Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If You Don't Want To Be Challenged, You Don't Have An Opinion

When I write my blogs I try to stay on point and not drift and even if I do and someone brings it to my attention I willingly correct it because that's the MATURE thing to do. That is, if their criticism makes sense and is not just an emotional rant like so many of them are.

I saw these comments online and since I can't reference the website I will just paste a portion here:

"... not everyone wants to explain or defend their thoughts..."

"If you are a person who shies away from debates that challenge your point of view, it’s because you don’t have an opinion that you can intelligently support".


Some adults are just accustomed to NOT having their statements questioned, accustomed to talking to others who think in the same manner or talking AT (not with) adults/minors who dare not question them. I truly believe their perception of a good conversation is, "You listen to me and don't disagree with or question what I have to say and then I listen to you and don't disagree with or question what you have to say. That way we will have a good conversation between the two of us". In other words, they can't handle being challenged, can't handle truth about themselves if it's not what they want to hear and will typically enclose themselves into a world that they have the perception of control. Hey, if it works for them.... WHATEVER (lol).

From time to time I will have a discussion with people and in doing so I will ask for clarification to a statement they make about one of my topics, a topic in general or if they make an ASSumption about me based upon something they think I have said or written. I will ask for clarification in an attempt to clearly understand what they are saying so that I can INTELLIGENTLY respond to them as well as make corrections IF they can give me a clear and reasonable explanation to defend their statements. IF they can provide me with a clear and reasonable explanation I have no problem changing or retracting my statement(s) without any attitude or harsh feelings towards that or those individuals.

Why can I so easily change or retract my statement you ask?? It's because when I engage in a discussion (unless it's just bullshitting between us), I try to be as clear and sensible as possible so that I WON'T make myself look like a babbling idiot or foolish person. I try to make a point of NOT flaunting my IGNORANCE and will very seldom say something that I can't back up with more than a "just because" or "because I said so" response. Definiton of Ignorance: "displaying a lack of knowledge in a particular topic" so if you get angry at my use of the word ignorance then you have begun do display your ignorance about the definition of ignorance (lol). No one's knows everything and we all can make mistakes.

It takes a MATURE person to admit to their mistakes as well as be capable of discussing a point they have made when someone else disagrees with him/her. The ones that can't handle being questioned will typically want to drop the discussion and move on to another topic or terminate the communication with YOU all together. DON'T take it personal or be angry with him/her. Just accept them for who they are and realize their limitations with it comes to INTELLIGENT, non-bullshit dialog UNLESS you will agree with everything that comes out of his/her mouth.

Please provide your comments in the box below. I am sure that we all know at least one person that fit the above behavior. If so, why not send this link to them. I would love to read their comment on my blogpage and well as let others read it too.


ANYONE that challenges you opens themselves up to have their challenges challenged so don't be so defensive when it occurs.

Accept the FACT that other people have opinions regarding what you say and just as they can challenge what YOU say, you can also challenge what THEY say about what YOU'VE said to validate them or make them look foolish. Now if you can't justify YOUR statements and he/she can't justify THEIR challenge then both of you are simply bullshitting each other so accept it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Do Females Say Men Need To Settle Down Before They Get Too Old?

Excerpt from book #2 "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement".

Over these past few years I have been asked basic questions that I feel ALL average males should know. I have decided to include them in this section titled “Responses to your Concerns”. There’s never enough information that a male can receive to assist him in avoiding the pitfalls that he will encounter inside that ring of life.

Concern #4: Why do females say men need to settle down before they get too old?

I am a single, successful and happy male so what should I say to females that constantly tell me I need to settle down and get married so I won’t end up old and alone with no one to care for me?


I am sure that the vast majority of females that make that statement are man-less themselves. Most of those females are really thinking of themselves being old and alone. That statement is not about you, it's about them.

Many married females or females in non-marital relationships are going to eventually end up alone due to divorce, breakup or death. Many will never have a long-lasting relationship because of their bad attitude and poor choices in males. Those types are usually spoiled, IMMATURE and inconsiderate OF YOU, trifling, have selfish attitudes and will always be available. They want the foolish man to take them and their burdens into his COMFORTABLE lifestyle so they won’t be alone.

Many females today aren’t consistently caring for DECENT, AVERAGE males anyway. They are too busy catering/submitting to males that that are in a marital or non-marital relationship, that don't give a crap about them, that won't commit to them, that have multiple females or is all about herself and doing things that will benefit her in the present and the future. So what guarantee is there that she will GENUINELY do those things for you, the decent average male, when you are older that she isn’t doing for any decent, average male now? There is none.

THERE ARE UNSELFISH, REASONABLE, MAN-LOVING, FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE AND CONSIDERATE FEMALES out there so take your time and know what you are getting into before you make a costly mistake that you will regret later. The key is making sure that you are in a solid financial position throughout your life. As long as your self-esteem is high and you are in good mental, physical and financial health, you will NOT SETTLE and will always have access to females because many of them are constantly making poor choices in life and looking for a man to upgrade their lifestyle and bail them out financially and/or emotionally.

Don’t be foolish and settle for what you don’t want and pay a dear price for it later. Take your time and choose wisely. When it comes to getting old, if you are an OLD FART that has his act together and seeking companionship, you’ll always have OPTIONS.

Many females’ biggest concerns are 1) growing old and being alone, 2) physical apperance eroding and/or 3) QUALITY males giving their attention and money to younger females instead of them which of course this does not apply to females who are switching over to other females. In my opinion, their biggest concerns should be physical and financial health.

Skeezers will place more emphasis on their physical APPEARANCE as opposed to their physical and financial health. Why?? It's because females, in general, realize that males are MENTALLY weaker than they are when it comes to interactions with them and MOST males will FREELY and FOOLISHLY risk or surrender all that they have worked for and earned for the opportunity to have her in his company (players and wise men excluded of course).

As people get older the body naturally degrades and the mind matures (well, it should mature but in many cases don't) to a point where the EXCITEMENT generated by that commercialized PHYSICAL APPEARANCE will be far less important than the PEACE-OF-MIND generated through FINANCIAL SECURITY. FINANCIAL SECURITY is what gives you the platform to meet all sorts of women and WISDOM is what allows you to choose a quality woman and keep that financial security as opposed to choosing a female who has lived irresponsibly most of her life and is now expecting YOU to support and take care of her.

You will never be in a position to acquire financial security and have a QUALITY woman IF you are making poor choices in females. An OLD, BROKE male has NO LEVERAGE and NO OPTIONS in life when it comes to obtaining QUALITY female companionship. At best the only female companionship OPTIONS will be OLD, BROKE females that have been dumped into the recycle bin.

Be STRONG and WISE in your choice and not WEAK and STUPID.