Thursday, December 4, 2008

Marriage Does Not Make A Man "Monogamous"

(Excerpt from "Rules of Engagement")

Rule #22: Marriage doesn’t make a man monogamous.

If the man WANTS a monogamous relationship and she is CONSISTENTLY satisfying his needs that will keep him monogamous. Both conditions must exist in order for him to be monogamous.

Marriage will make a man who DID NOT want to be monogamous or married PRETEND to be happy and cause him to violate that monogamous agreement at every opportunity.

Many marriages are based upon a foundation of lies, pressure and threats of termination of the relationship by the female if he doesn’t marry her. His conformance is due to society’s pressure, her pressure, his inability to get a woman to commit to him for any length of time or her INTENTIONALLY getting pregnant (there are very few mistakes these days and too many forms of birth control to use the "mistake excuse"). FACT: The female has COMPLETE CONTROL over that sperm once a male ejaculates into her. What happens with that sperm afterwards is by IGNORANCE or INTENT. I give females far too much credit to first assume them to be ignorant.

There are some males that get married so they can have someone at home to come to while they continue to have their flings outside of the home. These males refuse to see or accept that many females aren’t living by the old rule of sharing their man as long as she is living in the house and he is paying the bills. The female will wait until the appropriate “legal” opportunity and leave taking as much as she can.

If you don’t want to be monogamous then why would you get married or into a monogamous relationship? Let me guess. Would it be that you are just stupid and don’t care about your well-being? You don’t have a future so you don’t have anything to lose? Simply don’t know any better?


If you decide to get married never marry because you feel pressured. Never marry unless you are ready for a monogamous relationship, she has been consistent in her respect and love for you or you have no goals in life and you find a female that is financially in a position to take care of you.


Many men cheat because the wife stopped doing those things she did to get him to marry her or he was not ready to commit to a marriage but gave in to the pressure to please her or others.

If you are that naive and jump into marriage due to pressure or marry because it’s a dysfunctional situation and you are hoping things will get better afterwards then you are making a wrong decision. You are taking foolish risks which usually lead to depression, stress, domestic, financial problems for the male and eventual divorce.

The remainder of this applies primarily to those younger males who seek benefits from females that are at least ten years older than they are. Women older than you will tend to do things for you that they won’t do for a man their age or older so take full advantage of it while you can.

IF YOU HAVE NO AMBITIONS IN LIFE to be financially successful then you will want to MARRY A FEMALE THAT IS AT LEAST 10 YEARS older than you and that is financially in a better position than you. That way if the two of you break up you should be able to legally take some of what she has and continue to live that lifestyle that you have been accustomed to just as females do.

Don’t put a priority on your sexual satisfaction from her. Do as they do and get you someone younger on the side to satisfy that desire. That is what many of them will do who is with an older man primarily for financial reasons. Remember you must think like them and not for them.

If they want a male’s behavior to change they should change their behavior. After all, your thoughts and behavior should be a reflection of hers.

DO NOT MARRY unless YOU are ready to commit to a monogamous relationship because in today's society YOU have "potentially" far more to lose than gain if you violate that marriage.


  1. (1) When a male ejaculates into her she also releases hormones that make her emotional i.e. feel like wanting to be a mom. Each time a male ejaculates without protection it comes from the seed of his subconscious mind to desire leaving a part of him in this world i.e.impregnating the female i.e. be a father.

    Thus emotions will over-ride logic if both already have the seed planted in their subconscious to pro-create.

    If she keeps the child it's because she desires him enough to give up her other options for him. He doesn't have to marry her unless subconsciously he too desires to be a father.

    (2) Question : And the reason for his inability to get a woman to commit to him for any length of time is because he.......????? (you have to come up with something a male will say that is free from blaming females, free from justifying male behaviour and free of complaining about circumstances in general.)

    I really like the rest of your article. I like a lot of what you write and agree with them. But there are some points which are so unfair. I don't blame females for not commenting because they are going to risk being accused of whatever.

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