Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Steve Harvey's "90 Day No Cookies" Rule Is Even Better For Males

In thinking "logically" and not "emotionally" about Steve telling females to hold back the cookie for the first 90 days, I have to AGREE with him. I have come to the conclusion that although Steve thinks that he is giving females advice that will work to THEIR ADVANTAGE, he is doing you a even BIGGER favor and YOU don't realize it.


This DOES NOT APPLY to weak males because you do not have the mental strength to apply.

This DOES separate the considerate, responsible WOMEN from the inconsiderate, irresponsible FEMALES.


Life is all about compromise which is something that MOST children and MANY females seem to have a problem with when it comes their wants (not needs).

I truly believe that WANTING RESPECT means that you have to GIVE RESPECT in return. This is something that MOST females have NOT been taught because they are RAISED to be selfish, inconsiderate, entitlement minded LITTLE females that grow up to be EVEN MORE entitlement minded ADULT females.


Males need to accept the females request to NOT engage in sex for the first 90 days IF she is following Steve's advice. It would be quite disrespectful of him to NOT do so and I would be quite disappointed in them IF they did NOT respect her request.


Males need to APPLY my "90 Day No Money Spending Money on Her" rule and females need to respect and accept it when presented to them IF they want the male to accept and respect their "90 Day No Cookies" rule.

That 90 Day no spending money on her rule could be dates where there is NO MONEY spent period (i.e, meet at the park, on a walking path, etc.) OR in cases where if there is money involved you go DUTCH.


You are DATING (or trying to) her and not in a committed, monogamous relationship with her. Just because SHE won't have sex with you does not mean that YOU don't have sex. It simply means that you don't have sex WITH HER which is why MALES need to respect her request to NOT HAVE any of HER COOKIES.


1. She keeps her cookies

2. You keep ALL of your money

3. You minimize the risk of a "potential" STD from her cause you don't know who she has been with BEFORE YOU
4. You get to learn about HER character IF she agrees with my 90 day rule AND continue to see you because many of them will agree so that they won't appear to be INCONSIDERATE but in their minds they have IMMEDIATELY begun their EXIT STRATEGY

5. If she agrees but disappears or disagree and move on you have IMMEDIATELY found out that she was nothing but an INCONSIDERATE, ENTITLEMENT MINDED female that had no genuine interest in getting to know YOUR character.


REMEMBER that I am here for the benefit of the decent, common, average Joe male even if you don't FEEL so with this particular post. I said "feel" because if you "think" about it, you will know that what I am saying IS for YOUR BENEFIT.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Males Don't Get Females Pregnant, Females Get Themselves Pregnant"

I'm sure you've heard the phrases, "Oh I made a mistake", "I did not plan on having a child so soon" or "He/she is a blessing from God".  Did you believe ANY of the above phrases to be something other than an EXCUSE for an irresponsible or intentional act?


This DOES NOT APPLY to those RARE situations when two individuals RESPONSIBLY engaged in sexual activity and she ends up pregnant.


I know that some (if not many) of you will be reading this and say, "Shit, if I had it to do over again, I would NOT have listened to HER or MY DICK". 

Do you believe that life is supposed to be about FINANCIAL STRUGGLE because YOU FUCKED UP and engaged in IRRESPONSIBLESTUPID sexual behavior or ALLOWED your STUPID ASS to get TRAPPED?


EXCUSE.  Unwilling to accept one's IRRESPONSIBLE or INTENTIONAL behavior.

RESPONSIBLE SEXBOTH people using some form of birth control.

STUPID.  Doing something that YOU KNOW you should not be doing yet you do it anyway.


Before you get started, I will challenge any male or female to prove me wrong about that topic.  Unless the male FORCES a female AGAINST HER WILL to get pregnant, there are NO LAWS in this county that states a man can MAKE a female get pregnant. If there are such laws, please refer me to them and I will PUBLICLY state that this post is STUPID and that I'M A FUCKING IDIOT.


When both male and female are NOT using some form of birth control and the female gets pregnant, that IS NOT a mistake.  That is simply:

1.  Irresponsible and Stupid Sexual Behavior or

2.  Intentional Attempt to Get Knocked Up


MALES DO NOT get females pregnant.  FEMALES DECIDES if they want to ATTEMPT to get pregnant by using a male's sperm to conceive. Regardless of how EMOTIONAL a female wants to get, if YOU apply LOGIC you will see that I am correct and she is not.  You don't think I'm correct, well take a look.


-  You see her and you are sexually stimulated IF you find her physically appealing

-  You want some of that so you approach her

-  She see you and she is sexually stimulated IF she finds you physically

-  She decides (at that time but don't tell you) IF she wants to have sex with you

-  The two of you spend time together (undetermined amount) and eventually you engage in sex


-  You see her and you are sexually stimulated IF you find her physically appealing

-  You want some pussy from her so you approach her

-  She see you and she is sexually stimulated IF she finds you physically appealing

-  She decides (at that time but don't tell you) IF she wants to give you some pussy

-  You are required (according to THE GAME) to WIN her PUSSY (not her) over

-  She is required (by THE GAME) to KEEP her PUSSY to herself and MANIPULATE you until you prove you to be worthy (i.e., spend money and do things) of ALLOWING you the PRIVILEGE of having access to her MOST PRECIOUS item (that is what SHE has been taught is her most important contribution to a relationship) ALTHOUGH she wants to GIVE you some

-  After you have spent enough money and behaved according to THE GAME, SHE (not you) will decide if she WILL or WILL NOT give you some of her precious pussy

-  If she feels that YOU are of some BENEFIT to her such as:

1) YOU are pretty so you will look good with her,
2) YOU are pretty so she will have a pretty baby,
3) YOU are a thug so you will protect her from others,
4) YOU have money so you will financially provide for her or
5) YOU GOT GAME and you tricked her into believing your bullshit
SHE WILL give you some pussy.


