Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Speed Dating and Personal/Social Networking Groups

Speed Dating and Personal/Social Networking Groups are popping up like acne zits and pimples on a teenager's face. You MUST UNDERSTAND what certain terms mean BEFORE you embark upon that journey of what I call TRIVIAL PURSUIT so please allow me to enlighten you:

1. MEETUP GROUP - An opportunity to ONLY GATHER or CO-EXIST in a geographic location with other people. This DOES NOT guarantee you SUCCESS or FAILURE if your plans are to find someone with an "attraction to" or "interest in" YOU for personal or social purposes. It ONLY provides you an OPPORTUNITY so don't forget it if you are going to participate in this or any other speed dating, social networking (direct contact or online) group.

2. CHOOSEY DATERS - Who YOU are "attracted to" or "interested in" DOES NOT have to be "attracted to" or "interested in" YOU. That's why they are referred to as "choosey" so don't allow your FEELINGS or EGO to get hurt in the event you get REJECTED and simply respect the other individual's decision if they DON'T CHOOSE YOU.

3. SPEED DATING - This is ALL about INSTANT physical attraction and NOT about YOUR personality. Speed dating, if you meet that person YOU are physically attracted to, is similar to that HONEYMOON phase newly weds go through (well, at least the female). The sparks are flying, the moon & stars are bright BUT sooner-or-later the sun has to rise, shine it's light and expose ALL of the individual and not just that which YOU CHOSE to see. Since speed dating, as it's commonly known, is quite brief you really don't get an opportunity to know THE person. You ONLY get an opportunity to get physically close to them for a short period of time. Now if there is some PHYSICAL attraction to YOU, depending upon what that individual's personal physical preferences are, that individual will ALLOW you into their space at a later time since there is a short period of time the two of you will be together. Trust me when I say based SOLELY upon YOUR physical appearance, you will have INSTANTLY been accepted or rejected MENTALLY which means MORE TIME or NO TIME after the speed dating GAME has been played. I consider dating (period) and speed dating (in particular) for most a GAME OF CONSTANT PHYSICAL, FINANCIAL and/or LIFESTYLE UPGRADE as well as a SELF-ESTEEM BOOST so if during that GAME a perceived upgrade or self-esteem boost comes along AFTER you, don't be surprised if you are knocked out of the equation.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** - Speed Dating IS NOT and should not be confused with you now being in a MONOGAMOUS relationship. If you AREN'T desperate or have LOW SELF-ESTEEM you will realize that getting into a monogamous relationship first requires TIME getting to know the person. Yes, you can INSTANTLY desire to be in a monogamous relationship with that person but there is NO GUARANTEE that will happen AFTER you get to know THEIR personality and/or lifestyle. The best advice is to simply ENJOY the time shared with that individual for however long it lasts and MATURELY move on IF it comes to an end.

Now that I've CLEARLY explained to you what to expect (or not expect), feel free to move forward if that is your decision and good luck (whatever that means, lol).

By the way, what I have explained to you is BASIC, MATURE, COMMON SENSE application. Unfortunately, many of us DO NOT apply it in these types of social situations which usually leads to other troubled situations.

Please feel free to leave any comments and an anonymouse name or gender if you leave no name. Thanks in advance!