Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Open Your Eyes and Recognize the Disguise

There are plenty of inconsiderate, entitlement minded females that are out there giving a BAD IMAGE of what a woman of old fashioned values is supposed to be when it comes to HER interaction with men and especially the common, average Joe.

Those females don't GO ON THE PROWL at unsuspecting Joe's. What they do is just make themselves AVAILABLE and expect Joe to approach her, pursue her and treat her in the manner SHE expects.


This DOES APPLY to any CAPABLE female that lay claims to expecting old fashioned treatment while she simply sits on HER ASS and let the man do the pursuing and paying.


I am not one for being afraid to speak or feel the need to be politically correct to not offend someone. There exists, in large numbers, INCONSIDERATE ENTITLEMENT MINDED females and they will continue to exist. The key is, are you ones of those males that are in need of one of those female types?


Old Fashioned Women. They value HIS CHARACTER and TIME SPENT getting to know her.

Entitlement Minded Females. They value HIS NET WORTH (or potential net worth) and MONEY SPENT getting to know her.


I received this message and was told I could use her comments as long as she remains anonymous but I told her that I would not use it. After reading it again, I said "This is worth posting for other Joe's out there to read".

Her name is NOT as important as HER mindset because this mindset DOES NOT BELONG to just her and MANY OF THEM are LAUGHING AT YOU because they know you will CATER to them when ever they want you to. Is that true?

(Her Comment)
You would be surprised at the Men in my life that I have helped to get to where they are. 

(My Response)
I'm sure that she has helped men just as I am sure that THOSE MEN were either Players, Pretty Boys or Males who's ultimate profession was going to be at least 6 figures and she felt that she would BENEFIT in the long run from HIS success.

(Her comment)
Anyone that has ever had my attention for even a little while would tell you that they wish they had me back. Bar none. 

(My Response)
WAIT A MINUTE. Did she just bend forward and lick her own pussy before making that statement?

(Her Comment)
FYI...I am an asset and I doubt that you could find anyone that could tell you otherwise, Mr Duval. BUT...I am old school and I do not adhere to your "New" way of looking at things. I believe that a Man should pursue a Woman. 

(My Response)
If she is an ASSET, why don't she show that to the DECENT man or men that has a personal interest in her? This is how they function. They are capable but expect YOU to put out and after she's had enough or met someone else she simply says, "Thanks for the good time". He gets NO REBATES.

(Her Comment)
A Woman should not be paying for a date unless she has a very good reason, makes a lot more money than the Man, it's his birthday or she just plain old feels like being nice or surprising him. PERIOD.

(My Response)
How about doing it JUST BECAUSE you are thoughtful, considerate of him and his financial responsibilities and a RESPONSIBLE (for yourself) person?

(Her Comment)
I have paid my dues in relationships where the Man didn't have much money. I have helped them to do better

(My Response)
Hmmm, so where is he now? Do you think that a decent man would ABANDON that relationship AFTER a woman does that for him. Absolutely not.

(Her Comment)
but trust me...there is something to be said about the old saying: "You gotta pay the cost to be the boss".

(My Response)
Well, it's obvious that she paid to be THE BOSS and he (or they) are no longer around (probably based upon HER poor choice in a man or men) so now GUESS WHO is going to pay? That's right partner. You if you want to be with her.

(Her Comment)
I find that Men that are not in a position to pay to take a Woman out deep down it wears on their self image of being a Man. 

(My Response)
STOP HERE. What she has just stated is what I've been trying to tell you guys for the longest. YOU have been PROGRAMMED with LOW self esteem and feel that you must BUY YOUR SELF ESTEEM in order to have companionship.

(Her Comment)
Not to pass judgement on anyone because I don't know where anyone is regarding their finances does seem like the only Men that are complaining about having to pay for a date with a Woman are the ones that are not financially capable of being in the "Head"position.

(My Response)
She contradicted herself because she JUST DID pass judgment. My question would be, "Why do I have to LOWER my self image by thinking that I have to PAY in order to spend time with you"? Your image of self worth is no more or less than mine so let's just begin by RESPECTING each other at the SAME LEVEL.


Females SHOULD HAVE the RIGHT and OPPORTUNITY to acquire what ever they want out of life. I have no problem with that and APPLAUD THEM if they work, sacrifice to EARN IT and PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES.

I have NO RESPECT for any female that is CAPABLE of providing for herself to EXPECT a man to PROVIDE FOR HER and SUPPORT HER desired lifestyle. That's my opinion and I'm sure the females that think like that DON'T REALLY give a shit what I say. 

There is nothing that the common Joe can do with these types of females but LEAVE THEM ALONE. They will USE YOU (when THEIR TIME PERMITS) and keep you in that "good friend" category UNTIL she dumps you or need to USE YOU again.

Of course all I can do is provide you with information. The final decision is up to you.

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