Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SINGLE MOTHERS: Are They Just Killing Time Until It's Time to Return to Him?

There are many single mothers out there that ARE NOT PRESENTLY with their child or children's father for whatever the reason. Although they are physically apart, in many cases, SHE has not emotionally separated from him. There WILL BE that lingering "what if" in her mind and heart.

Yes, the same could be the case with a female WITHOUT children but the EMOTIONAL BOND is not just about her and her ex but rather her, THEIR child or children and THEIR father as a BIOLOGICAL FAMILY UNIT which IS NOT you partner.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all single mothers but it does apply to most.

This DOES NOT APPLY to single mothers who child's father is DEAD.

This CAN ALSO APPLY to single females who are NOT MOTHERS but also have not disconnected emotionally from one or several of HER ex's.


Some single mothers (never married, separated or divorced) will go through a phase in their lives AFTER breaking up with their child or children's father. Some will go into seclusion and others will be on the front line wanting attention from other males.

A single mother CAN EASILY walk away from you and move on to the next guy UNTIL she reunites with her child or children's father because the ATTACHMENT is not with you so realize it and ACCEPT the REALITY of it. You and any other attention she receives while AWAY from the child or children's father are simply ENTERTAINMENT for her.

Most of those single mothers are simply KILLING TIME and will go through one or several males simply FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. This is fine when that or those males are Players, Pretty Boys, Thugs, Married or Committed males and will simply see her as a "temporary toy" or a "challenge to HIS ego".


Unfortunately, MANY of those females come in contact with the Joe's that I try to represent and in doing so receive the type of attention and treatment that THEY DESIRE from the father of their child or children but did not receive.

Joe is EMOTIONALLY UNATTACHED while she is EMOTIONALLY STUCK ON STUPID for the child or children's father. Many of those Joe's eventually find themselves emotionally attached to her and the time they spend together and he will put out FINANCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY in order to HOPEFULLY show her how HE could be a better man to her than the man she was with before him.


- Never, ever complete for a female whether is a single mother or has no children.
- Never, ever try to take the place of her child or children's father.


If you are dating a single mother AND expect to have her open up to you EMOTIONALLY and let go of her child or children's father emotionally, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. 


Every time, let me say it louder, EVERY TIME she looks at that child or those children, she's looking at AND thinking about their father (her ex) and wondering.


- What if I were to give him another chance?
- What if I make a big mistake by leaving him?
- What if he has changed his behavior for the better?
- What if my child or children resents me for being with someone else?


In many cases she MAN NOT leave you and go directly back to him but EVENTUALLY SHE WILL leave you and go on to the NEXT EXCITING EPISODE before returning back to her child or children's father so prepare yourself, "It's just a matter of time".

All I do is provide you with "Food for Thought". You have to decide what's best for YOU.

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