Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Don't Hate Black Women, I Simply Value Me More

I have been criticized by black men and black women for my PUBLIC statement about NO LONGER dating black females. Yes it's true and I will not be like other black males that are AFRAID to state such. I felt the NEED to GET THE RECORD STRAIGHT here.


This DOES NOT REFLECT the attitude of ALL black females.

This DOES REPRESENT the attitude of all black females that I attempted to date on a personal level when it comes to THEIR INTEREST IN and EXPECTATIONS of me.


I will be sociable, respectful, speak in an intelligent and mature manner, acknowledge (make "eye contact" and say "hello" when I come in the presence of) and be polite to ANY black female. I WILL NOT DEVALUE MYSELF such that I feel the need to spend money on her in order to spend time with her.

Going way back in time, when I used to date black females, it had gotten to a point where I really had to question, "Am I really cheap" OR "Do the ones that I have an attraction to simply do not have the same attraction to me"?


Living in Los Angeles gives a man the opportunity to experience females of different cultures and races other than their own. I've dated Italian, Mexican, Asian, Iranian, German, Puerto Rican, Filipino, Russian, Caucasian and maybe some others that I can't recall.

There has NEVER BEEN an issue about paying their way when we went on dates to simply have a pleasant time. There has NEVER BEEN a need to justify why she has to pay her own way. There has NEVER BEEN "that look" or "that attitude" from them.


(Personal Experience). I simply ACCEPTED FACT that the black females that I was attracted to was NOT attracted to me and did not have enough interest in me to think of me in any way OTHER THAN someone to take them out and have a good time by me paying their way. 

- Was I angry at them for that? Absolutely not although I was rather disappointed.

- Did I hate them for that? Absolutely not. I simply decided what was best for me which was women who "DID HAVE a MUTUAL attraction to and interest in me" as opposed to those who "DID NOT HAVE a MUTUAL attraction to and interest in me".

I used to get into DEEP discussions with black females regarding them paying their own way and these were females that were gainfully employed. Of course even those DEEP discussions had to be on dates that I HAD TO PAY FOR.

(Personal Assumption). I believe that MOST (not all for the morons) black females have been RAISED (by females), SOCIALIZED (by the media) and SPOILED (by males) such that they have EVOLVED into:

- UNEARNED ENTITLEMENT MINDED BITCHES that expect a male to give her SPECIAL treatment just because he has a personal interest in getting to know her

- HOs SELLING THEIR TIME when it comes to a male spending his TIME with her in his attempt to get to know her

- INCONSIDERATE FEMALE that believe in order for a male to date her HE HAS to pay her way

- DISRESPECTFUL to a point of NOT ACKNOWLEDGING (making "eye contact" and saying "hello") and REDUCING the male to an ATM even before she gets to know the contents of his character

(Social Behavior). STUPID because MANY of them WILLINGLY CHOOSE and GET KNOCKED UP by the KNOWN Married Men, Men Already in a Relationship, Players, Pretty Boys, Thugs or Financially Well-to-Do males that SHE KNOWS don't give a shit about her but SHE BELIEVES she CAN CHANGE him or HOPE HE WILL CHANGE by doing all kinds of things FOR HIM and TO HIM that they would NEVER do for the decent, common Joe that would GENUINELY love her.


Save the "you sound angry or bitter" comment. What I sound is INTELLIGENT and CONSIDERATE because I am making a decision that benefits me (that's intelligent) WITHOUT causing harm to or taking advantage of others (that's considerate).


I will make NO APOLOGIES to anyone for my SELF RESPECTING decision to NOT HAVE any personal or sexual interest in a black female again. We can be PLATONIC friends, I will RESPECT those that respect me, I will AVOID those that disrespect me and we can do SOCIAL things together AS LONG AS they pay their own way.

The Next Generations Have Got To Change This Pathetic State

MOST males have EVOLVED into ABUSERS or SUCKERS over a period of generations. I am going to focus on the SIMPS in this post as opposed to the abusers.  Why not the abusers as well?  It's because a female will ALLOW her abuser to do things to her and she WILL DO things for her abuser that she WILL NOT ALLOW her SUCKER to do and WILL NOT DO for her SUCKER.

This is a proven fact as indicated by his abusive low self-esteem behavior, how he will FREELY give up all that he has worked for as well as destroy his future for the opportunity to have a PARTICULAR female in his life with LITTLE TO NO EXPECTATIONS from her.


This DOES NOT APPLY to ALL black (african american) males but this DOES APPLY to the MAJORITY of the decent ones.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the MAJORITY of males of other races but it DOES APPLY to some of them.


