Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Play by the New Phone Rules

(Excerpt from "Rules of Engagement")

Many females, today, are quite inconsiderate and rude regarding phone etiquette with a good man. They will give him their phone number and later on decide that they do not want to communicate afterwards and so they will ignore or not return his phone calls. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to communicate or changing her mind afterwards; the issue is showing that male she gave her number to the respect to inform him that she no longer wants to communicate instead of simply avoiding or ignoring him.

My suggestion to those males is toss her and her number in the recycle bin to be used by males that know how to play the game and take advantage of her inconsiderate behavior.

Maintaining communication with females these days are disappointing and frustrating for many males. He will get a phone number and when he calls it usually goes to her voicemail. When she does pick up and recognizes him, she will say she is on the other line so call her back. When he calls back, the voicemail usually picks up again or if she answers she says she will call him back later but usually never does.

Sometimes someone else will answer her phone for her and so he will leave his name asking her to call him back. Again, he gets no return call.

He may even leave two or three messages if he doesn’t hear from her but that does not work either. Why is she not returning his calls?

If she is behaving in that manner, she probably gave him her phone number to receive attention ONLY. She will give the number to him to build her self-esteem knowing he would be calling her all the time.

Many females have a tendency to collect what I call suckermen. Those are males they used to fill that attention void when she is lonely, ignored by the male (or males) she desires and is in need of a self-esteem boost. It is important that you are aware of and understand the Law of Self-Esteem.

SELF-ESTEEM cannot be created or destroyed but it CAN BE TAKEN FROM THE MALE which causes him to feel worthless, empowers her and cause him to surrender his time, energy and finances in order to have a female in his company. We all are born with the same amount of self-esteem. The female typically will increase her self-esteem by taking it from weaker males which lowers his defenses making him vulnerable to her vicious and heartless attack in that ring.

There are some males that just won’t leave well enough alone and walk away. They need closure as to, “Why she isn’t calling back or why is she avoiding me”? You will, in most cases, never get her to answer you honestly because they refuse to see themselves for what they are which is quite inconsiderate and rude. His problem is not what he is doing but rather how he is doing it. If you are going to play “her phone game” then these are the rules to play by the next time you get or exchange a phone number with a female:

Rule 1: Ask her if she would like to exchange phone numbers and if she has a cell phone.

Reason: You are asking her if she would like to exchange numbers to see if she has any initial interest in giving you her number. If she does not want to exchange numbers then she is not interested so don’t give your number to her. The cell phone question is so that you can get her number on the spot and call it to make sure it is a good number. If she asks for you to give her your number make sure she calls you while you are standing there to make sure her number is displayed in your phone. Make sure you can see her number displayed so that you know she did not call your number and her number is being blocked.

Rule 2: Unless she asks you to call her that same day you receive her number, do not call for at least 48 hours.

Reason: When you call after that period, if she has you in her “A” list she will make a point to remember your name. If she calls within that 48 hour period you know there is an interest. What that interest is will be determined later.

Rule3: Do not leave her more than one voice message in between her return calls to you.

Reason: That is a sign of desperation and makes her think that she can manipulate and control you when she wants to. She will use you to cater to her when the male that she really wants, that’s ignoring her or just banging her, is not catering to her in the manner she desires.

Rule 4: If you do decide to call again before she returns your calls make sure that you block your ID so that she won’t know it is you.

Reason: Most low self-esteem males will call several times if a female does not return their call. If she answers and asks why you are blocking your ID tell her you are using a friend’s phone and they must have their phone number blocked. If she is avoiding you and certain other males, she will let the call go to her voicemail if she recognizes their number. Many females are nosy by nature and will answer that blocked ID call to find out who is calling. The true skeezer or female player, who is juggling males, will usually let her blocked ID calls go to voicemail and check to see who called before deciding to return the call. If her voicemail comes on simply hang up without leaving another message. Note: This is a good strategy that you should use as well.

Rule 5: If you do decide to call again before she returns your call and someone else answers do not give them your name. Simply say that you will call her back.

Reason: Many females will use their friends and family as screeners from the males they do not want to talk to. Unless the one that answer the phone knows your voice or she is there listening as well they will not know who you are. This behavior of listening and screening are signs of immaturity or a female that has made a bad choice with some stalking and/or violent male and you don’t want to be put in a position of danger to yourself. She is only one of many prospects.

Rule 6: Never admit to making calls where you blocked your ID and/or someone else picked up and you did not leave your name.

