Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Good Is a Mate IF SHE HAS The Ability To and Don't FINANCIALLY Participate?

So many males are STILL LIVING in the past thinking they are SUPPOSED TO financially support a female.  The INTERESTING part about it is that MOST of those females have jobs and are SPENDING THEIR MONEY on THEMSELVES and NOT ON HIM yet she STILL EXPECTS him to financially support her.


This DOES APPLY to any common, average Joe male that has an interest in investing in HIS future REGARDLESS of race, color, creed, etc.

I WILL represent or advise ANY common, average Joe MALE that seeks my advice and not just black males because MANY average Joe males of all groups are NOT GETTING the FAIR TREATMENT, CONSIDERATION and RESPECT they deserve when it comes to interacting with females nowadays.


This is NOT the 50's and 60's where women CAN'T financially contribute and men better start thinking MORE about their future and getting a female for MORE than just companionship.

One of man's WORST INVESTMENTS is having a female that is a FINANCIAL LIABILITY.  THERE ARE women out there that WANT TO participate in the financial management of a relationship so why get one that will EXPECT YOU to financially support her?


Q1. Why are so many common, average Joe males broke or struggling financially?

A1. Because the majority of them are out there financially supporting a woman that is quite capable of supporting herself and managing HER money properly.

Q2. Why are so many WORKING females broke or financially struggling?

A2. Because THEY KNOW males have been PROGRAMMED to financially support them so they don't have to be concerned about HOW are my bills going to be paid IF I can't pay them. Since they know this AND it has been proven time and time again, females WILL SPEND recklessly, foolishly and irresponsibly.


You can PRETEND all you want THAT YOU AREN'T ONE but when you wake up out of that pretentious state, the VAST majority of us will STILL BE that common, average Joe male hopefully with a decent job AND a respectable life. 

This applies to the common, average Joe male:

SHORT-TERM. If you are looking to invest short-term then BY ALL MEANS find you a woman that YOU can financially support. That way SHE will FEEL good with you while you are SPENDING YOUR MONEY on her.

LONG-TERM. If you are looking to invest long-term then CONSIDER a woman that WANT'S TO MINIMIZE the financial responsibility placed upon you by PARTICIPATING in the financial responsibilities and management that is REQUIRED in order to INCREASE your chances TOGETHER of a life-long, planned COMFORTABLE life together.


1. She has a job but don't pay her own way

2. She has a job but don't FAIRLY contribute financially to the maintenance of that relationship

3. She has the qualifications and ability to work but she does not work or want to work

4. She has the qualifications and ability to work but he does not want her to work

When I speak, I speak of the common, average Joe male and not the financially well-to-do that can afford to have a woman in his life and NOT financially contribute.  The common, average Joe in these days and times CANNOT AFFORD to financially support a female and EXPECT to live a long, healthy, happy, somewhat comfortable and minimally stressful life.


1. Let me first state that I am and try my best to represent the "Average Joe" male. If for whatever reason I would suddenly become elevated ABOVE the average Joe level, I know where my FOUNDATION came from and I would NOT ABANDON the rest of the Joe males.

2. I believe that women of today are quite capable of FINANCIALLY contributing to and assisting in maintaining a relationship AND should be expected to contribute.

3. I believe that two incomes, properly managed, will ALWAYS be better than one because you NEVER know what lies down the road FINANCIALLY or what may happen to that one source of income.

4. I don't believe in FINANCIALLY supporting a capable woman that I am in a relationship with which is why I DO NOT DATE women who DO NOT pay their own way. That dating behavior simply CREATES the support foundation that WILL BE transferred into a relationship.

5. I believe in a woman financially MANAGING herself so that she WON'T expect to place her financial BURDEN on me that she mismanaged.

6. I believe in INVESTING for MY future comfort rather than PAYING for HER present comfort.


My classes are for those common, average Joe males that seek answers that are REASONABLE, SENSIBLE and DESIGNED to benefit them WITHOUT being taken advantage of, WITHOUT sacrificing what they have OR WITHOUT taking advantage of someone else.

Class is dismissed.

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