Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Am A Gentleman So I Insist..... "Ladies First"

This a COMMON phrase that females LOVE to hear when it comes to something that will BENEFIT THEM FIRST. When a male typically uses that phrase the female will refer to him as a gentleman because he is doing something FOR HER BENEFIT so he is to be considered thoughtful and considerate.

I personally love the phrase but I apply it in a manner that is not socially acceptable in most places. I will use that phrase as a MIRROR to allow the female an opportunity for me to reflect HER behavior right back at HER. In other words, TREAT HER AS SHE TREATS YOU:

- IF she speaks in a MATURE manner to you, do the same to her
- IF she DOES NOT use profanity while communicating, do the same to her
- IF she is POLITE to you, do the same to her
- IF she displays an INTEREST in you, do the same to her
- IF she is FINANCIALLY responsible while being with you, do the same with her
- IF she is RUDE, FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, VIOLENT, IMMATURE or NOT INTERESTED in you, do NOT do the same to her just leave her alone.

When I say LADIES FIRST I am referring to HER behavior with males that have a personal interest in her and in particular the AVERAGE JOE which most males are. I do not want her to TELL ME how she wants to be treated (i.e., like a lady - whatever that means), I want her to SHOW ME how she wants to be treated by displaying that treatment with me FIRST.

I consider myself to be a gentleman ONLY to a female that behaves like a lady so since I am a gentleman and females want men to treat them like a lady then females need to behave like one. If females prove their WORTHINESS and FAIRNESS to males, it's only FAIR that the male reflect the same treatment to her. If for whatever reason the male DOES NOT reciprocate then simply MOVE ON. After all, isn't that what you tell us to do? How about NOW taking some of your own advice?

Females LOVE to hear LADIES FIRST so step up the plate and show males what you are TRULY made of. The males behavior should represent a MIRROR which will simply let you see a REFLECTION of YOUR BEHAVIOR. I want to PERSONALLY state that I have NO PROBLEM with any of the behaviors below. I will simply accept YOU for which ever behavior you display and CHOOSE to remain or walk away WITHOUT any harsh feelings towards you. You are what you are and should be accepted for that and TREATED in that manner which YOU REFLECT. It's just that simple.

A male should NEVER pre-judge a female (negative or positive) he doesn't know based upon his past experiences. He should also not think negatively of her just because she does not have a personal interest in him. Just because he desires her does not mean she is COMPELLED to feel the same about him. She should, again, be judged SOLELY UPON HER BEHAVIOR.

If she is NOT mentally handicapped, CLAIM to be strong, intelligent and independent then she is quite capable of CHOOSING either of the behaviors below. The relationship she has with YOU is based upon a combination of HOW SHE HAS BEEN RAISED and HOW SHE HAS BEEN SOCIALIZED TO BEHAVE. These are the most common relationships you will encounter in that ring of life:

1. "LADY/GENTLEMAN" RELATIONSHIP - She is INTELLIGENT and applies it in an unselfish manner with you, responsible, respectable, reasonable, considerate, PRACTICES (not just boast about) her independence by PAYING her own way having NO expectations of compensation for her time. She has no problem SHARING responsibilities as long as it is fair. If he pays that is fine but if he doesn't then she will NOT develop and attitude or think any less of him and she will genuinely spend time and her own money on herself while getting to know his TRUE character. ONLY THEN will she decide if she wants to get more personally involved with him. If she has no interest in him, she WILL NOT take advantage of his interest in her nor will she accept FREE gifts or services from him.

2. "WHORE (HO)/JOHN" RELATIONSHIP - Her time is for sale. What she does with that time depends on how much he is willing to put out. She EXPECTS compensation or him bearing the expenses for the time spent with her and she WILL give him what he wants. They can take walks, he can wine & dine her, attend events and take trips together, touch, hug, kiss and even more AS LONG AS he is giving her what she wants. That is a PAY FIRST relationship that may lead to a personal relationship but there is no guarantee. SHE IS NOT A BITCH therefore he will be catered to IF there is compensation.