-  You have now EARNED her approval to give you some pussy

-  You (if you are smart) pull out YOUR condom (you don't let her give you one of hers)

-  She says she want to FEEL YOU and that she is taking birth control

-  You (if you are STUPID) agrees with her and jump right on in with NO PROTECTION

-  You EJACULATE inside of her and SHE SMILE (gotcha your STUPID ass now)


From the point of ejaculation FORWARD, you have NO CONTROL and she is in the drivers seat.  As a matter of fact, YOUR STUPID ASS might as well just get out of the car, walk home and WAIT to hear from the DISTRICT ATTORNEY.

YOU CONTROL ejaculating inside of her

SHE CONTROLS conception

SHE CONTROLS pregnancy

SHE CONTROLS child birth


After what I have just explained to you, will you NOW allow a female to CONTROL YOUR FATE?


All I can do is PROVIDE information.  It's up to YOU to decide but BLAME NO ONE (not even her) for your decision IF you decide to jump in there BARE and allow her to CONTROL what happens with YOUR SPERM and YOUR POTENTIAL FUTURE.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Man is Not Supposed to Put His Hands on a Woman

Have you ever watched a movie or television show and saw a female slap, punch, yell or toss something at a male SIMPLY because SHE got emotional and you laughed at it? Well, would you laugh if a male (minor or adult) would do the same to a female on the same screen for the same EMOTIONAL reasons?


This DOES APPLY to any male that truly desires a civil and mature relationship with a woman.

IF she is EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED and DAMAGED due to HER PAST abusive relationship then you should not be with her.

IF she is INTENTIONALLY ABUSIVE you should not be with her.


Females, from little girls to adult females, are taught that "a man is NEVER supposed to put his hands on a woman" yet VERY FEW (if any) are taught that the same APPLIES to little girls and adult females as well.  Therefore, one should LOGICALLY CONCLUDE that little girls and adult females KNOW little boys and adult males are PROGRAMMED to NOT HIT BACK so she goes ahead and APPLY PHYCIAL ABUSE to him.

Females that believe males are NEVER supposed to hit them FOR ANY REASON even if SHE INITIATES abusive physical contact with little boys or adult men are being POTENTIALLY setup for an ASS WHIPPING because not every male will ALLOW THEMSELVES to be ABUSED.

Females are ALLOWED to use EMOTION as their EXCUSE for all types of inappropriate, irresponsible, abusive and violent behavior towards males and is SOCIALLY entertaining and acceptable in many cases.

One of the PRIMARY reasons why MOST males will not progress in life or live a reasonably comfortable and peaceful life is because of the type of females HE ALLOWS in his personal and social life.

Many males, nowadays, will ACCEPT any type of female or disrespectful behavior from a female in order to have her as his companion. Physical abuse is just ONE of the ways a female will HINDER, DISRUPT or DESTROY a male's life.

Here are just a few ways YOUR LIFE and PEACE OF MIND can be damaged or disrupted:

1. PHYSICAL ABUSE. Slap, Push, Scratch, Strike or Toss things.

2. VERBAL ABUSE. Raise her voice, Refer to you in demeaning terms.

3. FINANCIAL ABUSE. Intentionally spend money irresponsibly and expect YOU to pay the bills.

4. SEXUAL ABUSE. Deny you sex AND expect you to NOT get it elsewhere.

5. SEXUAL IRRESPONSIBILITY. Get knocked up by some KNOWN Player, Pretty Boy, Thug or DEAD BEAT and then say SHE was taken advantage of.


1. Females do this because YOU ALLOW IT to occur to them.

2. Females do this because they are TAUGHT at home males are not supposed to hit them but they ARE NOT TAUGHT that there are CONSEQUENCES for HITTING A MAN and therefore they SHOULD NOT do so UNLESS it's for defensive reasons or they are prepared to ACCEPT GETTING THEIR ASS BEAT DOWN.


Males have been RAISED and SOCIALLY PROGRAMMED that females are EMOTIONAL creatures and therefore certain ALLOWANCES are accepted because of that EXCUSE.

MANY MALES have been PROGRAMMED to accept abuse from females and continue to be programmed in that manner as we speak.



1. DO NOT REACT in the same abusive and violent manner.

2. THIS SYSTEM will prosecute you IF you respond in the same manner and WILL protect her EVEN if you are reacting in a defensive manner.

3. DON'T BE STUPID and think all will be good afterwards. File a domestic violence police report so it will be there to show HER history of violence.

4. If she is living with you, get a RESTRAINING ORDER to get her ass out and NEVER ALLOW her back in EVEN after that restraining order has expired.

4. IF you are living with her, IMMEDIATELY LEAVE or MAKE PLANS TO LEAVE at the next convenient time and NEVER RETURN TO HER.


MANY FEMALES have been ALLOWED to behave like INCONSIDERATE and IRRESPONSIBLE CHILDREN that have NO EXPECTATIONS of ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions and then USE EMOTIONS as their EXCUSE for their behavior.

Females WILL CONTINUE to behave in that EMOTION EXCUSED manner as long as males ALLOW them to do so.


There is NO EXCUSE for YOU to ALLOW any female to treat you in an ABUSIVE or DISRESPECTFUL manner.

