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This DOES NOT apply to all females in this situation but it DEFINITELY applies to MOST that think and behave in this manner. Also, there are plenty of QUALITY women AVAILABLE that DON'T think or behave like what I am about to describe so you don't have to try to UNCOMFORTABLY fit yourself into HER PERFECT WORLD.

I have been telling certain females for years that they need to find a mate with these qualities so that they can GROW OLD together instead of GROWING OLD AND ALONE IN THIER PERFECT WORLD. These are the qualities of that PERFECT MATE many of them have been waiting all their lives for GOD TO SEND TO THEM and all the time they were right under their noses:

- ALWAYS eager to see her,
- NEVER becoming bored with her,
- Make her feel SAFE and SECURE,
- WILL ALWAYS snuggle up on the couch with her,
- ALWAYS eager to give her plenty of love and attention,
- OBEDIENT, SUBMISSIVE and always ready to serve her,
- WON'T ABANDON her in his middle years for a younger trophy,
- WON'T turn away from her if she gains 5, 10, 50 pounds or more,
- WILL exercise, go shopping, go dining and even go dancing with her.
- KISSING, CUDDLING and LICKING any time, manner and location she wants it.

More females nowadays are NOT SETTLING for that UNFAITHFUL mate and going out there, GETTING that perfect mate and bring him home to live with her. Here are excerpts from the article that led me to produce this particular blog. To see the complete article simply search your browser for "more women find the perfect man". This article was posted Sept. 19, 2007 but things have not changed today.



I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone the other day when the love of her life sauntered into the room.

"Hey, you," she cooed.

I pulled the phone away from my ear as she began furiously making out, huge wet slurping kisses punctuated by her giggles and his low growls of animal pleasure.

"Come on!" I yelled after a few minutes. "I'm talking here."

"Sorry," my friend said, but I could tell we'd reached the end of any kind of intelligent conversation. I could picture her on the other end of the line, staring moony-eyed at her special guy -- his tousled brown hair, his deep golden eyes.

Like many single women these days, my friend Michelle is madly in love with her dog.


Forget about men being dogs. These days, dogs have ALMOST completely REPLACED men. If only they had a CREDIT CARD, right?

I have stated that I would NEVER get seriously involved with a female that has a four legged pet living in the house with her. I'm speaking mainly about MALE dogs because we all know just how difficult and damn near IMPOSSIBLE it is for two FEMALES to PEACEFULLY exist for any duration of time be it dog or cat.

Here are a few questions that I ask myself when I come in contact with a female that has a four legged pet living inside of her residence:

- Would I casually date her? Sure.
- Would I dine at her place? ONLY AFTER close observation of her pet's activity.
- Would I get into her bed? ONLY AFTER finding out if she shares it with her pet sometimes.
- Would I allow her to bring her pet inside of my house? Absolutely Not.

MOST of these females treat those pets as MATES or THEIR CHILD which brings to mind another point. There are males that have reached a point in their lives that they DO NOT want to date and/or get seriously involved with a female who has children STILL IN THE HOUSE. Well, I suggest that you change that to Children or Four Legged Pets because there is NO DIFFERENCE in behavior by the female. There is an attachment that will not be broken in most cases. You WILL have to share her with her in-house mate/pet and trust me when I say, THEY CAN SENSE when there's someone threatening THEIR position with THEIR mate. That's right, just as she has developed that bond so has the pet and that pet will whine, growl, etc. in competition with YOU.

TRUE TESTIMONIAL from my experience: This one particular female used to have to put her MATE (i.e., dog) in another room when I visited because when we went to her bedroom that dog would whine and scratch on the door in an attempt to get in. Kinda made me wonder just HOW CLOSE the two of them really were.

Am I criticizing those female's behavior with their pets? Absolutely not because they have the right to do anything they want to as long as it's not HARMFUL to others. I am simply INFORMING males of what to expect in MOST situations like that.


Whether she refers to YOU as a dog or not, IF you are dating a female that has an in-house, four legged pet (i.e., dog) YOU are DEFINITELY in COMPETITION with another DOG for HER attention and service.

Oh yea, I don't give a damn what PETA members have to say about this blog.

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  1. J you have finally shocked me. I thought you would wholeheartedly agree. For years I have suggested that lonely women get a dog. Not a cat because they are too selfish -- more like a skeezer. Women's description of the perfect mate IS a gay man OR a dog: "Someone who spends time with me, wants to go places with me, gives me lots of affection, is happy to see me." That describes my dog Rusty and my lil friend JoeJoe. This sure beats women who turn their sons into their man. Seen that one too...