Sunday, May 5, 2013

JAI DUVAL ALERT: The IEB Virus Is Spreading World Wide and Out of Control

Whether you are willing to accept it or not, AMERICA has produced "another" VIRUS that has gotten out of control and just like the first virus it is now contaminating other countries.


This DOES APPLY to every female that THINKS or BEHAVES in this manner regardless of her ETHNICITY, shape, size, color, country, attractiveness, economic, religious, educational, marital, maternal or job status.

This DOES NOT APPLY to women that are fair, considerate, responsible and man-loving instead of man-using.


It does not matter if she was born in America, moved to America or lives in another country. The IEB virus has affected and still is affecting MANY females.


Males in political positions created the formula and conditions for the IEB virus to evolve and now the common, decent, average Joe males are suffering from it.


FM + LAW + WM + POT = IEB (Inconsiderate Entitlement Bitch)

The COMBINATION of the "Feminist Movement (equal rights for women)" + "Lazy Ass Women (something for nothing attitude)" + "Weak Males (willingly surrendering his position and expecting nothing in return)" + "Period Of Time" has produced the IEB.


What was produced from that formula are MANY females that:

1) have careers, 
2) have their own money, 
3) will not pay their way when with a man,
4) still expect you to financially support them,
5) still blame males for their irresponsible behavior,
6) still expect males to rescue them from their inappropriate behavior,
7) INITIATES physical violence against the male and expects to be considered THE VICTIM after he DEFENDS himself and BEATS HER ASS.


They do it because YOU ALLOW it to happen.


The BADDEST, most SCANDALOUS and CONTROLLING of all is the Queen B. She is the COUNT DRACULA of BITCHED and has the ability to CONTROL or TURN females. 

1. SHE CAN walk into a crowd of OTHER bitches and CONTROL them

2. SHE CAN walk into a crowd of decent, man-loving women and TURN them

**WARNING**. The Queen B will (if given the opportunity) TURN your woman against you if she comes in contact with her AND know that she's is being co-operative with you and treating you in a considerate and loving manner.


There is no known cure.


Absolutely not. It ONLY affects the decent, common, co-operative Average Joe male in a negative manner. It appears that ABUSIVE males (i.e., Players, Pretty Boys and Thugs) have built-in immunity. I believe it has something to do with the FACT that THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT for females and USE FEMALES just as BITCHES USE the Average Joe male.


ALL Joe's need to CHANGE their way of thinking. They need to rid themselves of that old fashioned, outdated, gentlemen behavior that BITCHES USE to get what they want from them. Two types of Joe's exist today and this should be their behavior.

1. STRONG MINDED Joe's have to REQUIRE mature, respectful, considerate and responsible behavior from ALL females (including bitches) that he comes in contact with.

2. WEAK MINDED Joe's should LIMIT their contact to ONLY considerate, co-operative, responsible, man-loving WOMEN and AVOID BITCHES because WEAK Joe's DO NOT have the MENTAL strength to resist the ATTRACTION or PRETENTIOUS attitude those bitches will display in order to get him to SERVE HER in the manner SHE EXPECTS.


I AM one of those STRONG MINDED Joe's and I WILL stare you in your face, say fuck you and walk away from you if you are a bitch.

I can ONLY provide you males with these classes. Once you leave my classroom with what you have learned, YOU have to decide if YOU are going to apply what you have learned.

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