Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jai Duval's Interview with "E. Lane Simmons" a Self Proclaimed IEB (Inconsiderate Entitlement Bitch)

I want to first thank Ms. Simmons for this WONDERFUL and INFORMATIVE interview.  I did have the ability to respond to her in an inconsiderate, selfish and IMMATURE manner as she did but since I'm attempting to encourage the decent males to function in a LOGICAL manner that will BENEFIT THEM, I am going to take a logical and more MATURE path.

Instead of STUPID responses, which I'm sure THE BITCH is ACCUSTOMED TOWOULD APPRECIATE and WOULD ENJOY which is why she commented in the manner she did, I will CRITIQUE her responses so you can see how SHE VALIDATES my position of LEAVING THESE TYPES (especially the African American females) to the Players, Pretty Boys, Thugs and Financially Well-To-Do that choose to do whatever with them and ASSOCIATE ONLY with RESPECTFUL women that will function in an INTELLIGENT and RESPECTFUL manner.


[E. Lane Simmons] 

Well I think I am very attractive, and no I don't give my pussy away, lmao! 


There is something to be said about females that are (or think) they are attractive and possess that ENTITLEMENT MINDSET. Obviously THIS IS the mindset of a Ho. Ho's are the ONLY ONES that don't see sex as simply a mutually pleasing experience. With them it's business and if they aren't COMPENSATED (in some form or another), sex is not an option. Her NOT PAYING and INSISTING on him paying for her time is simply a Ho selling her time. What they do later depends on the Ho.

[E. Lane Simmons] 

Right now no one gets it. But a lot of women out there just giving it away just to be giving it has fucked up the dating game.


This is a VERY IMMATURE statement. Dating GAMES are played by immature adults and once you recognize that you should leave that person alone. Mature adults know how to SIMPLY state their interest and if it's mutual they simply start dating each other to find out if a FRIENDSHIP or RELATIONSHIP can be developed.

[E. Lane Simmons] 

I agree. And, I play to win that is why I don't give losers no pussy, lmao! Dating to me is to get to know someone to see if I want to fuck you and be exclusive. I don't date for free meals or shit like that. Cause what ever you paying for I can pay for myself. 


Admittance of IMMATURITY by "playing". Her impression of dating is QUITE SHALLOW since, to her, it's about seeing if you want to FUCK someone. I guess she is the MALE version of a dog since males are considered dogs IF they were to make a statement like "dating to see if you want to fuck her". I guess SHE QUALIFIES as being referred to as a male dog (i.e. bitch) in that case.

Her statement is quite common, "What ever you paying for I can pay for myself". Notice SHE CAN pay for herself but SHE DON'T pay. This shows TOTAL inconsiderate for valuing a male just for his company.

[E. Lane Simmons]  

I don't date. Does that answer your question, lol. But if I was dating, no I would not be paying. But that's me and how I was raised. And if a ninja can't get down with that, then he just can't. But never had any problems.


Again, PROOF of her ability to do something (i.e., pay her own way) yet she REFUSES to do so BECAUSE she was RAISED to be INCONSIDERATE (expecting him to pay when she can), A BITCH (i.e., date to see if she want to fuck) and A HO (i.e., have them pay for her if they want to date her).

[E. Lane Simmons]  

LOL. I work and I am paid very well. I don't ask a dude to pay for nothing I can not afford to pay or obtain myself. But yeah dudes who don't like to pay and want me to pay my own way, they get the ninja please hand. If I am going to do all that then what the fuck I need you for. I believe in men being the head of the household and carrying their weight. A lot of pussified ninjas getting away with a lot of shit, cause some females scared to be alone or they going to be alone.


She makes the money yet she ASKS a dude to pay for her. She CAN PAY for herself yet (again) she ASKS the dude to pay for her. If she is going to do ALL THAT (i.e., simply be responsible and pay for herself), then why should she be around a man SHE DOES NOT value for more than the MONEY HE SPENDS. 

BIG CONTRADICTION. She believes in MEN carrying their own way yet SHE DOES NOT believe in carrying her own weight (i.e., responsibilities).

[E. Lane Simmons] 

I can treat you like a man when you act like the pussy between my legs, lmao! Which most men these days do, cot damn mitches.


Very little RESPECT for decent men that EXPECT her to be RESPONSIBLE FOR JUST HERSELF.


I could have WRONGLY labeled her but I chose labels that FIT her words and admitted behavior.

I could have engaged in a SENSELESS back and forth chat FOR HER ENTERTAINMENT but I chose to simply ALLOW HER to SHOW ME the type of person she ACTUALLY is which I CONCLUDED (not ASSumed) based SOLELY on what SHE STATED.


Put as much DISTANCE between FEMALES like this that you can because THERE ARE considerate, responsible, MATURE and respectful WOMEN out there that DO EXIST that may be difficult to find but is TRULY WORTH THE WAIT it takes to find her.

Females like this DO NOT DESERVE the decent, common, respectful, average Joe male. 


IF this is the type of female that YOU are ATTRACTED TO and DESIRE then by all means you have that right. All I can do is provide you with information. In the end, the choice is up to you.

This INTERVIEW is now over and OPEN for feedback. Feel free to express yourself in what ever manner you choose to.

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