOST CASES, she does not care about you, she is AGAIN just being controlling and nosy.

10. TELL HER THE TRUTH AND STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON HER. If all else fails, stop spending your money on her and simply tell her what you couldn't say in the beginning in order to be accepted by her which was the TRUTH. We know that most males have to spend his money on females and lie to females, in the beginning, to get in. Tell her what you really thought about her when you first met her and this will definitely cause her to leave you.

CAUTION: If she does not leave you within a reasonable amount of time, I suggest that you silently make plans to leave her. Reason? If you tell her and behave in the above stated manners and she is still there, there is a very good chance that she is plotting to retaliate againt you for saying or doing those things. Remember, it's YOU that are unfilfilled and frustrated and not her so what you are doing is upsetting HER comfort level (which SKEEZERS do not like) so she will retaliate generally by doing PHYSICAL harm to you or FINANCIAL harm to you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There exist NON-MONOGAMOUS MARITAL and LIVE-IN relationships that are CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED by wives that AREN'T supposed to be mentioned to them or publicized. I am NOT speaking of OPEN or SWINGER type relationships since those are discussed with each other and there are no fake, academy award nominating "OH MY GOD", "I'M SO HURT THAT HE WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO ME" or "I WAS NOT AWARE OF ANYTHING LIKE THAT GOING ON" defensive response by the wives or live-in partner once it becomes public.

MAAAAAYYYYYYBBBBBEEEEE I might buy this statement below that I found on the Yahoo! Sports website today 07-08-2009:

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)—An associate said Wednesday that the wife of ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair didn’t know about Sahel Kazemi before the 20-year-old woman was found dead alongside her husband".

MAAAAAYYYYYYBBBBBEEEEE some wives don't know the NAMES of their husband's other woman or women but no one will be able to convince me that MOST, if not all, wives DON'T KNOW or SUSPECT when their husbands have had (or are having) relations with another woman or other women on a regular or periodic basis.

Let's look at reality for a moment. Having access to females that are STROKING THEIR EGO's and SEXUALLY throwing themselves to them on a regular basis are just a few of the PERKS that comes with FAME and/or FORTUNE.

Even many of the average or broke, got no job, fat/over-weight (or should I have said THICK), lesser attractive HUSBANDS (or live-in mates) are attempting to live or actually living the life of those males mentioned above but just at a much lower economic level. Now if the average joe is going out there PURSUING POON and in some cases are successful, don't tell me that the MAJORITY of elite males mentioned above that are HUSBANDS, being PURSUED BY POON and CAPABLE OF SEXUALLY ACCOMODATING these females will remain MONOGAMOUS. Of course we all know that EVERY wife will say, "Oh no, my husband WOULD NOT do that to me". Yea, right!

I will hold steadfast to my position which is, "NON-MONOGAMOUS Relationships ARE NEGOTIABLE". It simply depends on what the wife will receive in EXCHANGE for SHARING HER HUSBAND. In many cases, here is (at minimum) the package she MUST receive in order to accept non-monogamy:

- HE PROVIDE HER the CINDERELLA lifestyle that MOST females dream of but will NEVER achieve (i.e., big home, expensive clothes, expensive car and the ENVY of other females),
- HER OPTION to work,
- HER OPTION to financially contribute as opposed to spending HIS and HER money on HER,
- HER OPTION to have a housekeeper that SHE CHOOSES so that the housekeeper will not be younger or more attractive than SHE,
- HE RESPECTING HER which means KEEP THOSE OTHER RELATIONS PRIVATE so she won't be emarrassed and FORCED to react in an unpleasant manner to make it APPEAR as if she didn't know about it.


Am I condemning NON-MONOGAMOUS relationships? ABSOLUTELY NOT because as I have stated before that is a PERSONAL CHOICE to enter and/or remain in FOR WHATEVER THEIR REASON and should not be ANYONE ELSE's BUSINESS. Simply accept whatever the consequences are as a result of YOUR choice.

Then what is my point? The APPEARANCE of surprise, hurt or DISAVOWing any knowledge of such behavior by MANY wives when these situations become public. By the way, this behavior is NO LONGER restricted to husbands. There are many wives that are now doing the same things but the exchange for husbands are not as beneficial.