3. "BITCH/FOOL (SUCKER)" RELATIONSHIP - Her time is for sale. The ONLY thing he should expect to receive is the opportunity for her to ALLOW HIM TO GIVE HER more of what she wants. They CAN take walks, he can wine & dine her, attend events and take trips together (seperate beds or same bed with no fondling) and some hand holding as long as he is providing her with what she wants. DON'T EVEN THINK of touching or hugging her in an intimate manner and especially in a public place where she may be recognized UNLESS he gives her what she wants and he should NOT GET HIS HOPES UP for a committed relationship. A kiss on the cheek may be possible (depending on who's around her) but on the mouth with some TONGUE ACTION? Totally out of the question unless (well, tongue to tongue is out but I'm sure she may try to convince you to use that tongue elsewhere, if you know what I mean). After all, she's a BITCH, not a HO so what did you expect?

So ladies, gentlemen, fools, suckers, dogs, ho's and bitches please provide your comments on this blog page. Lying and being deceitful is cool but not on my blogpages so I simply KEEP IT REAL.

I will save my lies, bullshit and deceit for situations that will BENEFIT ME.

Friday, July 24, 2009

10 Ways To Get Her To Breakup With You

I just happened to be browsing the net and came across this page titled, "10 Ways To Commit Relationship Suicide". I thought to myself, "What a Great Concept" and figured I would put a J Duval spin on it.

Bottom line, you are FRUSTRATED, you WANT OUT but you are afraid to or just DON'T KNOW HOW to do it. These 10 ways is no guarantee that she will leave but simply increases HER frustration level to a point of her possibly leaving. Although these ways are numbered, they do not represent any order of importance or effectiveness although I am certain that #1 and #10 will DEFINITELY increase the chance of her leaving you more than the others.

Well, due to the recent relationship related murders and suicides I decided to change the title and modify it's contents in a manner that is geared toward those frustrated, unsatisfied males that are paying to be in UNFULFILLING and many times UNSAFE relationships and are being MURDERED financially, psychologically and physically.

These methods should be applied by any male that is NOT MARRIED. If you are MARRIED, I cannot help you. You FOOLISHLY got yourself into that MESS and you will have to get yourself out of it without my suggestions.

WARNING: Apply these methods below AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held responsible for the results that may occur due to your actions or her response to your actions. My personal opinion is that you should have made a better choice in a female to begin with.


1. IGNORE HER. Most females are attention whores and cannot stand to be ignored. This is by far one of the best, non-violent methods because no attention is one of the worst tortures that most females can be put through. They NEED TO vent their SELF-INFLICTED frustrations, NEED TO GOSSIP about other people and NEED TO be catered to in order to SANELY exist. Want her out of your life, just ignore her. Caution: This method could possibly backfire on you since most of them may NOT have any other place to go since they are lazy and living off of you and will GO CRAZY ON YOU as opposed to GO AWAY FROM YOU.

2. DESCRIBE A NOT-SO-LAVISH FUTURE TO HER. Females love to fantasize about being Cinderella with her Prince Charming catering to her every desire. Now this will be effective in getting her to leave ONLY if she isn't already doing this for you. Tell her you want her to start cooking for you, washing your clothes (not taking them to the dry cleaners) and cleaning your place (if the two of you don't live together) on a weelkly basis. Tell her (if you aren't already doing this) you and your boys will be going to the strip club (or just out with your boys if there is no strip club) at least once a week.

3. STARE AT YOUNGER, ATTRACTIVE FEMALES WHEN YOU ARE WITH HER. Don't just take a quick peek like many females do. If you see a younger, attractive female nearby, trust me when I say she has already seen her, take a good long look at her and use the ELEVATOR EYES METHOD which means run your eyes up and down her frame. She is just waiting for the opportunity to catch you staring at her so give her the opportunity to do so. If she makes a comment to you about your staring just look at her with a smile and say, "DON'T FEEL SO INTIMIDATED BY HER YOUTH AND BEAUTY HONEY. YOU STILL LOOK GOOD FOR YOUR AGE".

4. CAUSE NIGHTLY RUCKUS. No matter how patient or understanding she may be, you’ll be able to wear their patience thin if they’re exhausted. Females tend to want you to agree with them most of the time so simply disagree with her or don't do something that she wants you to do that she feels is important.

5. DESCRIBE YOUR TYPE. Describe the physical features and personality qualities of your ideal mate to your partner. Make it very clear, without actually saying it, that non of the characteristics you list are a part of her persona.

6. DON'T REPLACE THE EMPTINESS. The empty toilet paper roll, the empty shampoo bottle, the empty milk carton, etc. should remain empty after you’ve used them.

7. FORGETFULNESS. If she does not bring it up (which most of them won't just to see if you will remember), DO NOT acknowledge her birthday, your anniversaries or any other special occasions that has occurred between the two of you. If she questions you, simply say you forgot.

