Monday, January 31, 2011


This DOES NOT apply to all females in this situation but it DEFINITELY applies to MOST that think and behave in this manner. Also, there are plenty of QUALITY women AVAILABLE that DON'T think or behave like what I am about to describe so you don't have to try to UNCOMFORTABLY fit yourself into HER PERFECT WORLD.

I have been telling certain females for years that they need to find a mate with these qualities so that they can GROW OLD together instead of GROWING OLD AND ALONE IN THIER PERFECT WORLD. These are the qualities of that PERFECT MATE many of them have been waiting all their lives for GOD TO SEND TO THEM and all the time they were right under their noses:

- ALWAYS eager to see her,
- NEVER becoming bored with her,
- Make her feel SAFE and SECURE,
- WILL ALWAYS snuggle up on the couch with her,
- ALWAYS eager to give her plenty of love and attention,
- OBEDIENT, SUBMISSIVE and always ready to serve her,
- WON'T ABANDON her in his middle years for a younger trophy,
- WON'T turn away from her if she gains 5, 10, 50 pounds or more,
- WILL exercise, go shopping, go dining and even go dancing with her.
- KISSING, CUDDLING and LICKING any time, manner and location she wants it.

More females nowadays are NOT SETTLING for that UNFAITHFUL mate and going out there, GETTING that perfect mate and bring him home to live with her. Here are excerpts from the article that led me to produce this particular blog. To see the complete article simply search your browser for "more women find the perfect man". This article was posted Sept. 19, 2007 but things have not changed today.



I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone the other day when the love of her life sauntered into the room.

"Hey, you," she cooed.

I pulled the phone away from my ear as she began furiously making out, huge wet slurping kisses punctuated by her giggles and his low growls of animal pleasure.

"Come on!" I yelled after a few minutes. "I'm talking here."

"Sorry," my friend said, but I could tell we'd reached the end of any kind of intelligent conversation. I could picture her on the other end of the line, staring moony-eyed at her special guy -- his tousled brown hair, his deep golden eyes.

Like many single women these days, my friend Michelle is madly in love with her dog.


Forget about men being dogs. These days, dogs have ALMOST completely REPLACED men. If only they had a CREDIT CARD, right?

I have stated that I would NEVER get seriously involved with a female that has a four legged pet living in the house with her. I'm speaking mainly about MALE dogs because we all know just how difficult and damn near IMPOSSIBLE it is for two FEMALES to PEACEFULLY exist for any duration of time be it dog or cat.

Here are a few questions that I ask myself when I come in contact with a female that has a four legged pet living inside of her residence:

- Would I casually date her? Sure.
- Would I dine at her place? ONLY AFTER close observation of her pet's activity.
- Would I get into her bed? ONLY AFTER finding out if she shares it with her pet sometimes.
- Would I allow her to bring her pet inside of my house? Absolutely Not.

MOST of these females treat those pets as MATES or THEIR CHILD which brings to mind another point. There are males that have reached a point in their lives that they DO NOT want to date and/or get seriously involved with a female who has children STILL IN THE HOUSE. Well, I suggest that you change that to Children or Four Legged Pets because there is NO DIFFERENCE in behavior by the female. There is an attachment that will not be broken in most cases. You WILL have to share her with her in-house mate/pet and trust me when I say, THEY CAN SENSE when there's someone threatening THEIR position with THEIR mate. That's right, just as she has developed that bond so has the pet and that pet will whine, growl, etc. in competition with YOU.

TRUE TESTIMONIAL from my experience: This one particular female used to have to put her MATE (i.e., dog) in another room when I visited because when we went to her bedroom that dog would whine and scratch on the door in an attempt to get in. Kinda made me wonder just HOW CLOSE the two of them really were.

Am I criticizing those female's behavior with their pets? Absolutely not because they have the right to do anything they want to as long as it's not HARMFUL to others. I am simply INFORMING males of what to expect in MOST situations like that.