Am I the ONLY ONE that believes that these type of elite wives in particular as well as many wives in the average to low income category DO KNOW OF or DO SUSPECT their husband of behaving in a NON-MONOGAMOUS manner?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is It God or You Doing The Choosing?

I know this blog won't sit well with MOST of you and it may upset MANY of you for me asking since I should not DARE to question statements like these and DISRUPT your FANTASY moment but WTF.

The  3 types of G's that causes many people to choose mates are:

- God (or so we claim such)
- Greed (the money or lifestyle UPGRADE is just too great to resist)
- Genitals (I'm horny)

This is NOT about anyone's religious or non-religious beliefs. This is about the POPULAR GOD SENT expression that is so often used when someone DESPERATELY wants to feel they have found THE ONE. It does not matter to me whether you BELIEVE or DON'T BELIEVE in God. What matters to me is YOUR behavior and how you TREAT others and RESPECT their belief or non-belief.

I find it to be A JOKE when so many males and females use the GOD SENT expression when they CLAIM to have been sent THE ONE. After that HEAVENLY MIRACLE has turned into a HELLISH SITUATION, I usually hear the EXCUSE, "God sent him/her to me for a season", "God sent him/her to me to teach me a lesson" or "God brought us together to create this beautiful child (or children)".

I received an email regarding a celebrity's ex-wife getting married. It is not important who he was or she is. What I found interesting and quite common are these words or something quite similar, "I kept praying to God to send someone" or "I heard a voice".

Here are the sentences that I noticed in the email, "I kept praying to God to send someone who loved God, my son and me, and then I heard a voice ask, 'What more do you want?'" admits Sheree. "I knew then he was The One."

This is not the first time someone has prayed to God to "send them someone" or "change that person's behavior who HE/SHE should HAVE NOT CHOSEN to begin with" and I am sure that it won't be the last. For those of you that have heard THE VOICE when you FELT you had finally met THE ONE after praying (or not praying), do you think it was God's voice or just your overwhelming desire to have THAT PARTICULAR PERSON?

If it was God's voice urging you on to that maital relationship, would God urge you on to a temporary situation that would eventually lead you to emotional trauma, physical abuse, separation and ultimate divorce?

Would God be so cruel and vicious to set you up, have a child or children and then divorce (for those who claim God sent that person) which is BAD for the children created during that marriage?

DID GOD instruct you to NOT engage in sex before marriage yet, in that same breath, TOLD YOU to NOT spend time with them if they DON'T spend money on you PRIOR TO MARRIAGE?

DID GOD tell you to keep YOUR LEGS CLOSED but make sure the other person keeps THEIR WALLET/PURSE OPEN to YOUR selfish attitude and inconsiderate desires?

DID GOD instruct you to NOT judge him/her buy the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER but rather by the CONTENTS IN THEIR WALLET/PURSE?


Since we all (excluding those that are mentally incapable) have the ability to make MATURE choices in our lives I believe that the PRIMARY driving force for the GOD SENT expression is based upon lust, desperation, stupidity and/or lifestyle upgrade.

- LUST - You are PHYSICALLY attracted and SEXUALLY motivated.

- DESPERATION - You want so badly to have a relationship with THAT PERSON as YOUR mate due to loneliness, society's pressure or family/friends pressure.

- STUPIDITY - You KNOW that relationship is not good for you but you enter into it anyway.

- LIFESTYLE UPGRADE - You want what HE/SHE has to make YOUR life better and more appealing.


IF YOU CLAIM that God has sent him/her to you after you have found THE ONE, which EXCUSE will you use IF your relationship with that God sent person and YOU don't last?

- God sent him/her to me for a season
- God sent him/her to me to teach me a lesson
- God brought us together to create this beautiful child (or children)

Since I am out of touch in the RELATIONSHIP EXCUSE department, are there any NEW excuses that are out there that I need to know about?


Can we simply AGREE that YOU made a choice based upon what YOU thought would benefit YOU, ENJOYED some (or all) of that time while it lasted and if didn't last it was based upon YOUR choice and not God bringing someone PLEASANTLY IN and UNPLEASANTLY OUT of YOUR life?

