Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don’t Be $uckerMan to the Rescue and Pay or Help Pay Rer Bills

Hey, for the record, I went there and done that more than enough so I am an expert and throwing away my money so listen to me.  I am attempting to get you to an INTELLIGENT level and keep your money and good credit standings in the process.


This DOES APPLY to all males that want to PREVENT financial stress due to his being PROGRAMMED that a man is supposed to  help ($$$$$) a woman when she is in need.



1.  Were you there when she was spending that money and did you receive some enjoyment or pleasure from her doing so?

2.  If not, then why are you going to do something STUPID like bail her out so she can do it again?  Oh yea, SHE WILL do it again.

[From my book "Rules of Engagement"]

She created those bills so let her pay off those bills without your help. 

This is one of the worst mistakes a male makes in his foolish attempt to impress or buy his way into a female’s life and rescue her from financial responsibility or irresponsibility. 

He’s been conditioned to believe that a real man is responsible for taking care of a female which includes debts that she has created.  Those debts have been created to accommodate her lifestyle that did not benefit or include him in most cases.  Many of these females will spend foolishly on clothing, jewelry, cars, dining out, vacations to meet and flirt with men, etc. and now here comes that real SuckerMan to her financial rescue if that’s you. 

If you are really stupid she will have you believing that if you help her with her bills she will give you that relationship that you want.  You are used as a means to an end of her financial responsibilities.


Never volunteer to pay or agree to pay her bills.  When it comes to her bills the only thing you should give her is your advice on how to better manage her finances.


If she had respect for you and was considerate of you she would not think of infringing upon your finances expecting you to bail her out. 

If she did not create that bill or bills pleasing you then you should not even be thinking of helping her pay off those bills.  You would be paying for her lifestyle and pleasure that she has enjoyed without you and may still be enjoying without you.  If she did create that bill pleasing you then that’s the price she pays for the opportunity of spending time with you.

Be aware that many females will ask for your financial help by requesting to borrow money or have you pay her bill(s) and she will promise to pay you back later. 

Another method that is used falls under the term DRY BEGGING.  What she does is simply talk about her hard times financially and never directly ask for your help because she knows that you want her so badly that you will volunteer your financial services to help her.  That way, when she gets ready to dump you and you bring up what you’ve done for her she can say, “I didn’t ask you to do that, you did it because you wanted to do it”.  Gotcha!!  You don’t have a defensive leg to stand on after she’s said that.

A few of them may provide you a token prostitute act as an expression of her gratitude.  In most cases many of them will consider that act as payment in full for the money you expended.  In real terms you have just conducted a business transaction.

That business transaction should be a fair exchange where you get what you want first since most of them will never put anything in writing that will obligate them to comply.  If she is going to limit what she does in that transaction then you limit what you give.  There are also super-heavyweights out there that will ask for your financial help with no intentions of paying you back or servicing you.

Why Do Females Call Males Cheap?

I am sure that MOST males have heard that word before coming out of the mouth of an Entitlement Minded, Pay My Way Skeezer. It's time to 1) STOP "paying for Ho's", 2) STOP "being tricked by Bitches" and 3) UNDERSTAND exactly what "cheap" means when you hear it out of her mouth.


This DOES APPLY to males that desire to improve the quality of their lives and eliminate wasting time doing something they should NOT be doing due to someone else's interpretation of respect.


[MY RESPONSE to respect from my book "Rules of Engagement"]

I am tired of hearing females call me or other males cheap. How do I respond to that?


Cheap is their indirect way of saying, “you are not spending any or enough money on me”. Any female that calls you cheap is simply trying to give you a guilt trip and extract money from you.

Chances are that if she makes a comment like that to you she has no genuine concern for you. From that moment on, until proven different by her, use as many lies and deception as you can on her to get what you want. She does not care.

The moment she makes a comment like that to or about you that validates the FACT that she does not care about YOUR character.



DO NOT fall for that trick and spend more on her (if anything at all). So when you hear a female refer to you as "cheap", it's about YOUR MONEY spent on her while she saves or spends HER MONEY at a later time on HER or on SOMEONE SHE CARES ABOUT since it's obviously NOT YOU.

Why Do Females Complain About Males Not Respecting Them?

We fail these young males when we DO NOT intelligently educate them on what really goes on in the "Ring of Life". His best strategy when engaging (interacting) with females is to apply "common sense" and "logic". Those are the tools that will keep his ass off of the canvas floor.


