Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DATING: Are You Her Servant or Is She a Prostitute?

So often males will be expected to go out of their way during the dating process if he wants a female's company or eventual companionship. There is an old, out-dated expression, "A man has to prove HIS worthiness in order to be accepted by a woman". Well, what about her worthiness?


This DOES APPLY to any male that is dating or in a relationship that VALUES HIMSELF.


I did a show last night talking about teenage dating. The panel consisted of 4 young males 17 - 20. What I learned, from those males, is that THEY have unknowingly been raised or conditioned to place LITTLE VALUE on themselves as well as have LITTLE EXPECTATIONS from the females they are dating or attempting to date.

This mentality and behavior simply REMAINS as they grow up to be adults.


The number of males that expect and will express those expectations to a female will continue to diminish.

The number of males that serve with little to no expectations will continue to rise.

The number of males that see females as Ho's or will DISRESPECT and USE females will continue to rise. That number will MOSTLY come from those SERVANTS that was used and eventually TOSSED ASIDE.


Since you do all of those things for the female while you are dating them, what EXACTLY do you expect from them during that same time?


Collectively speaking, their answers were either "I don't know" or "I never thought about that".


Generally speaking, the male's behavior HAS NOT CHANGED much from the old days and males continue to GIVE and GIVE and EXPECT less and less. 

Even more ridiculous, MOST males don't even express their expectations or desires to a female when dating. They simple REMAIN SILENT and HOPE. that mentality and behavior is then EXPECTED to continue IF she allows him into a relationship with her.


SERVANT. If the dating is one-sided where you are applying much more effort towards her as she is with you then you are simply serving her.

CLOSET PROSTITUTE. If you have to spend money on her to be with her or she is not paying her own way then SHE is PROSTITUTING HER TIME. What she does with that time USUALLY depends on how much you spend and how attractive she is to you. You, in most cases, DO NOT dictate the action if you are spending money to be with her UNLESS she admits to you that she is a prostitute.


If YOU VALUE YOU, then you should have NO PROBLEM explaining to her that you will expect:

1. Her to INITIATE contact with you just as you INITIATE contact with her

2. Her to INVITE you out on dates just as you INVITE her out on dates

3. Her to PAY for the dates just as you PAY for the dates

The 3 expectations above are those that ANY FEMALE is capable of doing so you should NOT ACCEPT any excuses for her not doing them.


First of all, IF SHE directly or indirectly gives an indication that she is NOT GOING TO meet with your expectations of her to WILLINGLY participate, you should DUMP HER and move on because this proves she has NO RESPECT for you and DOES NOT VALUE your company.

This will prove IF she has a genuine interest in you as well as prove her to be responsible for herself and capable of planning things AS OPPOSED to just sitting on her ass, smiling and EXPECTING YOU to do the most (if not all) of the effort.

This will ALSO PROVE whether or not SHE WAS RAISED to be a PROSTITUTE or RAISED to value a male for the contents of his character.


It is so sad how the DIGNITY of the MAJORITY of males have sunk so low as to ALLOW themselves to be devalued to a point of just being SATISFIED IF a females ALLOWS him in her company AFTER he has SERVED HER WELL or paid the ADMISSION FEE.

The really sad part is that the number of NO DIGNITY, NO EXPECTATIONS males are growing and partially due to THEIR FATHERS passing down that mentality and behavior to them.

Are you a Servant or tying to get with the company of a Prostitute? If so, you need to RID YOURSELF of that female and ONLY associate with females that will put JUST AS MUCH EFFORT in you as you wish to do in them.

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