Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is a Skeezer?

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

There are many decent, considerate and good women that exist among us.... a SKEEZER is not one of them.

A skeezer is a selfish, inconsiderate female predator of good men that will blame the "so-called" no good men "that SHE chose" for her personal failures and poor decisions in life.

There is no exterior appearance that defines what a skeezer is which makes her quite capable of deceiving most good men. They vary in shape, size, color, financial status and ethnicity so you have to be able to recognize her by her ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR. Don’t allow her to get a bite out of your life.

A skeezer will impersonate, with FRAUDULENT intent, the character of a good woman so she can prey (not pray) on and USE GOOD MEN to support her selfish, irresponsible and inappropriate lifestyle.

Skeezers will also use their children or get pregnant if they have to. There are no limits to what a skeezer will do to get what she wants regardless of the damaging impact to her male victims.


  1. It's not when you see it you believe it, it's when you believe it then you will see it.

    Some men have been so influenced by this line of thinking that they will interpret whatever a woman does as being fraudulent.

    I have a child and I have a family I take care of and I don't have a job I go to - and so this guy I'm seeing thinks I'm a prostitute or con game because he can't see what others see - that having had a successful business before I can now earn top dollar for running contracts merely consulting few hours a week. And there is such thing as passive and investment income and goodwill commissions.

    The damage of what you write is that men view women unfairly and with pre-judgement.

    As for getting pregnant - haven't men heard of a vasectomy or condoms? Why all this blame on women?

  2. Women have TOTAL control of conception. I agree with the vasectomy and condom but IN THE END she still has the RIGHT of CHOICE and if she chooses it's on her.

    Blame? No, Control. Women CONTROL conception and NOT men. Let's be adult and mature about that. There are PLENTY of unattractive (for the purposed of discussion) men that would like to get ATTRACTIVE (what they believe to be) pregnant so she can have his child but SHE REFUSES to lay down with him. If she can do that with me that SHE DOES NOT find attractive, then she can do the same with men she finds attractive.

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  4. @Mak. Your comment above, "It's not when you see it you believe it, it's when you believe it then you will see it".

    Would you please tell me what "it" is because this makes no rational sense to me.

  5. I had to repost Lovina Mak's comment of September 10, 2012 11:44 AM because it accidentally got deleted:

    Well, getting pregnant is a big investment for a woman so OF COURSE SHE WILL CHOOSE A MALE SHE FINDS ATTRACTIVE coz just like her male counterpart she wants to have healthy, beautiful, intelligent offspring! So I'm really lost at the point you were trying to make.

    As a female why would I want to invest my resources to get pregnant with and raise a child that came from a man I neither desire or love? (exception for incest and rape.)

    Will you sleep with a woman you find completely unattractive?

    (Attractiveness being a relative thing....)

    I guess what you're trying to say is that as a man you would RATHER A FEMALE GET PREGNANT AND NOT TELL YOU ABOUT IT. Was that your point?

    OK, fine, women control conception. This means she decides whether or not the man is informed that he is a father.

    I have a male friend who was devastated to find out 10 years later he had a child with a girl that moved away one day. He called her a bitch for not giving him a chance to be a father. And then I have another female friend who was a virgin at the time she was raped, did the responsible thing and informed the father and he called her a slut.

    I guess the conclusion is if a man wants to be a father he'd better gain the respect of the woman and cater to her and if he doesn't want to be a father he should get a vasectomy. Let's be adult and mature about the choices men really have.