Wednesday, September 28, 2011

J. Duval's 2 Date Rule


This blog is here to MINIMIZE YOUR COST in your attempts to sort through the SH*T and find yourself a DECENT, LOVING woman.

I truly understand the MENTALITY of MOST women (and females) in today's times when it comes to dating (getting to know each other), the GAMES they play and their EXPECTATIONS of being INCONSIDERATELY STUCK ON SELFISH thinking the male is SUPPOSED to be the one to INITIATE and PAY for the dates.

The vast MAJORITY of females are TAKING ADVANTAGE OF and TAKING A FREE RIDE off the WALLETS of DECENT males that have a GENUINE interest in them that are functioning under those out-dated, traditional rules.

A considerate and unselfish woman would not accept you spending your money feeding or entertaining her IF she has no genuine interest in you. She would be considerate and pay her own way in that case to keep it FAIR.

On the other hand, there are males that draw the line as to what they will allow a female to get away with and many of those females that take advantage of good men will WILLINGLY SUBMIT to these males WITHOUT resistance or putting him through the OLD FASHIONED, TRADITIONAL routine that they put males through that they have NO PERSONAL INTEREST in.

This has NOTHING to do with trying to get a female into sexually compromising a situation. This has EVERYTHING to do with how some females will take advantage of some males under the PRETENSE of PATIENT, OLD FASHIONED, TRADITIONAL, GENTLEMAN-LIKE behavior and READILY submit to other males.

I would say agree to meet her at a park with a few bottles of water IF you had the BALLS to make such a request. Unfortunately, MOST of you have been MENTALLY EMASCULATED and CONDITIONED to FEED HER DRINKS and FOOD and she is CONDITIONED to EAT when you meet so the park request will be quite difficult to achieve UNLESS she has physically seen you and find you to be very desirable. If you HAVE to go that old-fashioned, out-dated and ineffective (for you not her) traditional route where the man invites and pays during the dating process, I suggest that you following my "2 DATE SCREENING RULE".

(Walk In The Park).  Although this is the HEALTHIEST date and MOST of them NEED to be walking in the park with a couple bottles of water as opposed to feeding their face, that is an ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE first date for MOST of them to accept.

(Coffee/Juice Location).  Meet her, not pick her up, so that you spend more time getting to know her as opposed to spending more money on her. If you get bad vibes about her during that time you have only spent a few bucks and you are done with her. If this first date goes well ask her if she would like to meet you for breakfast or lunch. If she looks away from you, does not smile or seem a bit hesitant she is not feeling you so don’t persist and consider this your first and last date with her.

Again meet her and don't pick her up. NEVER ARRANGE for dinner or some form of entertainment on the first or second date because of the cost and secondly her attention will be on the entertainment and not you. These kinds of events you reserve for someone that has displayed a GENUINE interest in you.

Again, pay for the date (because she expects you to do so) but make sure you keep it to a minimum. Don't think that just because she is there that she is genuinely interested in you. Remember, you are paying and skeezers typically will NEVER REFUSE A FREE MEAL if they feel they will have control over the situation.

During that second date you want to get a feel for how her schedule is so include some of that in the conversation as a discovery process (the importance of it will come later). If she says that she is a very busy person then this will be your last date with her. At the end of the second date, get ready to now expose her intentions by following the script below:

You Say - "Hey, I think these have been a couple of pretty good dates. What do you think?". (Say nothing else and wait for her response. If she does not agree then you are done with her. If she does agree, which most will regardless, that's when you pop the BIG question).

You Say - "So when are you going to invite me out on a date?". (This is where the information about how busy her schedule comes into play. If she did not state that she was very busy then she should have no problem inviting you out UNLESS she really doesn't give a crap about you. If she says she isn't sure then you now know she has no genuine interest in you because she stated earlier that she was not that busy of a person.

NOTE: DO NOT be a whiner and say, "well, you said earlier that you were not that busy". Just accept it as a small price to pay to identify a skeezer and don't see, talk to or cater to her again. She does not have to know why you no longer want to see her because she is not being genuine with you. This shows you that she is just a skeezer using you.

There are some females accustomed to fine dining with males of financial means or $UCKERMEN and will expect you to bear the expenses if you want to dine with them. If you are a WEAK MALE, I would say avoid these types and leave them to the ABUSIVE TYPES (i.e., players, pretty boys, thugs, married men, etc.) who know how to run the proper game on them as they would on you if you are STUPID enough to think she won't. I would suggest that this tactic be used on any woman that you have a personal interest in if she has NOT PROVEN herself to NOT BE a skeezer:

IF you are FOOLish enough to attempt to IMPRESS a female by taking her to an expensive restaurant, here's a tip on identifying a woman that has no respect for you and is just killing time and/or looking for an opportunity to get you to spend your money on her. How are you going to know that in advance? In most cases, the majority of average males will not know so I suggest that they proceed with caution. A female that values you and has a genuine interest in you will not try to get a free ride off of you. If she is not interested in you, she will know before the date is over; she should pay her own way because she knows you are doing so due to a personal interest in her and not just to spend money. Then again, she would have to be a thoughtful and considerate person which many of them aren’t.