Regardless of how unfair, inconsiderate and irresponsible a female with be to Joe DURING the dating phase and AFTER the commitment, the MAJORITY of them will still remain with them EXPECTING LITTLE to nothing from her for his efforts to please her.

This is how LOW his feeling of self worth has sunk.  Not only will she exercise VETO power when it's something SHE is not interested in or feel will not benefit her, she also IMPOSES her UNEARNED ENTITLEMENT expectations and/or demands upon him for what she wants to receive or have him do for her. 


1. I CONTROL your thinking and behavior

2. I PROSTITUTE my time to you and you WILL PAY me and/or bear the expenses for my time

3. I WITHHOLD intimacy for no reason and PENALIZE you for seeking it elsewhere

4. I DEMAND and RECEIVE compensation and services WITHOUT providing the same to you

5. I CAN SPEND without regard of accountability because I know you BETTER come to my FINANCIAL rescue without question

6. I CAN PHYSICALLY ABUSE (slap, punch and toss things at you) you WITHOUT being attacked or provoked but simply because of something YOU SAID, I FELT that I did not like and I BETTER NOT be held accountable for my actions

7. I CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON and cause you to be put out of the house YOU are paying for or have paid for

8. I CAN SPEND your money if I am angry at you and YOU WILL PAY the bill and NOT hold me responsible for paying you back

9. I CAN COME WITH NOTHING and TAKE at least HALF of what YOU have when I am done with you

10. I CAN MAKE YOU look STUPID and MAKE YOU DO STUPID THINGS no matter how many DEGREES you may have


YOU DON'T have to surrender your life and self worth to have companionship. There are a FEW left that will RESPECT YOU and will CONTRIBUTE to a relationship with you FINANCIALLY and PHYSICALLY. You just have to have PATIENCE and apply WISDOM in making your choice.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jai Duval Accepts Michael Baisden's Challenge

Michael Baisden Wants Men To Challenge Black Women? Jai Duval Accepts that Challenge. 

Here are the 3 MAJOR CHALLENGES that I have been giving to black females for many years and I am looked upon as BEING BITTER or HATING THEM for doing so.

I had BEEN challenging women period and black women (in particular) for years. All I basically received was ANGER, NEGATIVE criticism and REJECTION because my challenges placed them in a position of being ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE for themselves which in the company of a man. 

Since I was met with so much OPPOSITION and NEGATIVE criticism, I decided that I was going to STOP placing my attention on them and START placing my attention on the ones that was MOST NEGATIVELY impacted by her attitude and behavior which was the decent, common, average Joe male (which I am a part of). 


There is MY challenge to women. Does anyone agree or disagree with me? If you disagree with me, I would certainly welcome your INTELLIGENT and RATIONAL explanation.

IMMEDIATELY STOP FOOLishly Pursuing (Chasing) Females

There is a VERY CLEAR difference between “expressing an interest in a female” and “pursuing a female”.

Males have WASTED SO MUCH of their time, resources and finances pursuing worthless, immature, entitlement minded females that he has a personal interest in. You should NOT have to pursue or chase ANY MATURE female. That FOOLISHNESS has got to STOP IMMEDIATELY.


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who do not play that IMMATURE MIND GAME.

This DOES APPLY to males who are looking to interact on a social or personal level with a female.


(Excerpts from my second book "Rules of Engagement")
Rule #18. Never Pursue (Chase) a Female

Many males, at a young age, are socialized to believe that being a man means competing for, trying to win over or pursuing a female in order to have her. That simply shows her HOW MUCH you think of her and HOW LITTLE you think of yourself if you have to do ANYTHING more than simply let her know you have an interest in getting to know her.

In today’s world only fools, officers of the law and DOGS will pursue a female but a wise man will NOT pursue her but rather express his personal interest to her and PURSUE HIS GOALS. He knows that females are drawn to the success a man has and the lifestyle that it provides her so he doesn’t waste his time doing foolish things like pursuing.


Only expend the amount of time, resources and minimal finances that are reasonably necessary to let her know you have a personal interest in her.


It’s ok to initiate contact and express an interest due to her being socialized to not initiate contact with the average male or her inability to function as a mature adult when you do make initial contact. Many are accustomed to playing that immature and childish hard to get or pursuit game so it will be necessary to express it more than once but no more than twice.

