Thursday, April 4, 2013


What is it about MANY american females (usually the ones that are close friends with american black females) but black females (primarily) that makes them continuously MISUSE the word STRONG when it comes to their behavior?


This DOES NOT APPLY to anyone who uses the word "strong" in its proper manner.

This DOES APPLY to any female that places that STRONG label out there about herself that CANNOT life at least 1 1/2 times her weight.

THERE ARE females of other ethnicity (i.e., race is the more commonly used term) that use that word inappropriately but the PRIMARY CULPRIT that uses that word so ERRONEOUSLY is the AMERICAN BLACK female.


I'm gonna say this WITHOUT hesitation or reservation.  Generally speaking, AMERICAN BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO JUST GROW UP because so many are so STUPID when it comes to the use of this word and the black males either DON'T GENUINELY REALIZE or is TOO STUPID TO REALIZE the impact of telling black females that they are STRONG simply because of their behavior that SHOULD BE EXPECTED of them.


Have you EVER notice how those "so-called" STRONG black females DON'T DO SHIT FOR YOU yet they continuously put that STRONG (don't forget INTELLIGENT) title on themselves at every given opportunity?

Oh yea, they do even LESS for you IF you have a personal interest in them or IF you are STUPID enough to get into a relationship with ANY female that promotes herself as being a STRONG BLACK WOMAN.


Let me INTELLIGENTLY explain to you EMOTIONAL creatures that probably won't get this anyway.  The following behaviors, for example, ARE NOT measures of STRENGTH but rather measures of RESPONSIBILITY once you reach ADULTHOOD:

-  You get a job,
-  You financially support yourself,
-  You study to gain more knowledge,
-  You make SENSIBLE decisions and avoid FOOLISH ones,
-  You sacrifice and work long hours to get what you want,
-  You support, sacrifice and provide for YOUR CHILD or CHILDREN,
-  You put aside childish behavior and take your rightful position as an adult.

Those behavior above DO NOT qualify ANY FEMALE as being STRONG.  They simply qualify her as being RESPONSIBLE.


Isn't it amusing that when a man does the things above you may hear something like, "Well, he's a man and being RESPONSIBLE as a man is what he's supposed to do".
Now flip the scrip and let a female do those things then all of a sudden we have to:

-  Call Oprah's ass,
-  Throw a party for her,
-  Put her name in the news,
-  Give her awards and plaques,
-  Give her a ticker tape parade,
-  Start a FOUNDATION in her name,
-  Put her story on the Lifetime channel,
-  Praise her for being a STRONG woman,
-  Call Steve's ass and have her on HIS show,
-  Call Tyler's ass and have him make a MOVIE about her,
-  Create support groups so other females can be praised for being STRONG.


What's so GREAT about a woman simply being RESPONSIBLE for herself and HER child or children?


Don't give me that NONSENSE, "Well, she had children, her husband cheated on her (or constantly ABUSED her) so she GOT the STRENGTH to leave and left him so now she's struggling to raise HER family".


(To Females).  STOP expecting someone to call you STRONG just because of some RESPONSIBLE act you "may have" performed.

(To Males).  STOP calling females STRONG just because of some RESPONSIBLE acts THEY ARE SUPPOSED to perform.


Its because giving them that STRONG label CONTRIBUTES that the ENTITLEMENT mindset I speak so much about.


I know the IMPROPER LABELING of black females" (i.e., Strong) will not stop by MOST black ADULT males which is why I'm attempting to reach out to those who have NOT YET begun that FOOLISHNESS.

I expect VERY FEW to none of the black females to STOP using that word inappropriately.

Hopefully, many MALES will see my point and CHANGE your MISUSE of that word and APPLY it appropriately.

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