Monday, April 1, 2013

P-FAX REPORT: "Checkmate - That Game is Over"

Jai Duval's P-FAX REPORT: "Checkmate - That Game is Over"

Well, you've been dating and putting down payments on her p*ssy (i.e., paying her way for each date) so now you want a return on your FINANCIAL investment but don't know anything about her sexual past? Don't run the risk of getting REFURBISHED and RECYCLED P*SSY with costly hidden problems. Just for her P*SSYFAX (P-FAX) Report".


This DOES APPLY to every female that CLAIMS to have none or ONLY a small number of sexual encounters.

This DOES NOT APPLY to lesbian activity.


I'm ALWAYS hearing about sites that provide backgroud checks (usually on males for the benefit of females) when it comes to dating and relationships. What if WE could actually get a detailed p*ssy background check of any female we were interested in having sex with? What a MONUMENTAL difference and GAME changer that would be.

We all know how females will LIE about their sexual encounters to make themselves APPEAR to NOT be sexually PROMISCUOUS. My P-FAX report gives you information about her p*ssy that you are hesitant about asking or she WILL LIE to you about.

Each P-FAX report contains important information about HER p*ssy through a detailed background search. Through this search, information included in P-FAX reports are:

1. LAST KNOW USAGE READING - When was the last time her p*ssy was poked

2. D*CKOMETER READING - Total number of d*cks her p*ssy has actually had

3. F*CKOMETER READING - Total number of times her p*ssy has actually had sex

4. SERVICE HISTORY - How often her p*ssy goes in for medical checkups

5. REPAIR HISTORY - How many times her p*ssy has gone in for STD repair

6. THERMOMETER READING - How hot can her p*ssy really get

7. RECALL HISTORY - How many times her p*ssy has gone back to one of more of her ex's

8. RELOCATION HISTORY - How many times her p*ssy has had to move from one city to another due to the EMBARRASSMENT of an excessive amount of d*cks.


This is a fantasy of course (for now) but maybe just "one day" technology may help even the playing field for us. Until then, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

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