This DOES APPLY to males that desire to improve the quality of their lives and eliminate wasting time doing something they should NOT be doing due to someone else's interpretation of respect.


[MY RESPONSE to respect from my book "Rules of Engagement"]

What does respecting the female mean and how am I supposed to give her respect?


The word respect has been constantly misused as it applies to how a male is to treat females. Let’s begin by understanding that respect should be earned and not foolishly given just because she is a female. 

Let me define respect as a noun and as a verb and explain how it should be applied to females. 

“Respect (noun) – The state of being regarded with honor”

- Before she can be regarded with honor she has to do honorable things. You have to ask yourself the question, “What honorable thing has she done to deserve respect”?

“Respect (verb) – To avoid violation of or interference with”

- Avoid violation simply means do her no harm. Avoid interference means do not obstruct, hinder or impede whatever it is that she is doing. 

You do not have to assist or help (as they love to state) her with whatever it is she is attempting to do. Assisting or helping her is an option, not a requirement and has nothing to do with respect.

Neither definition states anything about giving her or doing for her. Most females today feel as if respect means giving her money, paying bills, taking her places at your expense of course or doing things for her. That has nothing to do with respect and will only benefit her and not you.



If you learn to engage INTELLIGENTLY you will soon realize that there will be FEWER females in your life which will free you up for more important things that BENEFIT YOU RATHER THAN HER.

Jai Duval's "Rules of Engagement Classroom" - Ho, Bitch or Partner?

It's EXTREMELY important that YOUNG males be educated in an intelligent and mature manner that benefits them FIRST or the majority of them will pay a handsome price later on in life.


The labels below are to be applied based SOLELY upon her thinking and behavior and NOT based upon YOUR past experiences.

This IS NOT INTENDED to degrade but rather to IDENTIFY and SEPARATE the considerate, RESPONSIBLE, man-loving women from the inconsiderate, IRRESPONSIBLE, entitlement minded, man-using females that attempt to pass themselves off as ladies. No decent woman will argue or debate this TRUTH.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who think like me and already practices my philosophy.

This DOES APPLY to males who feel trapped in a relationship they did not want to get in to begin with.

This DOES APPLY to males that don't know how or have been raised to THINK
LESS for themselves and THINK MORE for a female.

This DOES APPLY to females in any country who's behavior fit at least 1 of the 3 descriptions below.


When you first meet a female, NEVER ASSUME what type she is.  You should refer to her simply as a female since she HAS NOT DISPLAYED any behavior that could place her in ANY of the 3 types below.  The word female is correct and it DOES NOT PRAISE them and place them on a pedestal and DOES NOT DISRESPECT them and place them in the gutter.

FOR THIS BEGINNER CLASS, I am going to CLEARLY describe the mindset and behavior of the 3 most common female types in this country that you will encounter:

1.  HO.  She is a business person and your interaction with her is STRICTLY BUSINESS to her.  She is scrappy and competitive but will be very co-operative if you provide the finances required to spend time with her. She periodically will put up resistance but all you have to do is pull out that cash or credit card and she will cease the resistance and cater to your needs. They sell their time and what is done with it is negotiable which may NOT include sex if that’s what you were thinking. There are two basic sub-classes, affordable and overpriced Hos. NEVER ATTACH your emotions to a Ho.  Simply pay the admission fee, get what you pay for and move on.  If you can find a better business transaction, by all means take it and DUMP THE OTHER one.

2.  BITCH.  She is loud, vulgar and will go toe-to-toe, trade blows with you and knock you out if you don’t keep your guards up and protect yourself. She is masterful in the ring. She expects you to spend money as well as cater to her. She expects you to expect nothing more than to be grateful that she has allowed you the opportunity to serve her when she (not you) wants service.

There are SUPER-HEAVYWEIGHT BITCHES prowling out there that are extremely bitter due to their own selfish and poor choices in males. Their mission in life is to seek and destroy the male by any means. They do not want what you have and do not function by any rules. They can knock you out even with your guards up so avoid them completely.

3.  PARTNER.  She is calm, sensible and interacts with men in a MATURE and SENSIBLE manner.  She is considerate, respectful and responsible with good potential to become a mate or friend. Although she has been conditioned to take what she can, she PAYS HER OWN WAY and is willing to work with a man and not against him, has a genuine interest in him, values him and not what he has or not what he can spend on her. She will spend time with him periodically expecting an admission fee due to her conditioning but not requiring it.  If he asks her to pay her own way, she will do so WITHOUT ATTITUDE and still enjoy her time with him getting to know him.