Reason: If she didn’t like you calling her with your ID blocked or you calling without leaving your name, even if she is intentionally avoiding you, she will use that as her excuse for you to not call her again. Some, not many, females prefer to use something you did to eliminate you than to see them as the using skeezers that they are.

Rule 7: If you call her for the first time and she answers, recognizes or don’t recognize you and says, “I’m on the phone, call me back” do not call her back that same day unless you did not give her your phone number.

Reason: If she has your number then she should give you the respect of calling you back. If she has your number and you call her back with your number blocked, the first thing you will ask is what happened to your return phone call. If she says that she doesn’t know where your number is or she lost it then that tells you that she does not think much of you. Do not offer your number to her again. If she asks why you didn’t call her back tell her you got busy with some other things. Don’t let her think your life is revolved around her.

These rules should be used if you foolishly insist in attempting to communicate with a female that you feel or know is avoiding you. Otherwise, do as I would do and toss her number and move on to other prospects. No female that is behaving in that manner is worth the effort because in the end you will lose more than just your self-esteem.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good Men Aren’t Valued, Good Men Are Used

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

Most women don’t want a good man; they want instant gratification and fantasy. They want a man that will support their irresponsible past and present behavior. They also want a man that will fulfill their romantic fantasies of wining, dining and freely spending his money on them. What they don’t seem to or want to realize is that certain personalities are usually associated with that behavior. Here are 3 of those personalities:

CONTROLLING – He spends his money on them and he wants them available to him when needed. He spends the cash so he calls the shots. They are only there for a temporary ride so they should enjoy it while it lasts.

INSECURE – He feels as if he has to spend money or buy them things to be with them. He is not a decision maker in a relationship and especially when it comes to making major decisions.

LADIES MAN – He is secure with himself and is accustomed to spending money on women and enjoying their company. He has no problem spending money and does it on a regular basis. He will never be monogamous because he thrives off of having multiple women at his disposal.

These men are neither right nor wrong, they are simply who they are. Good women are choosing them and constantly trying to change them or hoping that eventually they will change. They want a man that freely spends his money on them. She expects to receive a steady dose of romantic fantasy and wants it to be reserved just for her but in most cases he never will. Women will never be able to separate these type from their personality because it’s HIS packaged deal.

What is a Skeezer?

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

There are many decent, considerate and good women that exist among us.... a SKEEZER is not one of them.

A skeezer is a selfish, inconsiderate female predator of good men that will blame the "so-called" no good men "that SHE chose" for her personal failures and poor decisions in life.

There is no exterior appearance that defines what a skeezer is which makes her quite capable of deceiving most good men. They vary in shape, size, color, financial status and ethnicity so you have to be able to recognize her by her ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR. Don’t allow her to get a bite out of your life.

A skeezer will impersonate, with FRAUDULENT intent, the character of a good woman so she can prey (not pray) on and USE GOOD MEN to support her selfish, irresponsible and inappropriate lifestyle.

Skeezers will also use their children or get pregnant if they have to. There are no limits to what a skeezer will do to get what she wants regardless of the damaging impact to her male victims.

What is that Skeezer Really Thinking?

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

There are far too many good men so desperate to have a female that they overlook what a skeezer really means when she is speaking to him. There is a difference between a skeezer’s statements and her thoughts. I will take just a few of their statements and expose their true thoughts for the good men that aren’t capable of doing so or they are in denial and won’t accept reality.

Skeezer’s Words:
I would like for us to try and be friends first.

Skeezer’s Thoughts:
I am not that attracted to you so I would like to see how much use you would be to me before I decide if I want to keep you around me.

Skeezer’s Words:
I like you but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.

Skeezer’s Thoughts:
I have no personal interest in you. I like what you do for me (no sex of course) so I want to keep you at a distance just in case I do meet someone that I am interested in.

Skeezer’s Words:
I don’t like a cheap man.

Skeezer’s Thoughts:
If you want to spend time with me you will have to spend your money on me.

Skeezer’s Words:
I will not have sex until after I am married.

Skeezer’s Thoughts:
I have dated men, I have had sex with all the men I was attracted to and they still did not marry me so now I am going to use religion or my frustration in making selfish choices as my sexual shield. Since you appear to be of no social or financial benefit to me being and I am not really that physically attracted to you I will make you wait.

Skeezer’s Words:
I am not interested in shallow men and I do not have friends who are.