If you have approached her in a respectable manner, she is not stupid or psychological/emotional DAMAGED GOODS and has any interest in you then she will not avoid you. The best thing that you can do for you, unless you are an officer of the law or a DOG, is to not pursue and let her go.

Now if you are an officer then you are compelled to act in accordance with civilian laws if she has done something unlawful that requires pursuit.

IF NOT AN OFFICER then by default and the fact that you are pursuing (chasing) puts you in the category of either a FOOL or DOG. Hopefully you are not a fool and in that case, by default, you fall under the category of DOG and are now bound by DOG LAWS TREAT HER LIKE an ALPHA MALE DOG treats a FEMALE DOG which is PURSUE, CAPTURE, HUMP (with a condom) and MOVE ON since she is not attracted to or desire mature HUMAN behavior or LEAVE HER ALONE.

Many females, unless they know you have financial or social status, will base their initial decision as to whether or not she is attracted to you solely on the physical just as males do. A female, within the first few seconds of noticing you, knows if she finds you physically attractive based upon her own set of preferences.

There are MANY thoughtless, inconsiderate, MAN-USING females that exist that have a POTENTIAL MATE and a PLATONIC FRIEND (i.e., SUCKER ) criteria stored mentally that they use to qualify or disqualify you. The moment she sees you, she will mentally make an on the spot decision to let you in or lock you out. It is what you say or do after you are in that will keep you in which is why I strongly recommend you IMMEDIATELY apply Rule #30 once you get in.

She will act in a mature manner and let you in (which most of them don’t) or will allow you to pursue her in a manner that will only be of benefit to her. For that reason alone it’s to your advantage to not over-extend yourself.


If she is genuinely attracted to you and interested in getting to know more about you she will take no chances on losing that opportunity. If she is not attracted to you she will allow you to continue to foolishly waste your time for her benefit until she dumps you so think about it DOG the next time you get that urge to pursue.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why Women Need Men Who Challenge Them

I was asked by a friend of Facebook what do I think about Michael Baisden's commentary:  "Why Women Need Men Who Challenge Them" and so I responded and also copied it here for all of you to read and comment if you wish to do so.

Before I begin, I will say that I will reply based upon the photo which "appears to be" a black couple. These comments DO NOT REFER TO all "african-american" black females but certainly a great many that I have had experience with and have heard comments about.


It’s easy to become defensive when you hear the word “Challenge.” Too often it’s associated with going into battle or drama. But to be challenged also means to be stimulated intellectually or to invite someone to do better. Unfortunately not many women meet men who challenge them in that way.


There are MANY males that can INTELLECTUALLY stimulate or ENCOURAGE (don't like the word invite being applied here) them to do better. The problem is HER DEFENSE shield that is CONSTANTLY raised UNLESS the male is a "known" celebrity or financially well-to-do type or some pretty boy (which is NOT the majority of us). Secondly, most (generally speaking) of that so-called stimulating conversation is more about foolish rhetoric or complaints rather than intellectual or self-improvement exchanges and ONLY is done INITIALLY if he takes her to dinner which SHE EXPECTS him to pay for.


For the past three decades women have been making huge strides financially and educationally. They read more than men, they graduate at a higher rate, they start more businesses, they travel more, and they purchase more homes. With so many advantages it makes you wonder, what do women need men for? The honest answer is, they don’t!


With ALL OF THEIR GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS you still 1) can't get MOST of them to INITIATE (go to the man and introduce herself and state SHE has an interest in getting to know him) or 2) PAY THEIR OWN WAY when in the company of a man. That simply tells me those two items are something they WILLINGLY CHOOSE to NOT DO since they are spoken of in such a HIGHLY intellectual manner and COMPLETE disrespect for and de-value of the man.


I believe a man’s true value is not in being needed. In today’s society men should be more focused on being respected. But how can we as men demand respect when we aren't bringing anything unique to the table? Most mature women are financially stable; they have book sense, and hold down the household as single parents. Although a man’s help would be appreciated, for most established women, money and help with the kids is not a “NEED!”


(1) "Aren't bringing anything to the table"? (Response) The ONLY men that aren't bringing anything to the table are HOMELESS men. Let's be more clear, "aren't bringing anything to the table that SHE EXPECTS to see as COMPARED to what SHE HAS" as opposed to what he brings that can STILL contribute to the relationship.

(2) "Most mature women are financially stable"? (Response) Yea, but MOST mature women that are financially stable STILL DOES NOT PAY HER OWN WAY when in the company of a man. As far as HER bringing something to the table? She may "bring" something to the table but VERY, VERY few of them LEAVE it on the table to be used to maintain THE RELATIONSHIP. It's placed on the table to simply FLAUNT IT in a man's face.


