Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seek The Path Of Least Resistence and Go Where You Are Wanted

I am a true believer in NOT tryinig to "ice skate uphill" or "forcing that square peg into that round hole". If you find thoughtfulness, love and consideration anywhere by all means accept her and cherish her.


This DOES APPLY to ANY decent, common, average Joe male that has been looked upon as "unwanted", "undesirable", "not qualified" or "cheap".

This DOES NOT APPLY to the abusive type (players, pretty boys and thugs). You should REMAIN with those OVER QUALIFIED females that choose you instead of the average Joe.


You have to STOP wasting your life trying to go the TRADITIONAL or POLITICALLY CORRECT way when YOU aren't wanted and find YOUR peace and happiness with whomever she is.

Whether you believe it or not, you are desired by more than just your "so-called" OWN KIND or OWN PEOPLE (whatever that ridiculous statement means nowadays).

Life should be about living in a productive, respectful and enjoyable manner with someone that feels the SAME WAY about you. Unfortunately, most of you have been raised or programmed (which is the same in most cases) to believe that YOU have to REMAIN inside of your ethnic, racial, gender, religious or whatever else box in search of companionship.

YOU are doing yourself a huge disservice living by someone else's standards or desires that IS NOT getting you the loving, healthy and loyal companionship that you deserve.


Change the way you think (not how someone wants you to think) and you will change the direction in your life.

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