There are NON-VIOLENT, MATURE women out there so DUMP HER and move on with your life.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

WOMAN UP: Adulthood Means Work, Sacrifice and Being Responsible For Self

So many females want the OPPORTUNITIES that are available to them when it BENEFITS THEM with AS LITTLE EFFORT as possible. When those opportunities becomes a BURDEN to them many of them NOW want to REVERT back to CHLIDHOOD and place THEIR BURDEN on the male that has a PERSONAL interest in her.


This DOES APPLY to any female that behaves in this manner.

This DOES NOT APPLY to any female that DOES NOT behave in this manner.


The harder you work and more stress you receive, the longer SHE lives not you.

The following statement was made so you know me (smile), if I see it as something that may potentially impact the average Joe in a NEGATIVE manner I am posting it. Here is the statement:

"I have always been responsible for myself. I put myself through college. I traveled Europe and other places ALONE and have been taking care of myself since I was a child. I am tired".


Comment 1. I have always been responsible for myself.
Response 1. Isn't that what an adult is supposed to do?

Comment 2. I put myself through college.
Response 2. So am I supposed to congratulate you for something that you should be expected to do?

Comment 3. I traveled Europe and other places ALONE.
Response 3. And what's so special about that? Many people travel alone.

Comment 4. Have been taking care of myself since I was a child.
Response 4. Were you abandoned and raised yourself on the streets? If not, seems like you have issues with IRRESPONSIBLE parents that you need to resolve.

Comment 5. I am tired.
Response 5. We men are tired too AS WELL AS tired of being EXPECTED to carry YOUR BURDENS.  Welcome to the reality of adulthood. If you don't like it then be a BURDEN to someone else (as an adult) or simply lay down and die.

Comments 1 - 4 is definitely something to be PROUD OF (as an individual) but is nothing that should be praised and looked upon as special by anyone else because those things are what ANY RESPONSIBLE ADULT (male or females) should be EXPECTED to do if they want to be considered a responsible adult.

Comment 5 is nothing new.  It's called CONSISTENT work and sacrifice which WILL make anyone tired sometimes.


1. FINANCIAL IRRESPONSIBILITY. They have LIVED THEIR DREAM (i.e., "travel to different places", "shop and dine at expensive places", put it on a credit card and build up UNMANAGEABLE debt.

2. SINGLE MOTHERHOOD. They choose IRRESPONSIBLE or no good males (i.e., Players, Pretty Boys, Thugs or Financially Well-to-Do types) and get KNOCKED UP by them, relationship (whatever that was) is dissolved so she is now trying to raise THEIR (not your) child or children ALONE.

Far too often males will ALLOW many females to OPT OUT of their responsibilities SHE CREATED and he will FOOLishly ASSume them in exchange for companionship.

[QUESTIONS (using the examples above)]

1. Where were you when she was enjoying her travels?  Did you benefit from it?

2. Do you think that she would have PAID HER WAY if she had traveled with YOU?

3. Where were you when she was enjoying the sex that led to her getting knocked up? Were you taking turns with him?


No matter how rough it gets. No matter how tired they get. The bottom line?

"THAT'S LIFE BABY so LIVE WITH IT just like we have to OR LAY DOWN AND DIE cause we are not going to ASSume YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES and allow you to become a BURDEN to us just to have your companionship".


DO NOT ALLOW some female to come into your life and DUMP her responsibilities THAT SHE ENJOYED WITHOUT YOU on you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Open Your Eyes and Recognize the Disguise

There are plenty of inconsiderate, entitlement minded females that are out there giving a BAD IMAGE of what a woman of old fashioned values is supposed to be when it comes to HER interaction with men and especially the common, average Joe.

Those females don't GO ON THE PROWL at unsuspecting Joe's. What they do is just make themselves AVAILABLE and expect Joe to approach her, pursue her and treat her in the manner SHE expects.


This DOES APPLY to any CAPABLE female that lay claims to expecting old fashioned treatment while she simply sits on HER ASS and let the man do the pursuing and paying.


I am not one for being afraid to speak or feel the need to be politically correct to not offend someone. There exists, in large numbers, INCONSIDERATE ENTITLEMENT MINDED females and they will continue to exist. The key is, are you ones of those males that are in need of one of those female types?


Old Fashioned Women. They value HIS CHARACTER and TIME SPENT getting to know her.

Entitlement Minded Females. They value HIS NET WORTH (or potential net worth) and MONEY SPENT getting to know her.


I received this message and was told I could use her comments as long as she remains anonymous but I told her that I would not use it. After reading it again, I said "This is worth posting for other Joe's out there to read".

Her name is NOT as important as HER mindset because this mindset DOES NOT BELONG to just her and MANY OF THEM are LAUGHING AT YOU because they know you will CATER to them when ever they want you to. Is that true?

(Her Comment)
You would be surprised at the Men in my life that I have helped to get to where they are. 

(My Response)
I'm sure that she has helped men just as I am sure that THOSE MEN were either Players, Pretty Boys or Males who's ultimate profession was going to be at least 6 figures and she felt that she would BENEFIT in the long run from HIS success.

(Her comment)
Anyone that has ever had my attention for even a little while would tell you that they wish they had me back. Bar none. 

(My Response)
WAIT A MINUTE. Did she just bend forward and lick her own pussy before making that statement?

(Her Comment)
FYI...I am an asset and I doubt that you could find anyone that could tell you otherwise, Mr Duval. BUT...I am old school and I do not adhere to your "New" way of looking at things. I believe that a Man should pursue a Woman. 