Whether she refers to YOU as a dog or not, IF you are dating a female that has an in-house, four legged pet (i.e., dog) YOU are DEFINITELY in COMPETITION with another DOG for HER attention and service.

Oh yea, I don't give a damn what PETA members have to say about this blog.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Q&A Session with J. Duval

I've decided to take a little time and post some of the REPETITIVE questions that I am asked. If you have any additional questions simply place it in the comment box and I will respond to them when time permits. Thanks!


What makes you a Relationship Expert?


I am NOT a Relationship Expert and have NEVER claimed to be one. I AM a REALationship Expert which means I provide males advice on how to NOT waste unnecessary time, screw up, ruin, sacrifice or destroy THEIR present or future by making poor and/or emotional decisions when attempting to spend-time-with or choose a female for companionship because they have been conditioned to choose the female BEFORE she has proven any kind of WORTHINESS and HE pays a financial and emotional price later for his POOR decision.


Do you stand-by your advice and practice what you preach?


Yes, without hesitation.


How successful have you been in obtaining a REALationship as you call it?


Very unsuccessful so far.


Hah. Well, it seems that your adivce is no good, huh?


Quite the contrary. It proves that my advice is very good because since applying it to myself I HAVE NOT wasted unnecessary time, have not screwed up, ruined, sacrificed or destroyed my present or future. I am ENJOYING myself proving that my advice does work by recognizing and avoiding SKEEZERS.


It appears that you haven't found happiness.


When did I say that I was unhappy? Since I apply my advice to myself I have NO REASON to be miserable which make me very happy. My happiness, peace-of-mind and contentment comes from within as opposed to many males that have been conditioned to believe they NEED to have and make a female happy FIRST and keep her happy in order to acquire those conditions.


So you think that you know everything, huh?


No, but I do know enough to NOT make a poor choice and allow the WRONG female into my life and cause me to be miserable.


So are you saying that men should not have female companionship?


Absolutely not. I am saying that males should NOT compromise, settle and give up prosperity and peace-of-mind by selecting the WRONG female.


Seems like you are a bitter man. Who hurt you that bad and caused you to hate women so much?


I am NOT bitter or angry. Did I get my feelings hurt at any time? Of course I did but that was BEFORE I realized the useless game that many females play these days. I now place wisdom BEFORE emotions.


Sound to me like you are a very sad and lonely man.


Did you know that there is a difference between BEING LONELY and BEING ALONE? I am quite happy, ALONE and doing very well for myself which gives me NO reason to be sad or lonely. I didn't say that I did not have access to women. I have plenty of that simply because I am in EXCELLENT financial, emotional and physical health which I can't say all of those exists for many males that I know. I am NOT in dismal or miserable situations like some of my male friends are. Sure, I've ventured out there and made attempts to date and got ACCEPTED by some and REJECTED by others but my bottom line is I DON'T CHASE EM, I REPLACE EM if I have to play that silly PURSUIT GAME. If she doesn't VALUE me as an individual and my interest in getting to know her or she isn't MATURED enough to behave in that manner then I move on. I don't complicate dating, I keep it very simple and stress FREE.


Do you believe that you will ever get in a monogamous relationship?


Sure I will when the right person comes along. Let me state, for the record, that the right person is NOT just about physical apperance before you bring that up. The physical WILL get my attention but it's the ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR that will determine IF she remains. I am NO LONGER that STUPID such that I will accept an attractive female with a BAD and INCONSIDERATE attitude.


So do you have any hobbies?


Yep, it's REMAINING happy, prosperous and maintaining a peace-of-mind.


Friday, January 21, 2011

MOST Males Will ALWAYS Be Financially Uncomfortable and Periodically Struggling

Excerpt from "The Millionaire Next Door"

"Most people will never become wealthy in one generation if they are married to people who are wasteful".

J. Duval's Response to the above Excerpt

There are many women that will WELCOME the idea of building a FINANCIALLY COMFORTABLE, RESPONSIBLE and MUTUALLY LOVING relationship so why are you WASTING YOUR TIME chasing or in a relationship with a skeezer?