This class is ONLY about identifying what kind of female you are interacting with based upon HER BEHAVIOR.

I'm not telling you who to choose.  I'm simply educating you on what to expect AFTER you have chosen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ARE YOU WAITING TO EXHALE?: Busy Just "May" Be An Excuse

Life is measured in and expires with time.  Life is precious and time is irreplaceable because time is life and as time goes so does your life. 

If you value your life then don't foolishly waste time waiting for or wanting a female that DOES NOT have the time or WILL NOT give you the time in order to get to know her.  Since time waits for no one, why would you foolishly wait for her?


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who are legitimately overwhelmed with obligations and responsibilities.


I'm sure that many of you males have been in the position.  I know that I was not the only one so MATURE UP and accept the way it WAS (note that I did say WAS and not IS). 

This year has to be a change of thinking and behavior for the decent, average Joe males.  That WAITING TO EXHALE behavior SHOULD NOT be one of your options with a female that DOES NOT take time to cater to you.

When it comes to a female telling you she is "busy", there are two types out there:

1.  LEGITIMATELY BUSY.  She is simply "overwhelmed" with her obligations and responsibilities and has VERY LITTLE or NO TIME for socializing,

2.  NOT INTERESTED IN YOU.  She is simply "not interested" in you and does not value you enough to make time for you. 


1.  Busy (activity) is a necessity if one is to produce something so if you aren't active, you really aren’t producing a thing. 

2.  Unavailable, in most cases, is simply a choice that she makes.  No female on OUR LEVEL (talking about the common, average Joe male) is so busy that she cannot make herself available.  She just choose to be UNAVAILABLE for you because
they don't value you.


BUSY means full of activity and UNAVAILABLE means not capable of being seen.  We all have activity in our lives but for most it’s ACTIVITY WITH NO PRODUCTIVITY which means many of us are expending a lot of TIME PRODUCING NOTHING.

The next time you have an interest in a female and she tells you that she "is too busy" or “is not available” simply turn and walk away.  If she truly is too busy you will never have enough time to get to know her anyway.  There will only be just
enough time to spend money on her and then back to her busy life.  Is that what you are looking for? 

Females have sacrificed their future and their children’s future many times for men that they valued that openly did not give a crap about them.  So why don’t she have time for you?  It doesn’t matter.  She doesn’t so just move on.


These would be my do's and do not's in response to her being "too busy" for me:


DO get out of denial thinking that she is interested in me and does value me

DO value myself and know that other women out there will spend time with me

DO utilize some of that time LEARNING things that will improve my life and career

DO spend her BUSY TIME with another or other females if I am seeking female companionship


DO NOT get angry at her

DO NOT try to convince her to spend time with me

DO NOT question why she don't have enough time for me

DO NOT make myself available for her since she isn't doing it for me

DO NOT allow her or me to make excuses for not spending time with me

DO NOT think that I can still just be friends if I have a personal interest in her

DO NOT de-value myself as she has done me by sitting around waiting for her to have time for me


If at some other point in time THAT FEMALE that was too busy for you NOW becomes available AND you are not in a serious relationship AND she wants to spend time with you AND you are still interest in her THEN you need to SIT HER DOWN and question her motives.

Many of those females STILL DO NOT value you and is just BORED and KNOW they can KILL TIME WITH YOU any time SHE CHOOSES.  Once SHE has fulfilled HER BOREDOM, she will AGAIN become too busy for you.

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Bring Toe Tags, Body Bags and Truth not Flowers and Excuses

You can't move FORWARD if you are holding yourself back for her. Trust me when I say that a Skeezer WILL DUMP YOU when a better opportunity comes along.

If the DESCRIPTION FIT then you must QUIT HER for your benefit RATHER THAN REMAIN WITH HER for her benefit.

The Only Thing That "You Control" Is "The Deposit"

I'm sure that you've heard females say, "Oh I made a mistake". Well that is nonsense UNLESS both of them were using some form of birth control. Otherwise it was an intentional act on her part.


This DOES NOT APPLY to two people who were BOTH using some form of birth control and "shit" happened anyway.


You should NOT place YOUR FUTURE between HER LEGS.