(My Response)
If she is an ASSET, why don't she show that to the DECENT man or men that has a personal interest in her? This is how they function. They are capable but expect YOU to put out and after she's had enough or met someone else she simply says, "Thanks for the good time". He gets NO REBATES.

(Her Comment)
A Woman should not be paying for a date unless she has a very good reason, makes a lot more money than the Man, it's his birthday or she just plain old feels like being nice or surprising him. PERIOD.

(My Response)
How about doing it JUST BECAUSE you are thoughtful, considerate of him and his financial responsibilities and a RESPONSIBLE (for yourself) person?

(Her Comment)
I have paid my dues in relationships where the Man didn't have much money. I have helped them to do better

(My Response)
Hmmm, so where is he now? Do you think that a decent man would ABANDON that relationship AFTER a woman does that for him. Absolutely not.

(Her Comment)
but trust me...there is something to be said about the old saying: "You gotta pay the cost to be the boss".

(My Response)
Well, it's obvious that she paid to be THE BOSS and he (or they) are no longer around (probably based upon HER poor choice in a man or men) so now GUESS WHO is going to pay? That's right partner. You if you want to be with her.

(Her Comment)
I find that Men that are not in a position to pay to take a Woman out deep down it wears on their self image of being a Man. 

(My Response)
STOP HERE. What she has just stated is what I've been trying to tell you guys for the longest. YOU have been PROGRAMMED with LOW self esteem and feel that you must BUY YOUR SELF ESTEEM in order to have companionship.

(Her Comment)
Not to pass judgement on anyone because I don't know where anyone is regarding their finances BUT...it does seem like the only Men that are complaining about having to pay for a date with a Woman are the ones that are not financially capable of being in the "Head"position.

(My Response)
She contradicted herself because she JUST DID pass judgment. My question would be, "Why do I have to LOWER my self image by thinking that I have to PAY in order to spend time with you"? Your image of self worth is no more or less than mine so let's just begin by RESPECTING each other at the SAME LEVEL.


Females SHOULD HAVE the RIGHT and OPPORTUNITY to acquire what ever they want out of life. I have no problem with that and APPLAUD THEM if they work, sacrifice to EARN IT and PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES.

I have NO RESPECT for any female that is CAPABLE of providing for herself to EXPECT a man to PROVIDE FOR HER and SUPPORT HER desired lifestyle. That's my opinion and I'm sure the females that think like that DON'T REALLY give a shit what I say. 

There is nothing that the common Joe can do with these types of females but LEAVE THEM ALONE. They will USE YOU (when THEIR TIME PERMITS) and keep you in that "good friend" category UNTIL she dumps you or need to USE YOU again.

Of course all I can do is provide you with information. The final decision is up to you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Does She Bring To The Table Besides "The Big 3"?

MOST of the females you will come in contact with usually NEVER bring anything CONSISTENT to the DATING or RELATIONSHIP table AND use it in a manner that benefits THEM as opposed to JUST HER.

Most of them WILL SHOW YOU what else they are bringing but REMOVE IT off the table as soon as the dating or relationship begins.  The ONLY things most of them will leave on that table are FRUSTRATION, TEASE and FINANCIAL LIABILITY.


I CHALLENGE any and every female to prove me wrong with her CONSISTENT behavior that does not include THE BIG 3.

This DOES APPLY to any female that functions PRIMARILY with only THE BIG 3.

This DOES NOT APPLY to women that consistently contributes something other than THE BIG 3 when dating or in a relationship with a man.

This SHOULD NOT OFFEND, DISTURB or RUN AWAY a woman of substance and quality because she has more than THE BIG 3 to offer a decent, responsible man.


Remove THE BIG 3 and see what else (if anything) she can contribute. How many of these so-called "Independent, Intelligent, Strong and Educated" females do you think will react in a MATURE manner if you presented this to them.

I would be willing to guess that about 20% of them would react in a mature manner and out of that 20%, you will probably NOT SEE 80% (that's 16 out of 20) afterwards.


1. FRUSTRATION from hearing mostly nonsense coming out of her loud mouth, 
2. TEASE from exposing her cleavage and wearing tight clothing to tease you with her body, and 
3. FINANCIAL LIABILITY from expecting you to pay her way whenever the two of you are together in a social setting).


Of course not but why don't you present this to them and do a head count.


They don't contribute attributes that would have you see them as a partner/wife and will add or multiply the quality of dating and an eventual relationship as opposed to coming in and subtracting or dividing from what YOU BRING.


1. Will they contribute sensible conversation that you can learn from and apply in a productive manner (stupid reality shows and stupid talk shows do not count as sensible), 
2. Will they talk about and show you how well they can cook (microwaving tacos and pre-cooked meals do not count),
3. Will they demonstrate how thoughtful they are of you by planning dates and inviting you out (she should NOT pay your way because she invited. both of you are to pay your own way which shows financial responsibility on both parts),
4. Will they demonstrate how organized they can be (being on time),
5. Will they demonstrate how basic and simple they can be (that simplicity is what minimizes the pressure in relationships for each other to do stupid shit like try and impress each other on a regular basis),
6. Will they demonstrate their ability to MATURELY disagree and still want to be around you,
7. Will they demonstrate their ability to just be in your company and BE QUIET?

Those 7 items above, as a minimum, are things that DECENT, RESPONSIBLE males want to see a woman demonstrate if he is to have a personal interest and possible long-term relationship with her.


Do you have the BALLS and BACKBONE to present what should be considered REASONABLE for a self-proclaimed INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT, STRONG and EDUCATED female?