"Most males will never become financially comfortable in their lifetime if they are involved with a female that is wasteful". MOST of you males reading this will become or remain financially UNCOMFORTABLE and STRUGGLING for the duration of your life.

Notice I underlined "this country" which has a significant IMPACT on a male's financial comfort. Let me take it one step further and add it's the "MENTALITY of many of the females in this country" and so that mentality of those females that has spread all over the world such that females coming into this country have to be CAREFULLY screened due to the tendency of many of them to CONVERT to SKEEZERS once they get their feet firmly planted in this country AND in your finances.

I've known of and have heard of MANY females that exist in this country with that mentality that will INTENTIONALLY attempt to corrupt women new to this country who's mindset is that of a CARING, MAN-LOVING woman. Many of the females reading this blog are going to be those corrupt ones that I speak of. They are not happy with themselves. They have a bad attitude. They have made selfish choices that have turned bad on them and now it's their MISSION to DESTROY any female they come in contact with that is happy, loving and catering to her man.

J. Duval's Objective

Since I speak to the average working, low-to-just-above average income males I prefer to have them focuse on a MORE REALISTIC and OBTAINABLE goal of FINANCIAL COMFORT as opposed to reaching the status of MILLIONAIRE. If for whatever means you do acquire that millionaire status then God bless you but that WILL NOT be the case for MOST of you.

J. Duval's Definition of Financial Comfort

- Able to pay your bills (ON TIME),

- Able to take an annual PLANNED vacation,

- Able to put away a little savings (may not be a huge amount but enough).

J. Duval's Reasons Why MOST Males Will Never Reach Financial Comfort (these are just a few)

- DIVORCE will make YOU uncomfortable and HER comfortable from the money EXTORTED from you and from the next male that's FOOLISH enough to continue to support HER

- YOU not requiring HER to FULLY participate FINANCIALLY in the maintenance of that relationship cause after all.... YOU DA BIG MAN, YOU WEAR DA PANTS, YOU PAY DA BILLS, right while she simply spends HER money on herself or puts HER money away IF the day comes when SHE decides to LEAVE YOU

- YOU place the DESIRE for a PARTICULAR female above your own prosperity and peace-of-mind

- YOU believe you are a player, ladies man, etc. yet all of the time IT'S YOU that's paying and getting played

- YOU place YOUR VAULE BELOW that of a female such that she does not have to do what you've done to yourself

- YOU believe your self-worth is based upon how well you can impress a female by spending money on her

- YOU believe in order to KEEP that female you have to continue to spend to keep her from getting bored with you

- YOU believe in order to KEEP that female you have to do WHATEVER it takes to keep her happy and wanting you

- YOU believe your pursuit for POON should be place above your pursuit for EDUCATION and MARKETABLE skills

- YOU believe you can't function without being in a relationship REGARDLESS of how little she cares for you

- YOU believe your mission in life is to deposit YOUR sperm into a female(s) multiple times and have her/them conceive

- Some of YOU may get that TROPHY female you desire, that EGO you desire from having that trophy yet you will STILL NOT have her functioning in that LOVING and co-operative manner that you desire (oh yea, prayer won't help you because God gave you COMMON SENSE which YOU choose to IGNORE) and if you do obtain that financial comfort guess what happens to AT LEAST half of what YOU (not her) have worked to achieve if she decides to leave.


IMMEDIATELY DUMP (if you are strong enough) those females that retard YOUR prosperity and peace-of-mind, get control of your life and get yourself a FRUGAL woman (if you are seeking a meaningful and co-operative relationship).

MOST males will NEVER become wealthy/millionaires.

MOST males WILL HAVE the opportunity to become financially comfortable but sadly MOST males WILL RUIN their opportunity to obtain that financial comfort and peace-of-mind due to the reasons stated above and that's just the REALITY of what exists for now.

