Monday, April 26, 2010


They LOVE PLAYING GAMES and the benefits that typically comes with playing. They hate the MALE PLAYERS that plays the GAME better than they do because they end up getting PLAYED.

BEFORE I BEGIN let me state for the record, I consider myself to be just another one of those average joe's. I don't flaunt myself or promote myself as being a "player, womanizer, baller, hunk, hot or all that" so don't bother responding with the typical "who do you think you are" or "you ain't all that" because I have just said that I wasn't, ok?

I find that reading the profiles on these social sites to be very amusing and quite hypocritical. Some of the most common phrases I read in those profiles are, "No Games", "I am not into Games", "If you are playing games move on" or "I'm tired of men who play games". It's really not games that these females are tired of, it's NOT getting what they want or NOT being IN CONTROL of the game that's their problem.

FEMALES LOVE PLAYING GAMES and one of the most common game they play is called, the "ADMISSION FEE" game (which I got from a good buddy of mine and I use quite often in my conversations). What is the admission fee game? It's quite simple, "If you want to spend time with her, you have to pay the admission fee (which is PAY FOR the cost of the date so she don't have to pay her own way or PAY HER for the time she spends with you)". They also love to play the "Tease Him and Make Him Want" or "Make Him Pay and Wait" game.

These social sites are PRIMARILY just another way for many females to keep that GAME going and pick up a few WEAK, DESPERATE FOOLS (not friends) WITH BENEFITS until "Mr. Eventually No Good" comes along. They probably PURPOSELY ignored and avoided a minimum of 10 "average joe's" for every male they claim was "no good" (which was just a better player than her) after he SPANKED DAT AZZ and tossed her into his personal DOG POUND collection.

I've been on enough of these site and experienced enought to know a few things:

1 - The very attractive females WILL NOT be on these sites,

2 - IF those very attractive females are on these sites they are seeking financially well-to-do males that will cater to their desires which most males can't afford to sustain,

3 - IF you are so lucky to catch one of those very attractive females chances are she a) has children at home and need help, b) don't have children but is financially over-extended and need help, c) has been abused physically, emotionally and/or financially by a male (or males) SHE WILLINGLY CHOSE and is looking for help UNTIL she gets back on her feet and will dump your NICE, average joe AZZ afterwards, d) her marketable value has diminished (and probably still is diminishing) due to changes in her physical appearance because of age, having child(ren), stress (that she typically brings upon herself and later blames the male), weight gain, etc. or e) a combination of a, b, c and d,

4 - Item 3 will also apply to many attractive and some average looking females as well,

5 - Females on these sites WILL BE juggling multiple males so don't EVER think you will be the only one UNLESS you are EXACTLY what she wants and she ISN'T getting the attention and types she expected to receive online,

6 - Out of the females that are online, at least 95 PERCENT females will CONTINUE to visit these sites and especially if she gets angry with your for whatever reason. Don't expect her to avoid them once she starts spending time with you. After all, you found her here didn't you so what do you expect?

7 - Your success potential will be much higher if you stick to the AVERAGE or BELOW AVERAGE looking females on those online sites that will be more considerate of and genuinely interested in you as opposed to what she can get out of you.


IF you are attracted to a female you see, she is mutually attracted to you AND you have a personal interest in her then LIE TO HER. Talk about all of those things she expects to hear that she believes she may benefit from later on. DO NOT tell her you are going to give her something or you are going to do things for her. Talk about (NOT BRAG) those personal things you are SUPPOSED to be doing or planning on doing that sounds exciting and expensive (i.e., dining at expensive places, going to social events, plays, concerts, traveling, weekend getaways, etc). Many females will AUTOMATICALLY feel ENTITLED to those things if you are going to spend time with them. Her ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE is her weakness and your admission ticket depending on how smooth you are with your delivery.


IF you aren't attracted to her AND have no personal interest in her then TELL HER THE TRUTH (which is usually what they don't want to hear) because they use the truth to screen you out. The TRUTH is:

1 - You are attracted to her, you have a personal interest in getting to know her BUT you are NOT interested in (or can't) bear the financial responsibilities involved while spending time with her. In other words, you would like her to PAY HER OWN WAY.

2 - You want to tell her you are attracted to HER but that WEAVE (you know what ethnicity I'm talking about if she's wearing this type) does not match her hair texture, does nothing to enhance her, is NOT attractive and DOES NOT turn you on. You chose to remain silent or complimented her on it to minimize the possibilty of being rejected by her.

This will DEFINITELY turn away 90 percent of the females you come in contact with. If she remains AFTER you have told her the truth, then you just may have found yourself a female that is TRULY INDEPENDENT and GENUINELY INTERESTED IN YOU.


IF you are just PURSUING POON then find yourself a female (or females) you can afford to spend your money on, PAY for what you want (don't forget to "jimmy up"), enjoy yourself but remain emotionally DETACHED, after a period of time start looking for a better bargain for your bucks and DUMP HER becaue all you have going there is a BUSINESS relationship.

IF you don't think it's a business relationship and she genuinely cares about you, ask her to start paying her own way all (not some) of the time and see how long it lasts. Yea, I know that for many of you the REALITY of that situation hurts and that's why you reamin in denial about it.

