Friday, May 10, 2013

PREGNANCY RED FLAG: The Female Has Total Control of Getting Pregnant and Possibly YOUR FUTURE If You Are That STUPID

This is a subject that is very important for you to UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT. If you refuse to do so, YOU RISK the chance of RUINING at least 18 years of your life (depending upon how many times you do this) IF you foolishly ejaculate inside of an IRRESPONSIBLE or SCANDALOUS female.


This DOES NOT APPLY to females who accept the fact that THEY CONTROL what happens inside of their body.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females who DO NOT USE pregnancy as a means of TRAPPING A MAN or as a POTENTIAL source of INCOME.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females who DO NOT BLAME a male for her irresponsible behavior.

This DOES NOT APPLY to MENTALLY RETARDED females because we understand that you DO NOT have the mental capacity to make mature and sensible decisions.


If a female REFUSES to agree that she has TOTAL CONTROL over HER BODY and getting pregnant, I suggest that you DO NOT engage in sexual activity with her.

You can choose to accept the FACT that you have NO CONTROL over what happens to YOUR SPERM after you deposit it inside of her NOT-SO-SAFE deposit box (i.e., pussy) or you can deny it and ALLOW HER to choose your fate for at least 18 years.

This matter DOES NOT need to be argued with a female even if she disagrees with this. The best that you can do for you is DO NOT ENGAGE in sexual activity with a female that WILL NOT AGREE that she controls pregnancy and not you.


YOU ONLY CONTROL ejaculation. YOU ONLY CONTROL if you will ejaculate inside of her or inside of a condom and is IF she decides to have sex with you because SHE CONTROLS if she is going to have sex with you.

Stupid is doing something that you know you should not be doing yet you go ahead and do it anyway. Well, ejaculating inside of a female when both of you have NOT PLANNED and are NOT PREPARED for that responsibility is stupid. The two of you enjoying sex should not be grounds for you wanting to be a parent. 


You have achieved a certain level of educational accomplishment. Both of you (not just you) are mature and financially stable to a point where BOTH OF YOU can afford and will sacrifice to properly care for a child.

You have quenched YOUR THIRST for multiple relationships and you are now ready for a monogamous commitment and you REQUIRE the same of her.


Just because she is pregnant DOES NOT MEAN that you are the father. There have been MANY documented cases where females have LIED about who the SPERM DONOR is and SOME of them don't even know because they were FUCKING (not making love to) MULTIPLE males within that period of time.


All she has to do AFTER you have ejaculated inside of her is ALLOW conception to occur inside of her body and you WILL NOT KNOW that it has occurred unless she notifies you.


Of course you will. She will tell you AFTER she successfully conceived and is pregnant or the CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY and the DISTRICT ATTORNEY will let you know AFTER the child is born IF they can find you.


Absolutely not but obviously she SELFISHLY thinks (without any consideration to the impact of the eventual child) it may contribute ($$$) to HER FUTURE or she would NOT ALLOW herself to get pregnant.


IF you ejaculate inside of a female you need to ACCEPT the FACT that SHE IS NOW IN CONTROL of your fate and depending upon how RESPONSIBLE she is, she will decide to NOT TAKE any form of birth control in order to GET KNOCKED UP.

As usual, all I can do is provide the information and the choice is yours.

Class is dismissed.

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