If you don't have the BALLS and BACKBONE to present this then simply pull out your wallet, spend some money and hope you eventually get to see her tits and "maybe" touch her pussy.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

INTELLIGENT RESPONSE TO, "Why Are Some Men "Especially Black Men" So Irresponsible"?

I had to share this post with all of you along with my comment.  I'm sure that my response to Sandra is DEFINITELY NOT what she and so many other females will hear from MOST males.

I challenge ANY female to ATTEMPT to discredit what I have stated below AND if she does she is REQUIRED to do it with LOGIC and COMMON SENSE and NOT emotional rhetoric. If any can do that, I will APOLOGIZE right here to her and STATE that particular comment was STUPID and INCONSIDERATE on my part.  Go right ahead.  I am waiting to APOLOGIZE.

[Sandra Davis]


[Jai Duval]

@Sandra Davis. This is in response from a RESPONSIBLE black man to your statement and not the online article since I have not read it yet. I am about TIRED of hearing females MAKE EXCUSES for their POOR CHOICE in who they EAGERLY OPEN UP THEIR LEGS to and WILLINGLY ALLOW to EJACULATE inside of them.

Since I prefer to engage in and respond in an INTELLIGENT and LOGICAL manner when it comes to male and female relations with each other, let me provide you with INTELLIGENT, non-emotional responses:

1. There is a CLEAR difference between a responsible man and an irresponsible man and both comes in ALL colors but I will stay FOCUSED on your point about black men,

2. RESPONSIBLE MEN, let me repeat RESPONSIBLE, help raise and provide for their children and respect their children's mother.

3. IRRESPONSIBLE men DO NOT help raise and provide for their children and DO NOT respect their children's mother.

4. ANY women that DOES NOT HAVE a mental disability is CAPABLE of making RATIONAL decisions and KNOWS the difference between the two.

5. MANY women WILLINGLY avoid or reject the GOOD, RESPONSIBLE men and WILLINGLY choose the NO GOOD, IRRESPONSIBLE men, (Players, Pretty Boys, Thugs and Financially Well-To-Do) then later make the statement or ask the question YOU HAVE.

6. MANY women DISRESPECT themselves by choosing a disrespectful and IRRESPONSIBLE man to begin with.

7. MANY women DISRESPECT their yet-to-be born child or children by WILLINGLY allowing an irresponsible, dead beat to EJACULATE inside of her.

8. MANY women will AFTERWARDS expect a GOOD MAN to help support her and SOME DEAD BEAT's children due to HER poor choice.

9. ALL WOMEN (unless they are FORCED against their will to do so) are capable of CONTROLLING conception, child birth and parenthood. The only thing the man CONTROLS is whether or not he EJACULATES inside of her.


If SHE makes SMARTER choices with the male or males SHE ALLOWS to EJACULATE INSIDE of her, then SHE WON'T be complaining about IRRESPONSIBLE men KNOCKING HER UP, ABANDONING his responsibilities or DISRESPECTING her.

WHAT IF SHE SAYS: No Sex Until After Marriage?

Can you handle it if a female that you are PHYSICALLY and SEXUALLY attracted to and have a personal relationship INTEREST in looks you in the eyes and says, "I am not going to have sex (or sex again) with anyone until after I am married".


This DOES NOT APPLY to males that are simply looking for SEX as opposed to a committed, meaningful and MUTUALLY enjoyable and productive relationship.

I personally DO NOT ENCOURAGE engaging in SEX with a female during the first 3 dates. 

This DOES APPLY to any female that repeats that "no sex" statement above.

This DOES NOT APPLY to anyone that NO LONGER DESIRES or is INCAPABLE OF engaging in sexual activity in a SATISFYING manner.


I can't tell you how many times I have heard guys of all ages talk about how they were presented with that statement, "I am not going to have sex until after I am married". Guys MUST realize that there are PRIMARILY 3 types of females that will say that, 1) Virgin, 2) Recycled and 3) Hustler.


[VIRGIN]. There can be several reasons why she chooses to wait and here are just a few:

1. She has been raised, usually with an OVER-DOSE of religion, that it is SINFUL to engage in sex BEFORE marriage.

2. She has been raised with that Cinderella mentality and is waiting for Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet, have her live happily ever after and GIVE HIM her most precious treasure (she's been TAUGHT which is sex) AFTER he marries her.

3. She believes that the sex with him WILL BE SATISFYING TO HIM and her therefore there is NO NEED to engage in sex BEFORE marriage.

[RECYCLED]. There are MANY females out there that have had MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS and none of them wanted to marry her so NOW she is going to IMPOSE that NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE policy on you. Typically these females are the types that AVOIDED or REJECTED the decent, common, average Joe male and WILLINGLY CHOSE the Player, Pretty Boy, Thug or Financially Well-To-Do males.

[HUSTLER]. There are MANY females that have NEVER had any intention of having sex with certain males (typically the common types of males I represent) and ONLY spend time with him IF he is paying her way, giving her things, helping her with HER bills, fixing things for her, etc.


ANYONE that minimizes the importance of SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY before marriage is fooling themselves. Sex, just like any other component in a relationship, is just as important in improving one's chances of SUCCESS.


Use that time to EXAMINE and QUESTION her character:

1. Is she MATURE and behaves in a MATURE manner when in DISAGREEMENT with you?

2. Is she is a FINANCIALLY responsible person that PAYS HER OWN WAY?

3. Is she EMOTIONALLY "Stuck on Stupid" (for an ex) and REFUSE to let go of him?

4. Is she CONSIDERATE of you, YOUR time and OTHER THINGS you have in your life?

4. Is she PRO-ACTIVE in DISPLAYING a personal interest in you or does she simply EXPECTS YOU to do most or all of it?


I have NO PROBLEM with NO SEX before marriage but ONLY under the following terms:

1. I WILL RESPECT YOUR WISHES and I WILL NOT engage in sex WITH YOU before we get married. This does not mean that I will not engage in sex with someone else. If I choose to do so, I will do so and I will do it RESPONSIBLY.

