Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Man is Not Supposed to Put His Hands on a Woman

Have you ever watched a movie or television show and saw a female slap, punch, yell or toss something at a male SIMPLY because SHE got emotional and you laughed at it? Well, would you laugh if a male (minor or adult) would do the same to a female on the same screen for the same EMOTIONAL reasons?


This DOES APPLY to any male that truly desires a civil and mature relationship with a woman.

IF she is EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED and DAMAGED due to HER PAST abusive relationship then you should not be with her.

IF she is INTENTIONALLY ABUSIVE you should not be with her.


Females, from little girls to adult females, are taught that "a man is NEVER supposed to put his hands on a woman" yet VERY FEW (if any) are taught that the same APPLIES to little girls and adult females as well.  Therefore, one should LOGICALLY CONCLUDE that little girls and adult females KNOW little boys and adult males are PROGRAMMED to NOT HIT BACK so she goes ahead and APPLY PHYCIAL ABUSE to him.

Females that believe males are NEVER supposed to hit them FOR ANY REASON even if SHE INITIATES abusive physical contact with little boys or adult men are being POTENTIALLY setup for an ASS WHIPPING because not every male will ALLOW THEMSELVES to be ABUSED.

Females are ALLOWED to use EMOTION as their EXCUSE for all types of inappropriate, irresponsible, abusive and violent behavior towards males and is SOCIALLY entertaining and acceptable in many cases.

One of the PRIMARY reasons why MOST males will not progress in life or live a reasonably comfortable and peaceful life is because of the type of females HE ALLOWS in his personal and social life.

Many males, nowadays, will ACCEPT any type of female or disrespectful behavior from a female in order to have her as his companion. Physical abuse is just ONE of the ways a female will HINDER, DISRUPT or DESTROY a male's life.

Here are just a few ways YOUR LIFE and PEACE OF MIND can be damaged or disrupted:

1. PHYSICAL ABUSE. Slap, Push, Scratch, Strike or Toss things.

2. VERBAL ABUSE. Raise her voice, Refer to you in demeaning terms.

3. FINANCIAL ABUSE. Intentionally spend money irresponsibly and expect YOU to pay the bills.

4. SEXUAL ABUSE. Deny you sex AND expect you to NOT get it elsewhere.

5. SEXUAL IRRESPONSIBILITY. Get knocked up by some KNOWN Player, Pretty Boy, Thug or DEAD BEAT and then say SHE was taken advantage of.


1. Females do this because YOU ALLOW IT to occur to them.

2. Females do this because they are TAUGHT at home males are not supposed to hit them but they ARE NOT TAUGHT that there are CONSEQUENCES for HITTING A MAN and therefore they SHOULD NOT do so UNLESS it's for defensive reasons or they are prepared to ACCEPT GETTING THEIR ASS BEAT DOWN.


Males have been RAISED and SOCIALLY PROGRAMMED that females are EMOTIONAL creatures and therefore certain ALLOWANCES are accepted because of that EXCUSE.

MANY MALES have been PROGRAMMED to accept abuse from females and continue to be programmed in that manner as we speak.



1. DO NOT REACT in the same abusive and violent manner.

2. THIS SYSTEM will prosecute you IF you respond in the same manner and WILL protect her EVEN if you are reacting in a defensive manner.

3. DON'T BE STUPID and think all will be good afterwards. File a domestic violence police report so it will be there to show HER history of violence.

4. If she is living with you, get a RESTRAINING ORDER to get her ass out and NEVER ALLOW her back in EVEN after that restraining order has expired.

4. IF you are living with her, IMMEDIATELY LEAVE or MAKE PLANS TO LEAVE at the next convenient time and NEVER RETURN TO HER.


MANY FEMALES have been ALLOWED to behave like INCONSIDERATE and IRRESPONSIBLE CHILDREN that have NO EXPECTATIONS of ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions and then USE EMOTIONS as their EXCUSE for their behavior.

Females WILL CONTINUE to behave in that EMOTION EXCUSED manner as long as males ALLOW them to do so.


There is NO EXCUSE for YOU to ALLOW any female to treat you in an ABUSIVE or DISRESPECTFUL manner.

There are NON-VIOLENT, MATURE women out there so DUMP HER and move on with your life.

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