Friday, June 28, 2013

MOST of the Young Women You Meet Will Be a Reflection of Their Mothers

I just love how the MOTHER GETS the PRAISE when things go good with the child or children and the FATHER GETS the BLAME when things go bad. So why can't the mother be blamed IF things go bad?

This DOES APPLY to every situation where the father IS NOT in the home and GET BLAMED for shit he had NO CONTROL OVER.


The mother, whether or not the father is living with them, is the PRIMARY influence of how her daughter or daughters BEHAVES when interacting with males and especially a man that has a personal interest in her.


They teach their daughter responsibility, unselfishness and consideration:

1. Responsibility. I am capable of taking care of and supporting myself so I will do such. I am responsible for me and will not be a financial liability or burden.

2. Unselfishness. It's not just about me and what I want. I will be understanding and I will sacrifice sometimes (for the good) and I must give if I expect to receive.

3. Consideration. Since I expect him to be thoughtful of my time and other obligations, I will be thoughtful of his time and obligations as well.

4. Fair. I will expect no more from someone than I give to someone.


They teach their daughter one rule and one rule only:

1. It's about you so get what you can anyway that you can while you can.


1. Just as there are deadbeat, no good males (that your mama decided to fuck), there are responsible, good males (that your mama avoided OR ran tricks on knowing that she was not going to fuck) so let's give credit where credit is due which is YOUR MAMA'S POOR CHOICE IN MEN.

2. Since your father (or who she CLAIMS is your father) was never there or not there enough, one has to LOGICALLY CONCLUDE that your primary influence was YOUR MAMA.

3. IF you are having developmental problems and IF your father was not there, I suggest that you go to your mama and ask, "Why mama? Why would you FUCK a DEADBEAT and place me in this dysfunctional situation"?


Of course not. I want to be FAIR with this. I want to ONLY give the mother the SAME percentage of BLAME that you give PRAISE. So when it goes good and IF you give her 80, 90 100% of the praise then it's only FAIR that when it goes bad that you should give her that same percentage of blame.


The next time you come in contact with some irresponsible, selfish, inconsiderate and unfair female and think, "Man she is really FUCKED UP", don't think about where was the father. Think about:

"What did her mama PUT IN HER HEAD for her to end up that way".

Class is dismissed.

Good Men Finish Last and Stupid Men Don't Even Finish

I will never stop saying it and as long as you (the Good Man, Nice Guy) continue to date Pay-Per-View Ho's you will NEVER win a friendship or a loving relationship with any of those Ho's.


This DOES NOT APPLY to females who pay for themselves when in your company.

This DOES NOT APPLY to male that feel the need to or love spending their money on Pay-Per-View Ho's.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males that are lonely, desperate or that have a very LOW LEVEL of self-esteem because I understand your need to pay.


Males that feel the NEED to spend money on Pay-Per-View Ho's in order to spend time with them SHOULD NOT have any expectations beyond the time purchased with these Ho's.  After the date is over and the Ho is gone, consider that to be THE END until the next BUSINESS TRANSACTION (you paying "again" to spend time with her) occurs because that Ho will simply move on to the next male that is willing to pay the ADMISSION FEE.


PAY-PER-VIEW HO'S are ONLY LOYAL to those who pay.  When your MONEY RUNS OUT, they are done and will move on to the next guys that will pay.

Females that EXPECT you to spend YOUR money and pay for the date IF you have any intent on spending time with them.  This is not a SEXUAL situation but simply a TIME SPENT situation.  Sex WILL NOT OCCUR unless the Ho find you attractive AND you've spent an acceptable amount of money on her.

If she has a job AND expects you to pay for her then SHE IS a Pay-Per-View Ho.  I would say that at least 90% OF THE FEMALES you will encounter ARE PAY-PER-VIEW HO'S because that is how they have been raised or socially conditioned to think and behave. 

They SELL THEIR TIME spent with you.


ABSOLUTELY NOT.  There exist a SMALL group of responsible, respectable and considerate women that DO PAY their own way and they do so WITHOUT ATTITUDE towards you AND will enjoy their time spent with you.

If ANY female wants to argue this, simply go out on dates with her and IF she pays her own way CONTINUOUSLY then she IS NOT a Pay-Per-View Ho.  It's just that simple.


Yes you are THE MAN but you are NOT HER MAN.  You are only DATING HER and trying to find out IF she is an ASSET (not liability) and WORTHY enough for you to WANT TO be her man.

I've heard this bullshit before and I have to say "yes" IF you are still living in the 50's and 60's when females WERE NOT ALLOWED to work and earn a living.  In today's time, THANKS TO THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT, they work and earn a living just like you so why are you males still thinking and behaving as if it's the 50's and 60's.


1.  They SAVE their money

2.  They spend their money on themselves

3.  They pay their own way with guys THEY LIKE and VALUE (which obviously is not you IF you have to spend your money on her)

4.  They spend their money on guys THEY LIKE and VALUE (which "again" obviously is not you IF you have to spend your money on her)


Not at all because I don't waste my time or spend my money on Pay-Per-View Ho's.  I've been there, done that and NOT doing it again.

I post this because of little bitches like you that DON'T LISTEN to what men BEFORE YOU have gone through and then you COMPLAIN later about how you were USED.


If you don't take my advice and AVOID Pay-Per-View Ho's then don't blame those Ho's IF:

1.  Your money run out and so do they, or

2.  They just decide to move on because they have found a BIGGER spender.


I'm sure that at least half of you guys reading this will CONTINUE to foolishly and hopelessly spend your money and justify it in some manner.  I have no problem with that since IT'S YOUR MONEY.

