Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Males Simply "Cannot" or "Refuse To" Be Helped

I have to face FACT that many decent, common, average Joe males are HOPELESS in my attempt to get them successfully through my classes so that they are capable of INTELLIGENTLY engaging with females in a manner that BENEFITS THEM FIRST.


This DOES APPLY to the mentally PROGRAMMED males that believe that 1) HIS LIFE comes second to the female he has an interest in, 2) He is to do whatever it takes to get her attention and keep her happy and 3) She has the OPTION to be responsible for herself because he is supposed to be responsible for and take care of her.

This DOES APPLY to the mentally challenged. Unfortunately, you don't have the ability to understand what I am trying to accomplish. It would take far too much time and effort to do so. As a matter of fact, I don't even know why I am typing this disclaimer for you because YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND this either.


This IS NOT the "Spelling and Grammar" class. That classroom is next door.

My classes are geared towards "Behavioral Analysis" of the common male such that it's examined and corrected to REMOVE all of his NEGATIVE and NON-BENEFICIAL behavior. 

My classes are also geared towards "Identifying and Avoiding" entitlement minded, pay my way, inconsiderate females that I refer to as Skeezers that are WORTHLESS and of NO BENEFIT to him.

I have seen many comments to my posts that are TOTALLY unrelated to the point that I try to make. This is done by:

1. Males who CAN'T GET IT due to their mental shortcomings, and

2. Males who REFUSE to CHANGE in a manner that benefits him due to his DEEP programming from "Ratings Pimps" like Steve Harvey.


The same as I have suggest to decent males for inconsiderate, entitlement minded females which is AVOIDANCE because those males are a waste of YOUR time and WILL ATTEMPT to convince you to behave like them.


ANY MALE attempting to DIVERT ME is either an IDIOT or a FOOL. What you are attempting is impossible because my posts are based upon LOGIC and TRUTH so take that KINDERGARTEN BULLSHIT somewhere else or I will PUBLICLY EMBARRASS YOU.


Now that I've made myself ABSOLUTELY clear, I will continue with my class.

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