Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Older Man and a "Much" Younger Woman Controversy

I am the type of person, as you can see by my postings, that don't give a shit what someone else says about me or what I do. As long as I'm enjoying my life, respecting myself and doing 
no harm to myself, respecting others, not harming others my message to those that don't like what I say, do or have issues with this post is:






You got your education, your job (or your business), your car, your apartment (or home), you travel to different places and I applaud you.

You were young once, you had your opportunities and you took advantage of it or should have taken advantage of it. Now it's time to move out the way just as the older women had to do when YOU were that younger woman.

If you want to play the "Cougar" role, go right on and do so. I'm not mad at you and I do know of some "Cubs" that "may" possibly love to hook up with (not commit to) you.


There is a combination of "Hating the Older Man Because He Has a Much Younger Woman" and "Envy of the Younger Woman Because She Is a Younger Woman" that exists.

This post came about because last night I went to this sports bar to watch the second half of Monday Night Football (no I did not watch the presidential debate).

It just so happened that this older guy came into the bar with this much younger woman (about 35 years difference in age). She appeared to be in her late 20's so you idiots can do the math. She was wearing her gear and really getting into the game. Talking trash, giving high five, etc. and I'm saying to myself, "She's cool..". 

There was a table of older (much older than her) females next to us and I could not help but notice the frown on a couple of their faces when they looked at the older man and much younger woman. Especially when she reached over and kissed him. For a while, those two females paid more attention to that couple than they did to the game.

They start talking about the couple and one of the comments (of course) was, "She just want him for his money". I had to laugh to myself because that's the same mentality that they have. They have a job and expect men to pay so what's new?


Living in Los Angeles, I've had the pleasure to date multi-culturally (that's different culture for the morons) and I've found a distinct difference in the "american mindset" vs the "non-american mindset" when it comes to this topic.

That american mindset of a younger woman has to do with WHAT WILL YOU GIVE ME if I am going to be with you "old man". There is very little respect for the older man by the younger woman in this culture. 

A SIDE NOTE: There is very little respect for older people and seniors period in this american culture.

That non-american INFLUENCED mindset of a younger woman has to do with WHAT CAN WE DO TOGETHER and LET ME LEARN FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE and WISDOM if we are going to be together. 


I would prefer to try to develop a relationship with a younger woman:

- "with less mental/emotional baggage", 
- "that is genuinely trying to make it in life"
- "is open-minded, COOPERATIVE with that i wanna" attitude and 
- "is looking for an older man to develop a relationship with.

I would NOT prefer to try to develop a relationship with an older woman:

- "with lots of mental/emotional baggage due to HER poor choices in men", 
- "that has a good job and REFUSE to pay her own way",
- "dating younger men and comparing them to older men" and 
- "is closed-minded, UNCOOPERATIVE with that i ain't gonna" attitude.


DO NOT THINK that a young woman WON'T BURN YOU. There is the american mindset and the non-american mindset that exist so I advise you to BE VERY OBSERVANT regardless of who she is.

Taking time to get to know the non-american females is the ONLY WAY you will be able to know if she's GENUINE or CORRUPTED by "the american way". 

You should already know that MOST american females are NOT WORTH the time and effort UNLESS you are NOT trying to develop a genuine interest in them.


If she is non-american and MOST of her females are american (especially if they are the american NEGRO), I would say that HER value system has been compromised so you are possibly wasting your time IF you were expecting that genuine, considerate, non-american behavior.


Some females "may" agree, many american-minded females "will" disagree and some will even say, "I hate women", "Where are you meeting these women" or "Who chewed you up and spit you out"?

I say to them (lesbians excluded), "How many american minded females have you dated? Until you've dated them for at least 5 years on a personal, intimate level, you don't qualify to give your opinion as to how females interact with me or any other male.

I'm done so now you can attack me.....