All I'm saying is STOP the whining, complaining, bitching and BLAMING Ho's for something that YOU CHOOSE to do.

Class is dismissed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

JAI DUVAL PRESENTS: The Great Kings and Queens of America

It is difficult enough just being an EVERYDAY person trying to get or  hold down a job so I find it quite amusing when EVERYDAY people with NO ROYALTY EXPERIENCE or NO HIGH LEVEL LEADERSHIP SKILLS will PROMOTE themselves to such a HIGH LEVEL position of responsibility as a King or Queen.


This DOES APPLY to everyone male and female WANNA-BE king or queen.


Why can't people simply ACCEPT themselves to be NO MORE or NO LESS than the rest of us EVERYDAY, (hopefully) WORKING people? 

I laugh to myself when I hear males talk about looking for their queen. I would think that it would be MORE SENSIBLE to look for a partner that will WORK WITH YOU as opposed to a queen that EXPECTS you to do work for her.



- IF you reign over a country you ARE A KING 

- IF your first name is King you can be CALLED KING 
- IF your last name is King you can be CALLED A KING (ex: Martin Luther, Don or Rodney)

Otherwise, I'm going to call you DUDE.


- IF you reign over a country or married to a King you ARE A QUEEN
- IF your first name is Queen you can be CALLED QUEEN (ex: Latifah)
- IF your last name is Queen you an be CALLED A QUEEN

- IF you ONCE WAS a male and had THE CHANGE you can be CALLED A QUEEN


American Kings:

- Use EBT cards
- Live on Section 8
- Have car payments
- STRUGGLE with bills
- Live with their parents
- Have baby mama issues
- RIDE public transportation
- Have regular job or unemployed
- Apply for unemployment benefits
- Live in an apartment and pay rent
- PRETEND to be someone they aren't
- Live in a house and/or have mortgage payments
- Go to his friends and complain about his woman
- HANG OUT in clubs or other places TALKING SHIT and CHASING PUSSY.

American Queens:

- Use EBT cards
- Live on Section 8
- Have car payments
- STRUGGLE with bills
- Live with their parents
- Have baby daddy issues
- RIDE public transportation
- Have regular job or unemployed
- Apply for unemployment benefits
- Live in an apartment and pay rent
- PRETEND to be someone they aren't
- HANG OUT in clubs hustling free drinks
- HUSTLE MEN for free dinners and dates
- Prance around with their CLEAVAGE exposed
- Live in a house and/or have mortgage payments

- Go to the authorities trying to get child support payments
- Wear weaves that DO NOT RESEMBLE their own hair texture
- Become a public embarrassment with loud, profane behavior
- Fuck a deadbeat and FALSELY claim the child is for someone else
- Have OVERWEIGHT bodies and run around claiming how sexy they look

- Can't keep the same PHONE NUMBER cause they DON'T PAY or CAN'T FIND A FOOL TO PAY their phone bill


They DO NOT DO any of the above.


I have no idea. The next time you see someone claiming to be a King or a Queen, ask them.


Are you one of those pretentious types? Have I upset you? You can put your crowns back on your heads and RETURN to your kindom.

Class is dismissed.

DATING: Are You Her Servant or Is She a Prostitute?

So often males will be expected to go out of their way during the dating process if he wants a female's company or eventual companionship. There is an old, out-dated expression, "A man has to prove HIS worthiness in order to be accepted by a woman". Well, what about her worthiness?


This DOES APPLY to any male that is dating or in a relationship that VALUES HIMSELF.


I did a show last night talking about teenage dating. The panel consisted of 4 young males 17 - 20. What I learned, from those males, is that THEY have unknowingly been raised or conditioned to place LITTLE VALUE on themselves as well as have LITTLE EXPECTATIONS from the females they are dating or attempting to date.

This mentality and behavior simply REMAINS as they grow up to be adults.


The number of males that expect and will express those expectations to a female will continue to diminish.

The number of males that serve with little to no expectations will continue to rise.

The number of males that see females as Ho's or will DISRESPECT and USE females will continue to rise. That number will MOSTLY come from those SERVANTS that was used and eventually TOSSED ASIDE.


Since you do all of those things for the female while you are dating them, what EXACTLY do you expect from them during that same time?


Collectively speaking, their answers were either "I don't know" or "I never thought about that".


Generally speaking, the male's behavior HAS NOT CHANGED much from the old days and males continue to GIVE and GIVE and EXPECT less and less. 

Even more ridiculous, MOST males don't even express their expectations or desires to a female when dating. They simple REMAIN SILENT and HOPE. that mentality and behavior is then EXPECTED to continue IF she allows him into a relationship with her.


SERVANT. If the dating is one-sided where you are applying much more effort towards her as she is with you then you are simply serving her.

CLOSET PROSTITUTE. If you have to spend money on her to be with her or she is not paying her own way then SHE is PROSTITUTING HER TIME. What she does with that time USUALLY depends on how much you spend and how attractive she is to you. You, in most cases, DO NOT dictate the action if you are spending money to be with her UNLESS she admits to you that she is a prostitute.


If YOU VALUE YOU, then you should have NO PROBLEM explaining to her that you will expect:

1. Her to INITIATE contact with you just as you INITIATE contact with her

2. Her to INVITE you out on dates just as you INVITE her out on dates

3. Her to PAY for the dates just as you PAY for the dates

The 3 expectations above are those that ANY FEMALE is capable of doing so you should NOT ACCEPT any excuses for her not doing them.


