Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING: When It Comes To Marriage and Christianity

Everyone has a LEGAL right to do what they want to as long as it does not break the law and I completely RESPECT their right to do so. This post is directed at those HYPOCRITES who DO NOT PRACTICE the principles of that IMAGE they are SO PROUDLY DISPLAYING to the rest of us.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all married or Christian people.

This DOES APPLY to the married and Christian people who are HYPOCRITES.


IMAGE. A visual representation of the external form of a person that may not represent their actual status or behavior.

HYPOCRITE. Vowing to adhere to or claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform.

MARRIAGE VOWS. Binding promises each partner in a couple makes to the other during a wedding ceremony.

CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE. A particular principle that is taught with expectations of the followers to adhere to and practice.

EXCUSE. A reason or explanation put forward in an attempt to lessen the blame or justify a behavior.


What continues to AMUSE me are those HYPOCRITE married and Christian people who encourage (and sometimes harass) others to become a part of something that THEY DON'T ADHERE TO. Marriage vows and Christian doctrines are two of the LEAST adhered to and MOST excuse ridden that I know of.


MOST don't adhere to those traditional vows so why even say them OTHER THAN it's good for THE IMAGE at the wedding ceremony. Based upon all the lying, fornicating and other the other bullshit that goes on in marriages, those vows should be short and to the point so no one will be lying to God or the witnesses:

“(Man) I take thee to be my wife”, “(Woman) I take thee to be my husband”, “(Clergy) By the power invested in me I now pronounce you Husband and Wife”.

Now BOTH of you DO NOT HAVE TO PRETEND and are FREE to behave in any manner you see fit because there are NO CONDITIONS stated in your vows to VIOLATE.


*** WARNING ***

Religious discussions has a tendency to cause "Confusion, Confrontation and Alienation" with the person introducing religion IF you are attempting to have a LOGICAL discussion about anything. The only way to keep that person pleased or from getting tense or upset is:

1. Tell them what they want to hear, or

2. Agree with what they are saying.


This is the ULTIMATE religious practice because you can lie, steal, fornicate, covet YOUR neighbor's wife, etc. and all you have to do is:

"Pray and ask for forgiveness for your sins".

Now that's the shit cause SO MANY will sin, pray for forgiveness and guess what? That's right, "Sin again". I especially love these particular excuses:

1. "My flesh was weak"

2. "God is a forgiving God"

3. "I am not perfect. Only God is perfect."


YOU PEOPLE need to STOP that FALSE advertisement OR at the least STOP trying to get the rest of us to do something that YOU ARE NOT DOING.


I wish I could conclude this but it's been going on before me and will continue after me. I'm just saying what MOST are aware of and are doing but just KEEPING IT IN THE CLOSET.

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