Can we simply AGREE that God DID NOT make you reject, avoid or turn away from that decent, GOOD PERSON who just happened to be the everyday, average person who probably would have given YOU more LOVE, HAPPINESS and SPIRITUAL PEACE-OF-MIND than you could have ever imagined instead of the one YOU FOOLISHLY selected?

to reject, avoid, turn away from that decent person who would have really loved you in a genuine, non-materialistic (that means not trying to impress you with things or money) way.

As I said in the beginning, this may upset many of you but TRUTH and REALITY of YOUR poor choices in a mate, that DON'T LAST, is embarrassing to many and an EXTREMELY difficult pill to swallow.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Have No Problem With Spending My Money To Have A Good Time

I received this email as well as several calls from this female that I was seeing off and on for about two months. You can provide comments in the comment box if you wish for others to see. Please don't email me your comments because others will not be able to read them. Thanks!

From: her name removed
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:59:49 PM

Subject: I'm so happy to have found you

It's the end of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I called several times but was not able to reach you so I am sending you this email. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the times we've spent together. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and need only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. Do not be scared my love. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go even if I have to bring you back to my heart myself!

Your darling,

her name removed


I will NEVER get serious with a female if I have to pay and bear the effort and expenses of us being together. I will ENJOY what I have PAID FOR and will LEAVE that person whenever I am ready to move on.


If I HAVE TO PAY then it is not a GENUINE relationship, it's a BUSINESS TRANSACTION which I have no problem with as long as I am getting what I am expecting to receive. Once I get what I have PAID to receive, the transaction is over and I have the OPTION to perform another BUSINESS transaction (by bearing more expenses) if she is in agreement or I can move on to a more beneficial transaction for possibly less BUCKS elsewhere WITHOUT any feelings of GUILT.


I have enjoyed my time with her. I have WILLINGLY PAID for that time WITHOUT argument, disgust or hesitation so you skeezers out there can save the CHEAP comments, ok? Although she wants to get closer emotionally, I can't see myself getting involved with someone who has established themselves as a financial liability and a business transaction.

You may say it's COLD, I say it's REAL. If she DIDN'T want to be a financial liability she could have assisted in the expenses of those dates. By the way, she NEVER offered and I NEVER made a scene about it and accepted her taking the PAID FOR RIDE. She is quite capable of paying, she is STRONG and INDEPENDENT (oh yea, she said it to me) so there was no reason for her to NOT do so. Like females will say, "The FIRST impression is important". Well, we went out on four dates and all four dates ended up with the SAME impression.... Liability, Liability, Liability, Liability. I only continued because I CONTROLLED how much I would spend and where I would spend MY money. Now don't even go to the sex thing because you, not me, would be calling her a whore if you think sex in exchange for my expending funds is a fair exchange. So are those your thoughts? I think LIKE a female and not FOR a female and just like them it may be simply to stroke my EGO and has NOTHING to do with SEX and especially with all of those STDs going around out there.

I will TERMINATE this BUSINESS relationship on INDEPENDENCE DAY so that she can go and get herself someone she has a GENUINE interest in or get another series of BUSINESS transactions. By the way, I was smart enough to NOT do something STUPID like try to impress her by taking her to very expensive places. I kept it within an AFFORDABLE amount.


I said, on my blog page, I DON'T DATE and WILL NOT put forth any effort toward a personal interest in certain women. The situation above is one of those reasons why. I did not say that I don't conduct business transactions with them. Until I find that GENUINE woman, if these sell their time, I will CHOOSE which one of them I will pay to occupy their time. It's nothing personal, it's simply what they have established it to be which is a BUSINESS transaction (i.e., "If I want to spend the time, I will have to spend the money"). I could not see myself maintaing an extended business relationship with her or any of them. I have to be business smart and seek more enjoyment for less buck.

The economy is BAD now so I am sure that there are many BARGAINS available to me until I find someone that IS NOT a BUSINESS TRANSACTION.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inmates Comments to "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer"

In my attempt to reach out to ALL males, I decided to donate my books to a California correctional facility for males to read and provide feedback. Their feedback is provided below and I have chosen to remove their names to protect their privacy. Feel free to make your comments in the comment box if you desire to do so.

"You have dared to reveal the thoughts, fears, and realities of dealing with the opposite sex. Your boldness of information will save men money, time and needless frustration."