First of all, IF SHE directly or indirectly gives an indication that she is NOT GOING TO meet with your expectations of her to WILLINGLY participate, you should DUMP HER and move on because this proves she has NO RESPECT for you and DOES NOT VALUE your company.

This will prove IF she has a genuine interest in you as well as prove her to be responsible for herself and capable of planning things AS OPPOSED to just sitting on her ass, smiling and EXPECTING YOU to do the most (if not all) of the effort.

This will ALSO PROVE whether or not SHE WAS RAISED to be a PROSTITUTE or RAISED to value a male for the contents of his character.


It is so sad how the DIGNITY of the MAJORITY of males have sunk so low as to ALLOW themselves to be devalued to a point of just being SATISFIED IF a females ALLOWS him in her company AFTER he has SERVED HER WELL or paid the ADMISSION FEE.

The really sad part is that the number of NO DIGNITY, NO EXPECTATIONS males are growing and partially due to THEIR FATHERS passing down that mentality and behavior to them.

Are you a Servant or tying to get with the company of a Prostitute? If so, you need to RID YOURSELF of that female and ONLY associate with females that will put JUST AS MUCH EFFORT in you as you wish to do in them.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Good Is a Mate IF SHE HAS The Ability To and Don't FINANCIALLY Participate?

So many males are STILL LIVING in the past thinking they are SUPPOSED TO financially support a female.  The INTERESTING part about it is that MOST of those females have jobs and are SPENDING THEIR MONEY on THEMSELVES and NOT ON HIM yet she STILL EXPECTS him to financially support her.


This DOES APPLY to any common, average Joe male that has an interest in investing in HIS future REGARDLESS of race, color, creed, etc.

I WILL represent or advise ANY common, average Joe MALE that seeks my advice and not just black males because MANY average Joe males of all groups are NOT GETTING the FAIR TREATMENT, CONSIDERATION and RESPECT they deserve when it comes to interacting with females nowadays.


This is NOT the 50's and 60's where women CAN'T financially contribute and men better start thinking MORE about their future and getting a female for MORE than just companionship.

One of man's WORST INVESTMENTS is having a female that is a FINANCIAL LIABILITY.  THERE ARE women out there that WANT TO participate in the financial management of a relationship so why get one that will EXPECT YOU to financially support her?


Q1. Why are so many common, average Joe males broke or struggling financially?

A1. Because the majority of them are out there financially supporting a woman that is quite capable of supporting herself and managing HER money properly.

Q2. Why are so many WORKING females broke or financially struggling?

A2. Because THEY KNOW males have been PROGRAMMED to financially support them so they don't have to be concerned about HOW are my bills going to be paid IF I can't pay them. Since they know this AND it has been proven time and time again, females WILL SPEND recklessly, foolishly and irresponsibly.


You can PRETEND all you want THAT YOU AREN'T ONE but when you wake up out of that pretentious state, the VAST majority of us will STILL BE that common, average Joe male hopefully with a decent job AND a respectable life. 

This applies to the common, average Joe male:

SHORT-TERM. If you are looking to invest short-term then BY ALL MEANS find you a woman that YOU can financially support. That way SHE will FEEL good with you while you are SPENDING YOUR MONEY on her.

LONG-TERM. If you are looking to invest long-term then CONSIDER a woman that WANT'S TO MINIMIZE the financial responsibility placed upon you by PARTICIPATING in the financial responsibilities and management that is REQUIRED in order to INCREASE your chances TOGETHER of a life-long, planned COMFORTABLE life together.


1. She has a job but don't pay her own way

2. She has a job but don't FAIRLY contribute financially to the maintenance of that relationship

3. She has the qualifications and ability to work but she does not work or want to work

4. She has the qualifications and ability to work but he does not want her to work

When I speak, I speak of the common, average Joe male and not the financially well-to-do that can afford to have a woman in his life and NOT financially contribute.  The common, average Joe in these days and times CANNOT AFFORD to financially support a female and EXPECT to live a long, healthy, happy, somewhat comfortable and minimally stressful life.


1. Let me first state that I am and try my best to represent the "Average Joe" male. If for whatever reason I would suddenly become elevated ABOVE the average Joe level, I know where my FOUNDATION came from and I would NOT ABANDON the rest of the Joe males.

2. I believe that women of today are quite capable of FINANCIALLY contributing to and assisting in maintaining a relationship AND should be expected to contribute.

3. I believe that two incomes, properly managed, will ALWAYS be better than one because you NEVER know what lies down the road FINANCIALLY or what may happen to that one source of income.

4. I don't believe in FINANCIALLY supporting a capable woman that I am in a relationship with which is why I DO NOT DATE women who DO NOT pay their own way. That dating behavior simply CREATES the support foundation that WILL BE transferred into a relationship.

5. I believe in a woman financially MANAGING herself so that she WON'T expect to place her financial BURDEN on me that she mismanaged.

6. I believe in INVESTING for MY future comfort rather than PAYING for HER present comfort.


My classes are for those common, average Joe males that seek answers that are REASONABLE, SENSIBLE and DESIGNED to benefit them WITHOUT being taken advantage of, WITHOUT sacrificing what they have OR WITHOUT taking advantage of someone else.

Class is dismissed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING: When It Comes To Marriage and Christianity

Everyone has a LEGAL right to do what they want to as long as it does not break the law and I completely RESPECT their right to do so. This post is directed at those HYPOCRITES who DO NOT PRACTICE the principles of that IMAGE they are SO PROUDLY DISPLAYING to the rest of us.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all married or Christian people.