2. If I wait until AFTER marriage AND the sex is unsatisfying AFTER multiple attempts, this marriage WILL BE ANNULLED within the required legal time.  THIS ONE REQUIRES BALLS AND BACKBONE TO SAY.

3. We will keeping the FINANCIAL expenses of the marriage (i.e., ring, wedding, honeymoon, etc.) to a REASONABLE minimum in the event that SEX is unsatisfactory.


My purpose is to 1) DESTROY the present mindset of MOST decent, common, average Joe males THAT GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, 2) Provide them with SENSIBLE information in order to BENEFIT THEM (not her first), 3) ASSIST them in making better choices in females AS WELL AS 4) Avoiding those UNEARNED entitlement minded, inconsiderate, GOOD MAN USING females that exist and RUIN the opportunity for GOOD women to have a good man.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bringing Something To The Table Means Nothing If Not Used

Bringing Something To The Table DOES NOT MEAN She Will Use It In The Relationship to Benefit The Relationship

I'm sure many of you have heard females talk about, "What they Bring to the Table". Other than thinking about SEX, have you EVER given thought to how much (if any) of what they bring is APPLIED DIRECTLY to MAINTAINING that relationship AS OPPOSED to MAINTAINING themselves?


This SHOULD BE APPLIED to any female that uses that "bring to table" sentence.


Ever wonder why you will NEVER HEAR a female tell that to someone making six figures or more UNLESS she is making the same or close to the same amount? For example:

SHE makes $50,000 a year and he makes $2,000,000 a year. Do you really think SHE is gonna put that on the table? Absolutely not. The only thing SHE will put on the table for a guy like that is SEX unless she knows that guy is wealthy but weak. In that case, she places a warm smile, a hug and an occasional kiss because SHE KNOWS that she is IN CONTROL of him.


The guy that's making the same amount or less than her will get that TOSSED IN HIS FACE.


It's more of an IN YOUR FACE expression as opposed to WHAT I WILL CONTRIBUTE if we are in a relationship. Most of them have NO INTENTION on equally contributing.


They take what they have placed off the table AFTER getting in that relationship and replace with "You are the MAN and the PRIMARY PROVIDER in this relationship".

They use THEIR MONEY to keep themselves looking desirable (by the way, don't think that it's just for you) so they can receive ATTENTION, COMPLIMENTS and sometimes OFFERS that they may or may not accept from other men as well as ENVY from other females.

They SAVE some of their money IN THE EVENT the relationship DOES NOT LAST because that is what they are RAISED and TAUGHT to do while you SPEND YOUR MONEY to maintain the relationship and have very little (if any left) if the relationship DOES NOT LAST.


DO NOT ACCEPT the high maintenance (for you) EXCUSE for not equally financially contributing to the relationship when she has the ability to do so. If that is the case, get yourself an ORIGINAL (i.e. naturally attractive woman) and not an IMITATION that REQUIRES masking with make-up and flaunting a weave.

If a females comes at you with that, "What She Brings to the Table" nonsense then REQUIRE her to EQUALLY APPLY IT to help maintain the relationship. If she DOES NOT want to comply, DUMP her FALSE ADVERTISING, MAN-USING ass.


All I can do is present SENSIBLE information in these classes to benefit you. It's up to you to APPLY IT to her afterwards.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Males Simply "Cannot" or "Refuse To" Be Helped

I have to face FACT that many decent, common, average Joe males are HOPELESS in my attempt to get them successfully through my classes so that they are capable of INTELLIGENTLY engaging with females in a manner that BENEFITS THEM FIRST.


This DOES APPLY to the mentally PROGRAMMED males that believe that 1) HIS LIFE comes second to the female he has an interest in, 2) He is to do whatever it takes to get her attention and keep her happy and 3) She has the OPTION to be responsible for herself because he is supposed to be responsible for and take care of her.

This DOES APPLY to the mentally challenged. Unfortunately, you don't have the ability to understand what I am trying to accomplish. It would take far too much time and effort to do so. As a matter of fact, I don't even know why I am typing this disclaimer for you because YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND this either.


This IS NOT the "Spelling and Grammar" class. That classroom is next door.

My classes are geared towards "Behavioral Analysis" of the common male such that it's examined and corrected to REMOVE all of his NEGATIVE and NON-BENEFICIAL behavior. 

My classes are also geared towards "Identifying and Avoiding" entitlement minded, pay my way, inconsiderate females that I refer to as Skeezers that are WORTHLESS and of NO BENEFIT to him.

I have seen many comments to my posts that are TOTALLY unrelated to the point that I try to make. This is done by:

1. Males who CAN'T GET IT due to their mental shortcomings, and

2. Males who REFUSE to CHANGE in a manner that benefits him due to his DEEP programming from "Ratings Pimps" like Steve Harvey.


The same as I have suggest to decent males for inconsiderate, entitlement minded females which is AVOIDANCE because those males are a waste of YOUR time and WILL ATTEMPT to convince you to behave like them.


ANY MALE attempting to DIVERT ME is either an IDIOT or a FOOL. What you are attempting is impossible because my posts are based upon LOGIC and TRUTH so take that KINDERGARTEN BULLSHIT somewhere else or I will PUBLICLY EMBARRASS YOU.