Skeezer’s Thoughts:
I can’t handle rejection and especially if you are not physically attracted to me. I will never introduce you to any of my girlfriends that you may be attracted to. If I can’t be happy with you I will make sure that none of them will be.

Documented Skeezers – a Definite Dead End

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

For the man that seeks excitement, game, challenge and a costly dysfunctional relationship, these personalities below are especially for you.

These types of women claim to be independent, strong, genuine, reasonable, spiritual/religious, and fair, but in actuality, they are all skeezers seeking to take advantage of a good man’s time, resources, and/or finances.

They are pretenders, hypocrites, hustlers, liars when it comes to interaction with a good man. Many of them may do well or pretend to be doing well when they don’t have a man in their life but when it comes to interacting with a good man, they will eventually dump their financial and physical responsibilities onto him.

There is no legitimate reason why any good man should waste his time with these types of women. These types of women have made poor choices in their lives, are now paying the price for it and looking for a good, suckerman to bail them out.

Skeezers do not like good men having a healthy relationship with their mothers because just as animals have that ability to smell fear MOTHERS HAVE THAT ABILITY TO SMELL SKEEZERS. From that point on, moms guards are up and looking out for her son’s best interest which skeezers despise.

The following are a few of documented skeezers and a brief description to assist you in identifying their behavior. The remainder of them are listed in the book.

MS PIGEON – She lives by the creed, “The more men I meet, the more free meals I should be able to eat”. She always ready to eat and expects a man to pay for her meals no matter how much money she has.

MS DRAMA QUEEN – If you want nothing else in life but arguments and stress this is the one. The only peace you will get from her is a good piece of ass.

MS BEGGA LOTT – She is usually financially over-extended due to her immature financial behavior. She is unable to pay her bills most of the time and expects you to pay or is able to pay and just expects you to pay them anyway.

MS INDEPENDENT – She plays the independent game well. Has a job (or self-employed), car, an apartment (or house), and claims she is independent and doesn’t need a man’s money. Go out on dates with her and see if she pays for her "so-called" independent self.

MS HOLY ROLLER – She is waiting on the Lord to send her that mate, but all you have to do is attend church regularly, dress in nice suits so she can be seen with you and accepted by her church peers, spend a little money on her and she will be the biggest freak you ever had before marriage and will justify it by saying that God sent you to her.

MS HOLY HUSTLER – She is the hypocritical and psychologically disturbed twin sister of Ms Holy Roller. She worships cash by way of the bible and is quite skilled in using the “God Game” to acquire case, assets, favors, etc., from men, and use that same “God Game” to keep good men at a safe, non-sexual but manipulative distance “In The Name of Jesus.”

MS PACKAGE DEAL – This is Ms. So Fine and good looking that in the past when she had no children and she would not give the good man the chance at a relationship. Now, with that package on her hip, she will say, “I made a mistake.” Years later and being unable to attract the same kind of men that knocked her up, she is ready to settle down with the types of men she ignored in the past. Are you ready to PRETEND that she now cares for you and give up your time and finances for HER (and some other man's) package?

MS GOLD DIGGER – A closet prostitute with the idea that you have to pay for the dates if you want to be with her. She typically juggles more than one man at a time and now with the internet, she’s a CYBER HO.

MS PARTY GIRL – She lives in the world of fantasy, fun & recreation. Typically, she is the young cutie that’s looking for that man that will allow her to continue to live that irresponsible, childish lifestyle. What she refuses to see is that with time and receiving all the attention, she will go from that YOUNG, FIRM CUTIE to that OLE’, LOOSE BOOTY CALL that no one will commit to.

MS N. DEE NILE (WAITING FOR EX) – Here is the CLASSIC case of being in DENIAL. She is waiting on her ex’s because the Look, Sex and/or Money were too good to let go of and she wants only him and is only killing time with you.

Whoso Findeth a Wife Findeth a Good Thing

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

That phrase is used quite commonly with women and most (not all) don’t know what they are talking about.

First of all remember that you don’t meet a woman and she automatically becomes your wife. If you are not swayed by her looks then you should know that there is a process that she should follow before she becomes wife potential. I will move from the phrase backwards to help you out if you don’t know.