This DOES APPLY to the married and Christian people who are HYPOCRITES.


IMAGE. A visual representation of the external form of a person that may not represent their actual status or behavior.

HYPOCRITE. Vowing to adhere to or claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform.

MARRIAGE VOWS. Binding promises each partner in a couple makes to the other during a wedding ceremony.

CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE. A particular principle that is taught with expectations of the followers to adhere to and practice.

EXCUSE. A reason or explanation put forward in an attempt to lessen the blame or justify a behavior.


What continues to AMUSE me are those HYPOCRITE married and Christian people who encourage (and sometimes harass) others to become a part of something that THEY DON'T ADHERE TO. Marriage vows and Christian doctrines are two of the LEAST adhered to and MOST excuse ridden that I know of.


MOST don't adhere to those traditional vows so why even say them OTHER THAN it's good for THE IMAGE at the wedding ceremony. Based upon all the lying, fornicating and other the other bullshit that goes on in marriages, those vows should be short and to the point so no one will be lying to God or the witnesses:

“(Man) I take thee to be my wife”, “(Woman) I take thee to be my husband”, “(Clergy) By the power invested in me I now pronounce you Husband and Wife”.

Now BOTH of you DO NOT HAVE TO PRETEND and are FREE to behave in any manner you see fit because there are NO CONDITIONS stated in your vows to VIOLATE.


*** WARNING ***

Religious discussions has a tendency to cause "Confusion, Confrontation and Alienation" with the person introducing religion IF you are attempting to have a LOGICAL discussion about anything. The only way to keep that person pleased or from getting tense or upset is:

1. Tell them what they want to hear, or

2. Agree with what they are saying.


This is the ULTIMATE religious practice because you can lie, steal, fornicate, covet YOUR neighbor's wife, etc. and all you have to do is:

"Pray and ask for forgiveness for your sins".

Now that's the shit cause SO MANY will sin, pray for forgiveness and guess what? That's right, "Sin again". I especially love these particular excuses:

1. "My flesh was weak"

2. "God is a forgiving God"

3. "I am not perfect. Only God is perfect."


YOU PEOPLE need to STOP that FALSE advertisement OR at the least STOP trying to get the rest of us to do something that YOU ARE NOT DOING.


I wish I could conclude this but it's been going on before me and will continue after me. I'm just saying what MOST are aware of and are doing but just KEEPING IT IN THE CLOSET.

Monday, June 17, 2013

VICTIM or ATTACKER: I Don't Encourage Violence But I Do Understand Self Defense

I will never stop saying this, "If you have to CONSTANTLY argue with a female, you should GET RID OF HER". Continual engaging in heated arguments, with manyfemales, will EVENTUALLY end up in some sort of physical response by her.


THERE ARE sensible, non-violent women capable of engaging in a HEATED discussion or argument WITHOUT responding with physical violence.

This DOES NOT APPLY to women who can refrain from physically responding when engaged in a heated discussion or argument.

DO NOT RESPOND physically unless you are in danger of receiving CRITICAL body harm and if you have to respond physically DO SO ONLY with the amount necessary to distance yourself from her.


MOST of the time domestic violence will be INITIATED by the female. I know you don't think so due to the DOUBLE STANDARDS that are applied for the SAME type of act. Let's keep it very basic to minimize confusion and diversion from my point.


There are females that simply LOVE violence, LOVE heated confrontations and the PHYSICAL, violent responses that result from those heated confrontations.


There are many males and females that have the BELIEF that sex is more intense and much better AFTER a heated argument or a physical altercation. I guess for those that think like that it is true.

Guess what happens to you IF, for whatever reason, SHE DECIDES to "Call the police after the altercation" INSTEAD OF "Calling you daddy after the altercation"? Is that risk worth it?


These are 3 common scenarios:

1. COUPLE HAS A DISAGREEMENT. The two of them get into a conversation with opposing positions and it escalates into a heated argument. Voices get louder, tempers get hotter and they get closer to each other. Finally he says something that SHE does not like, EMOTIONALLY explodes and SLAPS HIM.

2. SHE SUSPECTS HIM OF CHEATING. She confronts him about whether or not he is seeing another woman. Initially he says no and walks away from her. She grabs him, turns him around, gets in his face (no contact) and constantly asks until he CONFESSES that he had been seeing another woman. All of a sudden she EMOTIONALLY explodes, SLAPS him in the face and walk away.

3. HE LOOKS AT ANOTHER WOMAN. They are out in public and this woman that is more attractive than her is walking ahead of them. She notices him watching her for more than just a glance so she pushed, slaps or punches him in his chest.


1. WAS SHE PROVOKED by him into responding in those manners?

2. Was those her ONLY OPTIONS available to respond?

3. Should HER responses be considered JUSTIFIED or a UNJUSTIFIED?

4. Should SHE be considered a VICTIM because he defended himself and she GOT HER ASS WHIPPED?


People, generally speaking, considers the above responses by a female to be:

- Harmless,

- Acceptable,

- EXCUSABLE emotional response.

People, generally speaking, considers the above responses by a male to be:

- Harmful,

- Unacceptable,

- A criminal act,

- A woman hater,

- Domestic abuse,

- Emotional abuse,

- A woman abuser,

- A violation of her civil rights,

- Verbal abuse (heated argument),

- Behavior that is unbecoming of a man,

- A possible rapist if they engage in sex afterwards.


