Saturday, November 26, 2011

Never Allow Yourself To Become HER Convenience Store Victim

There is a tendency for MANY females to INTENTIONALLY want to treat the good man that has or had an interest in her as her personal CONVENIENCE STORE without any regards for how it impacts him physically, emotionally or financially. 

She will ALLOW him into her space and CONTROL him when CONVENIENT for her or when she's bored because the male that she is WILLINGLY catering to is treating her like SHIT and not giving her the kind of attention and respect that the good men give her. 


This DOES NOT APPLY to those males who LOVE being taken advantage of, stepped on and treated like a convenience store.
My STRONG position is, "Never allow yourself to be HER convenience store".  I've been there and done that many, many years ago and trust me when I say, "It only benefits HER and YOU WON'T get from her what you desire IF you have a personal interest in her so WHY WASTE YOUR TIME"?
There are males that will argue or have argued this point with me but I say if you want to be number one with her AND she does not want to be number one with you then you have two options:
- move on to someone that will have you as their number one, or
remain there FOOLishly HOPING she will change her mind which she won't.

Skeezers will APPEAR to treat you with respect ONLY IF they have no other options. Even then, they will only be with you UNTIL they find what they want and then they will DUMP YOU or place you in the WILL CALL bin.  They will NOT treat or give the decent, common, average Joe males the kind of attention or do for him like they do for males they are truly interested in.

Far too many males have SURRENDERED their DIGNITY and PRIDE for the benefit of UNWORTHY females.  They need to restore that which they have willingly surrendered in exchange for something THEY WILL NEVER RECEIVE.

Your pledge:
I AM HAPPY WITH ME and not weak, desperate or lonely,
- I WILL VALUE ME before any desire for female companionship,
- I WILL STRENGHTEN MYSELF mentally, physically and financially,
- I WILL DEMAND not expect to be treated FAIRLY if you want my time,
- I WILL NEVER ALLOW any female to DISRESPECT or DE-VALUE me again,
- I WILL LEAVE any female that attempts any abuse or violence against me or attempts to LURE ME into any form of abuse or domestic violence against her and will NEVER RETURN TO HER AGAIN.
THERE ARE decent, man-loving women that WILL VALUE YOU and not treat you as a convenience store.  STOP wasting your time with inconsiderate, MAN-USING females.