Sunday, April 14, 2013

WHAT IF SHE SAYS: No Sex Until After Marriage?

Can you handle it if a female that you are PHYSICALLY and SEXUALLY attracted to and have a personal relationship INTEREST in looks you in the eyes and says, "I am not going to have sex (or sex again) with anyone until after I am married".


This DOES NOT APPLY to males that are simply looking for SEX as opposed to a committed, meaningful and MUTUALLY enjoyable and productive relationship.

I personally DO NOT ENCOURAGE engaging in SEX with a female during the first 3 dates. 

This DOES APPLY to any female that repeats that "no sex" statement above.

This DOES NOT APPLY to anyone that NO LONGER DESIRES or is INCAPABLE OF engaging in sexual activity in a SATISFYING manner.


I can't tell you how many times I have heard guys of all ages talk about how they were presented with that statement, "I am not going to have sex until after I am married". Guys MUST realize that there are PRIMARILY 3 types of females that will say that, 1) Virgin, 2) Recycled and 3) Hustler.


[VIRGIN]. There can be several reasons why she chooses to wait and here are just a few:

1. She has been raised, usually with an OVER-DOSE of religion, that it is SINFUL to engage in sex BEFORE marriage.

2. She has been raised with that Cinderella mentality and is waiting for Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet, have her live happily ever after and GIVE HIM her most precious treasure (she's been TAUGHT which is sex) AFTER he marries her.

3. She believes that the sex with him WILL BE SATISFYING TO HIM and her therefore there is NO NEED to engage in sex BEFORE marriage.

[RECYCLED]. There are MANY females out there that have had MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS and none of them wanted to marry her so NOW she is going to IMPOSE that NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE policy on you. Typically these females are the types that AVOIDED or REJECTED the decent, common, average Joe male and WILLINGLY CHOSE the Player, Pretty Boy, Thug or Financially Well-To-Do males.

[HUSTLER]. There are MANY females that have NEVER had any intention of having sex with certain males (typically the common types of males I represent) and ONLY spend time with him IF he is paying her way, giving her things, helping her with HER bills, fixing things for her, etc.


ANYONE that minimizes the importance of SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY before marriage is fooling themselves. Sex, just like any other component in a relationship, is just as important in improving one's chances of SUCCESS.


Use that time to EXAMINE and QUESTION her character:

1. Is she MATURE and behaves in a MATURE manner when in DISAGREEMENT with you?

2. Is she is a FINANCIALLY responsible person that PAYS HER OWN WAY?

3. Is she EMOTIONALLY "Stuck on Stupid" (for an ex) and REFUSE to let go of him?

4. Is she CONSIDERATE of you, YOUR time and OTHER THINGS you have in your life?

4. Is she PRO-ACTIVE in DISPLAYING a personal interest in you or does she simply EXPECTS YOU to do most or all of it?


I have NO PROBLEM with NO SEX before marriage but ONLY under the following terms:

1. I WILL RESPECT YOUR WISHES and I WILL NOT engage in sex WITH YOU before we get married. This does not mean that I will not engage in sex with someone else. If I choose to do so, I will do so and I will do it RESPONSIBLY.

2. If I wait until AFTER marriage AND the sex is unsatisfying AFTER multiple attempts, this marriage WILL BE ANNULLED within the required legal time.  THIS ONE REQUIRES BALLS AND BACKBONE TO SAY.

3. We will keeping the FINANCIAL expenses of the marriage (i.e., ring, wedding, honeymoon, etc.) to a REASONABLE minimum in the event that SEX is unsatisfactory.


My purpose is to 1) DESTROY the present mindset of MOST decent, common, average Joe males THAT GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, 2) Provide them with SENSIBLE information in order to BENEFIT THEM (not her first), 3) ASSIST them in making better choices in females AS WELL AS 4) Avoiding those UNEARNED entitlement minded, inconsiderate, GOOD MAN USING females that exist and RUIN the opportunity for GOOD women to have a good man.

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