What mature and intelligent women long for is stimulating conversation with a real man who leads by example. As a young man I was told, “Nothing turns a woman on more than watching a man handle his business.”


"Stimulating conversation" and "Handling his business" has no apparent relationship in that statement unless his business is a professional "debater, talk show host or something similar" so what sense does the statement make WITHOUT clarity since he is speaking of INTELLIGENT conversation.


But just as a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link, a woman’s development is arrested when she’s not partnered with a man who offers the perspective of a strong man who she respects.


VERY, VERY FEW (except for myself and others) will talk about the POOR CHOICES she makes which CAUSES her development to be ARRESTED because it's a SIN to talk about that and you would be labeled as a WOMAN HATER

I am just about tired of hearing this "strong" phrase when associated with a "black person". We need to start applying BEHAVIORAL descriptions and stop with this VAUGE "strong black man or strong black woman" and let's NOT CONFUSE "being strong" with "being responsible".

Too many times black women (especially) are considered STRONG for doing things that they are RESPONSIBLE for (i.e., raising THEIR child or children) or black male because he.... "you know what, those things that a man is EXPECTED to be RESPONSIBLE for without the credential of "strong" being applied are the same things a woman SHOULD BE responsible for yet when she does is she is considered to be STRONG (gimme a break, ok?)


My responsibility is to be that man to the women in my life and to the women whose lives I touch through my books, seminars, and radio program. I offer my perspective on relationships, business, social activism, living your dream, etc. It’s not about being right it’s about challenging women to see the world through the eyes…and mind...of a man.


Why don't we simply CHALLENGE both of them to see the world throught the eyes of PERSONAL responsibility and accountability? That way, it does not matter whether it's a man or woman because TRUE responsibility and accountability DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE and GOES BOTH WAYS.


The challenge for us men is to gain more knowledge and insight through reading, traveling, and listening, to broaden our perspective so that intelligent women respect our point of view enough to listen to what we have to say.


INTELLIGENT women (the key word here is "intelligent") will respect our point of view AS LONG AS it makes sense regardless of how BROAD or LIMITED our knowledge and insight is. By the way, I have know of MANY intelligent women who have SELECTED STUPID, DISRESPECTFUL and DEPENDENT men to be in a relationship with. What NOW does that say about their level of INTELLIGENCE?


To put it frankly, a woman can use a sex toy to give herself an orgasm but they’ll never create a device that can stimulate a woman’s mind like engaging in a conversation with a man of depth and intelligence.


Interesting because I've known of SEVERAL women and heard about even more that have THROW AWAY their sex toys AND their lives for a BAD BOY who NOT ONLY gives her that "Oh My God" orgasm but will ALSO hug and talk to her afterwards. Now how many sex toys do you know that can "hug and talk" to her AFTER she's had HER ORGASM?


It's so sad and amusing to me that "black" (since that's the direction Michael is going) females are so QUICK to talk that "bringing something to the table NONSENSE" when they "have" or "think they have" something they can FLAUNT in a man's face. Otherwise, the ONLY thing that goes on the table is SEX to be used to BARTER and/or MANIPULATE with.

She asked what I think? Well, there you have it.

STOP Contributing to the Good Times They are Having WITHOUT YOU

This one female told me, "There is a sucker born every day" and my response to her was, "No, there are MANY suckers born every day". The question to you males is, "Are you one of those SUCKERS they are talking about"?


This DOES APPLY to ALL (one of the few times I have applied the word "all") females that are employed.

This DOES APPLY to all males that are SACRIFICING their money to pay for a female's entertainment WITH and WITHOUT you (whether you want to accept it or not).

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who REFUSE to ask, expect or allow a female to pay her way.


If you are paying a female's way when she is with you, you are INDIRECTLY paying for her clothes, hair, manicure, pedicure and traveling expenses when she is out with the girls having fun getting FREE drinks, meals and attention from other males (like yourself) that want her.

Many females are travelling (WITHOUT YOU UNLESS you are paying for it) and spending money. Who pays for it indirectly? YOU if you are paying for the entertainment expenses when going out because she is SAVING HER MONEY to buy trendy, sexy clothing and take those trips WITHOUT YOU.

DO NOT BELIEVE it when she is telling you she is buying those clothes to look sexy for JUST YOU. The TRUTH in the matter is that THE MAJORITY of them are buying those clothes to look sexy for to attract males that SHE FINDS ATTRACTIVE that will give her the attention and compensation that she desires.

