Saturday, June 8, 2013

TAKE A POSITION: You Are Either With Them or Against Them

SILENCE or EXCUSES will no longer be acceptable when pointing out Ho's and Bitches to so-called good women. Whether we see you do it or not, IF you remain silent, make excuses for or AVOID publicly DENOUNCING these Ho's and Bitches, WE WILL consider you to be a CLOSET Ho or Bitch that just has NOT YET been caught.


This DOES APPLY to ALL females that CLAIM to be a woman of quality or a woman worthy of having a decent man.


The decent, average Joe males have too often ALLOWED females that CLAIM to be man-loving, responsible and/or good women to:

- Remain silent,

- Straddle the fence, or

- Excuse the thinking and behavior of Ho's and Bitches.

THOSE DAYS of us accepting YOU in that manner ARE OVER FOR YOU.


When YOU define what a good woman is, that description is something that works to YOUR "immediate and long term" BENEFIT and NOT OUR BENEFIT. 

We will NO LONGER ACCEPT your description of what a good woman is. You can do so IF you INTEND on developing a relationship with another female but YOU WILL NOT describe what a good woman is FOR US.


I consider myself to be just another average Joe as well as represent the voice of MANY decent, common, average Joe males. This is the BARE MINIMUM of what a good woman SHOULD BE which is Chapter 5 in my first book "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer":

1. She is emotionally healthy and free from past relationships.

2. She is seeking companionship to enhance her happiness and not to make her happy. 

3. She is responsible and will not expect you to rescue her from drama or debt she creates.

4. She can sensibly communicate when angry and will not become a public embarrassment.

5. She comes to you first with personal issues or disagreements that the two of you may have.

6. She is happy being in a relationship with you without expecting you to entertain her all the time.

7. She can be content at home and does not have to run the streets in order to be happy.

8. She accepts you and does not try to change you.


I will speak for myself and other males can agree, if they choose so, that these are the mentality and behavioral description of Ho's and Bitches:

1. HO. This one has that PAY-PER-VIEW attitude. She is scrappy and competitive but will be very co-operative if you provide the finances required to spend time with her. She periodically will put up resistance but all you have to do is pull out that cash or credit card and she will cease the resistance and cater to your needs. They sell their time and what is done with it is negotiable which may NOT include sex if that’s what you were thinking. There are two basic sub-classes, affordable and overpriced. Of course overpriced depend solely upon your financial status so pay close attention and choose wisely.

2. BITCH. This one has that ENTITLEMENT attitude and will go toe-to-toe, trade blows with you and knock your DUMB ASS out if you don’t keep your guards up and protect yourself. She is masterful in the ring. She expects you to spend money as well as cater to her. She expects you to expect nothing more than to be grateful that she has allowed you the opportunity to serve her when she (not you) wants service.


This change MUST BE INCORPORATED and applied to all females. If not, these CLOSET Ho's and Bitches will CONTINUE to be a DIVERSION in our quest for happiness, prosperity and PEACE OF MIND.

Class is dismissed.

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  1. Where does this one fit in? She pushes a man to always be there for her needs (her's and child's) without looking at other options. When she looks at other options she makes (or at least tries to) a man feel guilty. I think it is a SELFISH woman. If she is a GOOD women she would take into consideration the man's ability (financial, health, time, etc. ) to cater to her needs. What do others think?