8. TALK ABOUT YOUR DISAPPOINTING RELATIONSHIP TO HER FRIENDS. Make sure that when the two of you are in a group setting you talk discretely about how bad you think your relationship is to her female friends. Females constantly gossip and eventually one of them will tell her what you said. All you need to say are the words, "I AM NOT HAPPY ANYMORE". This is what females usually say when they have another prospect and are thinking DUMPING YOU so this should worry her enough to DUMP YOU FIRST. That prospect is usually an ex, a player or an ex that is a player that's trying to get a piece of ass so he's telling her all of the lies he has to in order to get in.

9. GO AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND WITHOUT HER. Most females are very controlling and nosy. This should be done AFTER you have executed number 8. Put some distance between the two of you for a weekend and don't contact her during that time. If she asks where you are going simply tell her you are going to visit a buddy of yours. If she wants to know who that is or exactly where you will be going then simply say to her, "I will not be questioned or watched over like some child. Don't you trust me? Where there is no trust, there is no relationship". IN MOST CASES, she does not care about you, she is AGAIN just being controlling and nosy.

10. TELL HER THE TRUTH AND STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON HER. If all else fails, stop spending your money on her and simply tell her what you couldn't say in the beginning in order to be accepted by her which was the TRUTH. We know that most males have to spend his money on females and lie to females, in the beginning, to get in. Tell her what you really thought about her when you first met her and this will definitely cause her to leave you.

CAUTION: If she does not leave you within a reasonable amount of time, I suggest that you silently make plans to leave her. Reason? If you tell her and behave in the above stated manners and she is still there, there is a very good chance that she is plotting to retaliate againt you for saying or doing those things. Remember, it's YOU that are unfilfilled and frustrated and not her so what you are doing is upsetting HER comfort level (which SKEEZERS do not like) so she will retaliate generally by doing PHYSICAL harm to you or FINANCIAL harm to you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There exist NON-MONOGAMOUS MARITAL and LIVE-IN relationships that are CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED by wives that AREN'T supposed to be mentioned to them or publicized. I am NOT speaking of OPEN or SWINGER type relationships since those are discussed with each other and there are no fake, academy award nominating "OH MY GOD", "I'M SO HURT THAT HE WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO ME" or "I WAS NOT AWARE OF ANYTHING LIKE THAT GOING ON" defensive response by the wives or live-in partner once it becomes public.

MAAAAAYYYYYYBBBBBEEEEE I might buy this statement below that I found on the Yahoo! Sports website today 07-08-2009:

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)—An associate said Wednesday that the wife of ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair didn’t know about Sahel Kazemi before the 20-year-old woman was found dead alongside her husband".

MAAAAAYYYYYYBBBBBEEEEE some wives don't know the NAMES of their husband's other woman or women but no one will be able to convince me that MOST, if not all, wives DON'T KNOW or SUSPECT when their husbands have had (or are having) relations with another woman or other women on a regular or periodic basis.

Let's look at reality for a moment. Having access to females that are STROKING THEIR EGO's and SEXUALLY throwing themselves to them on a regular basis are just a few of the PERKS that comes with FAME and/or FORTUNE.

Even many of the average or broke, got no job, fat/over-weight (or should I have said THICK), lesser attractive HUSBANDS (or live-in mates) are attempting to live or actually living the life of those males mentioned above but just at a much lower economic level. Now if the average joe is going out there PURSUING POON and in some cases are successful, don't tell me that the MAJORITY of elite males mentioned above that are HUSBANDS, being PURSUED BY POON and CAPABLE OF SEXUALLY ACCOMODATING these females will remain MONOGAMOUS. Of course we all know that EVERY wife will say, "Oh no, my husband WOULD NOT do that to me". Yea, right!

I will hold steadfast to my position which is, "NON-MONOGAMOUS Relationships ARE NEGOTIABLE". It simply depends on what the wife will receive in EXCHANGE for SHARING HER HUSBAND. In many cases, here is (at minimum) the package she MUST receive in order to accept non-monogamy:

- HE PROVIDE HER the CINDERELLA lifestyle that MOST females dream of but will NEVER achieve (i.e., big home, expensive clothes, expensive car and the ENVY of other females),
- HER OPTION to work,
- HER OPTION to financially contribute as opposed to spending HIS and HER money on HER,
- HER OPTION to have a housekeeper that SHE CHOOSES so that the housekeeper will not be younger or more attractive than SHE,
- HE RESPECTING HER which means KEEP THOSE OTHER RELATIONS PRIVATE so she won't be emarrassed and FORCED to react in an unpleasant manner to make it APPEAR as if she didn't know about it.