MANY females, on the other hand, will simply LEAVE or PRESSURE those males who CANNOT MAINTAIN their spending IF they get opportunities/offers from other males.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MSNBC Article: Adultery in the Marital Bed

That article simply VALIDATES what I have stated in my blog on July 8, 2009, "Non-Monogamous Relationships ARE NEGOTIABLE" and December 10, 2008, "MARRIAGE does not make a Man Monogamous".

Here are a few excerpts from that MSNBC article:

Statement 1:

"Don't Try This At Home" in large print.

Statement 2:

"Some spouses can forgive a cheating partner, but for many, the worst betrayal is when infidelity takes place in the marriage bed".

Statement 3:

"You had sex with that woman in our bed’ — that was overriding everything else".

Statement 4:

"But even in a sexually liberal culture, the home is still usually off-limits, as if protected by an invisible force field. And the marriage bed — a phrase that in itself seems quaintly out of date — remains a sacred object".

My Comment:

Well the title says it all, "Don't try this at home". The key to that statement is "AT HOME". Should they have stopped at "Don't try this"? Let's me know it's ok AS LONG AS it's not at home. What a frickin' joke.

Ha, ha... and they get an ATTITUDE with me because I simply state the REALITY which ends up being a reflection of THEIR relationship.

"If you don't like the TRUTH or the BEHAVIOR that I speak of then GET OUT of that type of relationship because I am NOT going to stop talking about it".

I find it quite AMUSING that the attention is placed on WHERE the adultery occurred as opposed to the ADULTERY itself. This is cute, "Some spouses can forgive a cheating partner". The reality? Some spouses can and will ACCEPT a cheating partner IF the conditions meets with their approval (see my July 8, 2009 blog for those conditions).

If that's not an indication that adultery IS acceptable then I don't know what is. That's why I don't buy this "I'm a victim, Oh I am so shocked and hurt, I feel used, I've WASTED all of these years" crap. It's more like, "I am so EMBARRASSED that others found out about it so I have to PRETEND I did not know and RETALIATE".

Oh Boo... Hoo... Hoo... Give me a frickin' break, shut up and stop PRETENDING you did not know, ok?

IF so many people are committing adultery (and they are so get out of that DENIAL state because YOUR SPOUSE just may be one of them) then shouldn't we be examining:

1) the REALITY of human sexuality as it applies to marriage,

2) SOCIAL/CULTURAL/RELIGIOUS pressure to get married when you aren't ready to be monomagous,

3) can marriages ever be monogamous BEFORE a certain mental/physical state of monogamous committment,

4) should marriage be a "MATURE commitment to remain together without monogamy UNTIL both are ready to commit to monogamy" or simply continue to LIE during the vows, AS MOST (not some) DO, to be monogamous.


My position about monogamy is that NO ONE can convince or pressure someone to be monogamous and that marriage DOES NOT make someone monogamous. What marriage does is present an OPTION for the spouse to PUNISH the violator FINANCIALLY. I stated option because the spouse can simply file for divorce and walk away.

The ONLY thing that makes someone monogamous is THAT PERSON deciding that they want to be monogamous WITH YOU so you might as well accept that as a REALITY.

FOR MOST MARRIED COUPLES (prior to that mental state of "I've done all that I want to do out there and now I want to be monogamous) the adultery is simply an option IF one can get away with it or IF the spouse REMAINS while KNOWING that it is occurring.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marriages ARE NOT Legal Prostitution

Let me begin by stating that there are QUALITY ladies available if you take the time to screen them out and NOT RUSH and SETTLE for less.

I am pro-Happiness, Prosperity and Peace-of-Mind be it in a marital or non-marital relationship. I am against and would NEVER be in (or remain in) ANY relationship that creates an environment that will not allow the above to exist. Why would I NEVER? It's because I love me FIRST, I have sacrificed and EARNED happiness, prosperity and peace-of-mind and NOBODY is worth me giving that up for or giving that to. If you don't bring those 3 components to the table then YOU should not be at ANYONE'S TABLE expecting to get it from them. Get off of YOUR lazy, inconsiderate, entitlement ass and go get it so that YOU can bring something of value to the table BESIDES that THING you are sitting on that YOU believe you can use as a manipulation tool.