Abuse towards males are NOT taken seriously, in MOST cases, because most males are NOT seen as being of any value EXCEPT FOR the money and labor he can provide her.

SADLY, most males nowadays look upon themselves in the SAME MANNER as most females do which is simply a FINANCIAL PROVIDER and LABORER that is HOPING to benefit from his actions WHEN SHE FEELS the need to do so.

If you think this is FUNNY rather than SERIOUS, it's because you are either one of those INCONSIDERATE and ABUSIVE FEMALES that behave in this manner OR you are a male that has been PROGRAMMED through society for MENTAL ENSLAVEMENT and PHYSICAL ABUSE.


You MUST think and respond in the same manner that females are taught which is:

1. Decide to NO LONGER accept that behavior.

2. REPORT that act of ABUSE to the authorities,

3. SECRETLY plan to or immediately (if you can) leave that relationship and NEVER go back to or communicate with her.


Females will CONTINUE to abuse and take advantage of you UNTIL YOU STOP IT from occurring.

I can only give you information that I believe will help you but it's no good IF you do not understand and apply it.

Class is dismissed.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Females Create Dead Beat Dads and Complain Afterwards

Males are NOT BORN a dead beat dad. Males may DEVELOP into dead beat dudes as they grow up BUT STILL they are NOT dead beat dads. They are simply dead beat dudes that have grown up to be men. 


Dead Beat Dads do exist so this should ELIMINATE idiots, morons and fools from running their LOUD MOUTHS with, "There are a lot of dead beat dads out there".

This DOES APPLY to every female that engaged in physical sexual activity that resulted in a child or children being born.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females that are MENTAL RETARDS (i.e., incapable of making mature and responsible decisions).

This DOES NOT APPLY to selfish, inconsiderate, irrational and emotionally out of control females.


In order for you to be able to understand this SIMPLE post, you need to be mature, responsible, logical and do the following:

- READ what you see,
- COMPREHEND (i.e., understand) what you read,
- ACCEPT what you comprehend if it makes logical sense,
- BEHAVE MATURELY even if you do not agree with what makes logical sense.


A dead beat dude can ejaculate as many times as he wants but AS LONG AS he does not ejaculate INSIDE of a female's pussy, HE CAN NEVER POTENTIALLY become a dead beat DAD. All he can ever be is a dead beat DUDE busting a whole lot of nuts.


There must be at least 3 components that exist in order to POTENTIALLY create a dead beat DAD:

(1) Dead Beat Dude + (2) Cooperative Female + (3) Sex = Dead Beat Dad 

If you REMOVE ANY of those 3 components then the dead beat DAD cannot exist. Excluding rape, BOTH parties have to AGREE to engage in sexual activity. There female CONTROLS 2 out of those 3 components. The male CONTROLS only 1 of those 3 components.


STOP ENABLING the creation of dead beat dads by females. AS LONG AS you support their whining and complaining about these dead beat DUDES that she CHOSE TO fuck, there will continue to be MORE dead beat dads CREATED because THOSE FEMALES see absolutely nothing wrong with THEIR BEHAVIOR and society ALLOWS THEM to consider themselves to be VICTIMS and financially REWARD the majority of them for their STUPID choice. 


This solution is SO SIMPLE that even a MENTAL RETARD could understand and do at least 2 out of 5 times so I know YOU should be able to do it 5 out of 5 times:

"You have the common sense (whether you apply it or not) to recognize a dead beat dude so just keep your legs closed and don't have sex with him".


ANY FEMALE that attempts to argue with this logic is either a DEAD BEAT DAD CREATOR or a SUPPORTER. ANY MALE that attempts to argue with this logic should be avoided when there are ANY discussion that places a female in the position of being responsible and accountable.

SENSIBLE, RESPONSIBLE males and females need to STOP ENABLING these females who have sex with dead beat dudes and then blame or complain about them later. We have to tell it just like it is when they start looking for sympathy which is:

"You laid down and turned that dead beat dude into a dead beat dad by allowing him to EJACULATE inside of you".

Class is dismissed.

If She Wants a Man on Her Level Give Him to Her

I'm sure that I am NOT the only male that has heard females say, "I want a man that is on MY LEVEL". This is usually stated by females who THINK or who ACTUALLY IS in a rather comfortable educational, career or financial state.


This DOES APPLY to ANY female who makes the ON MY LEVEL statement.


Males need to STOP ARGUING with a female about her wanting a man on her level and take a REAL CLOSE look at her situation, RESPECT her wishes and MOVE ON if you are NOT on HER LEVEL. They need to take females LITERALLY when they make that ON MY LEVEL statement, MALES need to respond in the following INTELLIGENT manner:

- If you have a SUCCESSFUL career, YOU DESERVE a man with a successful career

- If you have a desire for CONTINUING your EDUCATION, YOU DESERVE a man that has a desire to continue his education

- If you are FINANCIALLY responsible and stable, YOU DESERVE a man that's financially responsible, stable AND at or near the same financial level rather than someone that makes 2, 3 times more.