In this present economy, the MAJORITY of the males that I represent CAN'T afford to help (as they say) females out or ENTERTAIN females in the manner females prefer WITHOUT putting themselves in a FINANCIAL bind yet they continue to do so HOPING they will receive what they want from them.


Do you wonder why many females ARE BROKE or CLAIM TO BE IN A FINANCIAL BIND? 


It's because they were out there IRRESPONSIBLY spending money and enjoying themselves WITHOUT YOU.


Why would they behave in such an IMMATURE and IRRESPONSIBLE financial manner?


They do so because of SUCKERS LIKE YOU that are going to contribute to THEIR entertainment by paying their way or helping them with bills they created.


TRUST ME when I say after it's all said and done, YOU are broke and SHE is gone? Her words will be, "Well, I didn't tell him to spend his money, HE OFFERED TO PAY". Don't offer and see how long she remains with you.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MENTAL GANG BANGING: They Don't Want To See You Happy

I have heard this first hand, "You can go and get someone else but WE are going to change her". There are females out there that REFUSE to be fair, considerate and financially responsible for themselves and their mission is to MAKE YOU relationship MISERABLE and ESPECIALLY if she does not look like them.

Well, what in the f*ck was your DUMB ASS expecting to happen? You come back into that shit hole of ANGRY hood rats, prance around with YOUR CHEESE, leave her around them and expect those hood rats to be HAPPY for you NOT EAT her up? 

You have got to be one of the BIGGEST IDIOTS around.

There is a reason why you aren't with one of those hood rats you MORON. It's because they don't give a shit about you and now YOU THINK they are going to be happy for you?


If you are going to ABANDON those HOOD RATS, you need to NEVER, EVER bring your NEW woman around THEIR environment PERIOD.

You need to transition more towards HER environment and/or explore NEW environments that ARE NOT similar to the ones you have ABANDONED.

DO NOT bring YOUR CHEESE back into that HOOD RAT environment to flaunt her in their faces. You can go other places and simply ENJOY yourselves with new people that will RESPECT YOUR NEW RELATIONSHIP.


Why waste your time around someone that DOES NOT want to see YOU HAPPY?


If you find her to be a TURNED OUT and EATEN UP piece of CHEESE that want to socialize in that hood rat's den then GET RID of her AS SOON AS you discover that. She is just as worthless as those hood rats that you have ABANDONED.


All I can do it warn you of what SURELY will happen if you are that STUPID.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

THE PROTOCOL: How to Properly Date a Black Female

Dating a black female is quite easy AS LONG AS you follow protocol. There is a certain behavior that she has been RAISED and SOCIALIZED to expect. Most will be TOTALLY RESISTANT to change. If you don't follow the proper protocol she will IGNORE YOU and move on.


This DOES APPLY to all decent, common, average Joe males out there that have a desire to date black females.

This DOES NOT APPLY to all black females but this DOES APPLY to about 90 percent of them that you will come in contact with that YOU have a personal interest in.

This ASSUMES that she has SOME SORT of attraction to you (to be determined later) so SHE WILL ALLOW you to take her out on a date.


I don't see what the big fuss is about dating black females. They aren't the problem, YOU ARE. All you have to do is simply COOPERATE and follow the protocol below and she will more than GLADLY go on MULTIPLE dates with you.


EXPECTATIONS. You must expect NOTHING from her but her giving you the opportunity to CATER to her and SPEND YOUR MONEY on her.

ASSUMPTIONS. You must get in your mind that she is a queen. She has been raised and socially conditioned to think that she is a queen even though she 1) HUSTLES men for money, FREE meals and FREE entertainment, 2) lives at home, 3) lives with a roommate, 4) lives alone in an apartment, 5) struggles with bills, 6) got KNOCKED UP and is a single mother, 7) rides public transportation, 8) lives on public assistance, 9) has a job (maybe) or 10) a combination of these items.

DRESS TO IMPRESS. This is one of the MOST RIDICULOUS things that PRETENTIOUS black people and non-black people who "act like they are black" (another ridiculous phrase) who DON'T HAVE SHIT will expect. This BULLSHIT works so you must dress to impress her.

SMILE. If you have all of your teeth AND they are healthy looking you must smile as much as possible to make her feel comfortable and in control. If your TEETH are MISSING or NOT PERFECT, you better keep it to a SLIGHT GRIN.

CHIVALRY. You must NOT allow her to do anything for herself. You must go out of your way to let her see that you are there to PLEASE HER in every way possible.