"The fellows gotta keep/get up on this one."

"I thought that the book was very well written and informative by the author. It is a must read for any lame brother who gets suckered by women."

"My name is (name removed), but to you it's P.R the pimp. I've dealt with skezzers, hoes, and tricks, so I know how to deal with them acordingly.."

"The book was a good read and I enjoyed it."

"I thought it was cool, just that some of the words you use made me think it didn't apply. If you make a part two, change the language to widen your audience."

"The part the was written about the Suckerman was interesting. In light of the example the author use. The very center of the topic is a reminder to be careful of what you wish for."

"I felt that the book is enlighten to degree of a over all outlook. But you really can't judge all by one female. Their is no perfect person. Compromise and sacrifice to make a good relationship. Understanding and communication is key!!!"

"I like when the man said that when on the dinner date strike up a good conversation and just before the bill comes look her in her eyes and don't look away and ask her if she wants to see you again? And the rest you already know."

"I felt that some chapters in this book were extremely accurate and overall I found the book as a whole to be humorous and yet informative in a light reading quick paced style. Thanks for sharing."

"I've lived with a number of skeezer's and they made me what I am today. I like the book, it is a taste of reality."

"I think this author has gone threw it, so have I and most readers. This book is good, keep it coming brotha man."

"This reminds me of woman that I once dated, Miss Gold Digger, page 59. She was young, attractive and had the gift of gab, well so do I. We would clash. Overall the book brought great laughter and I as well as others enjoyed it."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

YOU ARE THE FATHER: DNA May Not Be The Only Solution

I received an email and felt it necessary to copy and paste it here for your information. It amuses me as to how I am negatively criticized for calling no good, scandalous, females skeezers yet time and time again I can show justification for doing so.

It appears that DNA can be proven to a high degree who the father is but should he be required to PAY in ALL proven cases? Here is a perfect example (at the bottom of this blog) as to why he SHOULD NOT be required to pay child support eventhough it is biologically HIS CHILD.

People will say, "Well, what about the child? He/She didn't ask to come here". My response (which most refuse to agree with) is, "Let the child deal with the pain and suffering that the MOTHER has caused him/her by HER SCANDALOUS act of FREELY CHOOSING to collect sperm, conceive, go through child birth and bring that child into this world UNPREPARED and then seek compensation from a sperm donor that did not want a child. VERY FEW, if any, want to hold females ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE for their INAPPROPRIATE and IRRESPONSIBLE behavior. Choosing to have a child WITHOUT a willing male participant agreeing to impregnate her and mutually parent that child is IRRESPONSIBLE UNLESS she is CAPAPABLE of providing the time, resources and finances WITHOUT him.

It's HER choice, HER body so let it be HER SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. When a female has a child and she knows (most of them do) that the male does not want children at that time, she is KNOWINGLY collecting sperm and making a decision to bring a child into this world WITHOUT the sperm donor's concent.

That act is NOT about the child. It is about a scandalous, selfish female and what she feel she can get or who she can attempt to control through EXPLOITATION by having that child. I consider acts like that to be PRE-MEDITATED CHILD ABUSE.

Many of you will say, "Well, he is part responsible for making that baby". I have another blog that I am creating to show exactly where HIS control of making that baby begins and end and where HER control of making that baby begins and end. I am NOT speaking of legal, financial responsibility. That's a totally different issue. I am speaking ONLY of who really has CONTROL of that situation.

This blog of who has control should put an end to that "he is responsible for making a baby" EXCUSE and show who is IN TOTAL CONTROL of conception, pregnancy and opting out of parental responsibility. Of course this blog will not apply to those that are "MENTALLY handicapped and not capable of making rational decisions", "PHYSICALLY restrained such that they have no control over their body" or "lying in a defenseless COMATOSE state".

Please feel free to comment AFTER reading this blog. I copied and pasted the words below and they are not mine.


Published by Runteldat on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 12:17 am.

In “you are nastier than sin news,” word is that some woman is selling the semen of pro athletes to [desperate] women who yearn to have a baby by a baller. Or better yet collect child support from one.

It seems she’s collected the sperm of a dozen athletes and is ready to sell off her collection to the highest bidder.

