Thursday, January 13, 2011

MSNBC Article: Adultery in the Marital Bed

That article simply VALIDATES what I have stated in my blog on July 8, 2009, "Non-Monogamous Relationships ARE NEGOTIABLE" and December 10, 2008, "MARRIAGE does not make a Man Monogamous".

Here are a few excerpts from that MSNBC article:

Statement 1:

"Don't Try This At Home" in large print.

Statement 2:

"Some spouses can forgive a cheating partner, but for many, the worst betrayal is when infidelity takes place in the marriage bed".

Statement 3:

"You had sex with that woman in our bed’ — that was overriding everything else".

Statement 4:

"But even in a sexually liberal culture, the home is still usually off-limits, as if protected by an invisible force field. And the marriage bed — a phrase that in itself seems quaintly out of date — remains a sacred object".

My Comment:

Well the title says it all, "Don't try this at home". The key to that statement is "AT HOME". Should they have stopped at "Don't try this"? Let's me know it's ok AS LONG AS it's not at home. What a frickin' joke.

Ha, ha... and they get an ATTITUDE with me because I simply state the REALITY which ends up being a reflection of THEIR relationship.

"If you don't like the TRUTH or the BEHAVIOR that I speak of then GET OUT of that type of relationship because I am NOT going to stop talking about it".

I find it quite AMUSING that the attention is placed on WHERE the adultery occurred as opposed to the ADULTERY itself. This is cute, "Some spouses can forgive a cheating partner". The reality? Some spouses can and will ACCEPT a cheating partner IF the conditions meets with their approval (see my July 8, 2009 blog for those conditions).

If that's not an indication that adultery IS acceptable then I don't know what is. That's why I don't buy this "I'm a victim, Oh I am so shocked and hurt, I feel used, I've WASTED all of these years" crap. It's more like, "I am so EMBARRASSED that others found out about it so I have to PRETEND I did not know and RETALIATE".

Oh Boo... Hoo... Hoo... Give me a frickin' break, shut up and stop PRETENDING you did not know, ok?

IF so many people are committing adultery (and they are so get out of that DENIAL state because YOUR SPOUSE just may be one of them) then shouldn't we be examining:

1) the REALITY of human sexuality as it applies to marriage,

2) SOCIAL/CULTURAL/RELIGIOUS pressure to get married when you aren't ready to be monomagous,

3) can marriages ever be monogamous BEFORE a certain mental/physical state of monogamous committment,

4) should marriage be a "MATURE commitment to remain together without monogamy UNTIL both are ready to commit to monogamy" or simply continue to LIE during the vows, AS MOST (not some) DO, to be monogamous.


My position about monogamy is that NO ONE can convince or pressure someone to be monogamous and that marriage DOES NOT make someone monogamous. What marriage does is present an OPTION for the spouse to PUNISH the violator FINANCIALLY. I stated option because the spouse can simply file for divorce and walk away.

The ONLY thing that makes someone monogamous is THAT PERSON deciding that they want to be monogamous WITH YOU so you might as well accept that as a REALITY.

FOR MOST MARRIED COUPLES (prior to that mental state of "I've done all that I want to do out there and now I want to be monogamous) the adultery is simply an option IF one can get away with it or IF the spouse REMAINS while KNOWING that it is occurring.

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