DINING. This is the OPTIMUM date for her AND the more expensive the better (for her of course). It's safe. In a public place with plenty of people, plenty of light and JUST LIKE PIGEONS (that I refer to in my first book) they will NEVER REFUSE a FREE meal IF they feel they have CONTROL over the situation. It's important that you do EVERYTHING for her EXCEPT eat her food. 

KISS CONVERSATIONS. Remember what I've ALWAYS stated about them when it comes to having a conversation which is, "KISS (Keep It Simple n Silly). Avoid ANYTHING analytic (don't want her to think too hard) or offensive (any negative behavior about them EVEN IF it's TRUTH) so you won't risk your chances of 
her becoming CONFUSED or UNCOMFORTABLE and ruining the date.

LOOKING FOR YOUR QUEEN. It's very important that you tell her that YOU are looking for YOUR Queen. Even though neither of you will NEVER know what the fuck a life of royalty is, go ahead and tell her that NONSENSE anyway.

PHYSICAL CONTACT. You DO NOT TOUCH a queen UNLESS SHE ALLOWS you to do so. That is worldwide protocol. Queens make contact with you WHEN they desire to do so and not the opposite. You are to WAIT until the queen decides to ALLOW you to touch her.

HER BODY. You must NOT (get caught) looking at her body. This is considered rude and especially IF she simply wants to be in your company to kill time and get a FREE date.

MONEY. ALWAYS PAY THE BILL and never, never ever mention money UNLESS you are talking about the money YOU will spend on her. They tend to get VERY OFFENDED if you mention ANYTHING about them being financially responsible for themselves and PAYING THEIR OWN WAY.

END OF FIRST DATE. The date MUST END at a time that THE QUEEN is comfortable with. Usually, IF you are a good COURT JESTER (i.e, ENTERTAINING enough), about 3 hours max is a good first EVENING date.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KISS the queen at the end of the date UNLESS she has given you some sort of INDIRECT indication that SHE wants a kiss from you.

SECOND DATE INVITE. Remember that she BELIEVES that she is a queen so it's important that YOU LOWER your self worth and place more interest in her than she in you and ask her out on second date to keep HER self-esteem ABOVE yours. It is BENEATH a queen to INVITE because of the "Ghetto Hustler's Code" WHOMEVER INVITES PAYS.


If ANY MALE wants to ATTEMPT to prove me wrong, simply DO NOT APPLY the above protocol when dating any black female and see if you get a date or a second date. If you do, consider her to be in that RARE 10 percent category and KEEP HER.

If ANY FEMALE wants to ATTEMPT to prove me wrong, simply DO NOT EXPECT or REQUIRE a man to apply THE PROTOCOL to you and let's she what type of ATTITUDE you have afterwards.

Now that I've given you the proper protocol, "Happy Dating".

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Benefits of Choosing a Quality Woman

I am constantly WARNING males about inconsiderate, entitlement minded, pay my way, WORKING females that want to CLAIM to be Quality Women. I have read many comments on my post and on others that prove MOST "american" females are of LOW QUALITY and WILL NOT benefit the DECENT, common male that is looking for a loving, peaceful and productive relationship.


This DOES APPLY to the FEW women of quality that still exist. Although YOU are the minority, I appreciate the responsibility that you display for self and the LOVE and RESPECT that you display for males. Keep up the QUALITY work!!!

This DOES NOT APPLY to the WORTHLESS females who FALSELY CLAIM to be of QUALITY and give QUALITY women a BAD IMAGE. You are not now and NEVER will be of any quality because of your F*CKED UP, ENTITLEMENT MINDED, PAY MY WAY attitude.


As all of you know, I am no SIMP. I don't not pretend to be anything but a decent, average Joe that WILL NOT kiss ass, take shit from or PAY A FEMALE'S WAY in order to spend time with her. 

A quality woman can be a MATE or simply a GOOD and TRUSTWORTHY FRIEND. I have chosen two women that I feel are of QUALITY and should be HONORED and RESPECTED for their mindset and behavior. It does not matter if they are in a relationship or not. What matters is their OVERALL attitude which contributes to the EXAMPLE of what a QUALITY woman is and how she ENHANCES and DESERVES a good man.


ALWAYS REMEMBER, "A responsible and considerate woman that pays her own way will make you want to LIVE FOREVER with her" and "an irresponsible and inconsiderate female that expects (or requires) you to pay her way will make you REGRET you ever decided to waste your time with AND MONEY on her".

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The American Negroes and Their Future in America

As far as being a CO-OPERATIVE, COLLECTIVE GROUP of people, I believe that is to be a PRETENTIOUS FANTASY and a NON-EXISTENT situation.

The END to the NEED for the american negroes role in the DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTIVE PARTICIPATION of this country has been WELL thought of, INTELLIGENTLY planned and SLOWLY executed.

DON'T GET MAD at the Latino people. Although, in the beginning, we AFRICAN people were MURDERED (if we did not co-operate), SEPARATED (those that did live) and CULTURALLY DESTROYED (in order to reprogram us), we must realize that the Latino's did not do that to us so DON'T ALLOW the media to distract you and turn you AGAINST LATINO people.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all Latino people.

This RACIST, DESTRUCTIVE mentality and behavior DOES NOT APPLY to all white people.

The MAJORITY of Latino people are not going to function in the VIOLENT, racist manner that the MEDIA will try to make you believe.


Yes, every race or group of people have their INTERNAL problems and no one race of group of people will TOTALLY be in agreement or function in a mutually cooperative manner.  In saying that, I will state that I truly believe the group that is ON THE BOTTOM and will remain that way is the American Negro.

I saw this CHANGE slowly being put in place just before the turn of the century (2000) and knew it was only a matter of time before it would begin to occur. This CHANGE in demographic population is nothing new to this country. The only thing that HAS NOT CHANGED (yet) is the change in the power structure (i.e., the whites who SILENTLY and behind the scenes controls this country).


REGARDLESS of how it APPEARS to be, there is an UNADVERTISED, RACIST mentality that exists in this country you have to PICK A SIDE (white or black).

WHITE SIDE. You have the RIGHT to LIVE and PROSPER. Rights and privledged opportunities comes to you, AFTER WHITES GET THEIRS OF COURSE, before it comes to those who have chosen the black side. This is TRUE affirmative action and this is how affirmative action has always been.

BLACK SIDE. You have the RIGHT to SURVIVE and STRUGGLE. You have the RIGHT to REMAIN SILENT and simply ACCEPT whatever the WHITE SIDE does not want or no longer needs. You have the RIGHT to abuse and destroy ANYTHING or ANYONE on the black side as long as it does not impact the privledges we receive on the white side. If you cross that line and impact what the white side has, well will DESTROY you.

If you are ALLOWED on the so-called WHITE PRIVLEDGED side YOU MUST ADHERE to a certain mentality and belavhior.

Just as the HOUSE NEGROES abused their own in order to GAIN APPROVAL and SHOW their LOYALTY to the PLANTATION OWNERS, there WILL BE some Latinos that WILL ADOPT that same HOUSE NEGRO mentality and behavior towards black people for the same DESIRE TO ASSIMILATE and PROVE THEIR LOYALTY to the RACIST and INHUMANE practices of those in control of this land.


If you are black, african american, colored or whatever other term you have been ASSIGNED and are SURVIVING on the BLACK SIDE with, are you going to (or continue to) function in that disrespectful and self-destructive manner that you are ALLOWED and are EXPECTED to?


The american negroe's PRIMARY ROLE is slowly being REDUCED to the form of ENTERTAINMENT (music, sports, etc.), GENERATIONAL DEPENDENTS upon PUBLIC ASSISTANCE or PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OCCUPANTS (designed by corporations to produce slave labor and big profits).

Saturday, March 16, 2013

THE WORKING BLACK FEMALE: Why Is It Insulting To The MAJORITY of Them To Expect Them To Pay Her Own Way?

I am posting this due to the private "I HATE BLACK WOMEN" message session I had with a black female that claimed I hate black women and black men are abandoning them.  I'm sure the other groups have similar problems as well but since a black female brought this up I will speak to her and them.


This DOES APPLY to ALL WORKING black females who REFUSE TO or EXPECT A MAN TO pay her way when spending time with her IF any expenses are involved.

I DO NOT HATE black women, I simply DESPISE ANY FEMALE with that attempts to IMPOSE her UNEARNED entitlement minded attitude upon me.

This DOES NOT APPLY to ALL females within a certain group but it does apply to those within that group with that entitlement minded attitude.

This DOES NOT APPY to non-black females who have been CORRUPTED by black females to behave in the same manner that males are attempting to avoid.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who feel the NEED or OBLIGATION to spend his money on a female.


BEFORE I BEGIN, let me state to the black SELF-PROCLAIMED INDEPENDENT, WORKING females reading this that I have NO DESIRE to try and figure out why YOU ARE so INSULTED when you are expected to be responsible for you and pay your own way ALL THE TIME.

Even thought it may be DIFFICULT for you TO ACCEPT, I am going to attempt to INTELLIGENTLY COMMUNICATE with you regarding this matter.  To AVOID reading THE TRUTH regarding OUR EXPERIENCES with you, "You can simply STOP right here, DROP the entitlement minded attitude, PAY YOUR OWN WAY and YOU will never have to take this PERSONALLY.

I have personally found that the COMMON male and especially the black male stands a far better chance of getting the female that HE finds attractive, IS MUTUALLY attracted to him and WILL BE treated in a fair-minded, non-entitlement manner and loving way with non-black females.

As I have stated and will continue to state, my post are for the COMMON man regardless of his race, color or creed. The AVERAGE black Joe would do far better to STOP trying to figure out why, STOP debating why, ABANDON that black female type and open themselves up to other females that RESPECT him and will pay.

For the purposes of simplicity I will list them in the form of colors. His option are:

1 - Brown

2 - White

3 - Red

4 - Yellow

5 - Mixed


These are just a few comments spoken by black females:

- "Oh, he don't like his own kind,

- "He is a traitor to his own race,

- "He must have issues with his mother,

- "Oh he wants one of those submissive women",

- "He is supposed to have a woman that looks like his mother (now what in the f*ck does this one mean and why get someone that looks like my mother but DON'T BEHAVE in a loving, unselfish, responsible manner like my mother?)",

- "Oh he wants a woman that will do what he says (another STUPID statement they will make. what SANE man, does not want a woman that will do what he says?).

This is the kind of comments you hear from stupid, envious, domineering, selfish and lousy attitude black females.


- "Why does he have to go outside of his own kind"?

[RESPONSES TO ME BY MALES (based upon testimony)]

- "I got tired of having to take her out most of the time"

- "When we dated she paid her own way and me spending money on her was never an issue"

- "I found me a woman that was both loving and financially independent"

- "I found me a non-black woman and was pleasantly surprised how simple and easy of a person she is. I guess I was too accustomed to the attitudes of the attractive black women and was on my guards"

- "The black women I found attractive had too many high or UNEARNED expectations"

- "I went outside and found me a woman that was raised to love a man and not look for what she can get from him"

- "I got tired of those fake ass weaves and got me the real deal"

- "She had a great job, an education but was always broke"

- "I left them, I am happy and I am never going back even if this one does not last. At least if it don't last it will be because of basic differences we could not workout as opposed to high and unreasonable expectations"

- "NONE of the black females that I was attracted to was attracted to me"

- "You would not believe how much happier I am now without the drama and arguments"

- "When I met her she was interested in me as a person"

- "We would get together sometimes and I would not have to have long talks with her. She was just happy being in my company"

- "We dated for many months and most of the time we would NOT go out and she was just fine with that".


I have heard many black females post or talk to me about no longer dating and moving away from black males and my response was, "I am glad for you. Let me know when so I can throw you a going away party".

Just to show you how the attitude was, even when I agreed as stated above, MOST of them still had to argue with me. That shows you that an ATTITUDE like that is simply IMPOSSIBLE to please and you wold do yourself justice by leaving them alone and seeking your happiness elsewhere.

[QUESTIONS (you may be thinking) and MY RESPONSES]

Are you uncomfortable now that you have posted this?

Absolutely not. I am NEVER uncomfortable with the TRUTH. I have found more unreasonable females to be uncomfortable with the TRUTH because it the males hear it enough they just may take away the UNEARNED benefits these females are receiving from him.

Are you afraid that some black females will not like you or will lose interest in you after reading this?

Absolutely not because I practice LOVE OF SELF FIRST and I know there are 5 options available to me as opposed to 1 option not interested in me.

Aren't you afraid that I will be alone and grow old by yourself?

Of course not. As long as I have my health, my home and my retirement there will ALWAYS be females available that have f*cked their lives up choosing the wrong men and now looking to be fair-minded, sensible and cooperative in a relationship.

Do you approve of interracial relationships?

Absolutely yes. I approve of ANY relationship that brings peace of mind, happiniess and productivity to the COMMON man.  The black male needs to know that there are other options out there that are simply looking for a DECENT man to have a mutually loving relationship with.


Unlike MANY of EMASCULATED males out there, "I have the BACKBONE to stand upright and BALLS to say what I want to say and WILL NOT apologize, WILL NOT back down or WILL NOT compromise with the TRUTH to make any black female feel comfortable".