According to the sperm pimp’s Web site, she’s already sold to two women who inseminated themselves and have gone on to collect child support payments in the give figure range.

Here’s a thought: Go get a job.

Still interested in taking the ‘you are the father approach’ to success? Well you’re in luck, the woman claims to have NBA All Stars and even an Olympian in her inventory. If you’re wondering how this woman got the kids of the pros, she allegedly collected samples from used condoms and then had them frozen.

I can’t. That’s nasty. Please be a lie. No woman could be that desperate, could they?


Friday, June 5, 2009

Female Complaints About Men On Those Dating Sites

SEX, SEX, SEX... That is ALL males are looking for online.

It is so amusing to me how so many females will post photos on those online dating sites and then develop an attitude if CERTAIN males THEY AREN'T ATTRACTED TO respond in what is TO THEM an inappropriate manner.

Well let's examine what they post before we are so quick to jump on THEIR side and support their claims of inappropriate responses from males. Here are a few examples:


- BOOTY POSE: They stand and turn their butts outward so that you can see it.
- BEDROOM LURE: Photos sitting or lying in their bed in casual or lingerie wear.
- SACRIFICAL OFFERING: Photos that bring direct attention to their cleavage and breasts.
- REVEALING CLOTHING: Short skirts, dresses with high slits, very low cut and open blouses and tight fitting tops or bottoms that enhances the breast and butt.
- LUSCIOUS, MOIST LIPS: I'm sure I don't have to explain that one to you.


- I am sensual
- I am passionate
- I am open to trying new things

When a HETEROSEXUAL male sees those photos and reads those words in their profile whatelse is HE supposed to think of besides SEX? The problem is not his NORMAL, sexual thoughts or his response. The problem is that HE isn't participating properly in HER CONTROL GAME of TEASE.

These types of females may even go so far as stating, THEY DON'T LIKE PLAYING GAMES, yet it's nothing but a game to them. The truth of the matter is they don't like playing games that DON'T BENEFIT THEM. The two most common games played are:

1. The TEASE GAME - Look, desire but don't touch or talk about sex too much to me UNLESS I want you to do so.
2. The ADMISSION FEE GAME - If you want some of this, you will have to spend money on me and MAYBE I will reward you depending on how I feel about you.

Do I have a problem with their photos or words? Absolutely not.


Males and females are sexual by nature. This is enhanced when males see a female or a particular body part of the female that we perceive to be attractive and stimulating. A female's BREASTS and BUTTS (certain ones) are stumulating to HETEROSEXUAL males so if females want to MINIMIZE the number of sexual thought and online comments to them regarding sex, they should MINIMIZE the amount of TEASING they do with their provocative and REVEALING photos.

Will the majority of them minimize their sexual teasing? Absolutely not.

Why won't they minimize their sexual teasing? Because of the ATTENTION and POTENTIAL BENEFITS they may receive from the male's desire for her.


Am I saying that females SHOULD NOT post themselves online in sexual attire or poses? Of course not. They have the right to place on those site whatever they choose to as long as it complies with the rules of those sites. MY POINT is that if you post yourself in that manner, DON'T complain or get an attitude when the male(s) you AREN'T INTERESTED IN attempt to contact you or respond to you in a SEXUAL manner.

Males must understand the TEASE and ADMISSION FEE games and PLAY TO WIN at minimal cost to them. If they are going to interact with today's females they better learn my RULES OF ENGAGEMENT or they will GET PLAYED the majority of the time.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why are so Many Males Remaining in Dysfunctional Relationships?

MY PERSONAL RESPONSE - when it comes to engaging (interacting) with each other or doing what it takes to get and maintain a relationship, the MAJORITY of MALES:


I have always been puzzled by this behavior since I value myself such that I would NEVER accept that kind of behavior in a relationship regardless of how attractive a female is or how well her financial status is. Of course, I realize that I am in the minority and have a HIGH LEVEL of self-esteem which prevents me from functioning like the majority of males.

On the flip side, many females will remain in dysfunctional relationships for LIFESTYLE UPGRADE and FINANCIAL GAIN. Their feeling of self-worth is higher and that is why they expect males to pay the admission fee if they are going to spend time with them. At least they are in it for something tangible even if it sometimes produces disasterous results or it does not last.