There are too many forms of birth control on the market to ACCEPT some female's "I made a mistake EXCUSE". Even if she were not using some form of birth control there is always the "Morning After Pill" to increase her chances of pregnancy.  The "Morning After Pill" is advertised to prevent pregnancy up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex. (NOTE:  Seek medical counsel prior to use to confirm statement).

Talk to her about "what if" BEFORE you engage in sex. Ask her would she take the morning after pill if necessary (i.e., condom breaks, etc.). Even if she says YES to the pill DO NOT engage in sex WITHOUT A CONDOM.

Remember that SHE has the control AFTER ejaculation not you.


Don't you be stupid for a brief pleasure and pay a dear price later.

She Can Choose To Not Want You But You Can't Choose To Not Want Her?

That Way of Thinking Has Got To Stop Right Now!

There are 3 things that I REFUSE to COMPROMISE when it comes to involving myself personally with a female: 1) I refuse to chase or pursue, 2) I refuse to accept above a particular size and weight and 3) I refuse to accept an ATTITUDE that does not benefit me.


If you DON'T LIKE the image or this post then that's YOUR problem not mine.


Males have to STOP accepting that BAD ATTITUDE based upon what they physically like in a female. As I've stated before, "The LOOK will get me to come to her and the ATTITUDE will keep me there or turn me away from her".


CHASE/PURSUE. If that is her mentality, then not only is she a very immature, selfish and spoiled female that's accustomed to males behaving in such a manner but she also DOES NOT VALUE YOU.

SIZE/WEIGHT. I know what turns me on and what turns me off. I am not lonely, desperate or broke trying to get some female to financially support me so I do not have to pretend to be attracted to her. 

ATTITUDE. I am not looking for a Queen. Queens are nothing but "entitlement minded, pay my way, treat me special even though I have not earned it" bitches looking for a servant that she will call her man AS LONG AS he caters to her in the manner SHE chooses and maybe she will periodically reward him.


Place some VALUE on yourself and establish some standards and have some expectations from her besides her having a set of TITS and a P*SSY that she MAY share with you because even that is not guaranteed AFTER you do what she EXPECTS of you.


I AM NOT telling any of you males what to like, be attracted to or accept in your personal life based upon physical appearance. 

I AM trying to convince you what to accept or not accept in your personal life based on HER attitude and behavior towards you but in the end it's you that have to decide and live with it and not me.

The Average Joe Male Suffers From PMS Just As Females Do

Oh boo hoo hoo when YOUR PMS flares up but how about ours? If you want sensitivity and understanding for YOUR PMS then you will have to function in the same manner during OUR PMS.


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who are understanding of and WILL NOT ALLOW the male to experience PMS whenever possible.


There is a NON-CHEMICAL base, ALL NATURAL CURE for a man's PMS with absolutely NO PHYSICAL SIDE EFFECTS to him although there MAY be a FINANCIAL ($$$) SIDE EFFECT associated with it depending on the female.  It's called P*ssy.


Why don't females provide that cure they possess which ALSO will naturally reproduce itself within her with no side effects to her?


Because MANY females are RAISED to BARTER that CURE instead of simply PROVIDE it to the male. If she does not get what she wants and his PMS was a matter of life or death... he would die.


If you are CONSTANTLY going through PMS with her just realize one thing, "She's NOT the ONLY female that carries THE CURE".

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Good Father Starts With His Selection Of The "Mother-To-Be"

Time to kick some males in the ass. Too many males believe that being a good father means providing time, resources and finances for his child or children. Well, that is partially correct.


This DOES APPLY to all decent, common, average Joe males that are truly concerned about the fate of their yet-to-be-born child or children.


A truly good father is EVEN MORE concerned about the female that "may" become the mother of his child or children.

Males have been made to believe that child care and concern comes AFTER that child is born but I TOTALLY disagree with that philosophy. Child care and concern for YOUR child or children should come BEFORE you ejaculate inside of a female.

It's time to STOP allowing YOUR bottom head to dictate the fate and future of YOUR child or children and pay more attention to that female's character and if she behaves in a RESPONSIBLE manner (manages her finances well AS WELL AS pays her own way while in your company) and CONSIDERATE manner (thoughtful of how her behavior negatively or positively impacts you and others) as opposed to her pretty face, breasts, ass or thought of getting some p*ssy from her.


Why would you RISK THE FATE and FUTURE of YOUR child or children for the sake of getting some RECYCLED p*ssy?