Am I condemning NON-MONOGAMOUS relationships? ABSOLUTELY NOT because as I have stated before that is a PERSONAL CHOICE to enter and/or remain in FOR WHATEVER THEIR REASON and should not be ANYONE ELSE's BUSINESS. Simply accept whatever the consequences are as a result of YOUR choice.

Then what is my point? The APPEARANCE of surprise, hurt or DISAVOWing any knowledge of such behavior by MANY wives when these situations become public. By the way, this behavior is NO LONGER restricted to husbands. There are many wives that are now doing the same things but the exchange for husbands are not as beneficial.


Am I the ONLY ONE that believes that these type of elite wives in particular as well as many wives in the average to low income category DO KNOW OF or DO SUSPECT their husband of behaving in a NON-MONOGAMOUS manner?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is It God or You Doing The Choosing?

I know this blog won't sit well with MOST of you and it may upset MANY of you for me asking since I should not DARE to question statements like these and DISRUPT your FANTASY moment but WTF.

The  3 types of G's that causes many people to choose mates are:

- God (or so we claim such)
- Greed (the money or lifestyle UPGRADE is just too great to resist)
- Genitals (I'm horny)

This is NOT about anyone's religious or non-religious beliefs. This is about the POPULAR GOD SENT expression that is so often used when someone DESPERATELY wants to feel they have found THE ONE. It does not matter to me whether you BELIEVE or DON'T BELIEVE in God. What matters to me is YOUR behavior and how you TREAT others and RESPECT their belief or non-belief.

I find it to be A JOKE when so many males and females use the GOD SENT expression when they CLAIM to have been sent THE ONE. After that HEAVENLY MIRACLE has turned into a HELLISH SITUATION, I usually hear the EXCUSE, "God sent him/her to me for a season", "God sent him/her to me to teach me a lesson" or "God brought us together to create this beautiful child (or children)".

I received an email regarding a celebrity's ex-wife getting married. It is not important who he was or she is. What I found interesting and quite common are these words or something quite similar, "I kept praying to God to send someone" or "I heard a voice".

Here are the sentences that I noticed in the email, "I kept praying to God to send someone who loved God, my son and me, and then I heard a voice ask, 'What more do you want?'" admits Sheree. "I knew then he was The One."

This is not the first time someone has prayed to God to "send them someone" or "change that person's behavior who HE/SHE should HAVE NOT CHOSEN to begin with" and I am sure that it won't be the last. For those of you that have heard THE VOICE when you FELT you had finally met THE ONE after praying (or not praying), do you think it was God's voice or just your overwhelming desire to have THAT PARTICULAR PERSON?

If it was God's voice urging you on to that maital relationship, would God urge you on to a temporary situation that would eventually lead you to emotional trauma, physical abuse, separation and ultimate divorce?

Would God be so cruel and vicious to set you up, have a child or children and then divorce (for those who claim God sent that person) which is BAD for the children created during that marriage?

DID GOD instruct you to NOT engage in sex before marriage yet, in that same breath, TOLD YOU to NOT spend time with them if they DON'T spend money on you PRIOR TO MARRIAGE?

DID GOD tell you to keep YOUR LEGS CLOSED but make sure the other person keeps THEIR WALLET/PURSE OPEN to YOUR selfish attitude and inconsiderate desires?

DID GOD instruct you to NOT judge him/her buy the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER but rather by the CONTENTS IN THEIR WALLET/PURSE?


Since we all (excluding those that are mentally incapable) have the ability to make MATURE choices in our lives I believe that the PRIMARY driving force for the GOD SENT expression is based upon lust, desperation, stupidity and/or lifestyle upgrade.

- LUST - You are PHYSICALLY attracted and SEXUALLY motivated.

- DESPERATION - You want so badly to have a relationship with THAT PERSON as YOUR mate due to loneliness, society's pressure or family/friends pressure.

- STUPIDITY - You KNOW that relationship is not good for you but you enter into it anyway.

- LIFESTYLE UPGRADE - You want what HE/SHE has to make YOUR life better and more appealing.


IF YOU CLAIM that God has sent him/her to you after you have found THE ONE, which EXCUSE will you use IF your relationship with that God sent person and YOU don't last?