STOP BEFORE YOU BEGIN WIH THAT EXCUSE, "I am remaining in it for the child or children sake" (if the two of you have a child or children together). Understand that the child or children ARE NOT stupid and knows there is no love there simply based upon NATURAL behavior of two people who love each other such as touching, kissing, hugging and playing with each other all in a mature manner. Give them the credit for using THEIR common sense even if YOU choose to not use yours.

Remaining in a dysfunctional, non-loving relationship teaches the child or children to REMAIN in a dysfunctional/abusive relationship regardless with or without children. It does not teach them that some of the MOST important components of a relationship and remaining committed are FEELINGS OF SELF-WORTH, PEACE OF MIND and "MUTUAL" GENUINE (not purchased or forced) LOVE.

Abandoning a dysfunctional, non-loving relationship, WHILE STILL LOVING AND SPENDING TIME WITH THE CHILD/CHILDREN, teaches the child or children to place value in themselves and NEVER ACCEPT a dysfunctional/abusive relationship regardless of the circumstances. Those circumstances USUALLY are based upon a desire for the INCONSIDERATE persons looks, financial situation or the abused persons feeling of low self-worth and that they will not be able to have someone else in their lives.

With that said, I would appreciate receiving explanations in my comment box from MALES and FEMALES to my question of "Why are so Many Males Remaining in Dysfunctional Relationships"? If you are going to remain anonymous, PLEASE indicate whether you are a MALE or FEMALE.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Formal Education Was Not Enough for this Harvard Graduate to Avoid a Skeezer

This was told to me and I felt that I should post this for others to see as best as I could recall it. I am keeping the individuals anonymous to respect their privacy and avoid obvious embarrassment. Will this happen to ANY males in your life or family because YOU refuse them access to information that just may prevent them from being another VICTIM? If it happens then blame no one but yourself. The first 4 posted comments were sent to me via email so I have posted it for them. Feel free to add your comment below. Thanks!

In the summer of 2007 this lady started working in our department. She happened to see a copy of my book on my desk, was curious about the cover and asked if she could take a look at it. I agreed of course and I asked her if she has a son. She replied "yes" so I told her to take it and keep it over the weekend, read it and let him see it.

After the weekend she came to me and told me that she read it and would NEVER allow her 19 year old (at that time) to read something as horrible and hateful towards women as my book. She said that she and her sister read the book together and BOTH AGREED that I have anger issues with women. I told her I don't have anger issue with women, I simply have issues with stupid things males do for the benefit of women. Of course, if I don't do and think for the benefit of women then that is interpreted as having anger issues and hate women. Her sister had a son that was going to school at Harvard and also agreed that she would never let her son see my book.

Well, fast forwarding to today, that same woman came to me this morning and told me, "You would not believe what my sister told me this weekend". She began to tell me about her sister's son (her nephew), the Harvard graduate that got involved with this woman and how incredibly stupid her nephew is behaving with this woman.

Her nephew is 30 (a Harvard graduate) and the woman is 35 with a 5 year old son from a past relationship. In the past relationship, the woman lived with a man for years, did not marry her, she eventually had a son for him and they broke up. Her nephew was supposed to be the ladies man, had plenty of female friends and she could not see what he saw in her and especially since she already had a child. Now don't get on me because SHE questioned HIS choice and brought up the point that she had already had a child. Her other comment way, "I can't see why he didn't analyze that whole situation before he got into it since he is a Harvard graduate and supposed to be a thinker". Her nephew graduated from Harvard, lives in New York and is an Investment Banker. He met this woman in New York and "foolishly" fell head over heels for her. I know many of you women out there may have a problem with my calling him foolish since you love that prince charming story of the well-to-do man sweeping you off of your feet and showering you with gifts and financial security.

Let's again fast forward, my co-worker told me that her nephew (let's refer to him as Harvard for the purposes of simplicity) decided to move back to Los Angeles to be closer to his family. Once he moved back, his mother decided to transfer ownership of her "mortgage paid" home to her son as a loving gesture by a supportive and loving mother. Did I mention that the woman (let's refer to her as Skeezer) moved to Los Angeles with him? Well he, the Skeezer and the Skeezer's 5 year old son moved into the house.

