Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Formal Education Was Not Enough for this Harvard Graduate to Avoid a Skeezer

This was told to me and I felt that I should post this for others to see as best as I could recall it. I am keeping the individuals anonymous to respect their privacy and avoid obvious embarrassment. Will this happen to ANY males in your life or family because YOU refuse them access to information that just may prevent them from being another VICTIM? If it happens then blame no one but yourself. The first 4 posted comments were sent to me via email so I have posted it for them. Feel free to add your comment below. Thanks!

In the summer of 2007 this lady started working in our department. She happened to see a copy of my book on my desk, was curious about the cover and asked if she could take a look at it. I agreed of course and I asked her if she has a son. She replied "yes" so I told her to take it and keep it over the weekend, read it and let him see it.

After the weekend she came to me and told me that she read it and would NEVER allow her 19 year old (at that time) to read something as horrible and hateful towards women as my book. She said that she and her sister read the book together and BOTH AGREED that I have anger issues with women. I told her I don't have anger issue with women, I simply have issues with stupid things males do for the benefit of women. Of course, if I don't do and think for the benefit of women then that is interpreted as having anger issues and hate women. Her sister had a son that was going to school at Harvard and also agreed that she would never let her son see my book.

Well, fast forwarding to today, that same woman came to me this morning and told me, "You would not believe what my sister told me this weekend". She began to tell me about her sister's son (her nephew), the Harvard graduate that got involved with this woman and how incredibly stupid her nephew is behaving with this woman.

Her nephew is 30 (a Harvard graduate) and the woman is 35 with a 5 year old son from a past relationship. In the past relationship, the woman lived with a man for years, did not marry her, she eventually had a son for him and they broke up. Her nephew was supposed to be the ladies man, had plenty of female friends and she could not see what he saw in her and especially since she already had a child. Now don't get on me because SHE questioned HIS choice and brought up the point that she had already had a child. Her other comment way, "I can't see why he didn't analyze that whole situation before he got into it since he is a Harvard graduate and supposed to be a thinker". Her nephew graduated from Harvard, lives in New York and is an Investment Banker. He met this woman in New York and "foolishly" fell head over heels for her. I know many of you women out there may have a problem with my calling him foolish since you love that prince charming story of the well-to-do man sweeping you off of your feet and showering you with gifts and financial security.

Let's again fast forward, my co-worker told me that her nephew (let's refer to him as Harvard for the purposes of simplicity) decided to move back to Los Angeles to be closer to his family. Once he moved back, his mother decided to transfer ownership of her "mortgage paid" home to her son as a loving gesture by a supportive and loving mother. Did I mention that the woman (let's refer to her as Skeezer) moved to Los Angeles with him? Well he, the Skeezer and the Skeezer's 5 year old son moved into the house.

Well, Harvard told Skeezer that he wanted to have lots of children and Skeezer agreed, of course. Harvard is now engaged to be married within a couple of months to Skeezer. Harvard is giving Skeezer money to pay her bills, Skeezer has placed her 5 year old son in one of those expensive, private schools and "low and behold" God has blessed Skeezer.Skeezer is now pregnant (you know that was going to happen). Hey, I only say blessed because some of you males out there are STUPID enough to believe that is a blessing.

Skeezer believed that the home they were living in was Harvard's mother's home but once Harvard told her that his mother transferred ownership to him Skeezer convinced Harvard to place her name on the deed and make her co-owner. Skeezer then went to Harvard's mother (my co-worker's nephew) and told her how she was now co-owner of the home (with a big smile on her face of course).

Wait, it gets even better. Skeezer now tells Harvard that since she has one 5 year old and another on the way that she feels as if she's getting to that age where she does not want to have any other children. Is the picture getting clearer to you now or are you just too STUPID or NIAVE to see what is happening?

I'm not done yet. Harvard's mother comes to him and requests that he takes out a loan against the home to help her (his mom) consolidate some bills. She explains that she will be paying the note but she needs him to simply get the loan. Of course since he has done something STUPID by allowing Skeezer's name on the deed, it requires approval from the Skeezer as well. Needless to say, Skeezer told Harvard that she will not agree to signing for that loan because if something happens that will create problems for her.

My co-worker asked me, "With all of that education I can't see why he would be that stupid and allow that to happen. Do you think that she drugged him to make him do those things for her"? I told her that she did not need to DRUG him because SOCIETY has been drugging him ever since he was an infant so that he could eventually grow up and do STUPID things like that.

There are numerous subliminal and overt means that males (starting out as toddlers) are programmed to think and behave in manners that are damaging emotionally, physically and financially. Those means will create the following thinking and behavior from most males without questioning whether or not a female is worthy:

- ladies FIRST,
- be a REAL man,
- make the woman happy,
- help out a damsel (female) in distress,
- be married for HER better and YOUR worse,
- males are GIVERS and females are RECEIVERS,
- need a woman living with HIM to complete HIM and make HIM happy,
- sacrifice whatever it takes to protect her (without questioning her behavior),
- the female is God's gift to the male and should be caterd to, loved and protected,
- MAN is the provider and WOMAN is the help mate (even if she creates most of the expenses),
- prove YOUR worthiness to a woman in order for her to accept you without requiring the same of her,
- a woman with a child (or children) needs to have a man in the house to take care of her and HER children,
- think about the welfare of the child REGARDLESS of the behavior of the mother (many females are scandalous and will USE the child to get what she wants from HIM).


A. Harvard is Stuck with a Skeezer (for now).

B. Harvard will probably do another STUPID thing and marry her.

C. Harvard's mother will probably NOT get the assistance from her son.

D. Harvard's mother will probably be heartbroken knowing that her son is unhappy even if he pretends to be so (mothers can sense that about their children).

E. Skeezer will probably do everything possible to maintain CONTROL of Harvard until she no longer has any use for him.

F. Skeezer has and probably will continue to plan and make scandalous moves to benefit HER and her child (children).

G. Skeezer will eventually divorce Harvard and get child support, possibly alimony (or viganamony as should be stated) and the house or be compensated for moving and Harvard may just willingly agree to it FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN (remember, that's how most males are socialized to think).

H. Females will laugh at this story and criticize me for speaking about Skeezer in that manner.

I. MANY males will read this story and continue to do STUPID things to hurt themselves.

J. A FEW males will relate to what has happened to Harvard, change their way of thinking and behaving and DUMP that Skeezer that's in their life.

K. I will continue to try and enlighten males in an attempt to get them to do things that BENEFIT THEM as opposed to ruining their lives and ending up miserable FOR HER.


I asked my co-worker how are things going with her 21 year old son and she said, "Oh, I don't have to be concerned about that with him. He is smart and knows better". I am thinking to myself, "Hmmm.., that's what her sister said when they read my book in 2007, I wonder if she will be too embarrassed to tell me about HER son IF he gets Bitten by a Skeezer"? We will just have to wait and see.