- God sent him/her to me for a season
- God sent him/her to me to teach me a lesson
- God brought us together to create this beautiful child (or children)

Since I am out of touch in the RELATIONSHIP EXCUSE department, are there any NEW excuses that are out there that I need to know about?


Can we simply AGREE that YOU made a choice based upon what YOU thought would benefit YOU, ENJOYED some (or all) of that time while it lasted and if didn't last it was based upon YOUR choice and not God bringing someone PLEASANTLY IN and UNPLEASANTLY OUT of YOUR life?

Can we simply AGREE that God DID NOT make you reject, avoid or turn away from that decent, GOOD PERSON who just happened to be the everyday, average person who probably would have given YOU more LOVE, HAPPINESS and SPIRITUAL PEACE-OF-MIND than you could have ever imagined instead of the one YOU FOOLISHLY selected?

to reject, avoid, turn away from that decent person who would have really loved you in a genuine, non-materialistic (that means not trying to impress you with things or money) way.

As I said in the beginning, this may upset many of you but TRUTH and REALITY of YOUR poor choices in a mate, that DON'T LAST, is embarrassing to many and an EXTREMELY difficult pill to swallow.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Have No Problem With Spending My Money To Have A Good Time

I received this email as well as several calls from this female that I was seeing off and on for about two months. You can provide comments in the comment box if you wish for others to see. Please don't email me your comments because others will not be able to read them. Thanks!

From: her name removed
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:59:49 PM

Subject: I'm so happy to have found you

It's the end of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I called several times but was not able to reach you so I am sending you this email. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the times we've spent together. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and need only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. Do not be scared my love. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go even if I have to bring you back to my heart myself!

Your darling,

her name removed


I will NEVER get serious with a female if I have to pay and bear the effort and expenses of us being together. I will ENJOY what I have PAID FOR and will LEAVE that person whenever I am ready to move on.


If I HAVE TO PAY then it is not a GENUINE relationship, it's a BUSINESS TRANSACTION which I have no problem with as long as I am getting what I am expecting to receive. Once I get what I have PAID to receive, the transaction is over and I have the OPTION to perform another BUSINESS transaction (by bearing more expenses) if she is in agreement or I can move on to a more beneficial transaction for possibly less BUCKS elsewhere WITHOUT any feelings of GUILT.


I have enjoyed my time with her. I have WILLINGLY PAID for that time WITHOUT argument, disgust or hesitation so you skeezers out there can save the CHEAP comments, ok? Although she wants to get closer emotionally, I can't see myself getting involved with someone who has established themselves as a financial liability and a business transaction.

You may say it's COLD, I say it's REAL. If she DIDN'T want to be a financial liability she could have assisted in the expenses of those dates. By the way, she NEVER offered and I NEVER made a scene about it and accepted her taking the PAID FOR RIDE. She is quite capable of paying, she is STRONG and INDEPENDENT (oh yea, she said it to me) so there was no reason for her to NOT do so. Like females will say, "The FIRST impression is important". Well, we went out on four dates and all four dates ended up with the SAME impression.... Liability, Liability, Liability, Liability. I only continued because I CONTROLLED how much I would spend and where I would spend MY money. Now don't even go to the sex thing because you, not me, would be calling her a whore if you think sex in exchange for my expending funds is a fair exchange. So are those your thoughts? I think LIKE a female and not FOR a female and just like them it may be simply to stroke my EGO and has NOTHING to do with SEX and especially with all of those STDs going around out there.

I will TERMINATE this BUSINESS relationship on INDEPENDENCE DAY so that she can go and get herself someone she has a GENUINE interest in or get another series of BUSINESS transactions. By the way, I was smart enough to NOT do something STUPID like try to impress her by taking her to very expensive places. I kept it within an AFFORDABLE amount.


I said, on my blog page, I DON'T DATE and WILL NOT put forth any effort toward a personal interest in certain women. The situation above is one of those reasons why. I did not say that I don't conduct business transactions with them. Until I find that GENUINE woman, if these sell their time, I will CHOOSE which one of them I will pay to occupy their time. It's nothing personal, it's simply what they have established it to be which is a BUSINESS transaction (i.e., "If I want to spend the time, I will have to spend the money"). I could not see myself maintaing an extended business relationship with her or any of them. I have to be business smart and seek more enjoyment for less buck.

The economy is BAD now so I am sure that there are many BARGAINS available to me until I find someone that IS NOT a BUSINESS TRANSACTION.