Well, Harvard told Skeezer that he wanted to have lots of children and Skeezer agreed, of course. Harvard is now engaged to be married within a couple of months to Skeezer. Harvard is giving Skeezer money to pay her bills, Skeezer has placed her 5 year old son in one of those expensive, private schools and "low and behold" God has blessed Skeezer.Skeezer is now pregnant (you know that was going to happen). Hey, I only say blessed because some of you males out there are STUPID enough to believe that is a blessing.

Skeezer believed that the home they were living in was Harvard's mother's home but once Harvard told her that his mother transferred ownership to him Skeezer convinced Harvard to place her name on the deed and make her co-owner. Skeezer then went to Harvard's mother (my co-worker's nephew) and told her how she was now co-owner of the home (with a big smile on her face of course).

Wait, it gets even better. Skeezer now tells Harvard that since she has one 5 year old and another on the way that she feels as if she's getting to that age where she does not want to have any other children. Is the picture getting clearer to you now or are you just too STUPID or NIAVE to see what is happening?

I'm not done yet. Harvard's mother comes to him and requests that he takes out a loan against the home to help her (his mom) consolidate some bills. She explains that she will be paying the note but she needs him to simply get the loan. Of course since he has done something STUPID by allowing Skeezer's name on the deed, it requires approval from the Skeezer as well. Needless to say, Skeezer told Harvard that she will not agree to signing for that loan because if something happens that will create problems for her.

My co-worker asked me, "With all of that education I can't see why he would be that stupid and allow that to happen. Do you think that she drugged him to make him do those things for her"? I told her that she did not need to DRUG him because SOCIETY has been drugging him ever since he was an infant so that he could eventually grow up and do STUPID things like that.

There are numerous subliminal and overt means that males (starting out as toddlers) are programmed to think and behave in manners that are damaging emotionally, physically and financially. Those means will create the following thinking and behavior from most males without questioning whether or not a female is worthy:

- ladies FIRST,
- be a REAL man,
- make the woman happy,
- help out a damsel (female) in distress,
- be married for HER better and YOUR worse,
- males are GIVERS and females are RECEIVERS,
- need a woman living with HIM to complete HIM and make HIM happy,
- sacrifice whatever it takes to protect her (without questioning her behavior),
- the female is God's gift to the male and should be caterd to, loved and protected,
- MAN is the provider and WOMAN is the help mate (even if she creates most of the expenses),
- prove YOUR worthiness to a woman in order for her to accept you without requiring the same of her,
- a woman with a child (or children) needs to have a man in the house to take care of her and HER children,
- think about the welfare of the child REGARDLESS of the behavior of the mother (many females are scandalous and will USE the child to get what she wants from HIM).


A. Harvard is Stuck with a Skeezer (for now).

B. Harvard will probably do another STUPID thing and marry her.

C. Harvard's mother will probably NOT get the assistance from her son.

D. Harvard's mother will probably be heartbroken knowing that her son is unhappy even if he pretends to be so (mothers can sense that about their children).

E. Skeezer will probably do everything possible to maintain CONTROL of Harvard until she no longer has any use for him.

F. Skeezer has and probably will continue to plan and make scandalous moves to benefit HER and her child (children).

G. Skeezer will eventually divorce Harvard and get child support, possibly alimony (or viganamony as should be stated) and the house or be compensated for moving and Harvard may just willingly agree to it FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN (remember, that's how most males are socialized to think).

H. Females will laugh at this story and criticize me for speaking about Skeezer in that manner.

I. MANY males will read this story and continue to do STUPID things to hurt themselves.

J. A FEW males will relate to what has happened to Harvard, change their way of thinking and behaving and DUMP that Skeezer that's in their life.

K. I will continue to try and enlighten males in an attempt to get them to do things that BENEFIT THEM as opposed to ruining their lives and ending up miserable FOR HER.


I asked my co-worker how are things going with her 21 year old son and she said, "Oh, I don't have to be concerned about that with him. He is smart and knows better". I am thinking to myself, "Hmmm.., that's what her sister said when they read my book in 2007, I wonder if she will be too embarrassed to tell me about HER son IF he gets Bitten by a Skeezer"? We will just have to wait and see.