1. Before she can become your wife she has to DISPLAY wife-like qualities.

2 Before she can display wife-like qualities she has to KNOW what those qualities are.

3. Before she can know what those qualities are she has to LEARN those qualities.

4. The way to learn those qualities is to be TAUGHT by a knowledgeable, unselfish and sane male, female or group.

5. Before she can be taught those qualities she has to have the proper ATTITUDE.

Many women will have grown up with a selfish attitude and will have not been taught what wife-like qualities are. What most of them do know about being a wife was probably learned through direct observation at home of an emotionally damaged female that made selfish or poor choices in choosing a mate and will now blame the mate or ex’s for her dismal situation.

She may also have been negatively influenced by selfish and controlling women in dysfunctional relationships which typically have the man as a financial and material provider of her immature and selfish demands. That man will usually just give her what she wants to temporarily shut her up. Those types of females are usually never satisfied and the best thing he could do for himself is leave home and never return.

Until she can display those wife-like qualities on a consistent basis all you have found is a thing. You don’t know how good that thing is or if that thing is a good woman that can potentially become your wife or just another skeezer that will eventually become a physical, emotional and financial burden.

Unless you are foolish you should never allow her to bring stress or debt into your life because she will expect for you to help partially or totally bear her burdens. Just being a female does not qualify her to be your wife.

Is She A Good Woman Or Just Another Skeezer

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

Some women have no clue what a good woman is because most men either don’t know or don’t tell them. Here are some positive and basic qualities that any good woman can and should consistently display. Don’t settle for less!!

- She is emotionally free and psychologically healthy.
- She has healthy relationships with those close to her.
- She takes care of her own responsibilities and will not expect you to rescue her from the drama, stress or debt that she has created.
- She can sensibly communicate her likes and dislikes to you.
- She is happy just being in your company without developing diarrhea of the mouth.
- She can be content at home and does not have to run the streets in order to be happy.
- She accepts you and does not try to change you.
- She can keep your business private and not become a public embarrassment.
- She is seeking companionship to enhance her happiness and not to make her happy.
- She knows how to cook a healthy meal and not just burgers and tacos.

Marriage Does Not Make A Man "Monogamous"

(Excerpt from "Rules of Engagement")

Rule #22: Marriage doesn’t make a man monogamous.

If the man WANTS a monogamous relationship and she is CONSISTENTLY satisfying his needs that will keep him monogamous. Both conditions must exist in order for him to be monogamous.

Marriage will make a man who DID NOT want to be monogamous or married PRETEND to be happy and cause him to violate that monogamous agreement at every opportunity.

Many marriages are based upon a foundation of lies, pressure and threats of termination of the relationship by the female if he doesn’t marry her. His conformance is due to society’s pressure, her pressure, his inability to get a woman to commit to him for any length of time or her INTENTIONALLY getting pregnant (there are very few mistakes these days and too many forms of birth control to use the "mistake excuse"). FACT: The female has COMPLETE CONTROL over that sperm once a male ejaculates into her. What happens with that sperm afterwards is by IGNORANCE or INTENT. I give females far too much credit to first assume them to be ignorant.

There are some males that get married so they can have someone at home to come to while they continue to have their flings outside of the home. These males refuse to see or accept that many females aren’t living by the old rule of sharing their man as long as she is living in the house and he is paying the bills. The female will wait until the appropriate “legal” opportunity and leave taking as much as she can.

If you don’t want to be monogamous then why would you get married or into a monogamous relationship? Let me guess. Would it be that you are just stupid and don’t care about your well-being? You don’t have a future so you don’t have anything to lose? Simply don’t know any better?


If you decide to get married never marry because you feel pressured. Never marry unless you are ready for a monogamous relationship, she has been consistent in her respect and love for you or you have no goals in life and you find a female that is financially in a position to take care of you.


Many men cheat because the wife stopped doing those things she did to get him to marry her or he was not ready to commit to a marriage but gave in to the pressure to please her or others.

If you are that naive and jump into marriage due to pressure or marry because it’s a dysfunctional situation and you are hoping things will get better afterwards then you are making a wrong decision. You are taking foolish risks which usually lead to depression, stress, domestic, financial problems for the male and eventual divorce.

The remainder of this applies primarily to those younger males who seek benefits from females that are at least ten years older than they are. Women older than you will tend to do things for you that they won’t do for a man their age or older so take full advantage of it while you can.

IF YOU HAVE NO AMBITIONS IN LIFE to be financially successful then you will want to MARRY A FEMALE THAT IS AT LEAST 10 YEARS older than you and that is financially in a better position than you. That way if the two of you break up you should be able to legally take some of what she has and continue to live that lifestyle that you have been accustomed to just as females do.

