Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stop Blaming Her for Your FOOLish and Stupid Choices

Yea I'm talking about you "Stupid", "Weak" and "Wanna-Be" Players out there. What?? You thought I was just gonna point the finger at females? If you don't like what I'm about to say, change YOUR behavior just as I say to those skeezing females out there.

It's time to get the record straight which mean MOST females and SOME males will NOT want to agree with. Before I begin let me state for the record, "There are considerate, sensible, caring, responsible, "practicing" independent WOMEN that exist so why waste your life away with an inconsiderate, loud mouth, uncaring, irresponsible, dependent FEMALE"?

Common Example

He is spending time with and putting out money on her ASSuming she will develop a personal interest in HIM. He makes NO verbal attempts to directly express his intentions to her and adopt that insecure "she should know" mentality. She enjoys the time and money spent (of course) on her but has no intention on developing a personal relationship with HIM. That does not mean she does not want a personal relationship. It simply means she does not want a personal relationship with HIM. In her mind, he is and will ALWAYS be her PLATONIC friend and in most cases at HIS expense. Later on she decides to bounce completely or gradually begin to make herself UNavailable for HIM. He finds out later that she is spending time with someone else.


Is it her fault that she did not indicate to him she wasn't personally interested in him?


No. He should have stated his intentions once he began spending time with her. As I have always stated, "Give them the opportunity to set the bar". The bar being the truth or a lie by their response regarding HER intentions.


Unless she verbally misled him (i.e., lied to him and told him she wanted a personal relationship with him), he has no one to blame but HIMSELF.


Should she be blamed for him spending his money on her and she eventually moving on to someone else?


No. All he had to do is observe her behavior and body language towards him. It would be more than obvious if she has a personal interest. From that point, it's his choice to WISELY MOVE ON or FOOLISHLY REMAIN.


MOST (not all for your knuckleheads out there) females, excluding Skeezers, will give a man an indication of being mutually attracted and interested. Of course, he has to be observant because females aren't taught to NOT verbalize their intent or desire UNLESS he's financially well-to-do, living in the right zip code and hopefully with a nice view, famous or EXACTLY what she desires physically which is typically a "pretty boy with a hard body" and she's gotta make her move BEFORE some other female does (lol).


Is she wrong for not telling him she is NOT attracted to him in that manner?


Yes. Although she is not obligated to tell him, it's called being CONSIDERATE which many females (not all, again for you knuckleheads) AREN'T when they get the opportunity of having a male spend his money on her.


DON'T CONTINUE TO BE STUPID. Females know within seconds if they have enough of a PHYSICAL attraction in a male to ALLOW him to spend time with her. Trust me, in their minds, that physical attraction is being bounced around sexually so if there is no physical attraction there will be NO intimate (i.e., light touching, kissing, etc.) contact or sexual thoughts with MOST females. With that said, they also know within seconds if they DON'T have a physical interest in a male. Now they may make some efforts to financially contribute IF she knows (or it appears such) that he is financially well-to-do because she does not want to give the impression of being a gold-digger (in the beginning). In most cases, she will play it smart and wait until she's in a LEGAL position (i.e., married, pregnant w/child or have had child(ren) with him) and so she looks forward to playing her role and getting PAID on the back end (i.e., after marriage and having access to THEIR account or the ultimate prize DIVORCE and CHILD SUPPORT).

So What's My Point?

Far too many males BLAME the female for THEIR dismal condition AFTER making a STUPID choice of surrendering their lives to an UNPROVEN female in the beginning.

Why Do Males Do It?

Because they have been socially conditioned to easily surrender their lives and their SPERM, sorta speak, JUST BECAUSE he's attracted to her (in some form or fashion) and she APPERAS to have an interest in HIM. Many times that APPEAR is more in HIS mind than HERS which I encourage male to verbally communicate and get a verbal response.

What Should Males Do?

APPLY, not just read, some (or all) of the information that I am providing that can assist him in avoiding those inconsiderate skeezing females out there. If after reading my material he discovers that he is in a relationship with a skeezer, DUMP HER immediately or slowly (whichever method that causes HIM the least amount of effort and harm).

Think for HIS benefit FIRST. Don't be so quick to surrender your life, SPERM and possessions to a female.

Require her to show some CONSISTENT worthy behavior that QUALIFIES her as someone you want to share your life and possessions with. Make sure SHE is contributing just as much as YOU.

If she is someone you HAVE to spend money on in order to have a good time she it for what it is which is a "TEMPORARY John/Prostitute Business" relationship without any EMOTIONS or FUTURE until you find yourself a GENUINE, CONTRIBUTING PARTNER to share your life with. Don't be mad at her or call her foul names. Just DON'T fall in love with her. By the way, prostitute is NOT a foul name/label IF her behavior reflects such and I don't mean just sexual behavior. Many females will PROSTITUTE their TIME which means HE bears the expenses for simply spending time with her.


  1. I got to your link through Facebook and wow!!! Teach the truth my brother of another color. I divorced my prostitute about five years ago and never looked back at her. I grew up believing that a real man is supposed to take care of and endure whatever pain and suffering that came with the woman he was with. I can happily say that I now have a very good woman and a willing partner who has our best interest at heart. I am going to send this link to every man that I know. It's time for men to do like me and get rid of that prostitute and get themselves a good woman. I just wish I had known about you years ago.

  2. You are an asshole. I a man can't appreciate me and give me the things that I want then he is not a real man. God created man to take care of woman. Someone really must have hurt you badly and now you are angry at all women. You need to seek Jesus.

  3. Men have taken care of women well by creating the environment and workforce opportunities where women may earn their own adult livings as they burned their bras to do.

    It is our fault that women have remained ignorant of the greatness men have and continue to make for them.

    Greatest Inventions of the 20th Century by men that benefited women:
    A) Refrigeration;
    B) Sneakers;
    C) The tampon.

  4. I could try to argue with you but it would be senseless. You are right and I have to say I was that type of man. I have been reading your blogs for a few months now and I will tell you that you now have a faithful follower. I now practice what you preach and my life is so much better for me. Keep up the good work!