Friday, May 10, 2013

WOMEN Have Sensible Discussions and FEMALES Seek Foolish Arguments

A woman WILL NOT allow a man to ejaculate inside of her and get pregnant if he is a dead beat or he does not want to be a responsible father because SHE CARES about the development and fate of the yet to be born child.

A female WILL allow a man to ejaculate inside of her and get pregnant REGARDLESS because it's SELFISHLY about her and she DOES NOT CARE about the development and fate of the yet to be born child. She will simply BLAME HIM for her pregnancy and speak NEGATIVELY of him to the child and to others IF he is not in the child's life.



This DOES APPLY to any male that ENJOYS SEX as well as has GOALS and AMBITIONS for a successful, prosperous, productive and peaceful life.

This DOES NOT APPLY to MATURE women because they are capable of reading or hearing FACTS and coming to a SENSIBLE and RESPONSIBLE conclusion.


As I have stated in the past, you need to begin to ELIMINATE any female that cannot engage in a sensible discussion and BY ALL MEANS you should NEVER have sex with a FEMALE because since they REFUSE to have conversations that makes sense, you SHOULD KNOW what WILL HAPPEN if you have sex and ejaculate inside of her.

LOGIC, MATURE and SENSIBLE THINKING should be your weapons of choice when engaging in a discussion in today's times with ANYONE. Otherwise, you will simply be WASTING YOUR TIME.

THERE ARE females out there that aren't even good for fucking (not even talking about making love) because of the unwanted results that may occur afterwards. 

THERE ARE females out there that aren't even worth the time to ATTEMPT to have a sensible discussion with because they are DELUSIONAL, IN DENIAL or just REFUSE to accept responsibility for THEIR pre-meditated scandalous, irresponsible and inappropriate behavior.

I clearly explained in my last post, and other posts, who has CONTROL over what when it comes to pregnancy. Females will talk about how intelligent, educated and strong they are but WILL NOT ACCEPT responsibility when it comes to pregnancy and the FACT they have the control over what happens INSIDE OF THEIR BODY.


Does a man CONTROL what happens to HIS SPERM once it enters HER body? No.

Am I saying that the man SHOULD NOT BE held financially responsible for assisting in the support of HIS child? No.

Should a man be HELD FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE if the female he has sex with gives birth and the child is ACTUALLY his? Yes.

Is there a chance that the child MAY NOT BE HIS? Yes.


(Farah KreoleLady) This is the only portion of this post that makes sense: Stupid is doing something that you know you should not be doing yet you go ahead and do it anyway. Well, ejaculating inside of a female when both of you have NOT PLANNED and are NOT PREPARED for that responsibility is stupid. The two of you enjoying sex should not be grounds for you wanting to be a parent.....

(Farah KreoleLady) You make it sound as if men are getting raped into fatherhood Lol. Why does it seem that some of you in this group are afraid of accountability? It is ultimately the woman's decision whether she keeps the child or not, but the act of GETTING pregnant falls on both parties...

(Farah KreoleLady) btw Jai Duval, you ARE pro-choice right?

(Jai Duval) I am pro-choice and pro-accountability. If u completely read my post u have to know this is my last comment to you regarding it since you refuse to accept you as a female controls your body.

(Farah KreoleLady) Lol. Real mature. Stay bitter my friend.


The "stay bitter" APPEARS to be a typical IMMATURE response from a female that REFUSES to accept anything that may display her in a negative manner EVEN IF it's the truth. I'm surprised that she did not toss in the "mother issue" comment as well (lol).

Many females exist for the SOLE PURPOSE of senseless arguments because that simply is the way they are and CANNOT do or think any better than that. They should be left to those males that have NO GOALS or AMBITIONS in life but to life off of and take advantage of someone else. They would be a compatible couple and HOPEFULLY they would NOT reproduce but history has already shown that producing Skeezers and Dead Beats is this THEIR ONLY contribution to society.


These are the types of females that I encourage DECENT males that have goals in life to avoid contact with. If you choose to IGNORE my warnings, blame no one but yourself for the failures, struggles and wasted time YOU WILL encounter in your life.

Class is dismissed.

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