Sunday, May 6, 2012

Never Get Personally Involved with a FixHerUpper Thinking that will eventually Improve the Quality of your Life

Rule #8:  Never Get Personally Involved with a FixHerUpper Thinking that will eventually Improve the Quality of Your Life

(Excerpt from "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement")

Males have ruined their lives getting personally involved with what I call FixHerUppers.  They are unstable females that are riddled with emotional, financial and physical problems. 

The good man foolishly believes if he comes to her aid it will secure a relationship with her and eventually make his life better having her around. 

The truth of the matter is that in most cases it will not improve his lifestyle but rather bring a burden into his lifestyle and improve the quality of her life while she dumps her responsibilities, burdens and attitude onto him. 


Never reduce your quality of life by allowing a trouble-some female into your personal life and don’t allow her or her problems to move in with you.  If you are going to allow her into your social life then do so at an emotional distance.  Being social is fine as long as you are in control, not getting emotionally involved, not paying her way or helping her with her financial responsibilities. 

The moment that you begin to lose control or foolishly think of giving up that control; it’s time to toss in the towel and get out of that ring.


You, in most cases, are simply a means to putting an end to her burdens and responsibilities.  She will generally cater to you or allow you to spend time with her in order to get you to bring her into your comfortable lifestyle.  Once she’s gotten in and you have relaxed she will place her burdens and responsibilities on you and probably cut back or quit doing the things she did initially to trick you into making that stupid decision. 

Once you have relieved her burdens you will no longer be of any use to her and she will either take total control of your life or dump you and move on.  That move is usually to an ex or someone that she has been seeing while with you.  If she had not been seeing anyone she will move on to be available to have men cater to her until THE ONE comes along that she will submit to that she knew all along definitely wasn’t you.