Thursday, February 24, 2011

Real Men Limit Their Number Of Children

(Excerpt from "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement")

Rule #20: Real Men Limit Their Number Of Children

Real men don’t take care of all the children they have; real men limit the number of children they can take care of.

Males are out there foolishly ejaculating inside of one or multiple females. After she’s had a child he will repeat that same behavior. After he gives or is force to give the mother or mothers all or some of his money towards the welfare of the child or children he’s considered a real man.


Never expect a female to go through conception, pregnancy and finally child birth unless you are prepared to physically, emotionally and financially contribute WITHOUT bringing physical, emotional and/or financial burden (not to be confused with financial responsibility) upon yourself.


A foolish or unprepared incident like that can potentially destroy a male’s lifestyle for at least the next 18 years depending on how many children a female will have.

Many males will foolishly surrender their sperm which may result in many females intentionally getting pregnant and having a child or children to trap him or punish him. He will then have to extend himself beyond his comfortable level in order to support them or hide from her and the district attorney in order to avoid child support and incarceration.

In many cases he won’t be able to comfortably provide the necessary time, resources and finances for the care of that child or those children so he and the child or children will suffer. That should not be the case.

Many of them will have to; if they can, find a second job in order to make reasonable financial contributions. With all of that time spent working; he can’t give quality time to the child or children or have quality time for himself.

So a real man will limit the number of children to what he can comfortably take care of. He will also use better judgment in his choice of female sexual partners by making his best attempt to select one that’s not so quick to have a child or children without his mutual consent. He can begin by applying the qualities of a good woman in my first book as a baseline.

Only a fool or loser goes out and destroys his life by ejaculating inside of females without regards for the consequences. If you are that foolish then I suggest that for your benefit you change your way of thinking and behaving or prepare to live a struggling, stressful and/or a very poor lifestyle.

Many of these types of males usually end up with nothing, living in and out of their parents or friends homes, struggling to make ends meet or bouncing from one female to another living with them until they toss him out.

Do you really want this to happen to you? Do you think having children you struggle to raise will make you a real man? I don’t think so. If you don’t think about yourself, think about the child or children.

NEVER FORGET that the females has ABSOLUTE control over that sperm you deposit into her.

- She has TOTAL CONTROL to alter YOUR lifestyle

- She has TOTAL CONTROL to conceive or not conceive

- She has TOTAL CONTROL to wait until both parents are ready for a child

- She has TOTAL CONTROL to bring a child into this world prepared or unprepared

- She has TOTAL CONTROL to bring a child into this world in a dysfunctional or healthy relationship

- She has TOTAL CONTROL to bring a child into this world with a father who is ready and willingly to participate or with a father who DOES NOT want to have a child

- She has TOTAL CONTROL to be absolutely selfish, manipulative and unconcerned about the child's development in an environment that DOES NOT includes both parents functioning in a responsible, healthy and co-operative manner.

With all that said, do you seriously think placing your SPERM into that NOT-SO-SAFE DEPOSIT box is going to be worth proving you are a REAL MAN?


If not for you then for the child or children sake, think about the return BEFORE you make the deposit.


  1. And he is the only one who has TOTAL CONTROL over where he deposits his bodily fuids. In this case, it takes two to tango!

  2. I totally agree with the tango part but remember that I did say, "Males are out there FOOLISHLY ejaculating inside of one or multiple females". Foolishly means, in most cases, they WILL pay a price for that foolishness.