Friday, June 28, 2013

MOST of the Young Women You Meet Will Be a Reflection of Their Mothers

I just love how the MOTHER GETS the PRAISE when things go good with the child or children and the FATHER GETS the BLAME when things go bad. So why can't the mother be blamed IF things go bad?

This DOES APPLY to every situation where the father IS NOT in the home and GET BLAMED for shit he had NO CONTROL OVER.


The mother, whether or not the father is living with them, is the PRIMARY influence of how her daughter or daughters BEHAVES when interacting with males and especially a man that has a personal interest in her.


They teach their daughter responsibility, unselfishness and consideration:

1. Responsibility. I am capable of taking care of and supporting myself so I will do such. I am responsible for me and will not be a financial liability or burden.

2. Unselfishness. It's not just about me and what I want. I will be understanding and I will sacrifice sometimes (for the good) and I must give if I expect to receive.

3. Consideration. Since I expect him to be thoughtful of my time and other obligations, I will be thoughtful of his time and obligations as well.

4. Fair. I will expect no more from someone than I give to someone.


They teach their daughter one rule and one rule only:

1. It's about you so get what you can anyway that you can while you can.


1. Just as there are deadbeat, no good males (that your mama decided to fuck), there are responsible, good males (that your mama avoided OR ran tricks on knowing that she was not going to fuck) so let's give credit where credit is due which is YOUR MAMA'S POOR CHOICE IN MEN.

2. Since your father (or who she CLAIMS is your father) was never there or not there enough, one has to LOGICALLY CONCLUDE that your primary influence was YOUR MAMA.

3. IF you are having developmental problems and IF your father was not there, I suggest that you go to your mama and ask, "Why mama? Why would you FUCK a DEADBEAT and place me in this dysfunctional situation"?


Of course not. I want to be FAIR with this. I want to ONLY give the mother the SAME percentage of BLAME that you give PRAISE. So when it goes good and IF you give her 80, 90 100% of the praise then it's only FAIR that when it goes bad that you should give her that same percentage of blame.


The next time you come in contact with some irresponsible, selfish, inconsiderate and unfair female and think, "Man she is really FUCKED UP", don't think about where was the father. Think about:

"What did her mama PUT IN HER HEAD for her to end up that way".

Class is dismissed.

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