Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013: Why Are You Complaining Yet Still Behaving Like This?

Far too often males have COMPROMISED themselves and their value when interacting with females and have come up on the losing end the MAJORITY of the time. We have to expect better. 


This DOES APPLY to those decent, common, average Joe males who desire to interact with WORKING WOMEN that are thoughtful, responsible and seek to get to know the "Contents of a Man's Character (pay for herself)" as opposed to the "Contents of a Man's Wallet (pay her way)".

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who do not want to change their TRAINED lifestyle and behavior.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who have willingly SURRENDERED THEIR BACKBONE and DIGNITY in exchange for COMPANIONSHIP and SERVITUDE in a relationship.


Time to STOP compromising fairness, respect, accountability and responsibility when it comes to how SHE is supposed to treat YOU. Those qualities are something SHE HAS the ability to perform and WILL NOT BE NEGOTIATED between you and her.

It's now time to ABANDON past behavior that has cause the decent, common, average Joe male to extend himself BEYOND what is fair and typically end up "DECREASING the years in HIS life" or end up hearing, "I think it's better that we be friends" after all of his effort.

A new foundation needs to be established to PREVENT him from being taken advantage of while ALLOWING the female to display GOOD CHARACTER towards him.

This is my proposed foundation:


Expect from me ONLY that which YOU DO to or for me




Accept the consequences of YOUR actions


YOU want it then YOU pay for it

YOU break it then YOU repair it or PAY to have it repaired

YOU want to spend time getting to know me then YOU ask me

YOU want to spend time doing things together getting to know me then YOU pay your own way


MANY females will read that foundation and say, "Well, what do I need a man for IF I have to do all of that". 


That foundation ESTABLISHES YOU as a responsible adult, a considerate human being and a "potential" friend or mate.


Why is it that MANY females feel IF THEY HAVE to be responsible FOR THEMSELVES then they DON'T NEED a man?

What ever happened to working together to MINIMIZE the stress, wear and tear on the mind and body so that LIFE can be LONGER and NOT SHORTER.


I guess that mindset ONLY APPLIES to a female who VALUES YOU and truly wants you to EXTEND YOUR LIFE with her for as long as HUMANLY possible.


I would conclude that they feel THE MAN should be BURDENED with the RESPONSIBILITY of maintaining himself and her if she is to be with him. This is how YOU DECREASE the number of years in your life while SHE INCREASES the number of year in her life.

I would personally suggest that if ANY female argues, disagrees totally or partially with the foundation above, you need to simply LEAVE HER ALONE because it shows you she is NOT reasonable and she TRULY do not value you or your company.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If They Truly "Loved" Children, They Would Not Have Them Until They Have Properly Prepared Themselves

MOST of the females having babies DON'T GIVE A SHIT about the baby's fate or well-being BEFORE they have them.  It's ALL ABOUT HER and how SHE CAN BENEFIT from having that baby whether she is MARRIED or NOT MARRIED.


This DOES NOT APPLY to females who were married KNOWING (NOT HOPING) that their husbands were responsible and wanted to have a family.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females who were NOT married but still KNOWING (NOT HOPING) that their mates were responsible and wanted to have a family.

This DOES APPLY to females who KNEW the man they were f*cking (don't give me that "we made love" or "had a love child" nonsense) was NOT RESPONSIBLE, was married, was already in a relationship or had a child or children he was not supporting yet they got pregnant anyway.


How STUPID are you males going to continue to be.  You have to STOP ALLOWING females to use that "Victim Card" or "I Made a Mistake Card" EXCUSE when it comes to them GETTING KNOCKED UP and having babies when they are in dysfunctional relationships or when they are not prepared to care for a child.

[UNPLANNED PREGNANCY or MISTAKE?  That's bullshit!!!]

REMEMBER she always has the OPTION to simply say NO if both of you aren't using some sort of birth control.

THE ONLY MISTAKES that occur during sexual intercourse AND the female gets pregnant is when BOTH of them ARE TAKING some sort of BIRTH CONTROL and she gets pregnant.
Now who do you think is going to get the short end of the stick STUCK UP THEIR ASS when she gets pregnant?



