Friday, May 24, 2013

DON'T ASK DON'T TELL MENTALITY: Know Who You Are F*cking (Literally) With

I had posted my P-FAX report (on my blogsite on April 1, 2013) which questions a female's sexual history in another group and got the following response I felt should for others to read. 


ANY MALE that does not question a female's sexual history is a FOOL.

This DOES NOT APPLY to TARDED females because I realize you do not have to capacity to make SENSIBLE and RESPONSIBLE decisions.

This DOES NOT accuse her of carrying or infecting anyone with an STD. 

This SHOULD bring to your attention a very INCONSIDERATE and IMMATURE comment that SHE made below.


This post and her comment is why I tell guys to think with the top head and not the bottom head. This female claim that men that are CONCERNED about possible STD infections are simply INSECURE. I say no but rather HER STATEMENT is quite IRRESPONSIBLE and STUPID.

[Roxann R] 

Why do I feel like the type of men who are interested in those particular questions fall into the insecure realm. Besides latest test results for STDs, it's not anyone's business. I don't bring up guys' sexual history unless its like "have you done this before" type of question.

[Jai Duval] 

Now that is quite interesting and I would say very IRRESPONSIBLE comment and especially nowadays since STDs are on the rise.

Then again, if you or any other female have that fuck first and wonder (or ask) afterwards MENTALITY, you and whomever agrees with you certainly have the right to do so. 

I would simply tell ANY GUYS to AVOID any female who thinks inquiring about a female's sexual history is INSECURE. She couldn't GIVE me her pussy.


MY CONCERN would be HER LACK OF CONCERN for his LATEST test results.

I don't know about you but with a statement like that, I would not place my HEALTH at risk even wearing a condom. I will leave the rest of you to your decision.

REMEMBER: All pussy may NOT be healthy pussy. Class is dismissed.

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