Don’t be embarrassed if you've KNOCKED UP a Skeezer because it has happened to many others as well. You were not the first and you won’t be the last. Here is my 3 STEP RECOVERY method if it has happened to you:

STEP 1 – Admit to yourself that you were STUPID and allowed yourself to KNOCK UP a Skeezer.

STEP 2 – Examine and understand exactly why you were so STUPID to begin with.

STEP 3 – Take the necessary corrective action to avoid ever repeating that type of STUPID behavior again.


Don't blame some Skeezer that YOU CHOSE to foolishly ejaculate inside of IF YOUR daughter or daughters end up a little Skeezer with the same inconsiderate, f*cked up attitude as their mom.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rule #25: Never co-sign or loan her money

Excerpt from my book, "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement"

One of the most foolish things that males do is co-sign a loan and expect the female to maintain the payments until it’s paid off or loan her money expecting her to pay it back. 

There is a reason why a lender has required her to have a co-signer and it’s quite simple, “they don’t really expect her to payback the entire loan so they need someone else to hold responsible” which will be you if you are that stupid. 

Based upon her present financial state and her past irresponsible financial history the lender knows that she is a loan default just looking for a sucker to apply to. 

If the lender, who has experience, does not trust her then why should you be that stupid to do so?  Unfortunately many weak males make that stupid decision to co-sign for females hoping to eventually get what they want from her.

If you are that desperate, have no other female in your life, are weak and attracted to her, have had sex with her and afraid to lose her (which she did to eventually set you up for this very moment) or just feel as if the only way you can have her with you is to co-sign then I expect you to co-sign.


If you can adhere to Rule #2 and you value your own financial well-being then you have two options:

1.Say NO to her without any concern of her getting upset, rejecting you or walking away from you
2.Say YES under the condition that she provide you with some sort of collateral worth at least twice the value of the loan you are co-signing and a written agreement giving you permission to use that collateral to pay off that loan and keep whatever is left over in the event that she misses a payment.  You are doing this because you need something from her to protect yourself just as the lender needs you to protect them.  Don’t be weak or stupid.  Protect you at all times
3.You can simply refer her to a few pawn shops and let her hand that problem over to them.

If you expect her to make all of the payments on that loan and on time or you expect her to pay back the money you loaned her then definitely don’t engage in sex with her although even that is no guarantee that she will make all of those payments on time.


Many females will knowingly live on the edge financially because they know that there are suckers born everyday that will be more than happy to offer them financial support and relieve them of their responsibility or irresponsibility.  Are you one of those suckers?

As I have stated earlier, many females don’t value you but rather value what they can get from you and what they can get you to do for them.

You have to remember that there are two primary causes of stress and frustration males encounter when engaging with many females.  Those causes are 1) nagging and arguments due to their unreasonable and inconsiderate expectations and 2) his inability to produce enough money to satisfy her once he’s foolishly given in and is now financially obligated to those expectations.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

STOP Sacrificing Your Time, Resources and Finances For Her

STOP Sacrificing Your Time, Resources and Finances For Her and START Investing and Enjoying Your Time, Resources and Finances For You. 

Just another WARNING to you males out there who have been putting their lives ON HOLD in order to get, make and keep some UNDESERVING and UNPROVEN female happy. Stop that nonsense.



This DOES APPLY to all males who have been raised, programmed to do whatever it takes in pursuit of a female.

This DOES APPLY to males who have been raised, programmed to DE-VALUE their self-worth and have to "do favors" or "pay" in order to get the attention of or be accepted by a female.


I speak from PAST (many, many years ago) experience regarding FOOLish behavior on my part because I was to believe that males are supposed to NOT EXPECT ANYTHING from a female but her being in our lives. That was supposed to be a treasure to us that was WORTH it's weight in gold. 

That is nothing but BULLSHIT nowadays created to benefit her and not you. NO FEMALE that you have a personal interest in should be treated special UNTIL she does something special for you (ladies first, remember that "phrase").


1. Is that YOU in that photo doing the SMART THING and leaving? 

2. Do you even realize that there are WOMEN out there that WILL place value in YOUR CHARACTER as opposed to YOUR SERVITUDE or WALLET?

3. Do you feel the need to "Pay or Do More in Order to Stay while Continuing to Receive Less"?


Time for YOU to put an end to HER de-valuing you. Time to RID yourself of that emotional and financial BURDEN and start fresh:

1. You will make your interest in getting to know her known simply by using WORDS and NOT using MONEY.

2. You will NOT TAKE anything from her and NOT GIVE anything (but your time) to her.

3. You shall DO NO HARM to her and will treat her in a considerate manner which has NOTHING to do with spending money on her.