STOP EJACULATING inside of females UNTIL you have established a long-term, HEALTHY relationship and SHE has displayed maturity, ability to sacrifice, and the ability to be FINANCIALLY responsible.

STOP FEMALES with that, "Well, he said he wanted children" nonsense when she knew he was irresponsible or was f*cking another or other females.

STOP COMING TO THE RESCUE of females that get KNOCKED UP and then want to BLAME THE MAN for her getting pregnant.


All females have the absolute control and power over conception and pregnancy.  There is the Plan B contraceptive that can be taken within 48 or 72 hours AFTER a man has ejaculated inside of her to dramatically minimize the chances of conception AND there are other prescribed and over-the-counter forms of birth control. 

Here are a couple exceptions for females getting pregnant:

-  If she is abducted, held against her will, constantly RAPED until she conceives, held until she gets pregnant and gives birth.

-  If she is MENTALLY DISABLE and incapable of making mature, rational and responsible decisions.


I have ALWAYS stated that when it comes to the well-being and future of children, "I don't care what any female negatively thinks about what I say if it does not make them look good in the eyes of others".

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Women (not Ho's and Bitches) BEFORE YOU protested, cried out TO THE WORLD, fought and went to jail for you to be treated equally so now you got it. But what?? You don't want the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with it? "It's a packaged deal so TAKE BOTH or NONE".



This DOES NOT APPLY to responsible WOMEN who pay their own way.

This DOES APPLY to decent, common, average Joe males who ARE seeking a considerate and responsible woman.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who are HOPING to get some of her RECYCLED PUSSY by spending a lot of money on her.

This DOES APPLY to working Ho's and Bitches (I will not disgrace responsible women by calling you a woman) who EXPECT a man to pay their way.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who LOVE spending their money on females. It's your money so do with it as you please.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who BELIEVE that men are supposed to spend their money on the female and the female is to spend her money as she pleases. It's your money so do with it as you please.


"If you work just like me then you pay your own way just like me".

I am about tired of hearing males whine and complain about that CHILD-LIKE, IRRESPONSIBLE, INCONSIDERATE, Entitlement Mindset and behavior of certain females when it comes to HIS MONEY.

If you have to argue with or justify to ANY WORKING female why she should be FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for herself while spending time with you then LEAVE HER ALONE.


If you believe that life has short-changed you and:

1) YOU are making LESS MONEY than the Joe's you are hustling, 

2) YOU can't afford to SPEND THE TYPE OF MONEY Joe is spending on you for the lifestyle and entertainment YOU DESIRE, then...

Get yourself a better paying job or take YOUR MONEY ISSUES up with YOUR EMPLOYER and STOP SUPPLEMENTING YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES off the efforts and sacrifices of men.


JOE: If it's genuine COMPANIONSHIP you are looking for then AVOID those "pay my way FEMALES" and get yourself a "pay her own way WOMAN".

JOE: If your are HORNY and just trying to get some RECYCLED PUSSY then STOP fooling around with those AMATEUR CLOSET Ho's with a regular job that's going to try and run GAME on you and give you nothing and simply get yourself a PROFESSIONAL Ho.

Monday, January 28, 2013

MOST Males Are Cowards and Will Remain In Bad Relationships

I have to say that MOST males aren't going to do a thing about their UNHAPPY situation because they would rather DO and accept little to nothing from her in return rather than be without her".


This DOES APPLY to ALL males that are NOT receiving the kind of treatment they DESIRE in the relationship they are in.

This DOES APPLY to ALL males that are DOING and NOT receiving and have been told to simply PRAY about it.

This DOES APPLY to ALL males that KNOW they should leave but their DIGNITY has been stripped by her and his SELF-ESTEEM is too low to want to do something about it.


I believe that it is down right PATHETIC that so many of you males are STILL in a relationship that is BENEFITING HER but NOT YOU. You read my posts, throw your fist up in the air, say "hell yea" and then RUN BACK to those same types of females that I ADVISE YOU to avoid.