Now that I've made myself ABSOLUTELY clear, I will continue with my class.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SINGLE MOTHERS: Are They Just Killing Time Until It's Time to Return to Him?

There are many single mothers out there that ARE NOT PRESENTLY with their child or children's father for whatever the reason. Although they are physically apart, in many cases, SHE has not emotionally separated from him. There WILL BE that lingering "what if" in her mind and heart.

Yes, the same could be the case with a female WITHOUT children but the EMOTIONAL BOND is not just about her and her ex but rather her, THEIR child or children and THEIR father as a BIOLOGICAL FAMILY UNIT which IS NOT you partner.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all single mothers but it does apply to most.

This DOES NOT APPLY to single mothers who child's father is DEAD.

This CAN ALSO APPLY to single females who are NOT MOTHERS but also have not disconnected emotionally from one or several of HER ex's.


Some single mothers (never married, separated or divorced) will go through a phase in their lives AFTER breaking up with their child or children's father. Some will go into seclusion and others will be on the front line wanting attention from other males.

A single mother CAN EASILY walk away from you and move on to the next guy UNTIL she reunites with her child or children's father because the ATTACHMENT is not with you so realize it and ACCEPT the REALITY of it. You and any other attention she receives while AWAY from the child or children's father are simply ENTERTAINMENT for her.

Most of those single mothers are simply KILLING TIME and will go through one or several males simply FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. This is fine when that or those males are Players, Pretty Boys, Thugs, Married or Committed males and will simply see her as a "temporary toy" or a "challenge to HIS ego".


Unfortunately, MANY of those females come in contact with the Joe's that I try to represent and in doing so receive the type of attention and treatment that THEY DESIRE from the father of their child or children but did not receive.

Joe is EMOTIONALLY UNATTACHED while she is EMOTIONALLY STUCK ON STUPID for the child or children's father. Many of those Joe's eventually find themselves emotionally attached to her and the time they spend together and he will put out FINANCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY in order to HOPEFULLY show her how HE could be a better man to her than the man she was with before him.


- Never, ever complete for a female whether is a single mother or has no children.
- Never, ever try to take the place of her child or children's father.


If you are dating a single mother AND expect to have her open up to you EMOTIONALLY and let go of her child or children's father emotionally, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. 


Every time, let me say it louder, EVERY TIME she looks at that child or those children, she's looking at AND thinking about their father (her ex) and wondering.


- What if I were to give him another chance?
- What if I make a big mistake by leaving him?
- What if he has changed his behavior for the better?
- What if my child or children resents me for being with someone else?


In many cases she MAN NOT leave you and go directly back to him but EVENTUALLY SHE WILL leave you and go on to the NEXT EXCITING EPISODE before returning back to her child or children's father so prepare yourself, "It's just a matter of time".

All I do is provide you with "Food for Thought". You have to decide what's best for YOU.

Rule #40: The More Attractive She Is The More Game And Deception You Must Use On Her

Don’t allow her attractiveness to weaken you.  SHE IS SKILLED at recognizing and manipulating that ATTRACTION and WEAKNESS you have for her. 


You should AVOID pretty females UNTIL after they have been SEVERELY abuse by the Players, Pretty Boys and Thugs because they have NOT YET BEEN CONDITIONED to appreciate and work with the decent, common, average Joe male.

If they get KNOCKED UP (married or not married) by any of those types, you need to AVOID her COMPLETELY because she will NEVER be of any consistent contribution to you AS LONG AS the child or children are still living with her OR their father or fathers are STILL ALIVE.


At least 95 percent of these types will REJECT THE AVERAGE JOE until they have been emotionally, psychologically and/or physically beaten down by males that don’t care about them or until their marketable value has diminished such that they are no longer receiving the kind of attention that they desire. 

Typically that value will diminish due to age, physical changes, having children or needing a male in their life to dump their responsibility onto.

She will use her skilled game of tease, illusion and deception to 1) weaken you, 2) get you to drop your defenses and willingly give her what she wants, 3) then knock you out and finally 4) take what she can that’s left as they are dragging you out of the ring.  

The more attractive she is or she thinks she is the more she expects you to serve her and put out for the opportunity to spend time with her.  You will probably say that I’m exaggerating so prove me wrong by her actions and not my words.   


If you don't have the MENTAL STRENGTH to NOT fall in love with one of these types, I would suggest that you AVOID THEM COMPLETELY. and leave them to the Players, Pretty Boys and Thugs that WON'T FALL IN LOVE with them and will treat them in the same THOUGHTLESS MANNER as they will treat you.

Promise her everything since that’s what she is accustomed to and expects you to do.  Give her just enough to keep her interested and get as much as you can from her.

Pretend to be all that she selfishly expects you to be but don’t place a burden upon yourself in the process.  Her vanity, arrogance, lack of respect, her high expectations of you spending money is her weakness so use it against her, get what you can while you can before she decides to dump you.  Trust me, you won’t be able to comfortably maintain a relationship with her and she will dump you when a bigger opportunity comes.

Do not be stupid and fall in love or think you can persuade her to fall in love with you.  It’s not about love and if you cease to provide those things she desires she will certainly dump you and make herself available for other opportunities.


The vast majority of those types of females will only accept a male if he has money, money potential or status that they feel will eventually benefit her and produce a lifestyle that she desires. 

Most of those types will rarely have a genuine interest in the average male unless she is very young, naive and have not been made aware of the benefits she can receive if she uses her looks in the proper manner to manipulate males. 