- If you VALUE YOUR HEALTH, YOU DESERVE a man that values his health

- If you DON'T like to ARGUE, YOU DESERVE a man that does not like to argue

- If you PREFER TO MATURELY discuss matters, YOU DESERVE a man that maturely discusses matters

- If you are NOT INSECURE, YOU DESERVE a man that's not insecure

- If you are NOT a CHEATER, YOU DESERVE a man that's not a cheater


- If you are a SINGLE mother, YOU DESERVE a single father with at least the same number of children,

- If you are BROKE and HOMELESS, YOU DESERVE a man that's broke and homeless,

- If you are FINANCIALLY struggling, YOU DESERVE a man that's financially struggling,

- If you have WEIGHT ISSUES, YOU DESERVE a man with weight issues,

- If you have NO CAR, YOU DESERVE a man with no car,

- If you live on PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, YOU DESERVE a man on public assistance which INCLUDES inmates since HE IS on public assistance.


(To Females). Are you ready to accept someone AT YOUR LEVEL because I am going to try my best to CONDITION males to do just that?

(To Males). Can YOU simply ALLOW her to have what she DESERVES and move on to someone that IS on YOUR LEVEL?


REMEMBER: My posts are about DOING so respect females and GIVE THEM what they DESERVE.

As simple as this is to do, I find SO MANY males INCAPABLE of doing this which is why THEIR LIVES will always be like a ROLLER COASTER ride.

Class is dismissed.

Are Single Mothers Damaged Goods?

Many males would IMMEDIATELY turn down a single mother and that is their right to do so based upon THEIR personal preference and single mothers SHOULD NOT be offended. After all, MANY single mothers turn down dudes WITH or WITHOUT children for their personal reasons.


This IS NOT a post to discuss why single mothers ended up as a single mother. 

This IS simply to take a close look at a single mother and respond BASED UPON the question, "are single mothers damaged goods"? 

I am going to comment SOLELY from the position of a single man with no children or no minor children living at home or living with someone else.


Someone asked me to post a brief explanation. When I get into something like this, I want to give my responses more detail. I suggest that if you are IMPATIENT that you simply STOP HERE and move on to one of my other posts OR someone else's post.


In some posts I usually want to begin with definitions to minimize assumptions and confusion by the readers. These are general definitions for the purpose of this post.

SINGLE MOTHER. A female with a minor child or children that is living with her.

DAMAGED. A person that has deteriorated in quality. A person that was expected to be in good (not brand new) condition but were discovered eventually that they weren't.

GOODS. Being a benefit to someone.

ASSET. A person that adds to a situation. Being able to meet debts, commitments or responsibilities.

LIABILITY. A person that subtracts from a situation. .

BURDEN. Bringing debt and responsibility to a situation expecting help.

PHYSICAL. The state of one's body deriving from a relationship with another such as health, sex, etc.

EMOTIONAL. The state of mind deriving from a relationship with another such as joy, anger, love, hate, etc.

FINANCIAL. The state of one's economic status deriving from a relationship with another such as debt, savings, required expenses, etc.


I believe, based upon the above definitions, anyone can be DAMAGED GOODS whether they are a single mother or not so that LABEL cannot apply ONLY to single mothers.


Since this is regarding single mothers, the remainder of this post will relate to single mothers only. The real question should be, "Are single mothers an asset or liability once they come into YOUR life"?

It does not matter how great, wonderful, religious, attractive or motivational a single mother is, says she is OR someone else claims she is. When it comes down to being in a relationship, the PRIMARY QUESTIONS should be how will that person IMPACT YOUR LIFE in the areas of:

1) Time. Will she have enough quality time available for you AND her children?

2) Emotional. Will she maintain the peace or provide stress to your mental state?

3) Physical. Will your emotional state improve or deteriorate? Will she willingly be cooperative and satisfy your sexual needs?

4) Financial. Will she add to or subtract from the financial state of the relationship? Are you going to be responsible for total or partial support and entertainment of HER and/or HER child or children?


Whether the AVERAGE single mother wants to admit it OR he wants to believe it, MOST WILL immediately or eventually expect the man to FINANCIALLY contribute to the support and entertainment of HER and/or HER children.


The ideal, which is the EXTREMELY RARE exception, is a single mother that is financially and emotionally STABLE with 1 well-disciplined child. She and the father SHARES the time and responsibility of parenting and SHARES the financial support of THEIR child so she is simply looking for a responsible man for companionship that can assist in providing GUIDANCE (not financially support) for her child. This type of mother would be considered an ASSET.


The average is a single mother that is financially and emotionally STRESSED with at least 2 children. She wants a responsible man for companionship AND that will assist in providing financial support for her AND her children. This type of mother would be considered a LIABILITY or BURDEN.


Regardless of what SHE thinks of herself, based upon LOGICAL (not emotional) thinking using a scale from 0 - 10 (10 being the highest), I would rate single mothers as follows:

1. Average Single Mother: +4 (at best and as her number of children increase, her rating would decrease which could end up being a negative number). 

2. Ideal Single Mother: +7.8 (at best which is a damn good score considering her situation. many females WITHOUT children WON'T score that good).


AVOID relationships with single mothers who's child is 7 years old or younger.  In most cases, there is a STRONG, EMOTIONAL desire for the mothers to want that family unit to be together.

NEVER ADOPT a single mother's child or children.  If you want to assist in providing GUIDANCE, you don't need to be LEGALLY OBLIGATED to so such.  More importantly, IF the two of you break up AFTER you have adopted YOU PROBABLY WILL be paying child support since you are NOW the legal (not biological) guardian.


MOST single mothers need to simply spend MOST of their time RAISING their child or children so that hopefully IF she has girls THEY WON'T end up in the same situation as she OR if she has boys THEY WON'T do something STUPID and cause a female to end up in the same position as she.

Class is dismissed.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome to the New Additions to America's Normal

Accept it or not, change is occurring in MANY manners in this country and this world. Some you MAY like and some you MAY NOT like. Well, like it or not, IT WILL happen.


RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. Please save your RANT or JUDGEMENT until AFTER you stop SINNING (i.e., lying, stealing, cheating, fornicating BEFORE you get married, having children OUT OF WEDLOCK, haveing sex with someone besides your spouse AFTER you get married, gossiping, etc.). Need I continue because YOU HYPOCRITES are totally ridiculous and OUT OF CONTROL.


Things are changing and some things RAPIDLY. There are 4 noticeable changes that are occurring in this country: 

1. Gay or Lesbian identity,

2. Same sex relationships,

3. Huge Increase in the size of people, and

4. Females having multiple male partners.


Is this going to ELIMINATE heterosexual relationships?


No. Just as some people PREFER same sex relationships, other people will continue to prefer heterosexual relationships.


Will this HIDER the birth rate?


No. There are TOO MANY sexually irresponsible people for that to happen.


Will it DESTROY the FUTURE quality of relationships?


No. The same question or concern was brought up when INTERRACIAL relationships began to occur. The HETEROSEXUAL couples have already FUCKED UP the quality of relationship so maybe it may improve it. We will just have to wait and see.


I PERSONALLY do not care what an individual's sexual identity, preference or size/weight PREFERENCE is UNLESS it's what I am looking for. 

I am, as always, more interested in an individual's ATTITUDE, BEHAVIOR and how they treat others.

As long as people are functioning in a respectful, responsible, civil manner and NOT FORCING their beliefs and practices on others or CONDEMNING OTHERS for NOT BEING LIKE THEM (like MANY Christian people do), I can get along with them and RESPECT their choice.


I'm sure one or some of you will try and GO THERE so let me kill it now, "No I am not gay, interested in being in a same sex relationship or in a same sex relationship". I am ALL heterosexual but simply can RESPECT someone else sexual preference.


IF part of the "new" normal is NOT what you are interested in, DON'T let it IRRITATE you OR DISRUPT your life. Simply stay in your lane and live your life in the manner YOU CHOOSE.

Well, there you have it. Once again, I bring to you what many choose to REMAIN DELUSIONAL about or SIMPLY AVOID.

Class is dismissed.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

BE AWARE OF THE MANIPULATOR: Ms. "Selectively" Independent

I am hearing so much talk from females today as to how they are so STRONG, INDEPENDENT and DON'T NEED a man to do for them yet MOST of them that say that HAVE A JOB and STILL REFUSE to consistently PAY THEIR OWN WAY when in the company of a man AND expect him to do certain things for her JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN. Well, the following post resulted after a discussion I had with a few guys.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all women.

This DOES APPLY to all women who are doing or attempting to do this.

This DOES NOT APPLY to considerate and responsible women.


In having that discussion mentioned above, a question was presented to me.


Are females becoming stronger and more independent?


If she claims to be strong then let her prove it by doing her own heavy lifting or if she claims to be independent let her prove it by paying her own way in life and especially when she is with you. It’s just that simple.


There is nothing impressive about a female waving her independence flag. After she leaves home she is SUPPOSED to be independent just like any male. That’s not called being independent. That’s called GROWING UP and being personally responsible for yourself as ALL adults should do. So what’s the big deal?


The FEMINIST MOVEMENT has given females the RIGHT to equality and independence which I totally support AND this system is giving them the OPPORTUNITY to do so. 


Why do the majority of them practice it in all areas except for when it comes to being with you? It’s because many don’t respect you. If they wave that flag in your face, make them practice it and hold them accountable. 


When situations arise that they can’t or don’t want to accept responsibility or consequences for their actions they choose to lower that independence flag, raise the distress (SOS) flag and pretend to be helpless so they can carelessly toss their RESPONSIBILITIES on you.


It’s because YOU ALLOW IT and ACCEPT that believe in those old, out-dated rules about men are suppose to come to any female’s rescue regardless of how she irresponsibly got herself in that situation.


Males should NOT be asking are females becoming stronger and more independent. They should ask, “Why are they becoming weaker and allowing females to toss that:

1. INDEPENDENT (You Can't Tell Me What To Do So Get Out My Face) flag, or

2. SOS (You Are Supposed To Help Me Because I'm a Woman) flag



These are the options you need to give females and ONLY ALLOW them to choose one of them:

1. INDEPENDENT. You are on your own. You do for self. You take care of self. You get yourself out of trouble. You PAY when you want to get something done that you can't do JUST LIKE WE DO.

2. CO-OPERATIVE. You will put forth AS MUCH time, resources and finances as you can just as I will do.

3. DEPENDENT. I will FAIRLY and REASONABLY take care of us BUT you will DO AS I SAY. 


DO NOT ALLOW yourself to be manipulated.

DO NOT ALLOW any other options to exist when interacting with a female other than the above. To do so would be DETRIMENTAL to you and BENEFICIAL to her.

Class is dismissed.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Do You Hate Women and Especially Black Women?

There are females out there that simply REFUSE to be financially responsible for themselves EVEN THOUGH they are working just like a man. Those are the types of females I will avoid and DEFINITELY NOT consider them to be relationship material.


This DOES NOT APPLY to unemployed females although YOU should NOT be expecting someone to treat you. You should be trying to figure out how you are going to get off your ass and back into the WORLD of BEING RESPONSIBLE for yourself.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females that are MENTALLY and/or PHYSICALLY handicapped and DOES NOT have the ability to provide for themselves.

