Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Identify and Flip the Script on a Skeezer

(excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer)

"DeAr Hunting Season" (Oct 31st - Feb 14th). If you don't know what DeAr Hunting Season is all about I suggest you go to my blog that describes it in detail. Females will begin to ALLOW you to invite them out on dates and spend YOUR money on them (trust me on this one, ok?). It's up to you to SCREEN THEM PROPERLY. All I can do is provide you with helpful information. You have to decide YOUR fate. Are you going to be their next FOOL?

Chapter 3 - How to Flip the Script on a Skeezer (They can't say no to what they think is going to be a FREE MEAL with no obligations).

The vast majority of women are taking advantage of decent males that have a genuine interest in them. A considerate and unselfish woman should not accept you spending your money feeding or entertaining her IF she has no genuine interest in you. She should be considerate and pay her own way in that case to keep it platonic.

IDEALLY I would say agree to meet her at a park with a few bottles of water IF you had the BALLS to make such a request. Unfortunately, MOST of you have been MENTALLY EMASCULATED and CONDITIONED to FEED HER DRINKS and FOOD and she is CONDITIONED to EAT when you meet so the park request will be quite difficult to achieve UNLESS she has physically seen you and find you to be very desirable. If you HAVE to go that old-fashioned, out-dated and ineffective (for you not her) traditional route where the man invites and pays during the dating process, I suggest that you following my "2 DATE SCREENING RULE".

Date 1 - Coffee Shop: Meet her, not pick her up, at a coffee shop so that you spend more time getting to know her as opposed to spending more money. If you get bad vibes about her during that time you have only spent a few bucks and you are done with her. If the first date goes well look into her eyes and ask if she would like to meet you for breakfast or lunch. If she moves her eyes away from yours, does not smile and/or seem a bit hesitant she is not feeling you so don’t persist and consider this your first and last date with her.

Date 2 - Breakfast or Lunch: Again meet her and don't pick her up. Never meet a woman for dinner or some form of entertainment on the first or second date because of the cost and secondly her attention will be on the entertainment and not you. These kinds of events you reserve for someone that has displayed a GENUINE interest in you. Again, pay for the date (because she expects you to do so) but make sure you keep it to a minimum. Don't think that just because she is there that she is genuinely interested in you. Remember, you are paying and skeezers typically will NEVER REFUSE A FREE MEAL. During that second date you want to get a feel for how her schedule is so include some of that in the conversation as a discovery process (the importance of it will come later). If she says that she is a very busy person then this will be your last date with her. At the end of the second date, get ready to now expose her intentions by following the script below:

You Say - "Hey, I think these have been a couple of pretty good dates. What do you think?". (Say nothing else and wait for her response. If she does not agree then you are done with her. If she does agree, which most will regardless, that's when you pop the BIG question).

You Say - "So when are you going to invite me out on a date?". (This is where the information about how busy her schedule comes into play. If she did not state that she was very busy then she should have no problem inviting you out UNLESS she really doesn't give a crap about you. If she says she isn't sure then you now know she has no genuine interest in you because she stated earlier that she was not that busy of a person.

NOTE: DO NOT be a winer and say, "well, you said earlier that you were not that busy". Just accept it as a small price to pay to identify a skeezer and don't see, talk to or cater to her again. She does not have to know why you no longer want to see her because she is not being genuine with you. This shows you that she is just a skeezer using you.

There are some women accustomed to fine dining and will expect you to bear the expenses if you want to dine with them. If you are a WEAK MALE, I would say avoid these types and leave them to the players and dogs who know how to run the proper game on them as they would on you if you are STUPID enough to think she won't. I would suggest that this tactic be used on any woman that you have a personal interest in if she has NOT PROVEN herself to NOT BE a skeezer:

IF you are FOOLish enough to attempt to IMPRESS a female by taking her to an expensive restaurant, here's a tip on identifying a woman that has no respect for you and is just killing time and/or looking for an opportunity to get you to spend your money on her. How are you going to know that in advance? In most cases, the majority of average males will not know so I suggest that they proceed with caution. A female that values you and has a genuine interest in you will not try to get a free ride off of you. If she is not interested in you, she will know before the date is over; she should pay her own way because she knows you are doing so due to a personal interest in her and not just to spend money. Then again, she would have to be a thoughtful and considerate person which many of them aren’t.

