Monday, April 26, 2010


They LOVE PLAYING GAMES and the benefits that typically comes with playing. They hate the MALE PLAYERS that plays the GAME better than they do because they end up getting PLAYED.

BEFORE I BEGIN let me state for the record, I consider myself to be just another one of those average joe's. I don't flaunt myself or promote myself as being a "player, womanizer, baller, hunk, hot or all that" so don't bother responding with the typical "who do you think you are" or "you ain't all that" because I have just said that I wasn't, ok?

I find that reading the profiles on these social sites to be very amusing and quite hypocritical. Some of the most common phrases I read in those profiles are, "No Games", "I am not into Games", "If you are playing games move on" or "I'm tired of men who play games". It's really not games that these females are tired of, it's NOT getting what they want or NOT being IN CONTROL of the game that's their problem.

FEMALES LOVE PLAYING GAMES and one of the most common game they play is called, the "ADMISSION FEE" game (which I got from a good buddy of mine and I use quite often in my conversations). What is the admission fee game? It's quite simple, "If you want to spend time with her, you have to pay the admission fee (which is PAY FOR the cost of the date so she don't have to pay her own way or PAY HER for the time she spends with you)". They also love to play the "Tease Him and Make Him Want" or "Make Him Pay and Wait" game.

These social sites are PRIMARILY just another way for many females to keep that GAME going and pick up a few WEAK, DESPERATE FOOLS (not friends) WITH BENEFITS until "Mr. Eventually No Good" comes along. They probably PURPOSELY ignored and avoided a minimum of 10 "average joe's" for every male they claim was "no good" (which was just a better player than her) after he SPANKED DAT AZZ and tossed her into his personal DOG POUND collection.

I've been on enough of these site and experienced enought to know a few things:

1 - The very attractive females WILL NOT be on these sites,

2 - IF those very attractive females are on these sites they are seeking financially well-to-do males that will cater to their desires which most males can't afford to sustain,

3 - IF you are so lucky to catch one of those very attractive females chances are she a) has children at home and need help, b) don't have children but is financially over-extended and need help, c) has been abused physically, emotionally and/or financially by a male (or males) SHE WILLINGLY CHOSE and is looking for help UNTIL she gets back on her feet and will dump your NICE, average joe AZZ afterwards, d) her marketable value has diminished (and probably still is diminishing) due to changes in her physical appearance because of age, having child(ren), stress (that she typically brings upon herself and later blames the male), weight gain, etc. or e) a combination of a, b, c and d,

4 - Item 3 will also apply to many attractive and some average looking females as well,

5 - Females on these sites WILL BE juggling multiple males so don't EVER think you will be the only one UNLESS you are EXACTLY what she wants and she ISN'T getting the attention and types she expected to receive online,

6 - Out of the females that are online, at least 95 PERCENT females will CONTINUE to visit these sites and especially if she gets angry with your for whatever reason. Don't expect her to avoid them once she starts spending time with you. After all, you found her here didn't you so what do you expect?

7 - Your success potential will be much higher if you stick to the AVERAGE or BELOW AVERAGE looking females on those online sites that will be more considerate of and genuinely interested in you as opposed to what she can get out of you.


IF you are attracted to a female you see, she is mutually attracted to you AND you have a personal interest in her then LIE TO HER. Talk about all of those things she expects to hear that she believes she may benefit from later on. DO NOT tell her you are going to give her something or you are going to do things for her. Talk about (NOT BRAG) those personal things you are SUPPOSED to be doing or planning on doing that sounds exciting and expensive (i.e., dining at expensive places, going to social events, plays, concerts, traveling, weekend getaways, etc). Many females will AUTOMATICALLY feel ENTITLED to those things if you are going to spend time with them. Her ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE is her weakness and your admission ticket depending on how smooth you are with your delivery.


IF you aren't attracted to her AND have no personal interest in her then TELL HER THE TRUTH (which is usually what they don't want to hear) because they use the truth to screen you out. The TRUTH is:

1 - You are attracted to her, you have a personal interest in getting to know her BUT you are NOT interested in (or can't) bear the financial responsibilities involved while spending time with her. In other words, you would like her to PAY HER OWN WAY.

2 - You want to tell her you are attracted to HER but that WEAVE (you know what ethnicity I'm talking about if she's wearing this type) does not match her hair texture, does nothing to enhance her, is NOT attractive and DOES NOT turn you on. You chose to remain silent or complimented her on it to minimize the possibilty of being rejected by her.

This will DEFINITELY turn away 90 percent of the females you come in contact with. If she remains AFTER you have told her the truth, then you just may have found yourself a female that is TRULY INDEPENDENT and GENUINELY INTERESTED IN YOU.


IF you are just PURSUING POON then find yourself a female (or females) you can afford to spend your money on, PAY for what you want (don't forget to "jimmy up"), enjoy yourself but remain emotionally DETACHED, after a period of time start looking for a better bargain for your bucks and DUMP HER becaue all you have going there is a BUSINESS relationship.

IF you don't think it's a business relationship and she genuinely cares about you, ask her to start paying her own way all (not some) of the time and see how long it lasts. Yea, I know that for many of you the REALITY of that situation hurts and that's why you reamin in denial about it.

DON'T GET ANGRY at her IF SHE ultimately finds a bigger pay day and decides to DUMP YOU after a period of time. It's not personal, it's just business and that's how the GAME is played PLAYA". Unfortunately (for you, not her), you emotionally attached yourself to someone that was simply PROSTITUTING THEIR TIME.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"UNPLANNED" Pregnancy or Calculated, Scandalous, Selfish and Irresponsible Behavior?