Don’t put a priority on your sexual satisfaction from her. Do as they do and get you someone younger on the side to satisfy that desire. That is what many of them will do who is with an older man primarily for financial reasons. Remember you must think like them and not for them.

If they want a male’s behavior to change they should change their behavior. After all, your thoughts and behavior should be a reflection of hers.

DO NOT MARRY unless YOU are ready to commit to a monogamous relationship because in today's society YOU have "potentially" far more to lose than gain if you violate that marriage.

What Are The Weight Classes of Females?

(Excerpt from "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement")

Rule #3: There are five basic weight classes of females
Be aware that there are five basic weight classes of females which have nothing to do with how heavy they are or their physical attractiveness. These classes are about her attitude and behavior. It is important that you realize and accept the fact that not all females are in the same weight class and thusly will not behave the same towards you. Most will not behave in a manner that you wish for them/her to do on a consistent basis when it comes to your initial contact and personal interaction.


You should use the word female when referring to the opposite sex until you get to know which class to put her in.


The term female is generic, applies to all ages and does not lift her up on a pedestal and does not put her down in the gutter. You should realize that some minor as well as many adult females are adhering to those new rules that benefit them regardless of the consequences to you.

I place females in five basic weight classes. I understand that there may be other weight classes but for the purpose of simplicity and discussion these weight classes are going to be the only ones mentioned.

These weight classes are to apply based solely upon their mindset and behavior towards you and you are not to pre-judge them based upon any of your previous experiences but you better protect yourself at all time until you know what you are dealing with.

1. Featherweight,
2. Lightweight,
3. Welterweight,
4. Middleweight and
5. Heavyweight

Most females are conditioned to present themselves in one or more of the five weight classes.

Featherweight: Considerate, respectful and responsible with the highest potential to become a mate. She is willing to work with you and not against you in the ring, has a genuine interest in you, values you and not what you have, not what you can spend or not what she can get from you. Her understanding of loving a male and showing him respect has not been corrupted. She spends time with him without expecting or requiring an admission fee.

Lightweight: Considerate, respectful and responsible with good potential to become a mate or friend. Although she has been conditioned to take what she can, she is willing to work with a man and not against him and has a genuine interest in him, values him and not what he has or not what he can spend on her. She will spend time with him periodically expecting an admission fee due to her conditioning but not requiring it.

Welterweight: Non-combative and only in the ring for the attention and the benefits she knows that you will freely and foolishly give her in order to spend time with her. Many make themselves available on those online dating sites to increase their benefits quota.

Middleweight: Scrappy and competitive but will be very co-operative if you provide the finances required to spend time with her. She periodically will put up resistance but all you have to do is pull out that cash or credit card and she will cease the resistance and cater to your needs. They sell their time and what is done with it is negotiable which may NOT include sex if that’s what you were thinking. There are two basic sub-classes, affordable and overpriced. Of course overpriced depend solely upon your financial status so pay close attention and choose wisely.

Heavyweight: This one will go toe-to-toe, trade blows with you and knock your DUMB ASS out if you don’t keep your guards up and protect yourself. She is masterful in the ring. She expects you to spend money as well as cater to her. She expects you to expect nothing more than to be grateful that she has allowed you the opportunity to serve her when she (not you) wants service.

There are Super-Heavyweights prowling out there that are extremely bitter due to their own selfish and poor choices in males. Their mission in life is to seek and destroy the male by any means. They do not want what you have and do not function by any rules. They can knock you out even with your guards up so avoid them completely.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do Females "Cheat" Too?

(Excerpt from "Rules of Engagement")

Concern #18: Females talk about how males cheat so much. Do females cheat as well?

I hear females talk about their men cheating all the time and how some of them will catch their man in the act of cheating. Why don’t I hear more about females cheating as well?


That is a very good question that most will avoid. The problem with the idea of cheating is that, in most cases, there are never any conditions stated prior to commitment of what cheating is.

The primary reasons for not stating such are:

1) Fear of being rejected by that other person for bringing that discussion up,

2) That the person is aware of the other person’s behavior and is in denial hoping that he or she will change later on in the relationship which most of the time they never do or

3) That person, which is typically the female, will accept the male having other females in order to live a certain lifestyle that she is too lazy to provide for herself or incapable of doing so she accepts him “as is”.

Nowadays female are cheating just as much, if not more than males, and in categories that females don’t consider to be cheating because the weak and insecure male is programmed to just be so happy to have her that he will over-look the obvious.