** WARNING ** IF you have LOW SELF-ESTEEM, LONELY and are a WEAK and SUBMISSIVE MALE, do not try this tactic below. Simply open your wallet to whatever she wants, PAY the bill, get that THANK YOU, BIG SMILE (cause her belly is full and she did not have to pay) and a HAND SHAKE or what I call that BOOTY OUT, 3 PATS ON THE BACK, MINIMAL CONTACT hug (LOL) and WALK AWAY accepting yourself for what you are.

The following tactic, IF YOU HAVE BALLS, should be used to determine if a female has a genuine interest in you or is only using you to kill time and get a free meal. This would have to be done at a sit-in restaurant where you pay after the meal is finished. Remember, you won't know her intentions until you get her to a restaurant and ask her the right question.

1. Agree to meet at a restaurant. Do not pick her up and do not mention paying for the date.

2. When you get the menu and are ready to order, "let her order for herself" (this is very important)

3. Let the conversation flow and at some point just prior to the meal being paid for look her directly in her eyes and ask, "Would you like to get together again and if so will you pick up the next tab?". Do not say another word until she gives you an answer and if she asks you to repeat what you said; say exactly the same thing. Don’t change the conversation. If she resists responding to your question, says she doesn’t want to see you again or says that she doesn't believe a woman should pay, simply pay your portion and not hers. You are being used as a sucker (i.e. fool). The restaurant cannot make you pay for her because you did not order for her.

4. After you pay your portion offer to walk her to her car and if she says no just walk away from her and consider yourself fortunate that you weren't another one of her suckers. See it as a victory because you had an opportunity to get out, you had a nice meal, you only paid for yourself and you've learned how to identify and flip the script on a skeezer.

Many will consider this tactic cruel and scandalous but if she has no personal interest in you she should state that in advance. Trust me, they know if they are physically attracted to you and have a personal interest. If she isn't interested in you and will not tell you or will not pay for her portion of the date then she has no respect for you. Any tactic you use on her, before she uses you, is justified. Do not let those weak males out there tell you otherwise.

FINALLY: If you are going to pay for the date you should NEVER allow the woman to tell you where she wants to go. You make that determination because you are the one paying. Don’t be STUPID and a FOOL.

Monday, October 5, 2009

She Has To EARN The Respect Before Being GIVEN The Respect

(Excerpt from Rules of Engagement)

This is one of the most effective moves that skeezers have. Most of them will use that mother-fuya punch if they want to cut through the crap and get you to conform quickly. They will tell you, “I want a man to RESPECT ME and treat me the same way he treats his mother”. CAUTION: She’s trying to punch you in your heart. This tactic works well on a moron or a momma’s boy so put some distance between those punches if that’s you.


Make sure you (not her) set the requirements so that she can earn that kind of treatment. She is attempting to use your feelings for your mother in order to get you to comply with her inconsiderate request and that is what that request is since she has not earned that kind of treatment.


She doesn’t give a crap about you or your mother. She is simply using that as a means of getting you to drop your defenses and allow her in with little or no effort on her part.

Your mother sacrificed herself unselfishly to raise you and provided unconditional love even when you sometimes didn’t deserve it. She probably put her life on hold, in many instances, to make sure that you would be raised to the best of her abilities. Is she doing for you as your mother did?

For you to give ANY female that kind of immediate respect and treatment when she did not earn it would be an INSULT to your mother and what your mother has done for YOU. If you have NO love and respect for your mother and what she sacrificed for you then go right ahead FOOL and give that skeezer all that respect and treatment she immediately expects.

No DECENT female genuinely interested in you, will expect that kind of IMMEDIATE respect and treatment or compare herself to your mother if she doesn’t spend time getting to know your mother and doing for you what your mother did.

If you fall for that one then you deserve the STRESS, pain and suffering you will receive while with her and AFTER she eventually dumps you.