Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"DeAr" Hunting Season.

DeAr Hunting Season Analysis


PRE-SEASON: September 6th - October 30th

Set a few traps and get in a little practice. This will keep your skills sharp and prepare you for the upcoming season. It’s important to practice your offense as well as your defense.

The quality of DeAr is not as important as the quantity so get as much practice as you can during pre-season. As you get closer to regular season start selecting DeAr that meets with your desired requirements. Many good men tend to stumble or freeze when they come in contact with a desirable DeAr therefore practice is mandatory.

Beware of Poachers - Check traps on a regular basis because poachers will attempt to steal your DeAr that is caught in one of your emotional traps and is vulnerable.

REGULAR SEASON: October 31st - February 14th

The DeAr will allow you to approach them due to their desire for gifts and attention. Don't be tricked into believing just because she allows you in that she GENUINELY cares for you.

1st Quarter - October 31st - November 30th

The first official day is extremely important and you should be out there if at all possible. Why this day? Because it's Halloween and they tend to GET FREAKY, let their guards down, be open to approach and act out those inhibitions they have been suppressing during the post-season. This is the day, at parties especially, that they feel the rush of the season coming on and you have to take full advantage of it. You should have your game face on and you should be out there hunting. Don’t think about it, just go out and do it!!

2nd Quarter - December 1st - December 24th

By now you should be reaping the rewards of your traps because it's getting close to you know what (ho, ho, ho...). Choose that DeAr wisely because they are looking for gifts and someone to be with due to the seasonal pressure. They may not be interested in you initially and just caught up in all of the seasonal hype so take advantage of it.

Halftime – Christmas

"If Santa don't come to her on Christmas morning, YOU definitely won't cum with her on Christmas evening". Well, at least not with her and I am sure you know what I mean. Do you have any money left? Were you stupid and spent lots of your money on her and received an inequitable exchange in return. She knows that she can't just say thank you with a handshake so to continue to give you a FALSE sense of HOPE she may give you “a shoulder-to-shoulder, BOOTY OUT hug to avoid breast and lower body contact”, “a kiss on the cheek" or a "QUICK, tongue-less kiss on the lips" to keep you around? If so there is NO HOPE for you so cut your losses, simply quit before you lose more and wait until next season.

3rd Quarter - December 26th - January 15th

This is the time to trap that DeAr that ignored you during the first half of the season. They probably missed out on that Christmas companionship, those Christmas gifts and now refuse to wait on the sidelines for HIM (usually a married man or a man already in a relationship) any longer. They will want to make sure that they are not left out on Valentine's Day. Get rid of the DeAr that you trapped during the first half of the season and HAVE NOT MOUNTED that is a liability to you and make room for new prospects.

4th Quarter - January 16th - February 14th

This is your last chance to have a successful season if you haven't already been successful. If you have not trapped any DeAr by now you have to make your traps more desirable (i.e., do as most of them do and use DISHONESTY and/or DECEIT) or lower your DeAr requirements so that you can end the season with at least one capture.

The Holy Day, Super Bowl Sunday is an excellent day to hunt and there is always an abundance of DeAr at the right parties. They tend to group together so you have to show no fear of rejection or weakness in your attempt at breaking one away from the herd.

Sudden Death Overtime (Valentine’s Day)

The final official day, the second most stressful day and the FINAL opportunity of the season. The good man has been ALLOWED, during the season, to spend time with her and more importantly spend money on her and he has now become emotionally attached. He wants to pop the commitment question but knows, “I Love Her and She Loves Me Not”.

POST SEASON: February 15th - September 5th

Termination Notification Time (TNT). This is the DAGGER-IN-THE-BACK (that pierces the heart) time when Skeezers issue termination notices to the good men they suckered during the season. They have received enough attention, money, gifts and a huge self-esteem boost to last them throughout the post season. Notices to their victims are similar to the one below:

“Sweetie, thank you for the gifts, dinners and time we spent together these past few months. You’ve been a nice friend, a gentleman and a God sent blessing. Did I tell you that my ex and I are getting back together (or “Did I tell you I met someone”)? He is very jealous and would not like me spending time with another man. I am sure you will find that special someone. Thanks again for everything. WE wish you the best”.

The sad part about the whole ordeal is that most good men will NEVER change their behavior and will get USED AGAIN during the post-season and regular seasons to come. There will even be cases that the same Skeezer that terminated him will RECALL HIM after she has been dumped just before the season starts again and those same good men (i.e., Suckermen) will be more than willing to go back and cater to those Skeezers again.

Post Season Blues (PSB). This is the time when many good men (Suckermen) will enter that state of loneliness and depression after having been served their termination notice. They will have been stripped of their self-esteem and money.