This DOES APPLY to all of you Pay-Per-View CLOSET Ho's and Inconsiderate Bitches that HAVE A JOB and STILL expect a man to financially provide for YOUR entertainment and lifestyle desires.


This is how LOW the value of many men has sunk when it comes to spending time getting to know a female that you are interested in becoming FRIENDS with or maybe thinking of POSSIBLE COMPANIONSHIP with. HE IS EXPECTED to pay their way in order to spend time with them.


Yes it WAS in the 40's, 50's, 60's when females were PREVENTED from working.


The feminist movement PROVIDED them EQUALITY and the system PROVIDED them OPPORTUNITY which many of them are CLEARLY taking advantage of through getting college educations, decent job, excellent careers and ACCESS TO CREDIT CARDS to irresponsibly spend and EXPECT YOU to help them pay those bills IF you want to be in their lives.


Absolutely not. He is NOT WRONG, he is STUPID for helping her pay HER bills. 

She created those bills for HER pleasure or HER education and NONE OF IT is benefiting him. 

- The pleasure she HAD was WITHOUT HIM, and 

- The EDUCATION SHE RECEIVED got her a job and allowed her to MAKE MONEY that she is SPENDING ON HERSELF and NOT ON HIM.


Exactly. It's ELEMENTARY level reverse psychology. They hate me because:

- I am getting males to STOP PAYING that ADMISSION FEE she has been EXPECTING him to pay in order to be with her

- I am getting males to MAKE THEM financially responsible for themselves AND accountable for their POOR choices and IRRESPONSIBLE behavior 

- I am getting males to STOP FOOLishly running to their rescue JUST BECAUSE they are a female

- I am getting males to REQUIRE THEM to be that self-proclaimed "Strong, Educated, Intelligent and Independent" women that they CLAIM they are when they want to toss that in a man's face, and

- Finally, I am getting males to simply LEAVE THEM ALONE and go to other women that ARE responsible for themselves and looking for a PARTNER rather than a SPONSOR.


FUCK EM. I learned a long time ago to "NEVER Chase Any Female, Just Replace Em" and since I started doing that I have come in contact with MANY lovely, responsible women and MY LIFE and been nothing but peace, productivity, prosperity, NO UNWANTED STRESS and I have NEVER LOOKED TO GO BACKwards.

There are other women that exist such that I don't have to involve myself with Pay-Per-View Ho's or Inconsiderate Bitches. I leave them to the low self esteem males OR the males that simply LOVE to chase them and/or spend THEIR money on them.


There is an ENTIRE COLOR SPECTRUM of options available IF males would simply ABANDON those old ideas of WHO they are SUPPOSED to be with.

I CAN'T tell you guys what to do with your lives. I can only INFORM you of what I've been through, what I have done and how MY LIFE is so much better since I've done what I've done. Each of you have to decide for yourselves what to do.

Class is dismissed.

Males Do Not Get Females Pregnant

This is something that males need to CLEARLY understand. This is a topic where MOST females will argue with you or me because this post REDUCES their chances to FUCK YOUR LIFE UP.

By the way, "You May NOT Be The Father" cause she may have lied.


This DOES APPLY to any male that want an opportunity at a peaceful, productive and prosperous life.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females that are considered MEDICALLY to be MENTALLY RETARDED and INCAPABLE of making mature, unselfish and rational decisions.


As far as I know, it is NOT AGAINST THE LAW (with consenting adults) to engage in sexual activity and NOT get pregnant (or knocked up as I say for females who are NOT married). Females CHOOSE to get knocked up.

To discuss this with 98% of the females is a waste of your time because that 98% see the POTENTIAL BENEFITS to her getting knocked up with are:

1) trap you into a relationship 

2) extort money from you by way of child support 

3) financially disable you such that you can't afford to live in the manner you would like 

4) use the child to frustrate you and 

5) make your life so miserable that you are of no good to another woman. 

Remember that SHE CONTROLS your sperm IF you FOOLishly ejaculate inside of her".


Simply say, "Males do not get females pregnant. He just foolishly ejaculates inside of her and SHE DECIDED if she wants to USE HIS SPERM to try to conceive and get pregnant". If she flames up and argues with you, DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY WITH HER.


There are contraceptives AVAILABLE that can significantly REDUCE the female's chances of conceiving IF APPLIED within 72 hours AFTER the male has FOOLishly ejaculated inside of her AS WELL AS standard birth control methods she can take on a regular basis.


No you can't. The best YOU can do FOR YOU is to NOT DO something STUPID like ejaculate insider of her.

Once you ejaculate INSIDE of her, SHE HAS TOTAL CONTROL of what happens to your sperm. You have NOW POTENTIALLY surrendered CONTROL over the next 18 years of YOUR LIFE and YOUR EARNINGS to her (and the court system).


The big deal is that SHE WANTS to get knocked up AND trap you OR blame you if getting knocked up does not work in a manner that BENEFITS HER as she desires.


She does not give a shit about some yet-to-be born child. It is ALL ABOUT HER. If she cared about the yet-to-be born child, she would:

- WAIT until she is maturely and financially prepared

- NOT have a child UNTIL the father of the child is also prepared AND willing

- NOT have a child UNTIL both have proven themselves to be reliable and responsible


If you can discuss this with a female AND she can AGREE that SHE DOES have TOTAL CONTROL over her getting knocked up or pregnant, then you stand a better chance of engaging in responsible sex with her. 

NOTE: That does not mean that you DO NOT wear a condom IF she agrees with you.

Class is dismissed.