The excerpt below was taken from an online article:

L.A. County study raises worry over unplanned pregnancies

40% of births in county were the result of accidental conception, which can endanger babies' health, according to a report by the Department of Public Health
- April 05, 2010By Molly Hennessy-Fiske

About 40% of births in Los Angeles County each year are the result of unplanned pregnancies, which can endanger the health of babies, according to a study released by the county's Department of Public Health.

The figure is based primarily on a county survey completed in 2006 of more than 5,200 women ages 13 to 56 who had recently given birth.



This message is intended for males because, as you will read, most females WILL NOT accept the FACT that they have total control over getting pregnant and NOT YOU.

Males don't get females pregnant, IGNORANCE (lack of knowledge) or PRE-MEDITATED INTENT by the female gets the female pregnant. UNLESS the male knows that the female is mentally disable or the females is held against her will and FORCED to conceive and have child, the female got herself pregnant. What the male did was FOOLISHLY/STUPIDLY deposit his sperm into her and contributed to the OPPORTUNITY of her getting pregnant when they have no intent on wanting to FULLY participate in raising a child. He should be wearing a condom EVERYTIME he's engaging in sex if he does not want that responsibility.

After the male deposits his sperm into the female, she has TOTAL CONTROL as to whether or not conception can occur. There are too many forms of birth control, including what I call the "Oops Pill" (Plan B Contraceptive) that will prevent contraception if taken within a specified period of time after depositing his sperm thus preventing her from getting pregnant.

Why don't females admit to having TOTAL control of conception? You would have to ask them but my guess is FOOLISH selfishness which includes but not limited to money, lifestyle upgrade, intent to trap a male, influence from others who behave in that manner, etc. Sadly, MOST females will never admit to having total control over pregnancy which means males better "Wrap It Up" or "Don't Put It In" if he suspects the female will proceed with conception if he deposits his sperm.

Unfortunately, MOST males ARE NOT mentally strong enough to address this issue with the female or wrap it up BEFORE engaging in sex and WILL PAY a handsome price with money, stress and limited personal productivity through SELF-INFLICTED pain and suffering. I'm sure all of us know at least one male that is in that position today. The female (that wants to get pregnant) will function in a pre-meditated manner by taking little or no measures to prevent it which includes SAYING NO to the male if he is NOT wearing a condom. I do not see the male as a VICTIM, I see him as a FOOL. Nowadays, there are too many cases of males ruining their lives by allowing a female to control what happens to his sperm for him to NOT wear a condom. He will FOOLISHLY risk minutes of pleasure for years of PAIN.


Although my comment pertains to the L.A. County study, I am sure that it can apply nationwide as well (I'm going to restrict this to the USA). I believe that the percentage of unplanned births are much lower and probably in the lower single-digit percentage. Many of you won't like what I am saying because this applies to many of you and we all know how people in denial DON'T like the TRUTH.



Unplanned Pregnancy - When BOTH parties TAKE measures to prevent conception from occuring while performing the sexual act. This means the male wearing a condom and the female utilizing one of the MANY forms forms of birth control available. Even if one or the other or both fail to utilize birth control there is the "Plan B: Morning After Pill". It is the first progestin-only pill that has been approved in the U.S. for emergency contraception AFTER either unprotected sex or a contraceptive accident, such as a condom breaking.


My reason for stating such is because MOST (not all) of those so-called unplanned pregnancies are because:

- HE did not wear a condom,
- SHE was not taking birth control,
- SHE lied to him about taking birth control,
- SHE intentionally stopped taking birth control,
- SHE did not want to apply "Plan B" after unprotected sex,
- SHE did not tell him she was not taking birth control and HE stupidly did not ask.

Whether you want to accept it or not, the examples above constitute PLANNED and/or IRRESPONSIBLE behavior. This EXCLUDES those RARE situations where both parties used protection and conception/pregnancy occurred anyway so don't get them twisted.

EXCEPT FOR the following (as a minimum), the percentage of unplanned pregnancies are extremely low or rare as opposed to the large percentage stated above:

- the INABILITY to make rational decisions (i.e., mentally unstable),
- IGNORANCE (lack of knowledge) about sex, birth control methods and the parental responsibility that results from becoming pregnant,
- HE performed a sexual act with her while she was in a deep sleep (she's gotta be REAL deep to NOT eventually become aware) or in a comatose state,
- SHE being forced to have UNprotected sex (i.e., RAPE), held against her will and monitored until she conceives and becomes pregnant,
- protection WAS used by BOTH parties and she still got pregnant.


As you can see above, the vast MAJORITY of so-called UNplanned pregnancies CAN BE PREVENTED by the female because SHE HAS TOTAL CONTROL over conception and pregnancy except for the rare/uncommon situations described above.

The above information will disturb, anger or cause MANY readers to EMOTIONALLY ASSume that I am being harsh towards females and not place any responsibility on the male. As a matter of fact, I expect many of you to FEEL that way as oppose to thinking RATIONALLY about the potential consequences to BOTH parties as well as the CHILD if born.

That's why I conclude that the majority of so-called UNPLANNED pregnancies are actually PLANNED based on CALCULATED, SCANDALOUS, SELFISH and IRRESPONSIBLE behavior by the female. IF she DON'T want to get pregnant she will use one of several birth control methods available to her AND require that the male wear a condom.