** WARNING ** IF you have LOW SELF-ESTEEM, LONELY and are a WEAK and SUBMISSIVE MALE, do not try this tactic below. Simply open your wallet to whatever she wants, PAY the bill, get that THANK YOU, BIG SMILE (cause her belly is full and she did not have to pay) and a HAND SHAKE or what I call that BOOTY OUT, 3 PATS ON THE BACK, MINIMAL CONTACT , I'M NOT PERSONALLY INTERESTED IN YOU hug (LOL) and WALK AWAY accepting yourself for what you are.

The following tactic, IF YOU HAVE BALLS, should be used to determine if a female has a genuine interest in you or is only using you to kill time and get a free meal.

This would have to be done at a sit-in restaurant where you pay after the meal is finished. Remember, you won't know her intentions until you get her to a restaurant and ask her the right question.

1. Agree to meet at a restaurant. Do not pick her up and do not mention paying for the date.

2. When you get the menu and are ready to order, "let her order for herself" (this is very important)

3. Let the conversation flow and at some point just prior to the meal being paid for look her directly in her eyes and ask, "Would you like to get together again and if so will you pick up the next tab?". Do not say another word until she gives you an answer and if she asks you to repeat what you said; say exactly the same thing. Don’t change the conversation. If she resists responding to your question, says she doesn’t want to see you again or says that she doesn't believe a woman should pay, simply pay your portion and not hers. You are being used as a sucker (i.e. fool). The restaurant cannot make you pay for her because you did not order for her.

4. After you pay your portion offer to walk her to her car and if she says no just walk away from her and consider yourself fortunate that you weren't another one of her suckers. See it as a victory because you had an opportunity to get out, you had a nice meal and you only paid for yourself.

Many will consider this tactic cruel and scandalous but if she has no personal interest in you she should state that in advance. Trust me, they know if they are physically attracted to you and have a personal interest. If she isn't interested in you and will not tell you or will not pay for her portion of the date then she has no respect for you. Any tactic you use on her, before she uses you, is justified. Do not let those weak males out there tell you otherwise.

FINALLY: If you are going to pay for the date you should NEVER allow her to tell you where she wants to go. You make that determination because you are the one paying. Don’t be STUPID and a FOOL all in one date. At least save one of them for the next date (LOL).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Revoultion of the Mind - It's Time To MAN UP!!


Time to rid yourself of those OLD, out-dated rules that YOU are practicing while MOST of today's females ARE NOT behaving in that OLD traditional manner and are practicing NEW, up-dated rules that benefit them SOLELY and NOT you mutually.

- STOP complaining about those females that DON'T value YOU.
- STOP catering to those females that DON'T RECIPROCATE.
- STOP trying to convince those females that DON'T WANT YOU to want you.
- THERE ARE plenty of available WOMEN who will respect you, love you and show genuine concern for you but YOU have to simply be WISER in your choices.

I am here to assist you in making WISER choices.

There are a large percentage of males out there that do not care about THEIR well-being. I can't do anything for them. I am simply seeking those males that are tired of the insensitive, inconsiderate, unreasonable, spoiled and/or damaged Skeezers out there that believes THEY are entitled to YOUR time, resources and finances with little to no obligation or reciprocation.

THE INJECTION (CURE) - Below are only 10 of the 40 Rules of Engagement in my book:

- Do Unto Her Before She Do Unto You
- Go Find Yourself Some Balls, Any Balls
- There Are Five Basic Weight Classes of Females
- Never Argue Simply UPGRADE
- Stop Thinking FOR a Female and Start Thinking LIKE a Female
- You Are Not Her Father and She Is Not Your Mother
- If You Have a Personal Interest LIE, If Not Tell Her the TRUTH
- Never Get Personally Involved with a FixHerUpper
- Don't Be Tricked into Paying for Her Activities
- Don't Be $uckerMan to the Rescue and Pay or Help Pay HER Bills

The reason you are failing MISERABLY are because of YOUR old-fashioned, out-dated thinking and behavior and HER new, NON old-fashioned thinking and behavior. I can not and would not be STUPID to try and get her to CHANGE HER way of thinking and behavior. Why not? Because the manner in which SHE thinks and YOU behaves nowadays BENEFITS HER and NOT YOU.