4. You are going to START placing value on yourself as opposed to DE-VALUING yourself trying to BUY YOUR TIME with her.

5. SHE IS NO MORE OR LESS THAN YOU. You are to TREAT HER as an EQUAL which means she is going to be accountable for HER actions and financially responsible for herself (you DO NOT PAY her way) if you want to spend time with her.

6. You are to ACCEPT that "No Means No" and don't participate in that IMMATURE GAME of PLAYING HARD TO GET cause it has no benefit to you.


What you are going to EXPECT of her is something that SHE IS CAPABLE of doing. If she REFUSES or ARGUES with you about it, LEAVE HER IMMEDIATELY because what that means is that SHE DOES NOT care about you.

Do you even care about you?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why Have a NO SEX Before Marriage Policy?

Have you ever heard some females say, "I am not going to have sex AGAIN until after I'm married". This typically will be what she says to the common, decent, average Joe male cause her SEXUAL desire for him is far less than her FINANCIAL desire for him.


This DOES APPLY to the common, decent, average Joe male cause you are NOT looked upon in a SEXUAL manner.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the player, pretty boy, thug or financially well-to-do males because MOST females will do just about any SEXUAL act imaginable in order to get you to marry her.


Every time I hear "I am not going to have sex until after I'm married", the first thing that comes to mind is, "Oh yea, she WILLINGLY f*cked, freaked, sucked and MANY TIMES even swallowed for INDECENT males she wanted to marry BEFORE she was married hoping to get him to marry her and CHANGE HIM or HOPE HE WOULD CHANGE LATER.

After one or numerous relationship attempts, WILLINGLY CONFORMING to the SEXUAL DESIRES of males that were NEVER going to marry her, she has DECIDED to place SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE ON HOLD for the common, DECENT Joe until after he marries her.


1. Does sex before marriage ruin a relationship?
2. What is the benefit of omitting sex before marriage?
3. What if the sex is not satisfactory after the marriage?
4. Is oral or anal sex ACCEPTABLE OPTIONS to engage in before marriage?
5. Is vaginal penetration the ONLY OPTION that is off limits before marriage?


You can place your comment below.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

VALENTINE'S DAY: That Big Consummation Day DISASTER for Many

Here go the ANXIETY ATTACK for you again. So you DID NOT take my advice and you went ahead and SPENT all that money and time with her during the holidays so now YOU THINK it's time for the two of to CONSUMMATE what YOU PAID and HOPED for? Better think again HER LITTLE FRIEND.


This DOES APPLY to all the decent, common, average Joe males that DID NOT following my advice.


There are so many of you that will go through I am NOT going to go into detail about my "DeAr Hunting Season" philosophy. I am going to place an excerpt here as well as the link for you go to it, if you wish, and read the entire post.



The final official day, the second most stressful day and the FINAL opportunity of the season. The good man has been ALLOWED, during the season, to spend time with her and more importantly spend money on her and he has now become emotionally attached. He wants to pop the commitment question but knows, “I Love Her and She Loves Me Not”.

POST SEASON: February 15th - September 5th

Termination Notification Time (TNT). This is the DAGGER-IN-THE-BACK (that pierces the heart) time when Skeezers issue termination notices to the good men they suckered during the season. They have received enough attention, money, gifts and a huge self-esteem boost to last them throughout the post season. Notices to their victims are similar to the one below:

“Sweetie, thank you for the gifts, dinners and time we spent together these past few months. You’ve been a nice friend, a gentleman and a God sent blessing. Did I tell you that my ex and I are getting back together (or “Did I tell you I met someone”)? He is very jealous and would not like me spending time with another man. I am sure you will find that special someone. Thanks again for everything. WE wish you the best”.



Which option are you going to take? Are you going to "try" and BUY some RECYCLED, UNEMOTIONALLY attached, OVER-PRICED p*ssy for what just may POSSIBLY be for THAT DAY ONLY?


I believe that MOST of you will PAY and HOPE and especially those of you that HAVE been doing and NOT receiving what you prefer IF you are receiving anything at all.


I tried to WORK WITH many of you so when that time comes I want to be the first in like to LAUGH AT and TALK ABOUT you.

Link to "DeAr Hunting Season" blog: