Sunday, May 26, 2013

MEN GROW UP: It's Called Personal Preference If She Does Not Want You

I hear far too often males complaining about females of their ethnicity, race, color or however you want to term it dating or being in relationships with males other than those that look like them. Why would you want someone that don't want you?


This DOES APPLY to any male, regardless of ethnicity, race, color, etc. that thinks and behaves in this manner.

This DOES APPLY to any male that desires to get OUT of his ethnic box and try someone different.


YOU DO NOT NEED many females. YOU DO NOT NEED a few females. ALL YOU NEED is ONE female that is considerate, responsible, respectable, MATURE, pays her own way AND has a GENUINE interest to be YOUR MATE if that is what you are desiring.


It SHOULD NOT matter if a female does not VALUE YOU enough to have a personal, genuine interest in you. What SHOULD matter is if YOU VALUE YOURSELF enough to simply move on to females that DO VALUE YOU for the person that you are.


Males need to simply ACCEPT it when they see a female of THEIR ethnicity with a male that is NOT of their ethnicity and STOP this IMMATURE criticism and name calling JUST BECAUSE she has decided to "try" or "commit to" a different flavor.


Q. Why does it matter to you who she wants to be with IF it's definitely not you or NO ONE in your ethnic group?

C. Many females NEED TO BE away from you because of their inconsiderate attitude and behavior. You should be THANKFUL that she is NOT with you as opposed to angry or disturbed that she is with someone else.


Regardless of it's outcome, if she can find a male that will DO FOR HER what YOU REFUSE to do for her (even if he's COMPLYING with her ENTITLEMENT expectations and putting up with HER INCONSIDERATE and SELFISH attitude), then it's HIS BED that he is going to lie in and NOT YOURS.


There's a RAINBOW of options available for you, when it comes to females, that are out there so INSTEAD of wasting time "talking negatively about" or "name calling" a female that has NO PERSONAL INTEREST in you, why not use that time INTERACTING with females that:


- DO have a personal interest in you,

- ARE responsible and considerate of you,

- Will WORK WITH YOU and not against you, 

- ARE NOT PAY-PER-VIEW HO's that EXPECT YOU to pay their way to spend time with you. 


That would be the MATURE thing to do. DO NOT display hatred towards some male YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW because he was selected and not you. Remember, for the most part, it's the female that decides and males are simply SALESMEN advertising:

- The Contents of THEIR WALLETS,

- Their Ability to UNQUESTIONABLY OBEY, or 


She decides which male she wants DEPENDING upon HER character and what SHE considers value to her. Many are MATERIALISTICALLY motivated, many are CONTROLLING and want a man that will UNQUESTIONABLY OBEY her and a few of them are CONSIDERATE and are GOOD CHARACTER motivated. There is NOTHING you can do to CHANGE what SHE VALUES.


This particular class is all about RESPECT for SELF and RESPECT for THE MAN SHE CHOSE and has nothing to do with her. She DID NOT CARE for you so why should you care about WHAT EVER happens to her. Give serious thought to this class the NEXT TIME you see a female of YOUR ETHNICITY with a male not of your ethnicity.

Class is dismissed.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why Do So Many Males End Up Financially Struggling Later In Life?

The BIGGEST waste of time, resources and finances by a male WILL BE due to his STUPID efforts towards getting "temporary" or "committed" companionship with the WRONG type of female.


This DOES APPLY to any common, average Joe male who has goals of obtaining peace and financial comfort (not wealth) later in life.


The biggest DRAIN and LIFE ALTERING EXPERIENCE that will impact a male's life in a NEGATIVE manner is his association with or commitment to the WRONG type of female. 

I have friends who have FOLLOWED that out-dated, old fashioned protocol of life and have found themselves in the dumpsters of life trying to get themselves OUT of the bottom and in a position to simply live a SOMEWHAT comfortable life.


Those females SAVED THEIR MONEY (while he spent his on her), TOOK HIS MONEY (usually through the court system) and are living COMFORTABLY with:

1) ANOTHER MAN that is financially supporting her, 

2) with a woman in a lesbian relationship (things are changing and this is a reality) or 

3) living COMFORTABLY ALONE with the assistance of HIS money or another man's financial support.


The right female is a female that 1) financially supports herself, 2) pays her own way while spending time with him, 3) sensible in her thinking and behavior, 4) has consideration for him and his financial irresponsibility, 5) encourages him to SAVE some of his money as opposed to SPEND some of his savings on her and 5) will carry herself in a sensible, respectable and lady-like manner (no unnecessary arguing, no initiating arguments, can have sensible discussions when it's something she is dissatisfied with, no unnecessary PROFANITY and no association with known Hos and Bitches) and 6) will actively participate physically and financially in the efforts required to spend time together.


Simply the OPPOSITE of all of the above and more ....


If you want misery, frustration, disappointment and a FINANCIALLY STRUGGLING life AFTER wasting your time with and spending your money on a WORTHLESS female, simply leave this class and DO NOT apply anything that I have presented.

Class is dismissed.

Friday, May 24, 2013

DON'T ASK DON'T TELL MENTALITY: Know Who You Are F*cking (Literally) With

I had posted my P-FAX report (on my blogsite on April 1, 2013) which questions a female's sexual history in another group and got the following response I felt should for others to read. 


ANY MALE that does not question a female's sexual history is a FOOL.

This DOES NOT APPLY to TARDED females because I realize you do not have to capacity to make SENSIBLE and RESPONSIBLE decisions.

This DOES NOT accuse her of carrying or infecting anyone with an STD. 

This SHOULD bring to your attention a very INCONSIDERATE and IMMATURE comment that SHE made below.


This post and her comment is why I tell guys to think with the top head and not the bottom head. This female claim that men that are CONCERNED about possible STD infections are simply INSECURE. I say no but rather HER STATEMENT is quite IRRESPONSIBLE and STUPID.

[Roxann R] 

Why do I feel like the type of men who are interested in those particular questions fall into the insecure realm. Besides latest test results for STDs, it's not anyone's business. I don't bring up guys' sexual history unless its like "have you done this before" type of question.

[Jai Duval] 

Now that is quite interesting and I would say very IRRESPONSIBLE comment and especially nowadays since STDs are on the rise.

Then again, if you or any other female have that fuck first and wonder (or ask) afterwards MENTALITY, you and whomever agrees with you certainly have the right to do so. 

I would simply tell ANY GUYS to AVOID any female who thinks inquiring about a female's sexual history is INSECURE. She couldn't GIVE me her pussy.


MY CONCERN would be HER LACK OF CONCERN for his LATEST test results.

I don't know about you but with a statement like that, I would not place my HEALTH at risk even wearing a condom. I will leave the rest of you to your decision.

REMEMBER: All pussy may NOT be healthy pussy. Class is dismissed.

Friday, May 10, 2013

How Far Will YOU Allow The Results Of The Feminist Movement To Go?

Males are SURRENDERING their DIGNITY and simply being reduced to nothing but a FINANCIAL RESOURCE and SLAVE LABOR for the female. It has gotten so bad that MANY have been CONDITIONED to actually EXPECT to receive nothing in return but COMPANIONSHIP and the OPPORTUNITY to provide whenever see feels SHE wants.


This DOES APPLY to all males that have surrendered your dignity in your attempts to acquire companionship.

This DOES APPLY to all males that have NOT expected or required WORKING females to be responsible and contribute finance and effort in dating and relationships.


I need to say that YOU MALES who have compromised and WILLINGLY surrendered YOUR dignity and wallet to PAY-PER-VIEW Ho's and INCONSIDERATE, ENTITLEMENT Bitches truly deserve what you got.


Of course not but it will be an uphill climb IF you think you are going to restore your dignity and respect with the female you are with or trying to get with at this time.


I would IMMEDIATELY or slowly and quietly make plans to DUMB that Ho or Bitch, get as far away from her as I can and NEVER go back to, allow or attempt to make contact with her again.


You were always alone even when you were with her. You were NEVER with her. You were never respected by her. You were only being USED by her to get what she wanted from you.

Being PHYSICALLY alone will give you the time to think back on your behavior and realize where you went wrong so that you don't make that same mistake again. It will ALSO give you time to think about HOW LITTLE she did for you and HOW MUCH she disrespected you so that you will NEVER accept that type of female again.


Of course there are good women out there. You just happened to be a VICTIM of your mental conditioning to "protect and serve" Ho's and Bitches as opposed to working together with a participating, responsible and man-loving woman.


FIRST THING is to put some ointment in and around your ass and let it heal from that ROYAL ASS FUCKING you have been getting.

Rid yourself of that old fashioned, out-dated behavior that females NO LONGER apply.

NEVER, EVER AGAIN surrender your dignity or waste your time with PAY-PER-VIEW Ho's or INCONSIDERATE, ENTITLEMENT Bitches. Require any other from this point forward to actively participate in the dating process.

If she is NOT INVESTING time, effort and money into THE DATING PROCESS, she WILL BE nothing but an INCONSIDERATE, ENTITLEMENT Bitch in a relationship.


VALUE SELF for more than how many females see you. You DO NOT have to put up with pay-per-view Ho's and entitlement (pay my way) Bitches. I can only provide you this information in the classroom. It's up to you to apply it when you leave.

Class is dismissed.

WOMEN Have Sensible Discussions and FEMALES Seek Foolish Arguments

A woman WILL NOT allow a man to ejaculate inside of her and get pregnant if he is a dead beat or he does not want to be a responsible father because SHE CARES about the development and fate of the yet to be born child.

A female WILL allow a man to ejaculate inside of her and get pregnant REGARDLESS because it's SELFISHLY about her and she DOES NOT CARE about the development and fate of the yet to be born child. She will simply BLAME HIM for her pregnancy and speak NEGATIVELY of him to the child and to others IF he is not in the child's life.



This DOES APPLY to any male that ENJOYS SEX as well as has GOALS and AMBITIONS for a successful, prosperous, productive and peaceful life.

This DOES NOT APPLY to MATURE women because they are capable of reading or hearing FACTS and coming to a SENSIBLE and RESPONSIBLE conclusion.


As I have stated in the past, you need to begin to ELIMINATE any female that cannot engage in a sensible discussion and BY ALL MEANS you should NEVER have sex with a FEMALE because since they REFUSE to have conversations that makes sense, you SHOULD KNOW what WILL HAPPEN if you have sex and ejaculate inside of her.

LOGIC, MATURE and SENSIBLE THINKING should be your weapons of choice when engaging in a discussion in today's times with ANYONE. Otherwise, you will simply be WASTING YOUR TIME.

THERE ARE females out there that aren't even good for fucking (not even talking about making love) because of the unwanted results that may occur afterwards. 

THERE ARE females out there that aren't even worth the time to ATTEMPT to have a sensible discussion with because they are DELUSIONAL, IN DENIAL or just REFUSE to accept responsibility for THEIR pre-meditated scandalous, irresponsible and inappropriate behavior.

I clearly explained in my last post, and other posts, who has CONTROL over what when it comes to pregnancy. Females will talk about how intelligent, educated and strong they are but WILL NOT ACCEPT responsibility when it comes to pregnancy and the FACT they have the control over what happens INSIDE OF THEIR BODY.


Does a man CONTROL what happens to HIS SPERM once it enters HER body? No.

Am I saying that the man SHOULD NOT BE held financially responsible for assisting in the support of HIS child? No.

Should a man be HELD FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE if the female he has sex with gives birth and the child is ACTUALLY his? Yes.

Is there a chance that the child MAY NOT BE HIS? Yes.


(Farah KreoleLady) This is the only portion of this post that makes sense: Stupid is doing something that you know you should not be doing yet you go ahead and do it anyway. Well, ejaculating inside of a female when both of you have NOT PLANNED and are NOT PREPARED for that responsibility is stupid. The two of you enjoying sex should not be grounds for you wanting to be a parent.....

(Farah KreoleLady) You make it sound as if men are getting raped into fatherhood Lol. Why does it seem that some of you in this group are afraid of accountability? It is ultimately the woman's decision whether she keeps the child or not, but the act of GETTING pregnant falls on both parties...

(Farah KreoleLady) btw Jai Duval, you ARE pro-choice right?

(Jai Duval) I am pro-choice and pro-accountability. If u completely read my post u have to know this is my last comment to you regarding it since you refuse to accept you as a female controls your body.

(Farah KreoleLady) Lol. Real mature. Stay bitter my friend.


The "stay bitter" APPEARS to be a typical IMMATURE response from a female that REFUSES to accept anything that may display her in a negative manner EVEN IF it's the truth. I'm surprised that she did not toss in the "mother issue" comment as well (lol).

Many females exist for the SOLE PURPOSE of senseless arguments because that simply is the way they are and CANNOT do or think any better than that. They should be left to those males that have NO GOALS or AMBITIONS in life but to life off of and take advantage of someone else. They would be a compatible couple and HOPEFULLY they would NOT reproduce but history has already shown that producing Skeezers and Dead Beats is this THEIR ONLY contribution to society.


These are the types of females that I encourage DECENT males that have goals in life to avoid contact with. If you choose to IGNORE my warnings, blame no one but yourself for the failures, struggles and wasted time YOU WILL encounter in your life.

Class is dismissed.

PREGNANCY RED FLAG: The Female Has Total Control of Getting Pregnant and Possibly YOUR FUTURE If You Are That STUPID

This is a subject that is very important for you to UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT. If you refuse to do so, YOU RISK the chance of RUINING at least 18 years of your life (depending upon how many times you do this) IF you foolishly ejaculate inside of an IRRESPONSIBLE or SCANDALOUS female.


This DOES NOT APPLY to females who accept the fact that THEY CONTROL what happens inside of their body.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females who DO NOT USE pregnancy as a means of TRAPPING A MAN or as a POTENTIAL source of INCOME.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females who DO NOT BLAME a male for her irresponsible behavior.

This DOES NOT APPLY to MENTALLY RETARDED females because we understand that you DO NOT have the mental capacity to make mature and sensible decisions.


If a female REFUSES to agree that she has TOTAL CONTROL over HER BODY and getting pregnant, I suggest that you DO NOT engage in sexual activity with her.

You can choose to accept the FACT that you have NO CONTROL over what happens to YOUR SPERM after you deposit it inside of her NOT-SO-SAFE deposit box (i.e., pussy) or you can deny it and ALLOW HER to choose your fate for at least 18 years.

This matter DOES NOT need to be argued with a female even if she disagrees with this. The best that you can do for you is DO NOT ENGAGE in sexual activity with a female that WILL NOT AGREE that she controls pregnancy and not you.


YOU ONLY CONTROL ejaculation. YOU ONLY CONTROL if you will ejaculate inside of her or inside of a condom and is IF she decides to have sex with you because SHE CONTROLS if she is going to have sex with you.

Stupid is doing something that you know you should not be doing yet you go ahead and do it anyway. Well, ejaculating inside of a female when both of you have NOT PLANNED and are NOT PREPARED for that responsibility is stupid. The two of you enjoying sex should not be grounds for you wanting to be a parent. 


You have achieved a certain level of educational accomplishment. Both of you (not just you) are mature and financially stable to a point where BOTH OF YOU can afford and will sacrifice to properly care for a child.

You have quenched YOUR THIRST for multiple relationships and you are now ready for a monogamous commitment and you REQUIRE the same of her.


Just because she is pregnant DOES NOT MEAN that you are the father. There have been MANY documented cases where females have LIED about who the SPERM DONOR is and SOME of them don't even know because they were FUCKING (not making love to) MULTIPLE males within that period of time.


All she has to do AFTER you have ejaculated inside of her is ALLOW conception to occur inside of her body and you WILL NOT KNOW that it has occurred unless she notifies you.


Of course you will. She will tell you AFTER she successfully conceived and is pregnant or the CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY and the DISTRICT ATTORNEY will let you know AFTER the child is born IF they can find you.


Absolutely not but obviously she SELFISHLY thinks (without any consideration to the impact of the eventual child) it may contribute ($$$) to HER FUTURE or she would NOT ALLOW herself to get pregnant.


IF you ejaculate inside of a female you need to ACCEPT the FACT that SHE IS NOW IN CONTROL of your fate and depending upon how RESPONSIBLE she is, she will decide to NOT TAKE any form of birth control in order to GET KNOCKED UP.

As usual, all I can do is provide the information and the choice is yours.

Class is dismissed.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

ABSENTEE FATHER: "Dead Beat Dad or Sorry Ass Mom"

I am just about TIRED of the EXCUSES that WEAK, NO BACKBONE, PATHETIC single and married males ALLOW females to use due to THEIR irresponsible and inappropriate SEXUAL behavior. Why is the MAJORITY afraid to simply tell it like it is?

By the way, THE LOVING MOTHER posted her child's face on the internet and I decided to hide the identity.  As usual, here is ANOTHER FEMALE that will even USE HER CHILD to get back at a man for HER irresponsible actions.


This DOES NOT APPLY to mentally retarded females that are incapable of making rational decisions.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females who have been forcibly ABDUCTED, continuously RAPED until she conceives and gets pregnant, KEPT CAPTIVE until child birth and then the male simply ABANDONS her and the child or children.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females with a child or children who's father is not present due to unfortunate and uncontrollable circumstances (criminals incarcerated or died due to their activity does not count)

This DOES APPLY to every other female regardless of race, color, creed, religion, education or economic status that the above does not apply to.


Anyone that knows me know that I have a GENUINE concern for decent people be it adult or child. I am especially concerned about a child's development such that they grow up with a positive attitude thus becoming a respectful and productive member of society.


Oprah Winfrey’s recent series, “Life Class - Fatherless Sons”. 

Sadly, the United States leads the world in fatherless families, with one-third of American children growing up without their biological father. Nearly 40 percent of children in father-absent homes have not seen their dad during the past year, and more than half of all fatherless children have never been in their dad's presence or home. 

If you had the opportunity to view Oprah’s “Fatherless Sons” episode, you would have witnessed the deep anger, hurt and emptiness that was so evident on the faces of the 150 men in her audience.


1. ARE WE GOING TO SIMPLY SAY THAT FEMALES ARE INCAPABLE OF MAKING MATURE and RESPONSIBLE DECISIONS? I can go along with that IF she publicly states, "I am incapable of making responsible decisions when it comes to sexual behavior and therefore I can't be blamed for getting knocked up by some dead beat that just want some pussy".

2. WHY ARE THESE SONS FATHERLESS? Has anyone bothered to examine HER behavior and just maybe it was LEAVE or GET ARRESTED FOR BEATING HER TRIFLING and VIOLENT ASS?

3. WHY ISN'T HER POOR CHOICE IN A MAN THE REASON? The dead beat male (which there are many) seems to be the perfect EXCUSE to divert from her choice in him.

4. WHY ISN'T SHE BEING QUESTIONED REGARDING RESPONSIBLE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR? There are more than enough methods available to prevent pregnancy and there is the "Plan-B" pill to increase her chances of preventing conception.


I do EXPECT mature, responsible women (that are concerned about children) to realize that THEY DO have CONTROL over the types of males THEY WILLINGLY CHOOSE to engage in responsible or irresponsible sexual behavior with.

I do EXPECT scandalous, immature, irresponsible Ho's and Bitches (that don't give a shit about anyone but themselves) to argue with me therefore it would be a waste of time trying to make my point with them.

I do EXPECT the RETARDED females to MAYBE argue with me but I understand their lack of ability to comprehend fully therefore it would be a waste of time trying to make my point with them.


Now that I have made my points, feel free to provide your comments using any words you choose. Thanks!

Monday, May 6, 2013

JAI DUVAL'S EXCLUSIVE: The "B" Hive Clandestine Organization and Hierarchy EXPOSED

I have taken time to research these bitches and now I am going to be the first to actually publicize it right here on my page. Many of you may not believe what you are about to read because YOU have been PROGRAMMED to think this does not exist.



This DOES NOT APPLY to considerate, responsible, man-loving women.


We males need to ACCEPT FACT that we are ALL GETTING FUCKED regardless of age, ethnicity, race, color, educational, religious or economic background and need to form an alliance.

Just as the hierarchy of the Mafia was exposed generations ago, here is another organization that has been functioning in a well-planned and structured manner.


There is a DISTINCT difference between the "Angry Female" and the "Bitch". 

- The angry female functions SOLELY on emotion. 

- The bitch functions on a combination of "planning" and "CONTROLLED emotion".


The "B" Hive evolved out of the Feminist Movement and has been active ever since. Their soul purpose is to DOMINATE and CONTROL a man's life and if they can't do that then they are to DESTROY his future. DO NOT take the "B" Hive lightly.



Accept it or not but the BLACK bitch IS THE MAN in this organization and DOES NOT WANT a man. She is a sociopath and simply enjoys seeing HER bitches destroy the relationships of good men and good women AND the lives of good men.

This bitch has the MOST FOUL and LOUDEST MOUTH and is THE ONLY bitch that can cross those color lines and IMPOSE her will.

ALL ORDERS come from this bitch. No other bitch can divert from her orders without her permission. If they do, they will suffer the consequences of the queen's wrath.


There are four sub-organization under the Queen's domain as shown from left to right in the photo. 

1) Brown, 

2) Yellow, 

3) Black, and 

4) White. 

These bitches are ASSIGNED and RESTRICTED to their own organization. They cannot interfere with or override any other lieutenant's authority WITHOUT THE PERMISSION of the Queen.

These bitches have made POOR CHOICES in men (i.e., Players, Pretty Boys and Thugs who's GAME far exceeded theirs) and they got played and now are BITTER bitches looking for REVENGE.

These bitches CANNOT GET A MAN or HAVE PROBLEMS KEEPING A MAN so they spend much of their time monitoring the activities of the queen's soldiers and seeking out relationships of good women to damage or destroy.

These bitches are very ENVIOUS of any good woman that has a happy, healthy and loving relationship because of their INABILITY to have one.

These bitches have that Entitlement mindset and have TRAINED their soldiers well.


These bitches have been thoroughly trained and are skilled in the art of COMMAND, DECEPTION and MANIPULATION and know exactly what to do the keep a good man under control. They understand Entitlement and expect a man to pay their way and do things for them WITHOUT having EARNED THE RIGHT to receive such treatment.


I have NOW given you information about this CLANDESTINE organization. It's up to you to APPLY this information when you leave this classroom. Class is dismissed.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

JAI DUVAL ALERT: The IEB Virus Is Spreading World Wide and Out of Control

Whether you are willing to accept it or not, AMERICA has produced "another" VIRUS that has gotten out of control and just like the first virus it is now contaminating other countries.


This DOES APPLY to every female that THINKS or BEHAVES in this manner regardless of her ETHNICITY, shape, size, color, country, attractiveness, economic, religious, educational, marital, maternal or job status.

This DOES NOT APPLY to women that are fair, considerate, responsible and man-loving instead of man-using.


It does not matter if she was born in America, moved to America or lives in another country. The IEB virus has affected and still is affecting MANY females.


Males in political positions created the formula and conditions for the IEB virus to evolve and now the common, decent, average Joe males are suffering from it.


FM + LAW + WM + POT = IEB (Inconsiderate Entitlement Bitch)

The COMBINATION of the "Feminist Movement (equal rights for women)" + "Lazy Ass Women (something for nothing attitude)" + "Weak Males (willingly surrendering his position and expecting nothing in return)" + "Period Of Time" has produced the IEB.


What was produced from that formula are MANY females that:

1) have careers, 
2) have their own money, 
3) will not pay their way when with a man,
4) still expect you to financially support them,
5) still blame males for their irresponsible behavior,
6) still expect males to rescue them from their inappropriate behavior,
7) INITIATES physical violence against the male and expects to be considered THE VICTIM after he DEFENDS himself and BEATS HER ASS.


They do it because YOU ALLOW it to happen.


The BADDEST, most SCANDALOUS and CONTROLLING of all is the Queen B. She is the COUNT DRACULA of BITCHED and has the ability to CONTROL or TURN females. 

1. SHE CAN walk into a crowd of OTHER bitches and CONTROL them

2. SHE CAN walk into a crowd of decent, man-loving women and TURN them

**WARNING**. The Queen B will (if given the opportunity) TURN your woman against you if she comes in contact with her AND know that she's is being co-operative with you and treating you in a considerate and loving manner.


There is no known cure.


Absolutely not. It ONLY affects the decent, common, co-operative Average Joe male in a negative manner. It appears that ABUSIVE males (i.e., Players, Pretty Boys and Thugs) have built-in immunity. I believe it has something to do with the FACT that THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT for females and USE FEMALES just as BITCHES USE the Average Joe male.


ALL Joe's need to CHANGE their way of thinking. They need to rid themselves of that old fashioned, outdated, gentlemen behavior that BITCHES USE to get what they want from them. Two types of Joe's exist today and this should be their behavior.

1. STRONG MINDED Joe's have to REQUIRE mature, respectful, considerate and responsible behavior from ALL females (including bitches) that he comes in contact with.