Even though it is more difficult to get many of you GOOD MEN out of that old-fashioned, traditional way of thinking and behaving than to change the way those Skeezers think and behave, it would BENEFIT YOU so much more to change your mindset and behavior, GET OUT of that one-sided relationship and start fresh.

How can you miss being with someone that don't give a CRAP about you, how can you miss being MISERABLE in that one-sided relationship? Your self-esteem has to be pretty damn low to do so. How much PRAYING & HOPING, BEGGING or COMPLAINING to someone else are you going to do BEFORE you realize it's time to simply get out. If you have to do all of that to get someone to appreciate you, treat you like you are treating her then it's a DEAD RELATIONSHIP FOR YOU.

So are you going to remain in that miserable, disrespectful, dismal situation or MAN UP, STAND UP and Take Your Injection? Of course SHE knows you are too weak to do it. Who are you going to DISAPPOINT? Her or You?

Friday, September 16, 2011

REALITY CHECK #27 - Turn Off The Lights, The Party's Over (For You)

This is a follow-up the to my previous blog regarding MS. PACKAGE DEAL. This is not anger but rather "PRAISE for the Good Men who were WISE and STRONG enough to avoided these types", "PITY for the FOOLish men who were STUPID and WEAK enough to allow them to suck him into the miserable situation he ended up in" and "WARNING to the Good Men who are yet to cross a female like this path". Remember, for years, I have been telling you to "Just Say No and Avoid These Types" but you thought you knew better. Look at you now Playa.

TO THE SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, SCANDDALOUS, SKEEZING FEMALES, feel free to bring out YOUR BAD ATTITUDE on me. I am here to "Attempt To Inform and Encourage The Good Men to Avoid YOU". Feel free to place your comments below. I will excuse all typos and grammatical errors since I know MOST of you CAN'T control your emotions and type CORRECTLY at the same time (LOL). I am quite sure the SENSIBLE, RESPONSIBLE WOMEN will understand that I am attempting to get the Good Men to see the QUALITY in them as opposed to the CORRUPTION in you.

DISCLAIMER (For you IDIOTS out there that will say I am talking about all females):

This blog applies ONLY to those females that have IGNORED, DUMPED or DE-VALUED Good Men in the past as well as TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF their TIME, RESOURCES or FINANCES and now think these men are WEAK or STUPID enough to allow them back into THEIR personal life.

(Public Service Announcement)

It's time for Good Men to stop picking up these BANGED UP, KNOCKED UP and TOSSED OUT party girls. Time to start sending them a message, "You didn't want us then, we don't want you now".

women out there that have raised and are raising THEIR child(ren) without expecting financial support from males who AREN'T the father. They are seeking COMPANIONSHIP, WILL respect you and DON'T want you to financially support them. Now those are STRONG, INDEPENDENT women and the types you should be attempting to develop a relationship with.


Why would you SHARE YOUR PROSPERITY and comforts that YOU sacrificed and worked hard for with someone like this who DID NOT VALUE YOU, IGNORED YOU then went off and PARTIED with and FREELY GAVE UP THE BOOTY to other men in the past and now want YOU to be FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the IRRESPONSIBLE FUN she had WITHOUT YOU? Does she really think you are that STUPID, DESPERATE or WEAK?


responsible for her or that man's (or those men's) child or children. SHE needs to serve as an EXAMPLE to all the other females out there that has NOT yet put themselves in a situation like her and choose to OVERLOOK YOU. The message to these types, "WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE CARE OF YOU OR THE RESULTS OF YOUR POOR CHOICES AND IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR". This is no secret and is not rocket science to know raising a child ALONE is hard.

If women are SUPPOSED to be so intelligent, strong and independent then why do they do something STUPID like bring a child into this world ALONE IF they can't INDIVIDUALLY AFFORD to support that child with the proper TIME and FINANCES? Why can't they wait until they are in a healthy relationship with a man that WANTS to have, WILLING and ABLE to mutually (not solely) participate in supporting a family? The answer is very simple. They do it out of SELFISHNESS, STUPIDITY or a SCANDALOUS attempt to trap the man (they should not be with) to be with her with NO CONCERN for how it's going to negatively impact the child. It's ALMOST NEVER about the child for if it were so, she would display some INTELLIGENCE and develop a healthy relationship before doing so. It's just that simple.

Am I saying ALL FEMALES reflect this selfish and stupid behavior? Absolutely not. There are instances where 1) She may have been in a mutually loving and caring marital or non-marital relationship and UNFORTUNATELY the GOOD MAN died, 2) She is MENTALLY INCAPABLE of making rational decisions and 3) She was TAKEN against her will, RAPED and FORCED to conceive, REMAIN pregnant and GIVE BIRTH. Notice I said GOOD MAN died and not, "Abuser, Player, Baller, Thug, Bad Boy or Pretty Boy" died because if that was the case then SHE made a poor decision to begin with.


