Monday, March 11, 2013

MatchNot.Com: Why do Females Introduce the Average Joe to Who They Don't Want?

Unless you are a "Pretty Boy", "At a certain financial level" or "A Player that have enough GAME to trick their ENTITLEMENT MINDED asses into believing you are at that financial level", platonic female acquaintances of males try to FIRST hook up the average males with the bottom of THEIR beauty pecking order. 


This DOES APPLY to any male that has experienced this situation.


It's no secret that the average Joe's are typically not the recipients of the more physically desirable friends when being hooked up by a female. I believe that females know that their more popular and desirable female friends are not going to be interested in the average Joe. I believe it's because THEY KNOW it is NOT about Joe's good character but rather what Joe CANNOT do for her more desirable friends FINANCIALLY.

Is it WRONG for a female to want a male based upon what he can FINANCIALLY do for her? Absolutely not. It's called FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

My point, in this matter, is that the female that WILL NOT hook you up with her more desirable friend should simply be HONEST and say, "She's looking for MONEY and not GOOD CHARACTER".


Sometimes their friends are interested in you and will not introduce you to an attractive friend to possibly lose the chance to be with you later.


When males hook up other males, they hook up males to what they really want if they know of a female that meets with his physical requirements. 


Here are some alerts to be aware of when asking about HER available friend's size:

- She avoids the question or slow to respond, 
- Her response, "Is her size really that important"?,
- Her response, "Are you looking for that PERFECT woman?


Why do females refuse to fix up male friends with their more desirable friends?

Are the more desirable female friends not the type for a good man? If so, why does she associate with her?

Do females introduce other females to men that they know the female will like ONLY because they want to be owed a favor later?

Why most women setting up males on blind dates will only deliver what their female friends like and not what the man has expressed his preferences are. 


Would you like to share your experience here?  I am looking forward to your comments.

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