This is the time to repair and heal any damages caused during the hunt, to relax, bond with other hunters, exchange experiences, share locations and ideas.

After a few months of healing, relaxing and reflecting you need to begin preparation in any manner you see fit (financially, emotionally, physically, etc.) for the next season.


1.  DO NOT put forth any extra effort on stray DeAr during the post-season.

2.  DO NOT return to any DeAr you DID NOT MOUNT the previous season.

3.  USE MINIMAL EFFORT during the post-season since they are too busy trying to GET BACK with the MALES THAT DUMPED THEM during the season.

4.  MANY DeAr tend to revert to their nasty and inconsiderate attitudes towards good men because they were USED and DUMPED so save the effort, time and expense for the regular season.


I can only provide information for you to cosider.  In the end, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE.

So She Has Expectations and Don't Want "No Mo Drama" Huh?

There are DECENT, SENSIBLE females out here but that number is RAPIDLY DIMINISHING. I suggest that ALL males that don't have a decent, sensible female in their lives DUMP that UNDESIRABLE SKEEZER and seek one of the decent ones that are left before it's too late and you are left with nothing but the UNDESIRABLES and SKEEZERS to choose from. You will ALWAYS be able to use the undesirables and skeezers as PAID BOOTY CALLS and PAID SERVANTS if you are strong enough to resist trying to develop any kind of HEALTHY relationship which is impossible with them.

I find it to be quite entertaining when I hear females speak about NOT wanting any drama in their personal, intimate relationship with a male. I also have found it to be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get MOST FEMALES to INTELLIGENTLY explain to me what NO MO DRAMA means WITHOUT the emotional rhetoric. Yes, I have had a FEW females give me an intelligent explanation but those are ONLY a few as compared to the majority. Why only a few? It's because the MAJORITY of them DON'T KNOW what a healthy, loving relationships is. Their interpretation of a healthy, loving relationship has ALWAYS revolved around the following and this is ALL that most of them know and want to know. Am I saying this is wrong? No. I am simply saying it is what it is:

- Dependent/Low Self-Esteem: What can he do for me to make me happy and upgrade my lifestyle,

- Solicitor/Wh^re: Give me the money and things that I want and I will provide you the service that you want,

- Suckerman/B^tch: Give me what I want and I give you the opportunity to give me more of what I want later on.

What is just as difficult to get from the majority of females is an INTELLIGENT and DETAILED BEHAVIORAL description of their expectations from that male in a relationship.

The reason why I ask for those expectations is so that RESPONSIBILITY can be assigned as well. Most females have perceived EXPECTATIONS OF HIM (whomever him is) to initiate and maintain those expectations with little or no expectations of HER being responsible for INITIATING or MAINTAINING those expectations.

Example: She wants a relationship yet she will take no action beyond perfume, clothing and a trip to the salon for her hair, face and nails.

What about being pro-active after all of that preparation and INITIATING contact with average looking, DECENT males and not just the PRETTY ones or the ones that have money/status or have the appearance of money/status? After all, the average looking, decent males EXPONENTIALLY out number the "high dollar/high status" males thus increasing her chances of obtaining and maintaining a HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE, ENJOYABLE and a more likely MONOGAMOUS relationship.

I would say that the majority of males (including myself) are average looking and a small percentage of males are the PRETTY BOYS and a small percentage of males are MUD DUCKS.

I have personally found that MOST of the drama females speak of comes from:

- Being questioned about HER behavior that she does not want to (or can't) explain,

- Arguments between she and the INCOMPATIBLE male SHE CHOSE to be with and she will remain in that drama-filled relationships as opposed to simply leaving, becoming more reasonable and finding a compatible male,

- Not having things go HER way most of the time. The majority of these things USUALLY has to do with unreasonable requests or requests requiring money being spent (by him of course).

My point is that MOST of the DRAMA females claim to not want are SELF-INFLICTED and the amount of drama in those relationships can be drastically or completely eliminated if they would make more sensible choices in males.

MANY females will ALWAYS have dysfunctional drama in their lives because that is THEIR MAKEUP therefore drama is what they are attracted to and is consider NORMAL in their eyes.


The next time you hear a female talk of not wanting drama remember that for most of them it is just talk. To prove that is it (or isn't) just talk, get her to explain specifcially what BEHAVIOR, in her present and/or past, is considered to be drama. Then ask her, "If drama is NOT what you want, tell me exactly the type of behavior you do want"? If she can't explain then the best thing a SENSIBLE male can do is to NOT allow himself to get emotionally attached to that female UNLESS she is willing to listen to you, CHANGE her behavior and behave in the manner described by you that will not only ELIMINATE THAT DRAMA but also benefit both of you.

Feel free to provide your helpful or hateful comments.