"What Is Wrong With You Man"? Show some courage and make a choice:

1. Take my advice, change YOUR life in a manner that will BENEFIT YOU or,

2. Shut up, stop reading my posts and SERVE HER in the manner that SHE DEMANDS of you.

You can't come to my party, have a good time and then GO RIGHT back to that miserable situation after I've made you feel good about yourself. It's HER UNGRATEFUL ASS that is supposed to be making you feel good about yourself. You are supposed to come to my party to simply ENHANCE the good feelings that she is already giving you.

Most males are just paying, doing and hoping for a relationship and MAYBE an occasional piece from time to time when she feels like SHE want to REWARD HIM like the Pavlov's Dog Experiment:


The idea is that if we associate one thing with another (in this case, associate a bell with food), that eventually the same things will happen when the associated thing happens as when the original impetus happens. The dogs would start salivating when they saw their food... so they would ring a bell when the food came, and eventually, the dogs would start salivating when the bell rang... even when it was not accompanied by food.


The same thing happens in everyday life to those 9 out of 10 males above. She has conditioned him to think that AS LONG AS he is with her, there is HOPE that things will get better for him so he continues to do more for her. If he becomes frustrated she MAY show him what he is MAY get or even break him off a piece so that he REMAINS OBEDIENT to her.


There is no need to agree with this post IF YOU:

1. Are in an unhappy and uncooperative relationship and YOU REFUSE to leave it.

2. Are NOT getting the respect and FAIR treatment you should be getting but you refuse to change the way you think and behave.


TO THE 9 OUT OF 10 MALES that's reading this that WILL NOT change their situation, I can only say " MORE PAIN, FRUSTRATION and DISAPPOINTMENT to you".

TO THAT COURAGEOUS 1 OUT OF 10 MALES that has decided to DUMP that ungrateful, entitlement minded female and CHANGE the way he thinks and behaves, I wish you much happiness, peace of mind and prosperity in your future.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

FORGET ABOUT HER: What Does "Your Future" Look Like?

My concern is NOT for the well-being and future of MOST females. This system and the STUPID decisions of males, that will not listen to me, will financially provide for and take care of them.



This DOES APPLY to any decent male that truly cares about HIS future and well-being ABOVE the future and well-being of females that DID NOT CONTRIBUTE to his growth and development.


Tell me about your future? Are you financially stable, working towards that OR are you spending TIME and MONEY in your attempts to get the attention, acceptance, p*ssy from (one or several females) or a relationship with a particular female? Trust me (from experience) when I say that you CANNOT ACCOMPLISH both of those things IF you are attempting to do them at the same time. 

All you will do is help her SECURE what she wants and MOST of them have been raised and feel as if they can ALWAYS go to some other male that has secured HIS future later and live off of his sacrifices and earnings AS LONG AS SHE HAS A P*SSY because YOU are just that WEAK.


What is it that makes the decent man put himself, his productivity, his prosperity, his happiness, his peace of mind and his self worth BELOW that of a female's?


I am concerned about the thinking and behavior of those decent, common, average Joe males who have SACRIFICED or IS STILL SACRIFICING that which he has worked for and earned BECAUSE he was told he is SUPPOSED TO BE the primary provided EVEN IF SHE has a job and is making money.

I am concerned about how those SAME MALES are NOT taught to EXPECT financial participation and effort from females (especially working and physically capable one) DURING the dating period and AFTER there has been a marital or non-marital commitment.

I am concerned about the SELF-INFLICTED PAIN and SUFFERING that goes on with those males simply to make or keep her happy.

I am concerned that although those males are WITNESS to other males RUINING THEIR LIVES in that manner that THEY CONTINUE to think and behave in such a non-productive (for him) manner.


Listen to me now or risk lots of disappointment, pain, suffering and FINANCIAL LOSS later if you choose for HER BENEFIT as opposed to YOUR BENEFIT.