Once she becomes aware, your chances are slim and none if you think just being in love with you will keep her.  WAKE UP TO TODAY’S REALITY.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

LET HER GO: Stop Holding on to that Liability and Dead Beat

Are you TIRED of carrying the weight of the dating process or relationship? Is she simply EXPECTING you do the the majority (if not all) of the effort when it comes to the two of you? If so, then it's time to DUMP THAT LIABILITY and move forward.


This DOES APPLY to all males who are in dissatisfying, uncooperative relationships.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who's situation is NOT a reflection of this post.


As always, my posts are about doing and not whining, complaining, making excuses for or blaming some female for HER lazy, inconsiderate and uncooperative behavior OR blaming her for your miserable situation with her that you REFUSE to abandon.


A female that RESPECT YOU and have a GENUINE INTEREST in you WILL NOT be a burden and/or liability during the dating process or in a relationship. SHE WILL show you her value to you.

SEX SHOULD NOT count as an item of value while dating or in a relationship. Sex should be seen as something EXPECTED either during dating and/or in a relationship. 

There are females out there that simply DO NOT EXPECT to do much when engaging in contact WITH YOU be it "dating" or "a relationship".

There are females out there that simply DO NOT EXPECT to do much when engaging in contact WITH ANY MAN be it "dating" or "a relationship".


It's due to their EXPOSURE to other people that think in the same INCONSIDERATE manner OR due to their IGNORANCE (that's simply a lack of knowledge) regarding how to FAIRLY conduct themselves with a man.


I believe that the options below are the two most common options that the majority of people do:

Option #1. Try to change the way she thinks and behaves with you.

Option #2. Leave her alone and move on to someone more considerate.


NO FEMALE that you have a personal interest in is worth placing HER VALUE above yours.

No PHYSICALLY capable, MENTALLY stable, WORKING female is worth you bearing the BURDEN of the dating process or relationship.


Once again, I can ONLY provide you with information. The choice is up to you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


What is it about MANY american females (usually the ones that are close friends with american black females) but black females (primarily) that makes them continuously MISUSE the word STRONG when it comes to their behavior?


This DOES NOT APPLY to anyone who uses the word "strong" in its proper manner.

This DOES APPLY to any female that places that STRONG label out there about herself that CANNOT life at least 1 1/2 times her weight.

THERE ARE females of other ethnicity (i.e., race is the more commonly used term) that use that word inappropriately but the PRIMARY CULPRIT that uses that word so ERRONEOUSLY is the AMERICAN BLACK female.


I'm gonna say this WITHOUT hesitation or reservation.  Generally speaking, AMERICAN BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO JUST GROW UP because so many are so STUPID when it comes to the use of this word and the black males either DON'T GENUINELY REALIZE or is TOO STUPID TO REALIZE the impact of telling black females that they are STRONG simply because of their behavior that SHOULD BE EXPECTED of them.


Have you EVER notice how those "so-called" STRONG black females DON'T DO SHIT FOR YOU yet they continuously put that STRONG (don't forget INTELLIGENT) title on themselves at every given opportunity?

Oh yea, they do even LESS for you IF you have a personal interest in them or IF you are STUPID enough to get into a relationship with ANY female that promotes herself as being a STRONG BLACK WOMAN.


Let me INTELLIGENTLY explain to you EMOTIONAL creatures that probably won't get this anyway.  The following behaviors, for example, ARE NOT measures of STRENGTH but rather measures of RESPONSIBILITY once you reach ADULTHOOD:

-  You get a job,
-  You financially support yourself,
-  You study to gain more knowledge,
-  You make SENSIBLE decisions and avoid FOOLISH ones,
-  You sacrifice and work long hours to get what you want,
-  You support, sacrifice and provide for YOUR CHILD or CHILDREN,
-  You put aside childish behavior and take your rightful position as an adult.

Those behavior above DO NOT qualify ANY FEMALE as being STRONG.  They simply qualify her as being RESPONSIBLE.


Isn't it amusing that when a man does the things above you may hear something like, "Well, he's a man and being RESPONSIBLE as a man is what he's supposed to do".
Now flip the scrip and let a female do those things then all of a sudden we have to:

-  Call Oprah's ass,
-  Throw a party for her,
-  Put her name in the news,
-  Give her awards and plaques,
-  Give her a ticker tape parade,
-  Start a FOUNDATION in her name,
-  Put her story on the Lifetime channel,
-  Praise her for being a STRONG woman,
-  Call Steve's ass and have her on HIS show,
-  Call Tyler's ass and have him make a MOVIE about her,
-  Create support groups so other females can be praised for being STRONG.


What's so GREAT about a woman simply being RESPONSIBLE for herself and HER child or children?


Don't give me that NONSENSE, "Well, she had children, her husband cheated on her (or constantly ABUSED her) so she GOT the STRENGTH to leave and left him so now she's struggling to raise HER family".


(To Females).  STOP expecting someone to call you STRONG just because of some RESPONSIBLE act you "may have" performed.

(To Males).  STOP calling females STRONG just because of some RESPONSIBLE acts THEY ARE SUPPOSED to perform.


Its because giving them that STRONG label CONTRIBUTES that the ENTITLEMENT mindset I speak so much about.


I know the IMPROPER LABELING of black females" (i.e., Strong) will not stop by MOST black ADULT males which is why I'm attempting to reach out to those who have NOT YET begun that FOOLISHNESS.

I expect VERY FEW to none of the black females to STOP using that word inappropriately.

Hopefully, many MALES will see my point and CHANGE your MISUSE of that word and APPLY it appropriately.