There is an ole saying that, "Marriages Are Nothing But Legal PROSTITUTION". Well you can go ahead and flush that saying down the toilet because, IN MOST CASES, that no longer exist.

MANY marriages within recent years have EVOLVED into nothing but Legal EXTORTION.

That "mutually accepted, unspoken, prostitute/john", SEXUAL Quid Pro Quo relationship (commonly referred to as marriage) has existed in the past, exists in the present and will continue to exist in the future. Unfortunately, it has been corrupted and damaged by Skeezers. A skeezer expects to receive what SHE wants and in return gives him what SHE wants to give (if she gives anything at all) as opposed to him receiving what HE wants to receive in exchange.

Nowadays, "Many (not all) Marriages Are Legal EXTORTION". I included "not all" because there are IDIOTS that will ignore the word "most" and claim I am applying this to all marriages. Why would they ASSume all? It's quite simple. They ASSume all because that is what IDIOTS are supposed to do.

Let me begin by first defining those three key words (prostitution, extortion and coercion). I typically will define words or phrases to eliminate any unwanted drama and confusion when attempting to INTELLIGENTLY communicate. I can behave like an idiot to sometimes but this is not the time.


PROSTITUTION is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. Closet prostitutes are those that are NOT professionals selling their services openly. These are the go-to-work or stay-at-home types that have expectations of compensation in order for you to engage in sexual activity with them (i.e., direct deposit, vacations, material items, etc).

EXTORTION is when a person illegally obtains either money, property or services from a person(s), entity, or institution, through coercion. In this case, the extortion is legal by way of marriage.

COERCION is the practice of forcing another party to behave in an involuntary manner (whether through action or inaction) by use of threats, intimidation or some other form of pressure or force. In this case, the coercion is legal by way of divorce threats.


ONCE UPON A TIME one of the services that a female was REQUIRED to provide her husband was sex and in turn she received access to those basic services in life as well as money, gifts, etc and OH YEA..... she was receiving sex in exchange for sex (dah). This would fall under the category of prostitution based upon the above definition.

FAST FORWARDING TO THE PRESENT many married females have decided that SEX and other spousal services are to be considered an OPTION when SHE feels the need as opposed to being a DESIRE. She imposes this option while she is receiving benefits of marriage such as physical services (things that are too heavy to lift, too difficult to do or things she just don't want to do), gifts, money, entertainment expenses paid by him when they are out and about, all or a portion of HER personal bills being paid by him to name just a few.

On the other hand, he (that just may be you), is required to continue to perform those physical and financial services that are required to maintain that relationship and "keep her happy and satisfied" regardless of what HE is not receiving.


My Equation (as it relates to sex and the reality of most marriages):



My Explanation (So simple even a "Caveman" or an "Idiot" should understand it):

The female will (extort) obtain services, things or monies from the husband with no intent of (prostitution) providing sexual services in exchange and if the husband does not provide what she wants she will (coercion) pressure him with constant nagging, cease other services she MAY have been providing or threaten him with divorce.



Is there anything wrong with prostitution in marriages? I say absolutely NOT. The problem is not prostitution. The problem is extortion and the extortionist receiving what they want. I call those types of extortionists "skeezers" based SOLELY on their BEHAVIOR. If you aren't capable of marrying (if that's what you choose to do) a lady that does NOT behave like an extortionist, my philosophy is:

If you are going to engage in a relationship with a (closet) prostitute then LEASE instead of MARRY because eventually she will show herself to be the TRUE SKEEZER that she is. Not only will you be MARRIED and STUCK with that skeezer but you will probably have to PAY a price in order to rid yourself of her.

"It's Wiser To LEASE an AFFORDABLE (closet) prostitute than to MARRY a SKEEZER until you find that NON-EXTORTING, CO-OPERATIVE LADY to marry IF you can find one at all". They do exist but are quite RARE these days.