2. WEAK MINDED Joe's should LIMIT their contact to ONLY considerate, co-operative, responsible, man-loving WOMEN and AVOID BITCHES because WEAK Joe's DO NOT have the MENTAL strength to resist the ATTRACTION or PRETENTIOUS attitude those bitches will display in order to get him to SERVE HER in the manner SHE EXPECTS.


I AM one of those STRONG MINDED Joe's and I WILL stare you in your face, say fuck you and walk away from you if you are a bitch.

I can ONLY provide you males with these classes. Once you leave my classroom with what you have learned, YOU have to decide if YOU are going to apply what you have learned.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Most Females Will Give You Nothing But PUSSY

I'm sure MANY of you have a problem with my DIRECT and NON-POLITICALLY CORRECT statements but that's because you have been bombarded with so much STUPID SHIT, LIES and GAME that when you hear TRUTH you get defensive or an attitude.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all females but certainly applies to most of them.


Let me first state that ALL YOU NEED is just one LOVING, COOPERATIVE woman (good luck in finding that RARE type) that will work with you instead of these PAY-PER-VIEW Ho's and ENTITLEMENT MINDED Bitches that you have to chase, spend money on and/or over-extend yourself for to have her in your presence.

YOU DON'T NEED all of those females that you are attempting to get next to or MAINTAIN communication with. Why? Because MOST of them are nothing but PUSSY and would be a burden and/or a waste of your time and money.

THERE ARE FAR MORE females out there that are IMMATURE and MENTALLY FUCKED UP because they have made (and continue to make) BAD CHOICES in the types of males they interact with.

THERE ARE FAR LESS women that are MATURE and MENTALLY STABLE because they have made (and continue to make) GOOD CHOICES in the types of males they interacted with.


PROBLEMATIC. A person that presents perplexity or difficulty.

UNSTABLE. Lacking control of one's emotions; marked by unpredictable behavior.

SELFISH. Chiefly concerned with one's own interest, advantage, etc., esp to the total exclusion of the interests of others

STUPID. Doing something that one knows they should not be doing yet they do it anyway.

YOKE. Something that connects or joins together; a bond or tie.


The above descriptions WILL be that of most of the females you come in contact with and once they discover how stable and unselfish YOUR LIFE is, they will attempt to YOKE their problematic, unstable, selfish and stupid behavior onto your life.


The more attractive she is (or thinks she is), the more PUSSY you will get from her.


It's because they are so accustomed to 1) having their way, 2) having so many "thirsty" guys come at them or 3) choosing so many Players, Pretty Boys or Thugs that their MIND is ALL FUCKED UP. 

To them, "foolish trash talk, drama and immature behavior is attractive and normal" and "straight sensible talk, peace and mature behavior is unattractive and abnormal".


COMMUNICATION is one of the biggest RED FLAGS. Their LACK of communication in a sensible manner let's you know that they are STILL in that immature, unstable phase in their life.

STUCK ON STUPID in their behavior. They tend to remain in that STUPID mental state or physical environment with other stupid behaving people because THAT IS their comfort zone regardless of their "claims" of being mature and pass that point in their lives.

ADDICTED ATTENTION HO because of their looks and WILL NOT give it up even though if's fucking up their mentality and way of life. They have placed MORE VALUE in the AMOUNT of attention they can receive from many men rather than the QUALITY of the attention they can receive from one man. 


If you are NOT looking for PUSSY, then you need to ask a female, "What is it about you that will benefit me spending time getting to know you"?


MOST females have been REDUCED to PUSSY because of the type of immature, shallow and stupid males they have been accustomed to associating with. Maturity, stability and responsibility makes them uncomfortable because NOW they have to apply more than THEIR LOOK (in a manner that teases) or THEIR MIND (in a manner that talks shit) and that is something they are NOT ACCUSTOMED to doing.


They will ARGUE or ALIENATE themselves from you because it is FAR EASIER for them to act STUPID as opposed to simply GROW UP and behave in a mature manner.


Attempt to reach their COMMON SENSE twice because they have been turned into PUSSY and don't know any better AS LONG AS it does not do any damage to you.

AFTER two attempts, if she does not begin to respond to you in a consistent and mature manner, DUMP HER and MOVE ON.


This information is for YOUR consideration. I can only provide it. You have to decide if you want PEACE or PUSSY in your life.