Be RESPECTFUL towards her. Now respect has notihg to do with FINANCE or SERVITUDE. You should ONLY give her CONSTRUCTIVE and PRODUCTIVE advice towards a better life in raising her child. DO NOT allow her and her package to MOVE IN with you NO MATTER how much SEX she may attempt to give you or trick you into believing you are going to get. Remember, these types are RAISED with to MANIPULATE through the ILLUSION of you being constantly satisfied SEXUALLY. You SHOULD NOT be giving her recreational information, inviting her out to parties, etc. cause that is what got her where she is today. NEVER ALLOW some female from your past that's rejected you to come into YOUR life with HER responsibilities and disrupt YOUR comfortable lifestyle. The BEST that she should be is a PLATONIC friend to spend LIMITED time with when YOU (not her) have free time to kill. A female in this condition should NEVER dictate what YOU do. Let me repeat it, NEVER dictate what YOU do. If she made the so-called mistake(s) then let HER fix HER mistakes.


I know in RARE cases, you will encounter an attractive or very attractive female that's been BANGED OUT, KNOCKED UP and FORCED into compromising HER values due to her dismal situation. DO NOT allow yourself to get caught up in the LOOK or the TEMPORARY catering she will do to get you to SUPPORT her and her child(ren). ADVICE is the only thing you should be giving a female that comes to you or expects you to HELP (as they like to say it) her in her times of NEED.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ms. Package Deal Is Now Ready For A Good Man

(Excerpt from "The Good Man's Survival Guide - How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")


As far as ADVICE and GUIDANCE of a child or children (not FINANCE), I feel ANY male that is capable of doing so should feel OBLIGATED to participate when possible.

Since so many females are opening up their legs to the WRONG MALES, I am attempting to encourage males to NOT open up their wallets to the WRONG FEMALES.

This is an ATTEMPT at SELF-PRESERVATION of the GOOD men for the GOOD women out there who AREN'T attempting to place HER responsibilities upon HIS shoulders.

This is a WARNING to the females out there that HAVEN'T YET made poor choices in males and got KNOCKED UP and DUMPED. Make wiser choices in males.

This is a MESSAGE to the females out there that INTENTIONALLY ignored us GOOD men and got KNOCKED UP then eventually DUMPED. You overlooked and ignored US the now successful Good men for what YOU thought was better and now WE DON'T WANT YOU. YOU REJECTED US for what you FELT were the right reasons (No Money, No Popularity, No Success that you wanted to have) and now WE are REJECTING YOU for all the right reasons (Our Money, Our Popularity, Our Success that we intend to keep) so go on and act like a responsible mother, assume YOUR responsibilities and raise HIS children. AFTER they are grown and out of the house, you can go back to your partying or you can go to your local PET STORE, purchase your LIFE LONG companion and live HAPPILY (or MISERABLY) ever after.

MS. PACKAGE DEAL – This is Ms. So Fine and good looking that in the past when she had no children she WOULD NOT give the average, GOOD man the chance at a relationship. Now, with that package on her hip, she will say to him, “I made a mistake.”

YEARS and a WHOLE LOT OF GOOD TIMES later, being unable to attract the same kind of men that knocked her up, she is ready to settle down with the types of men she ignored in the past. Are you ready to PAY for this package? Are you going to be that so-called REAL man that she would have not given an opportunity to years earlier?

What she did was submit to men she thought was MORE ATTRACTIVE than you, MORE EXCITING than you, HAD or APPEARED to have had MORE MONEY than you, HAD or APPEARED to have had MORE SOCIAL STATUS than you and got knocked up one or several times.

Chances are if she did not smell the scent of financial relief in you, her attractiveness not eroding or without that package, she would still never give you the time of day. As long as her packages are still with her, she may still have that emotional bond with the father or fathers. Most of these types tend to never let go emotionally from those fathers unless you will be willing to accept her, her package and ALL of the responsibilities that comes with her.

Notice her feet are pointing inward, the knees and thighs are wedged together. In most cases, that means the ONLY playing you will get consistently is playing daddy to the children, baby sitting, buying toys and consistently providing services and finances to help support her and another man’s children while the father or fathers are out there enjoying life with responsible women that don’t have that package or not trying to place her responsibilities onto some other male.

DO NOT be tricked or lured for the children's sake. Point her in the direction of HER children's father(s) IF she expects you to financially support her or those males that she OVERLOOKED YOU for.

There are STRONG, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT women out there available THAT CAN be a financial and emotional ASSET as opposed to a LIABILITY in your life so think like them, "Don't Settle Just To Have a Female In Your Life". REMEMBER, that's what they tell females when it comes to males, "Don't just settle for any man just to have a man in your life". It's time for YOU to PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH!!