Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rule #25: Never co-sign or loan her money

Excerpt from my book, "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement"

One of the most foolish things that males do is co-sign a loan and expect the female to maintain the payments until it’s paid off or loan her money expecting her to pay it back. 

There is a reason why a lender has required her to have a co-signer and it’s quite simple, “they don’t really expect her to payback the entire loan so they need someone else to hold responsible” which will be you if you are that stupid. 

Based upon her present financial state and her past irresponsible financial history the lender knows that she is a loan default just looking for a sucker to apply to. 

If the lender, who has experience, does not trust her then why should you be that stupid to do so?  Unfortunately many weak males make that stupid decision to co-sign for females hoping to eventually get what they want from her.

If you are that desperate, have no other female in your life, are weak and attracted to her, have had sex with her and afraid to lose her (which she did to eventually set you up for this very moment) or just feel as if the only way you can have her with you is to co-sign then I expect you to co-sign.


If you can adhere to Rule #2 and you value your own financial well-being then you have two options:

1.Say NO to her without any concern of her getting upset, rejecting you or walking away from you
2.Say YES under the condition that she provide you with some sort of collateral worth at least twice the value of the loan you are co-signing and a written agreement giving you permission to use that collateral to pay off that loan and keep whatever is left over in the event that she misses a payment.  You are doing this because you need something from her to protect yourself just as the lender needs you to protect them.  Don’t be weak or stupid.  Protect you at all times
3.You can simply refer her to a few pawn shops and let her hand that problem over to them.

If you expect her to make all of the payments on that loan and on time or you expect her to pay back the money you loaned her then definitely don’t engage in sex with her although even that is no guarantee that she will make all of those payments on time.


Many females will knowingly live on the edge financially because they know that there are suckers born everyday that will be more than happy to offer them financial support and relieve them of their responsibility or irresponsibility.  Are you one of those suckers?

As I have stated earlier, many females don’t value you but rather value what they can get from you and what they can get you to do for them.

You have to remember that there are two primary causes of stress and frustration males encounter when engaging with many females.  Those causes are 1) nagging and arguments due to their unreasonable and inconsiderate expectations and 2) his inability to produce enough money to satisfy her once he’s foolishly given in and is now financially obligated to those expectations.

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