Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Next Generations Have Got To Change This Pathetic State

MOST males have EVOLVED into ABUSERS or SUCKERS over a period of generations. I am going to focus on the SIMPS in this post as opposed to the abusers.  Why not the abusers as well?  It's because a female will ALLOW her abuser to do things to her and she WILL DO things for her abuser that she WILL NOT ALLOW her SUCKER to do and WILL NOT DO for her SUCKER.

This is a proven fact as indicated by his abusive low self-esteem behavior, how he will FREELY give up all that he has worked for as well as destroy his future for the opportunity to have a PARTICULAR female in his life with LITTLE TO NO EXPECTATIONS from her.


This DOES NOT APPLY to ALL black (african american) males but this DOES APPLY to the MAJORITY of the decent ones.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the MAJORITY of males of other races but it DOES APPLY to some of them.


Regardless of how unfair, inconsiderate and irresponsible a female with be to Joe DURING the dating phase and AFTER the commitment, the MAJORITY of them will still remain with them EXPECTING LITTLE to nothing from her for his efforts to please her.

This is how LOW his feeling of self worth has sunk.  Not only will she exercise VETO power when it's something SHE is not interested in or feel will not benefit her, she also IMPOSES her UNEARNED ENTITLEMENT expectations and/or demands upon him for what she wants to receive or have him do for her. 


1. I CONTROL your thinking and behavior

2. I PROSTITUTE my time to you and you WILL PAY me and/or bear the expenses for my time

3. I WITHHOLD intimacy for no reason and PENALIZE you for seeking it elsewhere

4. I DEMAND and RECEIVE compensation and services WITHOUT providing the same to you

5. I CAN SPEND without regard of accountability because I know you BETTER come to my FINANCIAL rescue without question

6. I CAN PHYSICALLY ABUSE (slap, punch and toss things at you) you WITHOUT being attacked or provoked but simply because of something YOU SAID, I FELT that I did not like and I BETTER NOT be held accountable for my actions

7. I CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON and cause you to be put out of the house YOU are paying for or have paid for

8. I CAN SPEND your money if I am angry at you and YOU WILL PAY the bill and NOT hold me responsible for paying you back

9. I CAN COME WITH NOTHING and TAKE at least HALF of what YOU have when I am done with you

10. I CAN MAKE YOU look STUPID and MAKE YOU DO STUPID THINGS no matter how many DEGREES you may have


YOU DON'T have to surrender your life and self worth to have companionship. There are a FEW left that will RESPECT YOU and will CONTRIBUTE to a relationship with you FINANCIALLY and PHYSICALLY. You just have to have PATIENCE and apply WISDOM in making your choice.

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