DON'T GET ANGRY at her IF SHE ultimately finds a bigger pay day and decides to DUMP YOU after a period of time. It's not personal, it's just business and that's how the GAME is played PLAYA". Unfortunately (for you, not her), you emotionally attached yourself to someone that was simply PROSTITUTING THEIR TIME.


  1. LOL! The "Admission Fee" game. Love it.

  2. Apparently you have been castrated by some chica, and now find it OK to blame every woman for your lack of ability to find a good one. Funny how you are so hard on women who are doing the same. SMH @ your cynicism. You will be lonely for a long time. Notice, I said lonely - not alone. There is always a sorry female willing to put up with a sorry male.

  3. Wow, that's cut and dried.

  4. You are small minded and don't deserve the time of day of a Real Woman Games my ASS we are to old for bull like you are puting out find a new hobby or maybe u should read a real author's book like "BEREOLAESQUE" The Gentleman & Etiquette Book for the Urban Sophisticate that's what Real Women want!!!!!

  5. Wow, you're a powerful asshole. If I had to guess, I'd say your mind is warped from always looking at things through your own eyes, and never trying to see things from anyone else's perspective. Pathologically self-centered. But again, that's just a guess.

  6. Wow!! Are you serious? Do you really think that way of all women? Again. I say "WOW!!" I, a female, do not subscribe to the "Buy-Me-Bitch" mentality. I'm not looking to spend anyone's money or ride on anyone's coat tails. Obviously you've been dealing with the wrong type of females. SMH!!! When you use things like money as bait on a hook, don't complain when they want to keep nibbling. If it's implied and that's all that's being looked for, that's what will be expected. Game gets game. Straight up honesty goes a long way.

  7. Thanks all for your comments. Let me address some of them based upon the date and time.

    April 26, 2010 8:26 PM - "YOU DON'T KNOW ME" (just kidding, I just love it when females use that ridiculous statement because it's obvious that we don't know you, smile). As far as my lack of ability to find a good woman? I have found several good women and I know there are many more out there. I am one of the fortunate average joe's that's NOT sitting around SECRETLY complaining about the woman I am with as opposed to getting out of that miserable marital or non-marital relationship and getting a good woman. Also, I am not lonely or alone. I want to thank you for confirming what I've been telling males which is there are a lot of SORRY WOMEN (as you put it, I prefer to call them Skeezers) out there. Why would YOU refer to them as sorry then have a problem with me calling them out as well?

    April 26, 2010 9:44 PM - I appreciated the "small minded" label because that is what I am when it comes to the STUPID things that males to do ruin their lives simply for the opportunity to "hopefully" have a female treat him with honor, consideration and respect WITHOUT HIM PAYING FOR IT. I just read the product description of BEREOLAESQUE and I am not going to knock the author. Whatever it takes for him to stay in the GAME and get what he wants is his choice and ok with me (smile).

    April 27, 2010 5:31 AM - Thanks for the asshole compliment. My description of an asshole is simply a male that WILL NOT conform to what a female wants simply to satisfy her ego and/or selfish desires. I have NO PROBLEM looking at someone else's perspective as long as THEY are being responsible for it be it male or female. When that other person's perspective is at the expense (time, resources or finances) of someone else then I refuse to accept it. I will go out on a limb and ASSume you are INTELLIGENT enough to point out EXACTLY where, in my blog, I am "pathologically self centered" as you have proclaimed. I am sure others are waiting to see your comment as well.

    April 27, 2010 8:01 AM - Please show me EXACTLY where I said this applied to ALL women. I know that I did state a large percentage. If you, as a female, don't suscribe to the "Buy-Me-Bitch" mentality then I applaud you for truly being considerate and independent. I personally DON'T flaunt or use money (as I have stated in the blog) as bait although I am sure many males that have the ability to do so will do just that. I tell them if you put it out like that DON'T GET MAD if she takes it and move on. Only a FOOL or someone IN DENIAL would state that THERE ARE NOT any "Buy-Me-Bitches" (as you have stated) that exist. I tell them to get them an AFFORDABLE "Buy-Me-Bitch" until they can find themselves a GENUINE and MUTUALLY LOVING and CONSIDERATE woman and don't get emotionally attached to the bitch in the process. Thanks!

    Ok, who's next to toss a dagger at me (smile).

  8. Well it is apparent that at several points in your life that some woman or women have deeply hurt you and you now have some major defenses put up...we all do it but this is a little extreme. You are really sad and have a very negative attitude...try a little positive thinking, when you are positive you attract positive people and when you are not...well...I guess we see the result of negativity...

  9. It's quite amusing to me to see how people can't accept the truth of what you are saying. I was referred to your blog by a friend of mine and I can see why so many people have problems in relationships. I am an attractive female. I am not thick, BBW or any of those other ridiculous terms that are used to falsely describe outer beauty. I am 5'7", 135 lbs, 34-24-36 measurements, blond hair and (yes) blue eyes. I monitor my weight, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I live in Vancouver and I am in a loving relationship with a black male.

    Many women, attractive and not attractive play mind games with men to get what they want. They are spoiled, insecure and inconsiderate and don't deserve a good man like the one I have. I lived in Los Angeles for about 5 years and moved back to Vancouver. I understand what Mr. Duval is speaking of and I recommend that frustrated and disappointed males seek women outside of that area they are living in unless they want to continue to encounter people like the anonymous comment above me.

  10. Nice!
    It seems like you’ve been getting trolled for a long time. :-D