Sexual relations with someone other than the person you are in a committed relationship with are universally considered to be cheating without either partner stating it in advance. So even if you don’t say that is cheating, it’s universally accepted to be such. Prior to entering into a committed, monogamous (which needs to be stated) relationship there are certain things that the male should state to the female as cheating which many females do on a regular basis that are in marital or non-marital monogamous relationships.

The reason many females will not consider what I am about to state as cheating is because it selfishly benefits them:

- Not informing males that have a personal interest in her that she is in a committed relationship,
- Allowing males to continue to give her attention knowing his interest are personal (females are not stupid, they know when a male has a personal interest in her),
- Allowing males to go to lunch with her and pay for her lunch,
- Allowing males to do things for her without her paying them for their time,
- Allowing males to continuously flirt with her in the workplace,
- Going to social places with her girlfriends and allowing males to buy her drinks, continuously flirt with her or dance and touch her,
- Violating their privacy by discussing their personal affairs or problems with others before attempting to discuss it with him,
- Spending of her money in a manner that will cause a disruption, a financial burden or stress in their relationship

Those are only a few of the known behaviors females allow and consider to be “not cheating”. What he don’t or refuse to realize is that at some point in time those lies the other males are promising her will eventually cause her to expect you to provide that kind of “attention” and “do those things” for her that the male that is trying to get between her thighs are promising to do for her.

Here is my suggestion to you. First of all, no one can control or stop anyone else from doing what they want to do and that includes you as well. You have no control over any female so accept that as a reality of life. You only control what she “allows” you to control. What you do have control over is what you will accept in your relationship. If you believe that the above is also forms of cheating then you should state that, before you enter into a monogamous relationship, stick to it and let her know that you will not remain in that relationship if she behaves in any of the manners above.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Online Dating "Game"

(Excerpt from "Rules of Engagement")

Concern #9: Are online dating sites a good way to connect with females?

I have been considering checking out some of those online dating sites. I have heard mixed opinions about them. Some have been positive but most are negative. Some of my male friends say that there are lots of emotionally damaged, gold-digging and inconsiderate females online. What do you think about females on these sites?


You have access or opportunity to connect with more females than you would on just a day-to-day, meet by chance situation. My rule of thumb regarding females online is the more attractive she is the higher her expectations will be. Unless you are exactly what she wants and doing what she wants, chances are she will continue to have other online males available for her. She loves the attention and cannot do without it even if she isn’t personally interested in the male giving her the attention. They become addicted to the attention that they are receiving from males.

When you do connect with them you should place them in one of four categories: 1) below average, 2) average, 3) attractive and 4) very attractive as it pertains to their physical appearance.

The more attractive they are the more you will have to apply Rule #40 because they are juggling males and the wealthy, most attractive or males with game are the ones that usually get in. The very attractive and attractive will put you in a position of having to compete for them by having you do just as much or more than the other males foolishly competing for them. If you are looking for an online connection I suggest that you stick to the average or below average females. They are usually more cooperative and require less.

The majority of them will state in their profiles they don’t play games, looking for a serious man and/or looking for a man that loves God. What that says is that they have failed in their attempts. They played games and lost, chose the players and lost in their attempt to change them and played the God game and lost. Each time they gave it up so now they will put you on hold.

The following are the majority of female types you will encounter online:

1. Emotionally Damaged – They chose the wrong type of males and tried to do all that they could to please them. Now she’s online with her guards up seeking refuge from her poor decisions. She is usually seeking online attention only, will chat but not make phone or personal contact. She will venture beyond the online chat only if she feels as if she has control of the situation.

2. Selfish & Inconsiderate – These are typically the attractive to very attractive types and it’s all about them. They seek the highest bidders and the ones most likely to cater to them and provide the lifestyle that they desire. You can’t take these types of females serious because they have been corrupted with all of the attention and offers. If she allows you into the ring, she does so with the intent of you doing a lot of work to remain there.

3. Demanding – These are a combination of both of the above because they have done it all (sex, catering to males, giving males money, etc.) and all of that kind of behavior has been put on hold with males they have no genuine interest in. You get none of it and she demands all of it from you in order for you to earn time with her.

A vast majority of these females see these online dating sites as an opportunity to have men in multiple locations thus increasing their benefit potential. If your game is good and you can get in and get out quickly do so. Otherwise, don’t waste your time with the attractive and very attractive ones because that online environment works only to their advantage and not yours.