ANY FEMALE that comes to you EXPECTING YOU to financially support her OR financially pay her way while spending time with you (AND SHE HAS A JOB) is the type of female YOU DON'T NEED IN YOUR COMPANY or YOUR LIFE.

MALE DATE RAPE!!! A Very Traumatic and Serious Matter

There are SO MANY males out there that are nothing but ATM'S for the benefit and entertainment of WORKING females that I refer to as RAPISTS OF MEN that are CLAIMING to be independent, QUALITY women.  


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who pay their own way

This DOES APPLY to females who PLAY that whomever invites pay GAME. How many times have they ACTUALLY invited YOU out and paid for it?


MANY males are constantly being DATE RAPED.  UNLIKE their female rape victims, males ARE NOT encouraged to take the NECESSARY STEPS to PREVENT it from happening again and again.  As a matter of FACT, males are RAISED to believe that is what is supposed to happen to them and it is THEIR DUTY as a man to continue this behavior.  

It is SO SAD and has happened SO REGULARLY that you hear MALES LAUGHING about how they and other males were DATE RAPED. This is because DATE RAPING of males has become a SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE SPORT and WAY OF LIFE.

Don't feel GUILTY or ASHAMED because you were not the only DATE RAPE VICTIM. 


- Has any female labeled you as JUST FRIENDS but want you to PAY HER WAY?

- Do you go out with her and she CONVINCES YOU that you are having a good time (at your expense of course)?

- Do you go out to dine and when the bill comes they HAND IT TO YOU or SHE LOOKS AT YOU AND EXPECTS YOU TO PAY THE ENTIRE BILL?


If you said YES to ANY of the above then YOU are BEING SETUP TO BE or have already been a DATE RAPE VICTIM. Did you like the way it felt?

She got you to spend YOUR money, feed her and and had you thinking that you had such a good time then she went someone else and give it up or got on her phone and told someone how EASY it was to get that FREEBIE. Joke is on you wanna-be Playa. 

There are some very SCANDALOUS, CALCULATION, MAN-USING and INCONSIDERATE, WORKING females out there that DO NOT CARE about YOU. 

They want you to SPEND YOUR MONEY on them while they SPEND THEIR MONEY on themselves or someone else. 


- She has NO PROBLEM GOING DUTCH (that's paying your own way for you idiots and morons that don't know) and will still be pleasant and have a "genuine" interest in you afterwards

- If she VALUES you and your company, she will DISPLAY her ability to be financially RESPONSIBLE thus showing you that she can be a good "candidate" for a mate in a relationship and NOT just a liability looking for a FREE RIDE 


If you nave been a DATE RAPE VICTIM in the past, DO NOT ALLOW this to happen to you in the future. 

All I can do is INFORM YOU and what you do afterwards is YOUR CHOICE.

Seek The Path Of Least Resistence and Go Where You Are Wanted

I am a true believer in NOT tryinig to "ice skate uphill" or "forcing that square peg into that round hole". If you find thoughtfulness, love and consideration anywhere by all means accept her and cherish her.


This DOES APPLY to ANY decent, common, average Joe male that has been looked upon as "unwanted", "undesirable", "not qualified" or "cheap".

This DOES NOT APPLY to the abusive type (players, pretty boys and thugs). You should REMAIN with those OVER QUALIFIED females that choose you instead of the average Joe.


You have to STOP wasting your life trying to go the TRADITIONAL or POLITICALLY CORRECT way when YOU aren't wanted and find YOUR peace and happiness with whomever she is.

Whether you believe it or not, you are desired by more than just your "so-called" OWN KIND or OWN PEOPLE (whatever that ridiculous statement means nowadays).

Life should be about living in a productive, respectful and enjoyable manner with someone that feels the SAME WAY about you. Unfortunately, most of you have been raised or programmed (which is the same in most cases) to believe that YOU have to REMAIN inside of your ethnic, racial, gender, religious or whatever else box in search of companionship.

YOU are doing yourself a huge disservice living by someone else's standards or desires that IS NOT getting you the loving, healthy and loyal companionship that you deserve.


Change the way you think (not how someone wants you to think) and you will change the direction in your life.